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The bishop wore a Roman chasuble!

Quick! Post this on the blogs! Another triumph for the reform of the reform!

Well, not really...

The following are pictures from a Mass celebrated a few days ago by Archbishop Giancarlo Maria Bregantini of the Archdiocese of Campobasso-Boiano. (For those wondering how old he is, he is 64.)

Take note that somewhere between the Offertory and the Consecration, they changed the chalice.

H/t Messa in Latino


  1. Imagine this Mass being celebrated at the catacombs.

  2. Sherlock Holmes5:22 PM

    Oh, I get it.

    The candles don't look like beeswax.

  3. Are those balloons or some green fruit? Maybe he is bucking for the position of Balloon Cardinal. Shoenborn is not getting any younger, after all.

  4. It all looks totally normal to me!

  5. I'm constantly amazed at the bad taste proudly on display in the world today: from gigantic inflatable lawn Santas, to middle aged men schlepping around in pajamas, to children's face paint on Archbishops. Where will it end?


  6. Incredible. Just when I thought clown masses were a thing of the past.

  7. More interested on what his Lordship and the co-whatevers are 'wearing' on their faces. The addition of a Roman chasuble just makes the whole thing look more silly than it needs to.

  8. Anonymous5:51 PM

    I'm told it's very meaningful to the young people. I am glad I'm old!

  9. Tradtrub5:57 PM

    This "worship space" does not look like it has any windows. Can anyone tell what the things on the wall are in the "crowd" photo and in the photo of the new liturgical addition of "the presentation of balloons"?

  10. Wiseguy6:39 PM

    No reason to be upset. At least they're in full communion with and have full canonical standing with the Holy See. That is what's important.

    Unlike those unsavory SSPX types, you know, who are just so unhip.

  11. NIANTIC6:40 PM

    Their exterior appearance expresses perfectly their interior disposition.
    Totally disgusting, obnoxious and abominable. Is Rome awake and watching? This picture shows to me a pure hatred for God. Well done Satan's servants.

  12. A. M. D. G.6:56 PM

    JB said...

    Incredible. Just when I thought clown masses were a thing of the past.

    Whatever gave you that idea?

  13. It's a McMass Happy Meal. Yay!!!!!

    When I see these photos I imagine these clowns at Calvary having a picnic, watching some miming, and teaching the kids to juggle.

    O.,that man on the Cross? Yes, I am sure he isn't having a god day but this is all so unnecessary; God loves us just as we are.

  14. OK, balloons.

    I also find the postures of the purple-stole-dudes fascinating.

    Is it the orans posture or are there midgets hiding behind us with guns in our backs . . . you decide!

    Are us laymen supposed to co-consecrate using a half-orans posture or a Roman salute . . . you decide!

  15. A Mom7:23 PM

    Usquequo Domine

  16. PINK

    Who dem men
    Dressed in pink
    With everything
    But kitchen sink.

    Dancin' round
    From east to west
    They one up-man-ship

    Did I say men?
    It be my guess -
    They're gender-benders
    More or less

    And all approved
    'Cause they know how
    To rock her dome.

    Them pinky men
    Sure can sell
    Approved hand-baskets
    Made for...

    Well...just do like they
    Is much behooved -
    To shake you booty pink

  17. Hilltop7:55 PM

    My bet is that the Abomination of Desolation will not appear suddenly but will rather creep in by steps and in broad daylight.

  18. The second picture; are they doing the Hokey Pokey?
    What's with the balloons? It reminds me of the Fruit of the Loom commercial.
    Totally satanic. They should be removed from the priesthood. I pray that God will enlighten them to become better priests.

  19. The only explanation I can come up with for the third photo is that the congregation is doing "the wave."

  20. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Non so quel sacerdote, ma quella diocesi è un feudo del cammino neocatecumenale :(

    Qui c'è un articolo (in italiano)

    Qui una essenziale documentazione in inglese

  21. Crusading Medievalist8:37 PM

    Is this for real?

  22. Sphen8:39 PM

    Brick by brick!

  23. Francis9:04 PM

    Flower power man!

  24. You wouldn't find this sort of thing in a temple, or a mosque. You would find it in a protestant service or a protestantized liturgy. Bad formation in seminaries also plays a big part. Let's pray for our priests and bishops.

  25. Tom S.9:27 PM

    I could comment on my amazement at on the makeup, the balloons, the vestments, etc. but there is no need - the pictures speak for themselves.

    The amazing thing is that they managed to find that many children to bring to Mass. Given the Italian birth rate (or lack thereof) that must have been no small task.

  26. Conar.9:47 PM

    They have hot pink available in the catalogs now??

  27. These priests cannot possibly understand what happens at the Consecration; if they did, their culpability would be unfathomable. Lord have mercy.

  28. Ivan K10:51 PM

    Sacrilege is licit as long as those present have warm feelings about V2 inc. Therefore, no preambles will be required of this jolly fellow.

  29. Patrick11:36 PM

    This in Italy and the Holy Father goes on smiling.

  30. Really, how can anyone take Catholics seriously with stuff like this going on. Precious, gay, whatever you want to call it, what self-respectingperson would be caught dead in such precincts?

  31. Fidus Et Audax1:25 AM

    If I were anywhee around there I would have been gone FAST before a lightning strike turns that place into ashes. The clowns continue to mock but it won't go on forever.

  32. Italy, huh? Looks and feels like a typical American parish. Well, the Italians began this nonsense. It makes sense they intend on seeing it through.


  33. "O.,that man on the Cross? Yes, I am sure he isn't having a god day but this is all so unnecessary; God loves us just as we are."

    That sums it up as well as it can be. and it reminds me of this:

    "one day i passed him
    fettered on a tree
    he turned his head,
    looked and beckoned me

    for pity's sake said i
    i'll set you free!
    nay, said he,
    take this cross,
    and follow me.

    and so did i follow Him
    who could not move!
    an uncaught captive
    in the hands
    of Love

  34. Near Doo Whaler2:14 AM

    Actually......I believe the official name of the celebration is the Candy Mass!!!
    It's part of a very old ritual for the blessing of the local donkeys and such. It was found, that by dressing as clowns and feeding the livestock sugar, there were fewer incidents of the animals becoming unruly! Also...those who co-presided over it were referred to in the plural as.......a bunch of candy asses!!!
    Hope this cleared things up for those who were wondering!

    1. Lol. That wad a great comment

  35. Adriano2:20 AM

    This is not catholic.

  36. Adriano2:23 AM

    What a horror! Poor children!

  37. Forward-Slash_S3:31 AM

    +1 to Wiseguy's comment at 18:39.


  38. Really now, everyone! How inconsiderate, how truly heartless you all are! You can see from these photos that the bishop and priests are all suffering from some terrible disfiguring skin disease -- apparently Harlequin Leprosy -- and all you can do is mock and deride them! You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  39. When I first read this, I thought photo shop...

  40. Anonymous8:50 AM

    You're so right Jordanes. It is not so much the face painting that upsets me,

    But that face painting is incredibly badly done.

    No self-respecting clown would want to appear on stage with a make-up job like that.

    Therefore the Bishop is no clown,

    He is a bad clown.

  41. Let's not be so cynical here!

    The Roman chasuble fulfills the hopes of Summorum Pontificum that the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite will eventually enrich celebrations of the Ordinary Form.

    Brick by brick!

  42. Not a single adult male in the congregation, as John Carmel Cardinal Heenan predicted.

  43. Father Anthony Cekada said...

    "The Roman chasuble fulfills the hopes of Summorum Pontificum that the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite will eventually enrich celebrations of the Ordinary Form.

    Brick by brick!"

    ....or Trick by trick!

  44. Wearing the pectoral cross as a vestment...a sure sign that the wearer is a lightweight.

  45. OKC Catholic1:50 PM

    "What shall we call the multitudes of ex-Catholic shepherds and their sheep who have either defected or drifted into a new religion? Perhaps we might call them "Roman Protestants...
    When obedience to the constant tradition of the Church is so clearly in conflict with obedience to certain office-holders who have departed from that tradition, we rank-and-file Catholics must use our common sense and opt for the superior obedience. The simple faithful have always done this in times of epidemic heresy. Such crisis are happily very rare. The gravest in the Church’s past history was the Arian crisis of the fourth century, when, as St. Jerome expressed it, "the whole world groaned in astonishment to find themselves Arian;" or, as Newman puts it, "there was a temporary suspense of the functions of the 'ecclesia docens’." We are living in such a crisis now, that of the Modernist Reformation. The Church was drugged for a major "mutation" in the nineteen-sixties, and is now gradually coming round to find itself Liberal-Protestant. It is in this situation that faithful Catholics are finding themselves faced with the stark alternative of becoming either recusants or renegades" Roman Protestants

  46. cyrillist2:53 PM

    It goes on, and on, and on, and everybody gets the message, and it's a huge one: "The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass just isn't that important."

  47. Saints preserve us; if there's one the the world, let alone the already cognitively dissonated flock, doesn't need it's Stephen king's It at the altar.

  48. p.s. 'imagine this mass being celebrated in the catacombs'. if these tricked out 'pinky men' were celebrating anything back then, they'd have probaly done it with public approval; those Faithful whom the pagans were wanting to murder for being participants in the Eucharist attended in secret the Sacred; not a blinding spectacle.

  49. This episcopal BOZO is in full union with his ecclesiastical superiors, who haven't the faintest interest in his heurmenutic of continuity/discontinuity, despite his obvious rejection of the explicit teachings of Vatican II on the liturgy. It has
    always been the hypocrisy of the heirarchy that has caused schisms, the protestant revolt, etc.

  50. Another "fruit" of VTOO....And to think Christ died for this.


  51. Mark my words, Archbishop Clown will be a Cardinal in the future. Instead of being reprimanded or sacked, he will be rewarded for his "heroic" liturgy!

    Re. the 2 clown priests, their mandates naming them Monsignors are on the way.

  52. Well, we will all be accountable for our actions. Ordained men will, in particular, be held to a higher level of accountability. Although I will have plenty to atone for, as I say "Yes Lord" a million times for my indiscretions before being handed Our Lord's decision regarding my salvation, I would love to hear what these men have to say to Our Lord when asked to explain their actions.

    Idiotic offenses such as this are nothing more than outright and intentional blaspheming of The Lord's most precious sacrifice.
    May God have mercy on the souls on these men and may His mercy be plentiful for those they are leading into Hell: their parishes.

  53. Cut him some slack. He didn't put the stole on top

  54. Gumby7:44 PM

    You put your foot in,
    You put your foot out;
    You put your foot in,
    And you shake it all about.
    You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around.
    That's what it's all about!

    They're doin' the Hooookey Pokey!
    Let's do the Hooookey Pokey!

  55. The Giant Gooseberry Mess

  56. Lovely comments, everyone. My congrats.

    The picture of the children is small but on those faces that I could make out I saw boredom and confusion, two things that sum up Pope Paul's New Mass quite well.

  57. Anonymous8:45 PM

    On the 2nd picture I see some "Jazz Hands"?

  58. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Can anyone tell me why this is being done in this manner? Not that there is any possibility of an answer tht can explain why the representatives of Jesus and His Disciples are being depicted as clowns! In the words of the "good thief" to his friend"Have you no fear of God?"....The Lord God will not be mocked. I pray for these and all the abuses that take place in our Liturgy today.

  59. What a frightening picture.
    Priests dressed as clowns and then changing the Chalice ...would this be an invalid Mass.
    If I ever see anything like this in person , I would have to get up and leave.
    Stop offending the good God...have you no fear of God. I so agree with that comment.

  60. Notice the war paint?

  61. Pauper11:34 PM

    No one has addressed the chalice mystery. Might I suggest: all that this bishop touches turns to clay!

  62. Rumsey12:57 AM

    This is awful

  63. Rumsey2:33 AM

    the vestment colors do not match" pink and violet on the same altar?

  64. Ora et Labora5:22 AM

    Nothing but a bunch of CLOWNS!!!

    I am tired of all of them!!!

  65. State of Necessity anyone? And we have the continuing saga of the FSSPX and other independents being classified as not possesing canonical status. Diabolical disorientation seems too weak a description IMO; profound sacrilege is more like it.

  66. Would have Pope Pius XII recognized this circus as the Catholic Mass? Enough said!

  67. This is a good example of why people must pray for the Church. There are many sins from the people and clergy that is hurting the Church, and has been said in Marian apparitions and locutions that the Church must be purified. Pray for the Church and the clergy; that they will fulfill God's will in all they are called to do.

  68. Pray for our holy father in Rome.

  69. What color is that chasuble? It's too early for Gaudete Sunday, and that's not rose, more like shocking pink. Where does one buy a shocking pink chasuble?

  70. Sombre shadows of liberal modernist liturgical hybridisation - more to come - ready yoursself for action when The Vatican starts its final push towards the end of the so-called "two forms one right" hypothesis for one hybrid mess.

  71. At least he wore an amice....

  72. Coemgen3:39 PM

    That old boy in the chasuble should put on a bright balaclava next time and do some geriatric dancing in front of the Altar. It's needed to improve ecumenical relations with the Russian Orthodox...

  73. it looks like typical clown mass in anglican church, are they Catholic priests, btw?

  74. Richard1:09 PM

    Full marks to the girl on the front row wearing light blue (3rd picture).

    Refusing to wave her hands in the air and scowling at whoever suggested it.


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