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The fanon is back! And some notes on today's canonization rite.

St. Peter's Square, October 21, 2012
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It is noteworthy that the rite of canonization used today is in great measure (albeit not completely) a return to the traditional rite of canonization, with three successive petitions to the Holy Father to canonize the beati, the chanting of the Veni Creator after the second petition, and the singing of the Te Deum after the Formula of Canonization. In this it is very similar to the rite of canonization as used prior to the time of Pope Pius XII, who shortened it somewhat. However, the new 2012 rite of canonization also incorporates the Pacellian practice of having the the Litany of Saints chanted during the entrance procession. (Prior to the reign of Pius XII, the Litany was chanted after the first petition.)

In the new rite of canonization, the third and final petition to the Holy Father, just before the actual pronouncement of the Formula of Canonization, reads as follows (emphasis is Rorate's):

Most Holy Father, Holy Church, trusting in the Lord's promise to send upon her the Spirit of Truth, who in every age keeps the Supreme Magisterium free from error, most earnestly beseeches Your Holiness to enroll these, her elect, among the saints.

The complete text for today's Canonizations and Papal Mass can be found HERE. (For comparison, see the booklet for the 2011 Canonization Mass)

SS. Jacques Berthieu, Pedro Calungsod, Giovanni Battista Piamarta, Carmen Sallés y Barangueras, Marianne Cope, Kateri Tekakwitha and Anna Schäffer -- pray for us!


  1. Francis12:03 PM

    Wouldn't it be great (now that he's dressed for it) if the Holy Father celebrated a Pontifical High Mass? Yeah, I know, barring a miracle it ain't happening.

  2. GQ Rep12:19 PM

    Magnificent! Fantastic!

    But I knew Benedict XVI would. It was only a matter of time.

    Now let's hope he wears it consistantly.

    Now what he has to do is allow for cardinals to be invested with the cappa magna at the next consistory.

    Hoping for a return of the galero is probably a waste of time.

    Did everyone see the smug duo of the liberal Cardinals at the Mass sitting right up front (unfortunatly)....Sodano and Re.


  4. profil:

    Pope John Paul II used the fanon for the first and the last time in 1980. That was 32 years ago.

  5. A return to the traditional process for canonization would be welcome also.

  6. Blessed John Paul II during his pastoral visit to the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere on November 22, 1984.

  7. Vivant Papa et gratulatione ad sanctos novos!

  8. RipK:

    Thanks for the correction. I've checked the Vatican website and indeed it took place in 1984, not 1980

  9. The formula must be connected with the answer of the Holy Father to the second "petitio"

    "Spiritum vivificantem igitur invocemus ut mentem nostram illuminet atque Christus Dominus ne permittat errare Ecclesiam suam in tanto negotio"

    So, is this a liturgical affirmation of the fallibility or rather the infallibility of the act?

  10. From the part

    qui omni tempore supremum Magisterium erroris expertem reddit

    I see:

    "omni tempore" is not "quotidie" so "every age" is not "every minute of the day"

    "supremum Magisterium" is not "every act of Magisterium" so that is the Supreme Pastor as one or as united with the Council when use the carism of the infallibility to define in questions of faith.

    Just as I say I don`t know if the Pope wants to emphasize the fallibility or the infallibility of the act of canonization.

  11. Gregorian Mass11:24 PM

    Thank you Holy Father, seeing the return of the Fanon fits well within the lens of continuity you would like us all to see through. I cn only hope to see more to reconnect us little by little with what has been lost. Continuity and stability is what is needed in this age. I pray the use of the Fanon will continue until a time where it is not longer unfamiliar to Catholics. I am sure there are many people seeing these photos thinking "What is that?"..Good to see

  12. Truth Searcher12:02 AM

    GQ Rep, I don't think the Pope would wear the fanon for EVERY mass he celebrates.

    Surely he would not put it (along with dalmatic and tunicle) for his daily low mass.

  13. Michael2:40 AM

    "Hoping for a return of the galero is probably a waste of time."

    Raymond Cardinal Burke has already worn the galero:

  14. Donnacha2:47 AM

    The fanon is to be worn when all the Pontificals are worn (tunicle, etc.) It is not part of the Pope's everyday Mass vestments.

  15. Patrick3:44 AM

    First of all, it seems to me that wearing a tunicle and a dalmatic (rather than just the dalmatic) would be a more sensible "return to tradition" that bishops could at least opt to ape as well -- and they do ape Rome when it serves their interests. As it is, this pope has introduced several papal peculiarities that the next pope can simply decline to embrace and probably will.
    Secondly, the fannon was only used at the most solemn papal ceremonies which now all seem to be generically of the same rank if done in public. It seems that it has been adopted as an after thought without any explanation or as to why it was not used earlier by this pope.
    Understandably many readers are palpitating over this latest liturgical nicety but meanwhile out in the parishes the same old banal nonsense moves forward without a pause. To many it seems that the Holy Father only does what most parish priests do: whatever whim occurs to him to "personalize" the mass and make it less uninteresting or boring. We can thank God at least that the revels of the previous pontificate have been slightly dampened -- at least until the next pontificate around the corner.

  16. Gratias5:03 AM

    Never heard of the fanon until today. Is this small cape the only vestment exclusive to the Pope? Nice shoes too.

  17. Ordo Antiquus6:52 AM

    Cardinal Medina Estevez also wore the galero along with the cappa magna, sometime in the late 90's / early 2000's.

  18. Cardinal Medina Estevez wearing the galero:

  19. I'm quite pleased because Fannon is my surname

  20. Gregorian Mass2:43 PM

    Wouldn't it be more of a teaching method to not only use items "lost" since Vat II but for the Pope to issue a statement or write an encyclical about all the recovered items, their purpose and meaning, and how they represent our culture as Catholics in comparison to other releigions. That would be the best teaching moment. A visual and written explanation so that these things are never underappreciated or misunderstood again.

  21. Brian McCall6:03 PM

    I am sorry to bring a bit of sobriety to the jubilation over this post; ut we need to separate the accidents or exterior from the essence or interior. Traditional clothing does not a Traditionalist make. The restoration of externals is good only in so far as it is an external expression of an internal return to Tradition. To ighlight my point, John Paul II also wore the fanon, see link here Wearing a fanon does not mean one has embraced the Tradition of the Church but only a traditional vestment. Restoring the traditional process of canonization rather than teh modern saint factory would do more than wearing a vestment n a single occasion.

  22. You are right Brian MaCall.

    They are indeed writing a "fanon" about the traditional turn of the Pope.

    (I hope i used well the irony of the slang meaning of fanon)

  23. So we posted about the fanon. We are happy that the fanon has been restored. We have no illusions about what it really portends. That doesn't stop us from taking delight in this little gesture. Deal with it.

  24. I don`t undestand why the use of a mandatory ornament in a Pope pontifical is a gesture.

    So I must be pleased for the little gesture of the priest of my parrish when he use the amito in the Holy Mass.

    They are so good... feels so good...

  25. Miles Dei:

    Whether we like it or not, the fanon has not been a "mandatory vestment" for the Popes since the late 1960's.

    If you have absolutely nothing else to say, just shut up.