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For the record: La Repubblica's summary of
the Herranz-Tomko-De Giorgi report.
The "improper influence" of the "underground"

For the largest Italian daily La Repubblica, the key part of the "300-page" cardinalatial report ("relatio") on the Vatican leaks ("in two red hardbound tomes") -- delivered to the Pope in December 2012 and currently under pontifical secret, and that supposedly influenced him to present his renunciation of the Supreme Pontificate -- was the identification of a hugely powerful and highly influential "homosexual underground" in the Curia and in the universal Church. (Note: the first time the Holy Father was supposed to have been warned of this part of the report was in "October" 2012, in one of his weekly unnanounced audiences about the investigations with Cardinal Herranz.)

This is curiously related to Fr. Dariuz Oko's article published in June 2012 and whose translation was posted last week here.

The original article is available here in Italian (here in Bing Translator's side-by-side view), and an image of the article is presented below, in case the first link becomes unavailable. The Guardian's reasonable summary of the article is available here. In his press conference today, Vatican spokesman Fr. Lombardi refused to confirm or deny any detail of the report.

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