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A Must-Read for Parents: Restoring Tradition in Christmas

Reposting this from 2012, but still timeless:

From our friends at The Remnant comes a blueprint for Catholic parents as only Michael Matt can explain it -- a how-to guide to eliminate both the extremes of commercialism and Puritanism from Christmas and raise a generation of traditional Catholics who truly put Christ back in Christmas.

"I can still see the cast of Bethlehem bathed in a warm, peaceful glow, seeming as real to me as if I were a shepherd boy looking down from that hillside over Bethlehem. I can hear my father and mother’s hushed voices as they prayed and sang to the same royal Baby that shepherds and angels had adored centuries ago. That sacred moment was like a porthole in time, where traveling back to the city of David just then seemed not only possible to a child, but imminent.

"Those long ago Christmas Eves remain vivid in my memory, some thirty-five years later. And the gifts under the tree? I don’t remember many of them. There was no question what Christmas was about — we could feel it in the depths of our souls; we could see it in the tears that formed in our father’s eyes as he prayed aloud; we could hear it in our mother’s voice as she sang softly — silent night, holy night, all is calm."

Take a moment and read the full story, and start to plan now.