Rorate Caeli

2013 Traditional Calendar Season

Early November - we are quite within the Calendar-buying season.

Here are some of the Traditional (or Traditional + Novus Ordo) Calendars and Ordos already on sale - if you have them, or wish to write your own reviews of past issues, or add other links to other calendars (including in other languages), just post your comment.

(1) Angelus Press

Angelus Press does not currently have a 2013 Ordo available in their website.

(2) FSSP

Fraternity Publishing also has on sale the 2013 Ordo and Directory.


The 2013 wall Calendar published by the Institute of Christ the King in North America is dedicated to St. Thomas Aquinas and is available for pre-ordering.

(4) Seraphim

The Seraphim Calendar is well known to English-speaking Traditional Catholics - it is widely available, including at Amazon.

(5) Benedictines of Nursia

We have received note of the first calendar of the monks of the Monastery of St. Benedict, in Nursia (Norcia), Italy. It is different from the previous ones because it includes not only the Traditional Liturgical Calendar, but also information on the extremely altered liturgical year of the new Mass of Paul VI. 

(6) Cantius

If you like the idea above (Traditional Calendar and Novus Ordo/Paul VI Calendar), you might also enjoy the similar 2013 Calendar published by the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius - it is dedicated to the Restoration of the Sacred. A 2013 (Traditional Catholic) Ordo is also available in a combo with the Calendar.


Phil_NL said...

The Transalpine Redemptorists of Papa Stronsay usually also have calendars (2012 one here: ), but I'm not sure if the're selling their 2013 one yet. Might pay off to ask them.

servusmariaen said...

The calendar published by is very beautiful. I have used it for the past 5 years or so.

Joseph Shaw said...

The Latin Mass Society's Wall Calendar and Ordo are both available. The Wall Calendar is unusual in being an unfolded A3 format. The Ordo is essential for anyone in England and Wales because it includes the (very numerous) national and diocesan feasts.

Flambeaux said...

I like the desk calendar that the Benedictines of Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery produce.

Angelus Press usually carries this but often not until late December or early January.

I've been happier, in past years, with the FSSP Ordo and the Angelus Press wall calendar.

I might mix things up this year, though since our parish follows the reformed (NO) calendar but in our domestic prayer life we follow the 1962 Kalendar with Benedictine modifications.

Kenneth J. Wolfe said...

I love the Seraphim calendar because it also includes the fast and abstinence disciplines in place during the missal of 1962. Some (most?) of the other calendars do not.

This includes all Fridays of the year, Ember Days, all weekdays in Lent and vigils of certain feasts that carried, before the novus ordo, corresponding fasting and either partial or complete abstinence from meat.

I understand these disciplines are no longer binding. But it is just weird to attend the traditional Latin Mass in, say, Lent, and then go out for an ice cream cone after the Collect of the Mass clearly referred to the fasting we were doing.

My thanks to the sisters for designing and selling this calendar and keeping it true to 1962.

Jason C. said...

I had no idea there were dual-calendar calendars! As long as we're doomed to bi-ritualism within a Rite, that is a great option for staying abreast of the insanity. We've had a Seraphim and an OF calendar hanging side-by-side for the last few years; this should simplify things greatly.

New Catholic said...

Phil, your comment on the Transalpine calendar was deleted by mistake; please repost.

Elizabeth said...

I always buy the Seraphim calendar and love it. It has several pages at the back devoted to the fasting rules and all the traditional Catholic prayers and basic teachings. It's wonderful.

The FSSP calendar is always beautiful but I like the SSPX calendar because it's much larger.

Personally, I don't like the calendars that are for the Novus Ordo and the Tridentine calendar. On a practical level, each day is too cluttered and I don't have enough room to jot notes and appointments in it. But I also have no use for the Novus Ordo so I can totally do without it. I would have loved to purchase a calendar from the Monks of Norcia if it didn't include the Novus Ordo stuff.

Rodez said...

I would also recommend TAN Books' calendars, which I have used since 2004. Great illustrations. OF/EF dates. Check them out at .

acardnal said...

TAN Books/Benedict Press has three calendars which note both the Traditional and Novus Ordo Liturgical calendar. They are larger in size than the FSSP calendar.

Flambeaux said...

@Kenneth J Wolfe

I may look into the Seraphim calendar this year.

Thank you.

Kevin Ford said...

TAN also publishes a book planner/calendar with Traditional/NO/Historical feasts all listed. It is invaluable for keeping abreast the liturgical life of the Church. It is also quite practical as a planner.

Fr. Augustine Thompson, O.P. said...

The 2013 Calendar for the Dominican Rite can be downloaded (free) in PDF form at this link:

Scroll down the left sidebar to "Dominican Rite Texts--Downloadable" and you will find the download link there.

Fr. Augustine Thompson, O.P. said...
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New Catholic said...

Thank you, Father Thompson: I intended to update our post, but could only find the links to previous calendars, up to the current one (2012), not the 2013. Has it been uploaded?

NBW said...

It sounds like the Seraphim calendar is a good one. I will try it this year. Is Amazon the only place to get the Seraphim Calendar? A big thank you for this post!

Phil_NL said...

As per New Catholic 17:35 (though I'm still seeing my original comment):

The Transalpine Redemptorists of Papa Stronsay usually also have calendars (2012 one here: ), but I'm not sure if the're selling their 2013 one yet. Might pay off to ask them.

Elizabeth said...

@NBW: The Seraphim calendar can be ordered directly from them by mail at:

The Seraphim Company, Inc.
8025 Maverick Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80908-5066

or online from the Sisters of Carmel:

benedictus said...

Are there any wall calenders that also have the pre-1955 octaves, vigils, and feasts noted on them? Many years ago I had one, but I have no idea where it came from.

Fr. Augustine Thompson, O.P. said...

Dear New Catholic,

Sheesh. I thought I put up the 2013 calendar a month or two ago. I will fix that this morning by noon PST the link will be available.

Sorry about that. And God bless your work.

Neil Addison said...

The Tranaslpine Redemptptorists (Now offically the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer) publish a quarterly newspaper "The Catholic"
which is well worth subscribing to.

In the last few years the December issue has also contained an excellent illustrated Calendar with all the Feast Days of the 1962 Missal so well worth subscribing to at this time of year

Gratias said...

We find the Seraphim Company calendar indispensable. See