Rorate Caeli

The Church of Vatican II: the lamps are going out all over Europe

1. In Vic (Catalonia, Spain), the Franciscans are leaving after nearly 800 years of continuous presence. On October 28, a farewell (new) Mass  for the Franciscans was celebrated in the Shrine of the Mother of God. (Source: Catalunya Religió - tip: La Cigüeña)

2. In Dieburg (Hesse, Germany), only four elderly Capuchins were left, and the local province decided to end 400 years of presence in the city; they are leaving in a couple of weeks. (Source: German Capuchin portal; tip: reader)

3. In Le Havre (Normandy, France), the large former convent, including a large chapel, that housed the Recollect Franciscans for over a century is about to be demolished. The last two friars left a few months ago, and the property was sold to investors. (Source: 76actu)