Rorate Caeli

Pray for the Pope

Bsharri in winter
Please, remember the Successor of Saint Peter as he begins his apostolic visit to Lebanon, right next door to the Syrian conflict, so that he may be able to console and strengthen the Christian populations of the Middle East.


David said...

My barber is a Lebanese Maronite Catholic. We talk about the faith, and I have assisted occasionally at the Eastern Rite Mass at his parish. Will pray for the Pope. That is a lovely church in the photograph.

NBW said...

May God protect the Pope on his trip to Lebanon. I will pray for him.

Salim said...

Thank you NC for choosing to post Bsharri as your image for the Holy Father's visit. Bsharri is the home of my ancestors, the heart of Maronia where Aramaic was spoken well into the 1800s. Glad you liked the church David its name is St Sabas, it overlooks the Kaddisha Valley, the valley of the saints full of monks and hermits. Thank you it was a lovely surprise to open Rorate after a good number of weeks and to see "my village".

Cluny said...

Just one thing, David.

There is no such thing as "the Eastern Rite", Mass or otherwise.

Maronite is only one Eastern Catholic Church and uses one of some half-dozen (depending on how you count them) Eastern Rites, or liturgical families, which are the West Syrian (of which the Maronite is one), Byzantine, Armenian, West Syrian, and Alexandrinian. Sometimes the Ethiopic rite is counted separately.

These half-dozen or so liturgies are used by over 20 sui juris Eastern Catholic Churches (and non-Catholic Eastern Churches, besides).

There are also several Western Liturgies; not all of them variants of the Roman Rite. The Mozarabic Liturgy is one that is quite different.

Jean said...

Again, thank you for posting Bsharri my lovely hometown. What a nice suprise...
This area is the root of Christianity in Lebanon. Here at the Kaddisha Valley was the starting point.

Pray for us

Cluny said...

Please pray for the safety of His Holiness during his Apostolic Visit to Lebanon.

Mahometan rioters have pulled down posters welcoming him and are protesting his visit.