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For the record: TLM at Gesu e Maria to continue

Messa in Latino reported on November 27 that the every-Sunday Traditional Latin Mass in Gesu e Maria in Rome will continue for the foreseeable future. The sole change is that, beginning on December 8, the Mass will be moved to a slightly earlier time slot.

The welcome news came after the Vicar of Rome, Cardinal Vallini, and Msgr. Zuppi, Auxiliary Bishop in Rome, intervened and discussed the situation with the Discalced Augustinian friars. 


  1. Lee Lovelock-Jemmott9:38 PM

    All I can say is, Thanks be to God and the the Discalded Augustines at this church may take up the mantle of the Eternal Faith once again and come to love the pinnacle of The Latin Rite in its expression of love and devotion to The Holy Trinity.

  2. janua mariae2:24 AM

    Actually is thanks to Una Vox and to the cardinal that intervened in favor of the protest raised by the faithful. The Latin Mass there is celebrated by the priests of the Institute of Christ The King Sovrein Priest.

  3. Gratias4:24 AM

    Wonderful news!

    We attended a Solemn Mass there Nov. 4th after the Una Voce (and others) pilgrimage Cum Papa Nostro. It is a beautiful baroque church covered in multicolored marbles. The perfect setting for the EF. It is very important for the Institute of Christ the King, which has enough priests to offer Solemn masses every Sunday if they wanted to. An announcement that from Advent the mass would be in Portughese was posted at the door. Probably for this reason, there was no collection at mass. I asked my neighbor at the pew where the mass would be in future and he told me no one knew.

    It is important that this 30-year old mass be kept. The Gesù e Maria is very close to Piazza del Popolo, with lots of public transportation direcly from the suburbs. Via del Corso is probably the main artery of Rome. While the FSSP has the Trinitá dei Pellegrini, it is not easily accessible, although also located in central Rome. The TLM should not be relegated to a ghetto of a few dedicated churches, but rather should enrich many parishes. The Gesù e Maria mass serves as training for other priests, and on Nov. 11 the second master of ceremonies of the Pope was offering a Solemn mass there. The cancellation of this TLM would have sent a terrible message because Pope Benedict XVI is the Bishop of Rome.

    I would like to think that the post in Rorate Caeli did help this positive outcome. The Italian reader "mic" did a useful service, grazie.

  4. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Thanks to the Institute of Christ The Kind Sovereign Priest for celebrating the Mass. Thanks to Una Vox for intervening, and to the Cardinal for probably making a phone call or two.
    No thanks to the Carmelites for (probably) trying to get rid of the Institute and the Mass.

  5. Downtown Rome is really a shoe leather place. The FSSP church Trinitá dei Pellegrini isn't hard to get to. I thank all the same Gratias for his comment.

  6. Anonymous5:56 PM


    Thank you for sharing your experience. I use to read you with pleasure on "Rorate". We ask God to shed His blessings on our commitment for His church.

  7. NIANTIC6:00 PM

    Well,well, Glory Be!

  8. Crusading Medievalist6:39 PM


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