Rorate Caeli

You report: Midnight Mass in Australia
And Christmas program in the land of Saint Benedict

Already our first report of a Midnight Mass - in Australia:

The Gloria is back!

Summorum Pontificum Wangaratta were blessed to again host Midnight Mass at Glenrowan (Victoria), a town made famous by the Bushranger, Ned Kelly.

The music was provided by a great choir based up in Albury (New South Wales) and was backed up beautifully with folks driving as far as Echuca (Vic.) and Canberra (ACT). SPWang would like to thank all those involved from singers and servers tothe flower ladies, and a special public thanks to Fr. Terence Mary Naughtin OFM Conv., whose tireless work helps provide the old Mass to those in more remote parts of Australia.

Merry Christmas!

And our friends at the Monastery of Saint Benedict in Nursia (Norcia, Umbria) send us the details of masses (all masses Traditional) today, tomorrow and on St. Stephen's for those who are anywhere nearby. Buon Natale!


Anonymous said...

Glenrowan has the TLM? Unbelievable!!
What a blessing for those in the regions of Australia to have such a dedicated priest too! Pray for priests!


dp said...

When are they going to do something about the buildings: the Mass may be in Latin, but the church looks as bad as any Australian church.

Mary Lou said...

When is 'who' going to do something about the buildings ?
Glenrowan is in country Victoria Australia.
In 2012 we are so grateful to have the Mass and the generosity of a parish priest to give us the key to any consecrated church of the diocese for Midnight Mass.
Deo Graitas

SPWang said...

Dear dp,

As 'pizza hut' as the Church looks we did our very best with what was available to us at a very busy time in a parish. Yes we would've preferred to celebrate Midnight Mass in our home church, a William Wardell designed church but given the circumstances this was the only one available. And we frankly don't care what the building looks like as we had one of the most beautiful Masses to ever grace this region in a long time.

Maybe you could start a fundraising effort to help to either build, restore or renovate Churches.

You sound perfect for this role. Your hour has come.

dp said...

Thanks for your suggestion, but I have my church to look after and I am in fact going to do something about it.

Dymphna said...

DP, the church is ugly but be thankful that these people were able to have theTLM and remember that the Irish were once forced to hear Mass in fields.