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Zielinski at CDW

Fr. Michael John Zielinski O.S.B. Oliv - a friend of Tradition (cf this, this, and this) - was named by Pope Benedict XVI today bureau chief at the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.

The complete reorganization of the Congregation was achieved recently.

[Update: La Stampa provides more details on Dom Zielinski's new job.]


Stephen C said...

Tom said...

From Rorate Caeli, 2007:

"For the Record - An abbot explains why "the Tridentine Mass is the missing link"

"A solid interview with Dom Christopher Zielinski, OSB Oliv., Abbot of the Olivetan Abbey of Our Lady of Guadalupe, in Pecos, New Mexico (Tip: Reader)."

Samson said...

The fact that he was given the position and that there was no gnashing of teeth by the secret sect within the Church means that either the position is meaningless window dressing...or that your "friend to tradition" is merely a non-hostile acquaintance.

Gregorian Mass said...

"Friend" of Tradition? The opposite means "enemy". I can't believe Catholics are identified like this. What a sad, tragic time for the Church. Tradition is a huge part of being Catholic, at least it is supposed to be.

CH DUPUY said...

The restoration of the Catholic Church to her past splendor, passes through the re-establishment of the TLM, that signifies that the Church will again become Catholic (universal) in liturgy as well as language.

Matt said...

Samson said, "The fact he was given the position and that there was no gnashing of teeth by the secret sect within the Church means that either the position is meaningless window dressing... or that your 'friend to tradition' is merely a non-hostile acquaintance."

Good call, Samson. You're right. Their silence is louder than their usual noise. At the same time, let's give him the benefit of the doubt.

With all of the Holy Father's administrative goings-on recently, one has to wonder whether if all of sudden he's on the move or he's stacking the deck for one reason or another. We pray he's not positioning against Tradition.

Warren A. said...

All the idle chatter and conspiracy theories aside for a moment, appointments of this sort are encouraging.

Pulex said...

Dom Zielinski in procession after assisting in choir at the Mass in St. Nicolas de Chardonnet (Paris): middle image in the 6th row from above

GQ Rep said...

"We pray he's not positioning against Tradition. "

Yes, everyone prays he's not.
With regard to all the admin moves the Pope has been doing, retiring Bertone would be a good move and replacing him with a traditional Catholic.

Sacking the Pres of the Christian Unity office would be another great idea.

But one of the best moves the Pope has made recently, is getting rid of the ultra-liberal Joseph Tobin from Sec. of the Sacred Cong. for Religious, and sending him packing to the insignificant backwater of Archbishop of Indianapolis, Ind. USA. He'll probably never move up to anything again.

Another good move was sacking Cardinal Harvey- another liberal-and giving him the totally powerless and insignificant post of Archpriest of Saint Paul outside the Walls basilica. That's more invisible than Tobin in Indianapolis!

Francis said...

Let's not forget that the Holy Father appointed a devout modernist; Gerhard Muller, as head of the CDF. That move, along with others (like being an apologist of Vatican II and its novelties like ecumenism, religious liberty and collegiality, giving red birettas to neocon and modernist bishops, changing the doctrinal preamble to stop any foreseeable reunion with the FSSPX, etc) convinces me that Pope Benedict XVI, while wanting a "reform of the reform" will never fully embrace Catholic tradition. Yes, Pray for the Holy Father, but barring a miracle from Heaven I wouldn't expect too much.