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Open Thread: What we are thankful for ...

In the United States, it is Thanksgiving Day. We at Rorate are thankful for many blessings, including you, our readers. Your support makes it possible for us to continue our work spreading tradition throughout our international readership -- our online family.

Now tell us: what are you thankful for?


  1. Don M7:55 PM

    I am thankful for being born in this time.
    I am thankful for having the TLM available to my family and I every Sunday all Holy Days and 4 week days.
    I am thankful that my wife and all my children are still Catholic.
    I am also thankful to Catholic websites like this one, and I pray we are able to enjoy these things for many more years.
    Deo Gratias

  2. I am grateful it was Roman Catholics who celebrated Thanksgiving in North America in 1565.

  3. I am thankful for the plenitude of grace available to me as a Catholic, the holy priests who work tirelessly for the salvation of souls, the consecrated religious who pray for us in secret, the resurgence of the TLM, my beautiful country, and the fact that I didn't have to wait until November for a turkey dinner! Happy thanksgiving to my American neighbours!

  4. Sprocket9:54 PM

    Thankful for vodka

  5. Ferraiuolo10:17 PM

    I am grateful for being a Catholic. My whole life only makes sense because of the Church.

  6. Thankful for discovering the tlm this year. And thankful for the good lord spoiling me with a wonderful traditional parish where a solemn mass is offered every sunday.

  7. For everyone who must work today: doctors, nurses, police, fire. For everyone that is working today though I wish they were with friends and family, like those in retail sales, those behind the counter at grocery stores.

  8. The swift acceptance of Bp. Matthew Clark's resignation by Pope Benedict.

    God bless our Holy Father!

  9. Templar1:49 AM

    Thankful to be born during the era of Fatima. To be one of the relatively few Catholics who have embraced devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Unprecedented in any previous age, Our Lady promises salvation and a very high place in Heaven (June 13, 1917).

  10. John M.1:58 AM

    I am thankful for:

    --God, in his providence, having me born into a Catholic family.

    --Summorum Pontificum, before which I knew nothing of the TLM.

    --having had the TLM in my diocese every Sunday and holy day for the past 18 months.

    --my wife, two young boys, parents, and siblings, all of whom have kept the faith, thanks in large part to the discovery of the TLM.

    --traditional priestly and religious societies, which give me hope for the future.

    --our Holy Father, may he reign many more years.

  11. NIANTIC2:10 AM

    I am most thankful for all priests everywhere who offer the Traditional Latin Mass of the Ages.
    I am thankful for this blog, the moderators and commentators and the support and encouragement we give each other in staying faithful to truth, beauty and holiness through our Catholic Tradition.

  12. Barbara4:50 AM

    I am not American but thanks for all the THANKSGIVING comments here. I echo all of them - especially about the Holy Mass ..old rite, that is, which is always new!

    To Rorate Caeli - an enormous thanks for this network of so many committed Catholics who authentically try to love Our Lord even if we don't always agree with each other.

    I just want to mention that I haven't seen any comments by the sensational MR. P.K.T.P. for a long time. I hope he is well.

    God bless you all in America - God bless us everyone!


  13. Gratias6:21 AM

    I am grateful for the personal blessings I have received. Also grateful for the choir, altar servers and priests of our Diocesan TLM. The bishops are not in favor and the careers of three priests have been adversely affected by cruel transfers. Yet, miraculously new priests step in for the greater glory of God.

    I am also greatful to New Catholic and this forum that gives us a way to advance our Catholic religion even if in a small way. I give thanks that I am a Catholic and that we are an antidote to the progressivism that afflicts our world. Et tibi Domine.

  14. The Redeeming Sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross.

  15. Christopher9:30 AM

    I'm thankful to be a Catholic.

    God Bless.

  16. I'LL GIVE

    Thank you for
    The swing set.
    Thank you for
    The sky.

    Thank you for
    The bushes
    They played in
    By and by.

    Thank you for
    The hammock.
    Thank you for
    The tree.

    Thank you for
    The piles and piles
    Of stubborn stained
    Laun -- dree.

    Thank you for
    Ten children.
    Horrific birthing

    Thank you for
    The people
    Who said
    I was insane.

    Thank you for
    The doctor.
    Thank you for
    The nurse.

    Thank you for
    My mother dear
    Who put on
    Me a curse.

    Thank you for
    My life
    Though I'm no
    Who of Who's...

    But Lord
    Don't ya think --
    It's time
    I get a cruise?!

    ...Oh, & salt & mayonnaise ;-)

  17. Faith, family, friends, a good spiritual director, monks, all the blessings received so far in this vale of tears, cigars, bourbon...I could go on.

  18. I am thankful for the Good Lord giving me the grace to understand the peril I was in and to find the TLM and other sacraments in the traditional rite before it was too late. I am also thankful for all the Lord has given me even the pains and penances that have come my way. To Him be Honor and Glory now and forever, Amen.

  19. Crusading Medievalist2:23 PM

    I am thankful for rediscovering my faith in Christ and His Church this past year. I cannot praise God enough for His goodness to me.


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