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A call to prayer for the Philippines (updated)

Update: As of December 13, 2:00 A.M. in Manila, the Philippine House of Representatives has voted in favor of the "Reproductive Health Bill". 

Rorate requests your Masses, prayers and mortifications for the intentions of our Filipino Catholic brethren.  The Philippines, with some 75 million Catholics, is the country with the third largest Catholic population in the whole world.

The following note comes from our Filipino Catholic friends: 

Today, December 12, Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Patroness of the Unborn, the Philippine House of Representatives is poised to vote on the "Reproductive Health Bill". Despite the opposition of the Catholic hierarchy, the proposed law has the overwhelming support of the mainstream Philippine media and of the government, and not least of the United Nations. Academics and activists from universities run by the Jesuits and the De La Salle Brothers have also been at the forefront of pushing for this bill. Despite the typhoon that hit the southern Philippines last week, killing hundreds if not thousands of people, the Philippine media and Congress have continued to focus on the "importance" of passing this bill. 

The "Reproductive Health Bill" is like an omnibus law for the propagation of immorality and the destruction of the family. Aside from allocating a significant portion of this country's budget to the purchase of contraceptives (to which adolescents will be expressly entitled) and introducing Western-style sex education into the curriculum for students between the ages of 11 and 16 (specifically including the teaching of 'family planning methods'), this bill also introduces language that will greatly weaken the anti-abortion laws of the Philippines, while enshrining the very principle of "reproductive health" in its legislation. Curiously, the bill declares that "reproductive health rights" includes the right not just of married couples but of individuals to have and to raise children. In a country already awash in pornography, where condoms and, at times, even abortifacient contraceptives can be bought over the counter, the effect that the RH bill will have on the further moral degeneration of the Filipino youth can scarcely be calculated.

The bill requires that medical personnel who themselves do not wish to perform "reproductive health procedures" to nevertheless refer those who want to undergo these procedures to others who are willing to perform them. There is no conscience clause to protect those who might find the task of making such referrals to be repugnant to their religious beliefs. 

The votes last week of the Philippine Senate (which is scheduled to vote on the bill as a whole by next week) to quash amendments aimed at reaffirming the principle that life begins at fertilization, and at removing controversial clauses affirming the right of citizens to "safe and satisfying sex" and "pleasurable sex", point to the whole secularist, hedonist and anti-Christian world view behind this bill. The House of Representatives, in its turn, has shot down proposed amendments aimed at specifically safeguarding religious freedom.  

In the Philippines, there are active lobbies and overwhelming media support for the legalization of divorce, the adoption of "gay marriage", and the liberalization of abortion, which has found greater social acceptance in the past decade. Once the RH bill is passed, the push to also pass bills legalizing these perversions will undoubtedly receive greater force. 

We pray that this bill will be stopped on this feast day.


Mattias said...

I Pray... Lord have mercy, Mary pray.

I am not Spartacus said...

America is the woeld-wide leader in spreading the poison of democracy and as a way to control the democratic masses it infects as many countries as possible with Libido Dominandi as a way to kill the nation's soul which makes it that much more easier to control the masses.

Woe betide that country and people who, collectively, oppose the evil empire; they are being targeted for destruction.

Prayers, of course, are forthcoming

Long-Skirts said...

I am not Spartacus said...

"America is the woeld-wide leader in spreading the poison of democracy and as a way to control the democratic masses"


I take your eyes
Your teeth your brain
So progeny-planned
Won’t be a drain

On this new world
So grave and global
Revolving evolving
The mobile Noble.

Where each new car’s
Woman and man
Gel their goals
While sifting bran.

A car for boy
Assertive girl
Where gorgeous plastic
Virtual churl

Subjects herself
To car’s male owner
An hour loaner

Takes his eyes
His teeth his brain
And for a space
Some motherhood feign

Where held down sun
And mad-moon fixed
Doth looms the doom
Though cosmic mixed

And the pursuit of a
Happy high-colonic
Lives with death…
Man’s lusts bubonic.

Bernonensis said...

If pornography and contraceptives present a problem by being available everywhere -- to those who want them ...
if the legislature -- elected by the people of the Philippines -- is promoting fornication and infanticide...
if "religious" institutions--whose members are presumably all or mostly Filipino - support immoral legislation ...
if divorce, abortion and sodomy are gaining acceptance in Philippine society ...

.. well, perhaps the figure of 75 million Catholics needs a downward adjustment.

Claudius said...

Don't fight it. The time has come to let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.

Pontificator said...

The penalty of excommunication exists for a reason. It is a penalty that is meant to be seen, because the penalty is a warning to ALL who are witness to the sin that the you cannot be in union with the Christ's Church while embracing the sin that incurred the excommunication. This spread thus prevents the further spread of the sin, and calls the original sinner to repentance.

All of those "Catholic" politicians who voted for this bill should be publicly excommunicated, unless they were unaware of the Church's teachings on the intrinsic evils endorsed in this bill, which is highly improbable.

The Church must boldly standup for Christ's teachings or millions of souls will be doomed as divine morality is forced out of the public sphere by the culture of death which is being foisted on all of society by public education and mass media. Edmund Burke once said, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Well bishops, now is your chance to shine for Christ.

Joey said...

Let's be frank. Philippines was a Catholic country. It has abandoned the Faith of their forefathers and many have lost the Faith, thanks to liberalism, and Protestantism, which promised filipinos $ and jobs to apostatise, embrace heresies and especially to chuck devotion to the Mother of God to the drain.
There ought to be a clarion call for Filipinos to come back to the Faith, stop sinning and do penance.
Catholics from other nations can pray for them, being members of the mystical body of Christ, but if the majority of the Filipinos refuse to practise the Faith or come back to it if they had abandoned it, I don't think God will relent. Our Lord never gives up a country that had been dedicated to His beloved Mother, the Blessed Virgin.
Remember France, the eldest daughter of the Catholic Church? Look at her current liberal scandalous state. I'm sure quite a number of you know what looms on the horizon for France to bring her back to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Bob G said...

@Pontificator & @ Joey
Well said. The numbers of Catholics claimed is very deceptive. There are many that were raised Catholic but have left the Faith... whether they admit it or not. The True Church is much smaller. Prey that the prodicals return.

Anonymous said...

Archbishop Ramon Arguelles of Lipa, Philippines has a surprisingly strong pro-life homily: