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First came the Flying Nun ...

Now, the Dancing Jesuit.

In all honesty, this Jesuit (Fr. Dr. Saju George, S.J.) has been around for many years, so there's nothing new here - though this is a recent presentation, in the church of the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul, in Untermarchtal (Baden-Württemberg, Germany). But with all the other problems in the Church today, a little levity could go a long way. 

NB: This should bring great comfort to certain rogue Catholics. If this Jesuit isn't excommunicated, there's still hope for you yet!



  1. And, once again, this is why I stay with the SSPX.
    Semper Fidelis

    1. jon pressley1:46 AM

      You got that right. How the h**l did we get to something like this being acceptable? I guess I answered my own question...

  2. Surprise! The place is empty.

  3. Was this during Mass? Which part of mass?

  4. They never wear shoes. Why?

  5. I think I saw this in a Star Trek episode once.

  6. Truth Seeker4:39 PM

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know which canon the Jesuit violated that would result in his excommunication?

  7. Texana4:55 PM

    Give it an 8 on interpretive dance. It's better than the Liverpudlian halfdressed dancers writhing on the floor. I really think this is the Catholic Church of an alternate alternate spirit.

  8. This gives ammunition to those who claim that if one scratches a liturgical liberal one will likely reveal a homosexual

  9. That was totally pagan and does not belong in the Catholic church. If he is a priest he SHOULD be excommunicated. The people in the pews should have walked out.

  10. No wonder the orthodox don't want no part of us. Somebody needs to contact the bishop about this abomination.

  11. This is the *sunset* of the Age of Aquarius.

  12. NIANTIC5:54 PM very deeply spiritual......would that we had this draws one close to ..... idiocy!

  13. Francis7:52 PM

    I bet this homosexual "priest" has quite the following in certain conciliar circles. Blech!!!
    How much longer O'Lord?

  14. I far prefer The Flying Dutchman; especially during the great man's Bicentenary.

  15. Poor Yorek8:24 PM

    Canon 99: Whoever habitually lacks the use of reason is considered not responsible for oneself (non sui compos) and is equated with infants.

  16. If this guy is not excommunicated, then bishop Williamson will not be if he decides to order a bishop without consent of the Holy See.

  17. Isn't is reassuring that the "church" lookey likey building was nearly empty apart from elderly people out on a day trip and of course some nuns ( in habits!!).

    If this is one of the fruits, does that mean we have to endure that type of state of undress and dance from our priests? Ours in Edinburgh are all elderly, won't that be a treat?

  18. Fortunately, backtothefuture, many Orthodox realize that this represents the lunatic fringe. The only question that I have: he is in the church and now the SPPX is outside? Why?

  19. Andrew10:51 PM

    So let me get this straight...chant in Hindi is ok but not Latin?

  20. Ivan K11:46 PM

    Am I being heteronormative, or is this discalced Hindu Jesuit shockingly effeminate?

  21. Someone should of thrown exorcised holy water on him

  22. It should be called the dancing fairy with man boobs! A lovely dance to the Hindu god of infertility!

  23. Jason C.4:06 AM

    I laughed. Out loud. That dude is seriously gay.

    We Catholics are just being trolled by Satan now. He doesn't even hide anymore, he just comes into our lives and does his thing.

  24. Common Sense4:48 AM

    Wow, what a hip-wriggle.

    I had a good laugh. What a genius. Excommunicated? No, definitely not. He performed just a random act of folly. What about those illustrious Catholic audience members from the Order of the Obedience Apparatchiks?

  25. like Fred Astaire5:27 AM

    Cardinal Arinze said:
    Most dances that are staged during Mass should have been done in the parish hall. And some of them are not even suitable for the parish hall.

    I saw in one place -- I will not tell you where -- where they staged a dance during Mass, and that dance was offensive. It broke the rules of moral theology and modesty. Those who arranged it -- they should have had their heads washed with a bucket of holy water!

    Why make the people of God suffer so much? Haven't we enough problems already? Only Sunday, one hour, they come to adore God. And you bring a dance! Are you so poor you have nothing else to bring us? Shame on you! That's how I feel about it.

  26. poeta said 'I think I saw this in a Star Trek episode once.'

    it's catholicism Jim, but not as we know it

  27. Like Fred Astaire8:37 AM

    poeta said 'I think I saw this in a Star Trek episode once.'

    Yes, but where no, um, ... man ... has gone before.

  28. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Well, unlike the SSPX, this guy is in full communion with the Church, and he doesn't need to sign any preambles in order to be part of it.
    /Martin Fischer

  29. I was fascinated by what looked like a hanging fish bowl. Was that part of the presentation?

  30. JonPatrick3:32 PM

    That has to be the worst looking church I have ever seen. Only way you knew it was Catholic is the crucifix with a corpus, otherwise it could have been a university lecture hall.

  31. Well,after all, he is a Jesuit!

  32. Well at least the crucifix is nice, and the church doesn't feature a Christa crucifix, as I have found around Santa Fe.

    But bizarre to me is the side chapel at St. Francis Cathedal, showing a Pieta of St. Joseph holding an adult Jesus, when St. Joseph predeceased Jesus.

  33. But seriously, instead of a sacrifice, mass has become a show. I have seen it throughout the US, and throughout the world.

  34. He wants a good shoeing for turning up at church in that state of undress. He can "bing" back with himself to bongo bongo land. Honestly! This really takes the biscuit.

  35. I love the way he minces past the tabernacle at the end!

    That about sums it all up - genuflecting and bowing to nothing much in the sanctuary and adjusting the shawl and looking at the camera when passing the Real Presence.

  36. Well at least the crucifix is nice, and the church doesn't feature a Christa crucifix, as I have found around Santa Fe.

    Dear Malta. Iconoclasm does have its place :)

    Just do it

  37. I am a very traditional Roman Catholic hailing from Kerala, India. And this dance was done by a Keralite.... This is good and bad.... Good, in the sense there is a story being enacted here in the form of a dance about someone journey to God. But Indian dance has a pagan origin and i think the Parish Hall is a better place for such a dance than around the alter

  38. Lynda2:52 PM

    Disgusting to bring such attention to oneself before the Blessed Sacrament or in the Sanctuary wherein the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered. This enactment does not belong anywhere in a consecrated church,

  39. Where liturgical abuse is concerned nthing will change until the NO disappears altogether. Anyone who has worked with this liturgical form over a significant number of years knows that it is out of step with Sacred Liturgical Tradition and has an ecumenical agenda. This is why it suits the ecumenical liturgical objectives of the Councils.

  40. Vatican Preparing a Manual to Help Priests Celebrate Mass

    Prefect Warns Against Making Liturgy Into a 'Show'

    H. Sergio Mora

    ROME, January 16, 2013 (

    The Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments is preparing a booklet to help priests celebrate the Mass properly and the faithful to participate better, according to the prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments.

    Cardinal Antonio Cañizares confirmed this Tuesday at an address at the Spanish Embassy to the Holy See on "Catholic Liturgy since Vatican II: Continuity and Evolution."

    "We are preparing it; it will help to celebrate well and to participate well. I hope it will come out this year, in the summer," the cardinal told ZENIT.

    During his talk the cardinal reiterated the importance Vatican II gave to the liturgy, "whose renewal must be understood in continuity with the Tradition of the Church and not as a break or discontinuity." A break either because of innovations that do not respect continuity or because of an immobility that freezes everything at Pius XII, he said.

  41. asshur5:22 PM

    Might be a bit belated comment, sorry
    As basically all westerners, I find dance is just a passtime or a fully secular performing art and therefore is, usually, a nonsense in a liturgical seting.
    AFAIK this is not the same in certain cultures, especially Indian -see previous comment by a Keralite. As of being pagan, well, it will not be the first pagan custom in history turned around for profit of Christ ...

    I might be a bit lenient because I hail from a place were at least since the XVI century uninterrupted a liturgical dance is performed in the Cathedral during Mass both in the Corpus Christi and the Inmaculate Octaves; where on the biggest pilgrimage is common that, f.i. after a rosary some couples dance folk tunes in front of the Image of the BVM in Her honor; and -last but not least- in the early XVII century one of the high points of the Corpus Chirsti procession was the dance of the black slaves -stark nacked, it seems- in front of His Divine Majesty (Seville, Spain for those interested). So no Mahony nearby ...

  42. asshur2:10 PM

    A even more late correction to my own comment.
    The dance performed in the Cathedral of Sevilla (known as los Seises) is not during Mass, but in front of the Sacrament Exposed on the Altar (what we call in front of His Divine Majesty). The Holy Sacrifice is celebrated nowadays (it's during the afternoon) around it so it looks like an integral part. Sorry, i'cant remember if after or before


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