Rorate Caeli

Free Book on Poor Souls

Below, please find the sixty-sixth posting of enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society.

If you love the poor souls and what to learn more about how to help them, there is a free book available. An Unpublished Manuscript on Purgatory gives awe-inspiring, and often gripping, accounts of what Purgatory is like. This easy read is available by clicking here

How to enroll souls: please email me at and submit as follows: "Name, State, Country." If you want to enroll entire families, simply write in the email: "The Jones family, Ohio, USA". Individual names are preferred. Be greedy -- send in as many as you wish and forward this posting to friends as well.

Please consider forwarding this Society to your family and friends, announcing from the pulpit during Holy Mass or listing in your church bulletin. We need to spread the word and relieve more suffering souls.

Please pray for the enrolled Souls and the 17 holy priests saying Traditional Masses for the Society:

"For all the souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful departed rest in peace. Amen."

Then ...

Almighty and ever living God,
we ask Thy blessing upon the priests
who offer Masses for the Purgatorial Society.
Give them a greater awareness of the grace
that Thou dost pour out through the Sacraments,
and by their devout celebration of the Sacred Mysteries,
increase in them a love for Thee.
Give strength to Thy priests, O Shepherd of the flock;
when they are in doubt, give them the assurance of faith,
and in Thy goodness confirm them as heralds of Thy Truth
to all who seek to follow in Thy path.
We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal Priest,
Who lives and reigns with Thee in the unity with the Holy Ghost,
God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society:

Cardinal Jozef Glemp, Warsaw, Poland
Archbishop John Chen Shizhong, China
Father Anscar, OSB, Philippines
Paul Forrai, Tevel,  Hungary
Roberta Fisher, Ohio, USA
Leroy Bonner, Ohio, USA
Jose Luis O. Gonzalez, Metro Manila, Philippines
Patty Andrews, California, USA
Marion Sutton , Sydney NSW Australia .
Walter Sutton , Sydney  NSW Australia .
Henry Sutton , Sydney NSW Australia .
Maura Sutton , Sydney NSW , Australia .
Charles Sutton , Sydney NSW Australia .
Walter Sims , Sydney NSW Australia .
Anne Sims , Sydney NSW , Australia .
Sam Dolce, Port Neches, Texas USA
Bill Leger, Beaumont, Texas USA
Carlo Roccaforte, Groves, Texas USA
Jaime Pacheco, Metro Manila, Philippines
Nelson Gaurano, Illinois, USA
Francesco Maria Savini( Milan, Italy)
Souls in Jovens de Santa Maria, Brazil
Barbara Kille, Toledo, Ohio. USA
John Cheslick, Illinois, USA
Wanda Kelkhoff, Illinois, USA
Edna Rice, CT USA
Sally Ballard, NC., USA
Karl Brunhuber, CT, USA
Josephine Thompson, New Zealand
Joanna Tongilava, New Zealand
Philip Shaw, New Zealand
Duncan Simon, New Zealand
Johnny Calder, New Zealand
Charlie Timlin, New Zealand
Chic Purton, New Zealand
Paul Purton, New Zealand
Dorothy and Brian Wareing, New Zealand
Anthonius Rumping, New Zealand
Winifred Bjerga, New Zealand
Eileiv Bjerga, New Zealand
Annie Purton, New Zealand
Jack Hodgkinson, New Zealand
Peter Hodgkinson, New Zealand
Norah Clisby, New Zealand
Seamus Casey, New Zealand
Mary Jane Phillips-Matz, New York, USA
Jeric A. Luciano, Metro Manila, Philippines
Carmen Arthur Costanzo, British Columbia, Canada
Serafino Cusano, British Columbia, Canada
Rhys Rhydderch, British Columbia, Canada
Father Sivlije Grubisic, Pennsylvania, USA
Lee Ayers, Pennsylvania, USA
Mr. and Mrs. Alfano, Pennsylvania, USA
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Fran Gula family, Pennsylvania, USA
Mrs. Yaga (last name not known), Pennsylvaniua, USA
Mrs. Sarah Scott and husband, Pennsylvania, USA
Mr. Babich, Pennsylvania, USA
Mr. and Mrs. John and Marian Duich, Pennsylvania, USA
Laney Turkovich, Pennsylvania, USA
Mr. Norman McCoy, Pennsylvania, USA
Wayne Ingram, Pennsylvania, USA
Little boy who drowned in creek (name unknown), Pennsylvania, USA
Frank Legge, New Jersey, USA
Henrietta Penny Bond, Pennsylvania, USA
Don Giuseppe Dondi, IC.  Borgomanero, Italy
Pepe Pimentel, Metro Manila, Philippines
Felicisimo Maquiniana Nebres, Philippines
Rich Lopez, Bergenfield, NJ, USA
Grace Smith, N.S.W. Australia
Mrs. Corazon Oballo, Alberta, Canada
Charles Capozzoli, Dana Point, California, USA
Yuji Mari Oro E. Gandamon, Metro Manila, Philippines
Erlinda Domingo, Isabela, Philippines
Princess Margarita of Baden, Surrey, UK
Francisco José da Silva, Bahia, Brazil
Maria de Araújo Bispo, Bahia, Brazil
Percílio Januário Bispo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Alderico de Araújo Bispo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Nilza de Araújo Bispo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Mary Patricia Sullivan Odom, FL, USA
Stanley Musial, Missouri, USA
Joseph A. Napoli, Pennsylvania, USA
Charles Gallucci, Virginia, USA
Louis Rossi, Pennsylvania, USA
Americo DiCioccio, Pennsylvania, USA
William Patrick Muldoon Sr.
Georgia Lee Marsh
John Anthony Muldoon
Dick Muldoon
Sr. Anne
Sr. Mary Anthony
Fr. Leo Clifford
Kari Stellino
John Muldoon
Edna Davis Muldoon
Honora Fallon Muldoon
Patrick Joseph Muldoon
Fr. Michael Lenihan
Margaret Marsh
Helen Muldoon
Betty Muldoon
Marcus Sampson
Irene Sampson
Karen Inlow
John Barry
The four men of Bengazi who were murdered trying to protect this country
Bob Bales
Alvin Bulaoro, California, USA
Pauline Phillips, California, USA
Arjon Von Bayeta, Surigao, Philippines
Richard Peralta, Surigao, Philippines
R.R. Esperon, Surigao, Philippines
Edgar Diaz, Texas, USA
Fr Anthony Baxter, IC, Rugby, England
Fr John Edwards, SJ, London, England
Don Alfeo Valle, IC, Stresa, Italy
Teresa Maria Ciconte, British Columbia, Canada
Mattea D'Alessandro, British Columbia, Canada
Maria Greco, British Columbia, Canada
Rafaela Pajarillo Hombrebueno, British Columbia, Canada
Enrique Velasco Javier, British Columbia, Canada
Martin Kaurinovic, British Columbia, Canada
Joan Teresa Lyons, British Columbia, Canada
Dino Marzin, British Columbia, Canada
Margaret Anne McClean, British Columbia, Canada
Fr. Joseph Ernest Rossiter, OMI, British Columbia, Canada
Florina Santucci, British Columbia, Canada
Joseph Peppino Secchia, British Columbia, Canada
Lourdes Enriquez Peña, British Columbia, Canada
Gloria Viglione, N.J., USA
Peter Viglione, N.J., USA
Rev. Silvio Mancini, N.J., USA
Walter Harris, Alberta, Canada
Maria das Graças Ribeiro Carvalho, Pará, Brazil
Gelta Ribeiro Carvalho, Pará, Brazil
Mario Fernandes de Carvalho, Pará, Brazil
Gelta de Paiva Ribeiro Carvalho, Pará, Brazil
Renata Branquinho dos Santos, Distrito Federal, Brazil
Adorvandro Antônio da Silva Vasques, Distrito Federal, Brazil
José Antônio da Silva, Distrito Federal, Brazil
Ana Camelo Vasques, Distrito Federal, Brazil
Ofir Antônio da Silva, Distrito Federal, Brazil
Ana L. Mendoza, British Columbia, Canada
Roque Celaya, USA
Conchita R. Perez, Metro Manila, Philippines
Steve  Paul           Toronto, Ontario  Canada
Imre  Koszonits          Toronto, Ontario  Canada
Charles Staffer       Toronto, Ontario  Canada
Mary Staffer          Toronto, Ontario  Canada
Leslie Zydron         Toronto, Ontario  Canada
Kalman Kovacs      Budapest, Hungary
 For the Seltz Couvillion family Who  lived in the New Orleans, La area U.S.A.
For the Edgar Lacour family who lived in the state of Louisiana, U.S.A.
For the Felix Ruiz family who lived in the New Orleans, La. area U.S.A.
For the Bill Reuther family who lived in the New Orleans, La. area U.S.A.
For the Adam Seither family who lived in the New Orleans, La.area U.S.A.
For the Bennie Lacour family who lived in the New Orleans, La. area U.S.A.
For the Louis Meilliur family who lived in the New Orleans, La. area U.S.A.
For the Lee Krieger family who lived in the New Orleans, La. area U.S.A.
For the Milton Meyer family who lived in the New Orleans, La. area U.S.A.
For all of the priest who served at St. Cecilia parish in New Orleans, La. U.S.A.
For all of the nuns who served at St. Cecilia parish in the New Orleans area U.S.A.
For Joseph Weinmunson
Joseph Ansardi
Firmin Mumford
Manuel Borneo
Ellen Stouff
Roland Barbay
Harry Alberts
Walle Melanie
Martin Vega
Kenneth Plauche
Eddie Brown
Bob Robertson
Jennie and Cliff Le Blanc
Hap, Clarence, Joe and Madeline Giarrusso
Paul Persigo
Kazamir Zinger
Louis Sirgo
Raymond Roth
Alvin Witterich
Alan Cooper
Joe Benit
The Clovis Guidry Family
The Steve Beros family
The John Cassagne family
The James Cope family
Don Michael
Paul Barrion Victor LeBlanc
Stafford Raine
The Leroy Lacour family
The Ferdinand Rizan family
The George Rees Family
The Cosmo Lanasa family
Valerie Howe
Daniel Ziegler
Martin Gaillot
Presley Trosclair
Mrs Harry Trosclair
Francis Stewart family
Ferdinand Von Behren Sr. family
Larry Curtin
Vito Caronna
The Lester Ring Family
Al Suberville family
Al Reeder family
William Deckwa Family
Jules Mumme family
Eloise Riche family
Philip Sensebe family
Clara Brown
Ray Boudreaux family
Earl Dickinson family
John Boelke family
Donald Klotz family
Joyce McCormick family
Gonzalo G. Puyat II, Metro Manila, Philippines
Aaron Swartz, New York, USA
Jose Hernando, Washington, USA
Arlene L. Gleason, WI, USA
Valerie Sox, Alberta, Canada
Zosimae Magluyan, Cavite, Philippines
Mr. William Henry Clements, Australia
Gustavo C. Ingles, Metro Manila, Philippines
Rose Grudecki, Alberta, Canada
Romulo A. Lapus, Metro Manila, Philippines
Cecilia G. Bartolome, Metro Manila, Philippines
Steve Riel, Minnesota, USA
Larry Oakes, Minnesota, USA
Carly Christenson, Minnesota, USA
Max Schwolert, Texas, USA
Simon Sison, Metro Manila, Philippines
Emanuel Licuanan – Metro Manila, Philippines
Conchita Licuanan – Metro Manila, Philippines
Edgardo Licuanan – Metro Manila, Philippines
Dayrit Clan– Metro Manila, Philippines
Gabriel Regalado – Malolos Bulacan, Philippines
Nadres Clan – Candelaria, Quezon, Philippines
Magcase Clan – San Pablo, Laguna, Philippines
Licuanan Clan – Pangasinan, Philippines
Benito Capili– Metro Manila, Philippines
Miguel and Agustina Gomez– Metro Manila, Philippines
Manalang Clan– Metro Manila, Philippines
Santos Dayrit Clan – San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines
Father Leonard, OSB
Mikel Cardinal Koliqi, Shkoder, Albania
Gonzalo Lito Puyat II, Manila, Philippines
Nicola Carchesio, British Columbia, Canada
Marilena Maria Facchin, British Columbia, Canada
Andrew L. Halford, British Columbia, Canada
Davide Lanciotti, British Columbia, Canada
Calixte Ubald Levasseur, British Columbia, Canada
Sr. Mary Matthew McDaniel, British Columbia, Canada
Adrian Prinse, British Columbia, Canada
Carmela Romano, British Columbia, Canada
Giuseppe Bosa, British Columbia, Canada
Anita Marie Caldwell, British Columbia, Canada
Amerigo DiNunzio, British Columbia, Canada
Richard Ivica Dirscherl, British Columbia, Canada
Gina DiStefano, British Columbia, Canada
Sr. Marion Egan Macdonald, New Brunswick, Canada
William N. Mamonluk, British Columbia, Canada
Stephen Olynyk, British Columbia, Canada
Rocco Balbo, British Columbia, Canada
Vladimir (Walter) Crnkovic, British Columbia, Canada
John Debono, British Columbia, Canada
Luis Ronald Calderon Sanchez, British Columbia, Canada
Enrique Velasco Javier, British Columbia, Canada
Nellie Semcyshen, British Columbia, Canada
Maria Terese Sherwin, British Columbia, Canada
Anna Maria Theresia Alain, British Columbia, Canada
Romeo Basso, British Columbia, Canada
Denalda Marie de la Giroday, British Columbia, Canada
Anthony V. Grasset, British Columbia, Canada
Victoria Kuzik, British Columbia, Canada
Mary McCaskie, British Columbia, Canada
Cosmo Pupo, British Columbia, Canada
Carmelina Bevacqua, British Columbia, Canada
Joseph Paolo Cerracchio, British Columbia, Canada
Alvena Frances Kennedy, British Columbia, Canada
Rinaldo Milan, British Columbia, Canada
Lucija Sigurnjak, British Columbia, Canada
Carmela Sorace, British Columbia, Canada
Angelina Toffoletto, British Columbia, Canada
Simone Johnson, London, England
Robin Marris, London, England
Wilbert West Watson, London, England
Sheelagh Horne, London, England
Reginald Henry Mollentze, Harare, Zimbabwe
Michelle Lynette Mollentze, Harare, Zimbabwe
Mrs. Philomena Qualacquarini, NJ
Patricia Doyle, Alberta, Canada
William Gibson, Jr. Ky. USA
Stephanie Nicole Ella, Metro Manila, Philippines
Genesis Hernandez, Australia
Andre Bourque, Quebec, Canada
Nicola Carchesio, British Columbia, Canada
Anthony Oyatoye, Ilorin, Nigeria
Josephine Balogun, Lagos, Nigeria
Declan Okpala, Ilorin, Nigeria
Stanley Tarwo, Ibadan, Nigeria
Jude Chiwetalu, Abuja, Nigeria
Mariano Maiorana-Alberta Canada
Ameglio Martin-Alberta Canada
Domenica Martin-Alberta Canada
Gulio Salvia-Alberta Canada
Salvatore LoTerzo Alberta Canada
Eileen Sweeney, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Bayani C. gernale, Philippines
Eufrocina T. Enriquez, Philippines
Ricardo C. Troncales, Philippines
Amado Troncales, Philippines
Irene R. Copana, Philippines
Socorro R. Viernes, Philippines
Marilyn R. Viernes, Philippines
Evaristo R. Rabino, Philippines
Eduardo E. Rabino, Philippines
Renato E. Rabino, Philippines
Fr Bernard Davenport, Chesham Bois, England
Fr. John Edward SJ, London England
Canon John Devane, London England
Monsignor Michael Smith. London England
Fr. Anthony Pyle, London England
Canon Alfred Patrick Pearson, London England
John Paul Reddan, Birmingham, England
Rev. James B. Reuter, SJ, Metro Manila, Philippines
Elzir Amorim de Moraes                              Pernambuco           Brazil
Antonio Benjamim Amorim de Moraes        Pernambuco           Brazil   
Aiden Fanning of Eire
Father Leo Slatterie, OCSO, Nevada, USA
Robert Jones, Wisconsin, USA
Genevieve Jones, Wisconsin, USA
Rose Poliwoda,,Wisconsin, USA
Thomas Poliwoda, Wisconsin,,USA
Lottie Ramczyk, New York, USA
Joseph Ramczyk, Wisconsin, USA
John Ramczyk, Wisconsin, USA
Walter Kozlowski, New York, USA
John Kozlowski, New York,,USA
Jerome Ramczyk, Wisconsin, USA
Rose Peskie, Wisconsin, USA
John Peskie, Wisconsin, USA
Frank Nickel, Wisconsin,,USA
Edith Nickel, Wisconsin, USA
Philip Ehlers, Wisconsin, USA
Stanley Kozlowski, New York, USA
Lillian Kozlowski, Wisconsin, USA
Victoria Kozlowski, Poznin, Poland
Urban Kozlowski, Wisconsin, USA
Winifred Jones, Wisconsin, USA
Buford Jones, Wisconsin, USA
Margaret Jessie (Peggy) Prior, British Columbia, Canada
Roger Sheen, Brussels, Belgium
Arthur Gruffydd Jones, Glamorgan, Wales
Mary McCarthy, East Sussex, England
Lionel Dennis Rhydderch, Cardiff, Wales
Sr Anne Fix, New Brunswick, Canada
Sr Eugenia Charlebois, New Brunswick, Canada
John Gilling, West Sussex, England
John Peter Humphry House, London, England
Eileen Jewell, East Sussex, England
Julian Egerton Bird, East Sussex, England
Charles Townsend Harrison, Oxfordshire, England
Gerald Williamson, Glamorgan, Wales
Helena Mary Frost, East Sussex, England
John Gilling, London, England
Richard Lewis (Dic) Jones, Ceredigion, Wales
William Richard Philip George, Gwynedd, Wales
Eric Waldram Kemp, West Sussex, England
Frederick Sayers, East Sussex, England
Anna Langsch Germany
Nance McGivern,Ireland
Rodger Dievers ,Ireland
Martha Dievers,Ireland.
Nanna Dievers,Ireland
Harry French, ,Ireland
Willy French,Ireland
Chris French,Ireland
Gerry French,Ireland
Madge French ,Ireland
Mr & Mrs. Mellon, ,Ireland '
Mr & Mrs.Ryan,  ,Ireland
Eamon Conway ,Ireland
Shane Flynn,Ireland
Fr.Gill S.J. ,Ireland
Raymond H. Pugh, Iowa, USA
Alda Mesquita Castelo, Lisboa, Portugal
William Hick, Virginia, USA
Luisa Castelo , Massachusets, USA
Fr. Daniel Benito, El Paso, Texas.
Patricia Faherty, NJ, USA
Michael, Elise, & Janice Montemurro , New York USA
John & Yolanda Montemurro, New York, USA
Rocco & Peggy Montemurro, New York,USA
Fred Farina, New York, USA
Ivan DiGenno, New Jersey, USA
Ray & Violet Luthin New York, USA
Mary & Jack Frederman, New York, USA
Carmine Montemurro, New York USA
Emma & Frank Suchy, New York USA
Frank Kulsha, New York, USA
Tom Domizio, New York USA
Arthur & Dorthy Domizio, New York, USA
Jimmy & Evelyn Domizio New York, USA
Mark and Charles Adams, NJ, USA
Salomeja and Anthony Kazimor, NJ, USA
Mary and Savino Marro, NY, USA
Louise Poppitti, DE, USA
Rev Dr Malachi B Martin, NY, USA
Rev Dr Rama Coomaraswamy, CT, USA
All deceased members of the Marro & Kazimor families
Reichstadt family
Seliga family
Mauro family
Ragusa family
Mrs. Trembly.
George Hopkins.
Fabiola Pineda.
Juan Carlos Toruño.
Ariel Palacios.
María Jesús .Chuna.
Tina Villalobos.
Francisca Lezama.
Luisita Lezama.
Francisco Antonio Lezama.
Guillermina Molina de Barcenas.
Porfilio Molina.
Rafael Ocampos.
Carlita Ubeda.
Manfred Garcia.
Simeon Rizo.
Alberto Castellon.
John Castellon.
Erick Castellon.
Sebastian Chavarria.
Marcelo Molina.
Thomas Richard Finn, Missouri, USA
Eileen Finn, Missouri, USA
Thomas John Finn, Missouri, USA
John J. McIntyre, Sr., Missouri, USA
Alice Beck McIntyre, Missouri, USA
Thomas Martin Finn, Missouri, USA
Mary Fitzgerald Finn, Missouri, USA
Richard Fitzgerald, Kansas, USA
Bridget Collins Fitzgerald, Kansas, USA
Eleanor Boer, Tennessee, USA
Joan Franklin
James Franklin
Anne Franklin
O.M. Franklin
Watson Ballentyne
Louise Ballentyne
Louise Franklin
Charles Kam
Eunice Siverson
Lois Siverson
Jack Siverson
Sandra Siverson
Paul Franklin
Judy Franklin
Jack Franklin
Lucille Leamy
Norman Francis Leamy
Kathleen Nunez
Bud Haller
Mimi Wesner
Mandy Howe
Megan Gallagher
Michael Eugene Tomlin
Steve Kendall
Dr & Mrs Scott
William & Mrs Marshall
James K Devlin
Irwin LeBlanc, Louisiana, USA
Fr. William Shelley, New York, USA
Nathaniel David Ames, Pennsylvania, USA
Adan Medina Castellon, Father.
Adan Medina Castellon, Son.
Esther Castellon Irias.
María Eugenia Altamirano Altamirano.
Francisco Oliva Morales.
María Myriam Oliva de Medina.
Mercedes Oliva Altamirano.
María Eustaquia Altamirano.
Ricardo Altamirano.
Jose Angel Altamirano.
The Altamirano Family.
The Cruz Family.
Esther Medina C. Linder.
Clement Linder.
Angela Castellon Irias.
Carmen Castellon Irias.
Pastora Castellon Irias.
Rafael Castellon Irias.
Daniel Castellon Irias.
Esther Irias de Castellon.
Trinidad Castellon Castellon.
Filomena Castellon.
Filomena Medina Castellon.
Manuel Medina Castellon.
Pio Castellon.
Paulino Castellon.
+Mons. Simeon Pereira y Castellon, Bishop of León, Nicaragua.
Fr. Ruben Baltodano.
Fr. Anastasio Garcia.
Fr. Timothy Hopkins.
Fr. Enrique Rueda.
Fr. Tito Cisneros.
Fr. Valencia.
Fr. Odorico D'andrea.
María Jesus Baltodano.
Dolores Castellon.
Dolores Meneses Castellon.
Mundo Meneses.
Rosa Mata.
Ana Isabel Moro de Castillo.
Humberto Castillo.
Florence Crew-Jones.
Ciril Silka.
David Zamora.
Rene Sanchez.
Patsy Pullman.
Carlos Mendez.
Roger Campos.
Aurora Garcia Altamirano de Ubeda.
Juan Ubeda.
Eusebia Altamirano.
Augustina Altamirano.
The Castellon Family.
The Medina Family.
The Irias Family.
The Oliva Family.
Roberto Castillo.
Michael Levoie.
Alberto Warwar.
Edward Collins.
William Flores.
Carlos Colon.
Carol and Gary Narcy.
Ed Marquez.
Anna M Kay VA, USA
Abraham Cooper VA, USA
William I Cooper VA, USA
Barbara Stein Cooper  VA, USA
Ronnel Cristobal VA, USA
Ray Brogan, VA, USA
Rolf H. Sorensen, Washington, USA
Ruth Stroud, Washington, USA
Richard J. Morris, California, USA
Matthew J. Morris, California, USA
Clinton & Golda Luke, California, USA
Harry & Frona Bullard, California, USA
Dr. & Lillian Riggleman, California, USA
The Comer Family, California, USA
Harriet Morris, California, USA
Peter DeWolf, Washington, USA
Paul Whipple, Washington, USA
Jeanne Whipple, Washington, USA
Teresa Sinclair, Washington, USA
John Arnold, Isle of Wight, UK
Bob Alexander, Washington, USA
Alena Marek, Washington, USA
Harald & Eva Sorensen, Westfold, Norway
Fr. Phil Lucid, Washington, USA
Rose Marie Brown, Missouri, USA
Raymond Brown, Missouri, USA
Michael Brown, Missouri, USA
Frances Mahoney, Missouri, USA
Pauline Rosensteel, Missouri USA
Jack Rosensteel, Missouri, USA
Ernestine Palmerin, Kansas, USA
Helen Jonscher, Kansas, USA
Betty Killingsworth, Kansas, USA
Orville Killingsworth, Kansas, USA
Emmie Cain, Missouri, USA
Sugar Cain, Missouri, USA
Virgil Cain, Missouri, USA
Elaine Martin, Missouri, USA
Manny Martin, Missouri, USA
George Martin, Missouri, USA
Rose Martin, Missouri, USA
James Martin, Missouri, USA
William Martin, Missouri, USA
George Mills, Jr., Kansas, USA
Lisa Quillen, Missouri, USA
James Bryan Oxley, Missouri, USA
Virginia Likes, Kansas, USA
LeRoy Likes, Kansas, USA
Uncle Robin, Kansas, USA
Ann Jennings, Missouri, USA
Nobleza Asuncion Lande, Kansas, USA
Montana Huslig, Kansas, USA
Bob Jonscher, Kansas, USA
Dolly Mills, Kansas, USA
Ethel Jonscher, Kansas, USA
John Anthony Mills, Kansas, USA
Dale Mahoney, Missouri, USA
Johnny Mills, Missouri, USA
Frank Brown, Missouri, USA
Artie Brown, Missouri, USA
Donald Krampff, Missouri, USA
The Duggan Family,Michigan,USA
The Delaney Family, Michigan, USA
Paul Terberg,California, USA
David Wilson,California USA
Warren Carroll,Virgina ,USA
Sue Fricke,California USA
Robert Arsua,California USA
Chris Mullen, California USA
Wendy Chasteen,Kentucky,USA
Pete Sambo,Virgina,USA
Chris Marshall,Virgina,USA
Steven Bailey,Virgina,USA
The Kelly Family,Virgina,USA
Steven Sinnott,Cork,Ireland
Helen Groves,Post Falls,Idaho
The Markle Family,Michigan USA
Jim and Janet Cambell,Florida USA
The Bader Family Michigan USA
The Johnson Family,Michigan USA
The Hamel Family, Quebec ,Canada
Mc Quarry Family,Michigan USA
The Shea Family,Hawaii,USA
The Detar Family, Idaho,USA
The Groves Family,New Jersey USA
The Leek Family, Illinois USA
The Teich Family, Idaho USA
The O' Sullivan Family,Idaho USA
Jerry Peick Idaho USA
Dorothy Wagner,Idaho USA
The McQuarrie Family,Idaho USA
The Simas Family Idaho USA
The Guinnane Family Michigan USA
The Reinhard Family Michigan USA
The Balcerski Family,Michigan USA
Jones Family,Michigan USA
Josephine Nicholoff Manilla, Phillipines
The Barron Family Michigan USA
Bresnahan Family Michigan USA
Bosink Family Michigan USA
The Cooley Family,Michigan USA
Campell Family Michigan USA
Clooneys Idaho USA
The Ferro Family ?? England
The King Family Michigan USA
The Fanning Family Idaho USA
The Goggin Family Idaho USA
The Graves Family Idaho USA
Gaston Family, Nevada, USA
Gonzales Family ? Mexico ( Moms friends)
Luszczniski  Family, Michigan, USA
Liberatore Family,Idaho, USA
Anderson Family Michigan, USA
Mitchell Family,Idaho USA
Mayer Family, California, USA
O'Neil Family, Ontario, Canada
Broadbent Ontario Canada
Caputo Family California USA
Spaid Family Florida USA
St.Onge Family Michigan, USA
Shabot Family California, USA
The Kenary Family California, USA
The Lavelle Family California, USA
The Robison Family California, USA
Waller Family Michigan, USA
Catherine Ryan, New York, USA
Michael Conlon, New York, USA
Loretta Murphy, New York, USA
Noreen Wilson,  New Jersey, USA
Beatrice Donovan, New Jersey, USA
James Conlon, New York, USA
Michael O'Sullivan, New York, USA
Thomas Ryan, New York, USA
David Leslie, New York, USA
Jessica Fedeli, New York, USA
Bernard Dempsey, Wexford, Ireland
Nora Donovan, New Jersey, USA
Patrick Dempsey, Nebraska, USA
John Mitchell, Wexford, Ireland
Daniel James Tamer, Indiana, USA
Mary Ellen Dempsey, Wexford, Ireland
Mosey O'Sullivan, New York, USA
Dennis Donovan, New Jersey, USA
Peggy Lewis, Liverpool, United Kingdom
David Lane, Massachusetts, USA
Terry T. Grant, Washington, USA
Joseph Walsh,Washington, USA
Anne Walsh, New York, USA
Marie Grant, Washington, USA
Thula Aiken, Washington, USA
Al Aiken, Washington,USA
Tommy Corrigan, Washington, USA
Fr. Jim Donnelly, Texas, USA
 Frances Byers, California, USA
 Meryle Tess, Washington, USA
 Betty Kenney, Washington, USA
Jim Kenney, Washington, USA
Bob Tess, Washington, USA
Jim Corcoran, Washington, USA
Gareth Snoddy,Idaho, USA
Fr. Arnold Schoffelmeer, Washington, USA
Elena Zamora, TX, USA
Mary Catherine O’Shea, TX, USA
Daniel Patrick O’Shea, Sr., TX, USA
Daniel Patrick O’Shea, Jr, TX, USA
Daniel Patrick O’Shea, IV, TX, USA
Joseph King McCabe, TX, USA
Terry O’Shea, TX, USA
Joseph King O’Shea, TX, USA
Mary Schmidt, TX, USA
Fred Malley, CA, USA
Caesarine Saracco, TX, USA
Bonifacio Saracco, TX, USA
Charles Mattern, TX, USA
August Cook, TN, USA
Mark and Charles ADAMS, NJ, USA
Salomeja and Anthony KAZIMOR, NJ, USA
Mary and Savino MARRO, NY, USA
Rev Dr Malachi B MARTIN, NY, USA
All deceased members of the MARRO & KAZIMOR families
John Sankiewicz Oregon, Ohio
Francis Cavin, late of Victoria, B.C., Canada
Salvatore J. Taibi, Bronx, NY, U.S.A.
Amadea Holtz, Bayside, NY, U.S.A.
Calogero & Concetta Taibi, Bronx, NY, U.S.A.
Frank & Santa Zampino, Bronx, NY, U.S.A.
Scott Brown, IL, USA
Jimmy Duncan, IL, USA
Jimmy Waltrip, IL, USA
Patterson Family, IL, USA
Pennefather Family, VA, USA
Foeckler Family, VA, USA
Buddy Ramden, VA, USA
Vander Woude Family, VA, USA
Suzy Daniel, VA, USA
DuFrain Family, VA, USA
Pat Knob, CO, USA
Scheetz Family, CO, USA
Msgr. Robert Maher, TX, USA
Lina Ruiz, TX, USA
Manuela Perez, TX, USA
Erasmo Perez, TX, USA
Maria Perez, TX, USA
Margarito Davila, TX, USA
Ramiro Davila, TX, USA
Melvin Murphy, IL, USA
Phyllis Murphy, IL, USA
Gerald Barlow, IL, USA
Lilian Barlow, IL, USA
Robert David Brown California U.S.A.
Helen Autenreith from Langhorne Pennsylvania
Eugene Autenreith from Langhorne Pennsylvania
Harvey Sevitz from Morrisville Pennsylvania
Mr & Mrs Marts Missouri
Inza, Clara and Virgie Autenreith from Pennsylvania ( and spouses)
Patrice DiRomauldo from Levittown Pennsylvania
Mr. Kenneth R. Warren, Texas, USA
Mrs. Ethel Brad, Pennsylvania, USA
Mr. Roemer L. Birmingham, Texas, USA
Mrs. Roemer L. Birmingham, Texas, USA
Rev. Joseph Propps, Oklahoma, USA
Most Rev. Vincent Harris, Texas, USA
Jean (Peggy) Sayers, East Sussex, England
Galina Vishnevskaya, Moscow, Russia
Lisa Della Casa, Thurgau, Switzerland
For the Paton Family Scotland
For the Lyons Family, Scotland
For the Joyce Family, Scotland
For the Johnstone Family, Scotland
For the Jones Family, Scotland
The Keeton family and their ancestors, Tennessee, USA
Thomas Patrick Brennan, Sr.
Thomas Brennan
Catherine Smith Enos Brennan
Geraldine Hoenig Brennan
Margaret Fitzgerald Hoenig Williams
Marie Dorondo Hoenig Williams
Anna Dobrowolska Kryzynowski Crosby
Bronoslawa Kryzynowski Crosby Taggart
Alex Kryzynowski Crosby Larry
William Lancaster Smith
Steven Drndk
Helen Budd Watts
Thomas Cleal Watts, Sr.
Elizabeth Marie Eisinger Furtula
Milan Furtula
Walter Kryzyznowski Crosby
Basil Kryzynowski Crosby
Rose Kryzynowski Crosby Rowen
Peter Kryzynowski Crosby
Tommy Kryzynowski Crosby
Louis Arthur Camardo, New Jersey, USA
Mary Antonia Camardo, New Jersey, USA
Joseph Samuel Camardo, New Jersey, USA
Robert Velez, New York, USA
Florence Velez, New York, USA
Melvin Grant McCoy, New York, USA
Rose Villec, New Jersey, USA
Joseph Villec, New Jersey, USA
Harry Villec, New Jersey, USA
Pietro Villec, New Jersey, USA
Filomena Villec, New Jersey, USA
Mario Camardo, New Jersey, USA
Maria Camardo, New Jersey, USA
Bernard Patrick McCafferty, New Jersey, USA
Mary Frances McCafferty, New Jersey, USA
Bernard Francis McCafferty, New Jersey, USA
Francis Gregory Grady, Massachusetts, USA
Ellen Grady, Massachusetts, USA
James Patrick McCafferty, New Jersey, USA
Sara McCafferty, New Jersey, USA
John Baptiste Canepa, California, USA
Charles Augustine Canepa, California, USA
Esther Canepa, California, USA
Frank Alioto, California, USA
Maria Concetta Alioto, California, USA
Joann Loeffler, California, USA
George Loeffler, California, USA
Angelina Loeffler, California, USA
Arthur Hall, California, USA
Katherine Hall, California, USA
Antone Jacobson, California, USA
Anna Jacobson, California, USA
Nels Hall, California, USA
Josephine Hall, California, USA
Patrick Scanella, New Jersey, USA
Mickey Caponey, New Jersey, USA
Catherine Caponey, New Jersey, USA
Fortunata Camardo, New Jersey, USA
Kate McCafferty, New Jersey, USA
Helen McCafferty, New Jersey, USA
Matthew Wadowski, Michigan, USA
Matthew Parrott, Michigan, USA
Charles Schramek, Michigan, USA
Sara Nieman, Michigan, USA
Jason Meiners, Ohio, USA
Lara Vincent, Florida, USA
Brad Sanders, South Carolina, USA
Cleve Hayes, Michigan, USA
Ernie Hayes, Michigan, USA
The McCloud Family, Michigan, USA
Sandy Anderson, Michigan, USA
The Anderson Family, Michigan, USA
The Longworth Family, Florida, USA
Frank T. Wallace, Jr., Illinois, USA
Patricia Hess, Ohio, USA
Virginia Schrand, Ohio, USA
The Camardo Family, New Jersey, USA
The McCafferty Family, New Jersey, USA
The Villec Family, New Jersey, USA
The DeGaetano Family, Sicily
The Grady Family, Massachusetts, USA
The Canepa Family, California, USA
The Loeffler Family, California, USA
The Alioto Family, California, USA
The Hall Family, California, USA
The Balestriari Family, California, USA
Clarice J. Marshall, Washington state, USA
Wesley R. Marshall, Washington State, USA
Frank Grzeczkowski, NJ, USA
Josephine Rooney, NJ, USA
Charles Imhoff, NJ, USA
William H. Marshall, WA, USA
Maude E. Adams, WA, USA
Burt Wold, OR, USA
E. Jane Houston, WA, USA
Thomas. A. Houston, WA USA
David R. Houston, CA, USA
George S. Houston, WA, USA
Alta Bunger, WA, USA
Iris Chandler, WA, USA
Norman Marshall, WA, USA
C.Ross Houston, WA, USA
Faith Imhoff, OR, USA
Larry Pierson, WA, USA
Linda P. Pierson, NC, USA
Joseph Rivas, TX, USA
Stella Rivas, TX, USA
Inocencio Cruz, Jr, Manila, Philippines
Norberto and Aurora Cruz, Mandaluyong, Philippines
John R. Martin, Pennsylvania, USA
Katherine D. Martin, Pennsylvania, USA
Stephen E. Martin, Pennsylvania, USA
Vyola Martin, Pennsylvania, USA
Frank Martin, Pennsylvania, USA
Paul Thomas Martin, Pennsylvania, USA
Russell Hoagland, Pennsylvania, USA
Margaret Hoagland, Pennsylvania, USA
Charles J. Wanker, Sr., Pennsylvania, USA
Alberta Wanker, Pennsylvania, USA
Leopoldina Brosenitsch, Pennsylvania, USA
Martin Brosenitsch, Pennsylvania, USA
Mary Catalano, Pennsylvania, USA
The Parents of Patricia (Brosenitsch) Catalano, Pennsylvania, USA
Karen Timco, Pennsylvania, USA
Frank and Vivian Sipps, Pennsylvania, USA
Ralph Bradshaw, Pennsylvania, USA
Ross Bradshaw, Colorado, USA
Lisa Kavchek, Florida, USA
Ronald and Marge Hoagland, Ohio, USA
The Siblings and Parents of Stephen E. Martin, Pennsylvania, USA
Jeannie Russo,Pennsylvania, USA
Susan Logston, Ohio, USA
David Frasier, Ohio, USA
Phillip Foster, Pennsylvania, USA
Susan Brison, Texas USA
William Stewart, Texas USA
Kevin Martin, Texas USA
Victor Pastusek, Texas USA
Alma Pastusek, Texas USA
John Pastusek, Texas USA
Elizabeth Pastusek, Texas USA
The Curreys (O'Currey)
The hagens
The Yahns (Jahn)
The McAuleys
The Sullivans
The Murpheys
The Keenans
The Conerlys
The Hasoloffs
The Weis's
The O'Flaretys
The Szots
The Platts
 The Kings
The Lavreys
Anthony Cecil Wood, Lancashire, England
Evelyn Wood, Lancashire, England
Gerald Liptrot, Lancashire, England
Pete Williamson, LA, USA
Louise Hummel, TX, USA
Terence Kearney                       England           UK
John Kearney                            England           UK
Elizabeth Kearney                      England          UK
Ellen Kearney                            England           UK
Annie Kiernan                           England            UK
James Woodcock                      England           UK
Eileen Woodcock                      England           UK
Kevin Woodcock                      England           UK
George Marshall                        England           UK
Nellie Marshall                           England           UK
Jane Webb                                England           UK
Oswald Spackman                    England            UK
Annie Spackman                       England            UK
Jeanne Spackman                      England            UK
George Sander                          England            UK
Helen Sander                            England             UK
Victor Candish                          England            UK
Nancy Candish                         England             UK
Hugh Hunt                                 England            UK
Arnold Jackson                         England             UK
Barbara Jackson                       England             UK
David Jackson                          England              UK
Robert Hallaway                       England              UK
Leonard Hughes                        England             UK
Richard Halsall                          England             UK
Marie Smith                              England             UK
William Gaskell                         England             UK
Connie Gaskell                          England             UK
William McDermott                  England              UK
Jennifer McDermott                  England              UK
Jack Spackman                        England              UK
Christine Spackman                  England              UK
ALBERT LEONARDO FERNANDES              GOA                       INDIA
RUFUS FERNANDES                               BOMBAY                    INDIA
DAMIAO FERNANDES                                 GOA                       INDIA
VICENTE ROZARIO LOBO                            GOA                        INDIA
ISABELLA MARIA LOBO                              GOA                        INDIA
VICTORIA COUTINHO                                   GOA                        INDIA
PHILIP AZAVEDO                                        GOA                         INDIA
JOSEPH FERNANDES                             BOMBAY                      INDIA
MYRTLE FERNANDES                                GOA                          INDIA
 FR ALOYSIUS FONSECA                      MAHARASHTRA              INDIA
FR VINCENT BANON                                                                   SPAIN
FR CONTI                                                BOMBAY                       INDIA
BISHOP WILLIAM GOMES                       BOMBAY                       INDIA

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Release them, Dear Lord, cleanse them, and bring them to the Beatific Vision of Your Glory. Bless Your priests who offer the sacrifice of the Mass for their souls. Amen.