Rorate Caeli

Fellay: "To defend the faith, to keep the faith, to die in the faith, this is the essential thing!"

The following is from the sermon by Bishop Bernard Fellay for the priestly ordination of Father Bertrand Lundi, on January 27, 2013, at the Church of Saint-Nicolas du Chardonnet. A partial English translation was published on the website of the US District of the SSPX on Feb. 1 and the full translation was placed on DICI today. The French text can be found here

We are living in an age in which this faith is abused, attacked, slashed, everywhere, outside the Church and inside as well.  It will be one of your duties, after the Mass, to impart this faith, to communicate it to souls, so as to lift them above human realities and to lead them toward the reality of God.  And this faith will also have to be defended.

This is our history, the story of the Society, and of our founder. And this history, by dear brothers, continues.  I would even say that, in comparison with this sublime reality, talking about whether or not to reach an agreement with Rome is something trivial.  To defend the faith, to keep the faith, to die in the faith, this is the essential thing!  We get the impression that the Roman authorities do not understand us, because they have not understood that we are ready to lose everything in order to keep this Catholic faith.  We absolutely do not want to let this faith go.  Now unfortunately (and this is a fact that we can observe every day), with the Council, through the Council, and in the Council, some poisons were introduced that are harmful to the faith;  they lead souls into error and no longer defend them, no longer defend them in their faith.  We denounce this fact, and this is why they condemn us.  Even today, the condition that they want to impose on us in order to recognize us with the title “Catholic” is to accept those very same things that demolish the faith. But we cannot, and that is all, quite simply. In no case do we agree to diminish what is absolutely essential in order to go to Heaven:  the faith, with all its consequences. That is why this combat is necessary, an everyday combat.