Rorate Caeli

Reminder: Franciscan Protomartyrs

On January 16, the Roman Martyrology recalls the martyrdom of this page's patron saints, the Franciscan Protomartyrs, in 1220. Holy Franciscan Protomartyrs, pray for us!


Mark of the Vineyard said...

The relics are in our city, much neglected.

LeonG said...

What precious pearls indeed to discover Franciscan spirituality. St Francis understood the quickest and most sure pathways to the beautiful heart of God Our Father through poverty, divine love to warm the coldest heart, joy forgiveness and thankfulness. How much we need this today.

Don M said...

May the Blood of the Martyrs, draw Grace down from Heaven, so we too may Honor God with our service.

May God be praised in His Holy Saints and Martyrs.

Mary Queen of Heaven, Mother of God, Ever Virgin, Immaculate Conception : Pray for us.

St Francis Pray for Us
St. Louis IX pray for us
St Elizabeth pray for us

GQ Rep said...

Just out of curiosity (and maybe it was done for just aesthetic appeal)m but why does each friar seem to have a different coor habit?

The Friars Minor always wore brown, the Conventuals wore grey early on, the TOR Franciscans black, and the Capuchins,brown.

There are now extinct Orders of friars founded in the Franciscan tradition over the centuries who wore beige habits with scapulars, blue habits, grey with black scapulars and black cords, and even a group of white habited friars.....all gone now. Most were re-united with the OFM's (Friars Minor) in 1896 by Pope Leo XIII in a ruling to gather up small Franciscan Orders which were not attracting too many vocations into the larger Friars Minor Order.

That union put an end also to a small group of friars known as the Discalced Franciscans. Too bad that group no longer exists, because it was the only strongly contemplative branch of Franciscan friars the Order ever has known.