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Traditional Pilgrimage to Rome - November 2012

At the behest of a reader, this open thread and open board is for all those who wish to send us news, and wish to contact other pilgrims during the November 1-3, 2012, Traditional Pilgrimage to Rome. You are welcome to add any related information.


  1. Timothy Thomas4:27 PM

    I am travelling to Rome for the pilgrimage. My home parish is Holy Innocents in Midtown Manhattan, NYC. I am looking forward to meeting other traditional Catholics in an atmosphere of society, thanksgiving, and prayers!

    Please say prayers for the success of the pilgrimage.

    An interview with the organizer of the pilgrimage, Abbé Claude Barthe, may be found here:

    Thank you for posting this open thread, New Catholic.

  2. Clinton R.6:11 PM

    I am praying for all making the pilgrimage and for the TLM to be restored as the ordinary rite of the Mass. +JMJ+

  3. I can not be in Rome but I pray for all those who can, that they may receive the Holy Ghost and bring back to their parishes the joy and spiritual blessings they will surely encounter. May they return filled with the Holy Ghost and actively work for the complete implementation of Summorum Pontificum in every Country, diocese and parish
    Deo Gratias

  4. Thank you to all the Catholics traveling to Rome for this important pilgrimage. The beauty of prayer is that it unifies, even at great distances. Godspeed!

  5. Roberto Lotti1:06 AM

    Father Barthe chanted (well, he doesn't have much voice) the first vespers of Allsaints tonight at the Trinità dei Pellegrini parish.

    It rained a lot today but I've seen pilgrims from Brasil, France, Poland...

    Dom Cassian, the man who reported saint Benedict rule in Nursia, and his monks pray for the pilgrims:

  6. Wish I could be there. Thinking of and praying for all the pilgrims on this great occasion.

  7. All the best to everyone travelling to Rome to attend the Mass this Saturday. It's a shame we can't be with you. Next time...
    I was in Rome last month on a solo pilgrimage. It was an interesting experience, but despite the hordes of tourists I did manage to find the peaceful parts of St. Peter's and say a few prayers.
    My strongest recommendation to any Catholic visiting Rome is to take your prayers to Our Lady in the church of Sant' Andrea delle Fratte, the church where Our Lady appeared to Alphonse Ratisbonne, and where St. Maximilian Kolbe celebrated his first Mass. It is about a 20 minute walk from St. Peter's, across the river, just a stone's throw from the Spanish Steps. Masses are said on the hour throughout the morning, it is shut for a while in the afternoon, then it reopens for the Rosary and more Masses in the late afternoon and evening.

  8. Gratias6:09 AM

    Mr. and Mrs. Gratias will arrive in time only for the Saturday 3 pm mass in St. Peter's. Would love to meet other American Summorumistas after the mass.

  9. eric frankovitch7:16 AM

    I am in Rome with Michael Matt. The Remnant is having technical difficulties. However, we're posting videos from Rome on the Remnant's Facebook page which you may view and use at your discretion.

  10. Gratias7:27 PM

    The Pontifical Mass was wonderful. We arrived from West Coast USA with just enough time to take a shower and get to mass 10 minutes early. The area between the Baldacchino and the Altar of the Chair on the back of the basilica was packed full. There were at least 50 priests or altar servers in the sanctuary. Beautiful Gregorian chant joined by the entire gathering. Went afterwards to the Una Voce conference remembering Michael Davies. Must go to sleep now, more later. Brick by brick.

  11. Timothy Thomas8:47 AM

    Once again, I offer thanks and prayers for the organizers of the pilgrimage, for my fellow pilgrims, and for the Holy Father. Tradition made a strong showing at the heart of the Church!


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