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Usus Antiquior articles now online

Usus Antiquior was the sole academic journal dedicated to the study of the Classical Roman Rite (a dedication that was interpreted quite broadly). However, after only six issues in three years (2010 - 2012) it ceased publication at the end of last year. 

With the journal ceasing publication, all of the articles in its six issues are now marked as "free content", and can now be freely downloaded or read online as PDF files. (Previously, only selected articles were available online for free.)

(Note: Rorate does not necessarily endorse everything that was published in this journal.)


  1. Steve7:12 AM

    What has happened to the Society of St Catherine of Siena and Dr Laurence Hemming who took the journal over?

  2. The Society of St. Catherine of Siena disbanded in 2011. I am not aware of what has happened to Dr. Hemming. At any rate he was not the editor for the last issues of this journal (that was Ben Whitworth).

  3. Well, the good initiative was doomed from the moment, when Dom Alcuin Reid announced his open letter about the reasons that forced him to leave the initiative. Alas, Dr. Hemming's some disturbing actions were behind that decision.

  4. Ben Whitworth11:16 AM

    Thanks for posting this, Augustinus. I don't agree with everything published in the journal, either, but that is the joy of academic debate!

    Just for clarity: I was *assistant* editor of the journal for vol. 3, and in fact the high quality of issue 3.2 redounds to the credit of the guest editors Miklós István Földváry and József Talmácsi.

  5. John L10:33 AM

    It's depressing that a journal has to cease publication in order for its articles to become geerally accesible.

  6. John L10:34 AM

    It's depressing that a journal has to cease publication in order for its articles to become geerally accesible.

  7. Question: How do you actually download the journals, been scrolling for some time, and can't seem to download it, a little help please.

    Thank you.


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