Rorate Caeli

De mortuis nihil nisi bonum

A good rule, certainly, a hallmark of civilization, and one we have always observed.

When the dead person himself chooses to cause uproar in a "posthumous" interview timed to be released immediately following his death and published in order to criticize the Church that gave him everything he had and that made him everything he was, then, our prayers having been said, we can only affirm, without referring to any specific person: the Militant Church is better off without those who think and act against the whole purpose of the hierarchy - handing down unaltered that which they received. Without those who did all they could and still do all they can to infuse the hierarchy with pure evil and relativistic rot. "They are a wicked and perverse generation," nothing good has come or will come from them. We can "shake off the dust" from our feet, and move on: let us move on from the obsessions of the 1960s, even if some just cannot let go, even from "beyond" the grave...