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Küng, sex-obsessed

From a interview granted to Italian public radio by heresiarch Hans Küng, who, "in his writings, has departed from the integral truth of Catholic faith, and therefore ... can no longer be considered a Catholic theologian nor function as such in a teaching role" (Declaration of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Dec. 15, 1979) - source, in Italian:

The pope who was supposed to have reunited with the Traditionalists has broken tradition... [by resigning]
It is not a complete rupture, we are aware of the precedent of Celestine V, but there is undoubtedly a rupture...

Now what?
I now hope that this Conclave be a Conclave of reflections on the grave problems of the Church. Beginning, obviously, with the problem of its structure, still too authoritatian, too vertical. The Cardinals should in my opinion reflect on the need for collegiality, as foreseen by Vatican II.

Then there is the problem of woman and sex. It is necessary to reflect on the themes of sexuality, finally overcoming what is stated in the encyclical Humanae Vitae, and the problem of the role of women in the Church. It is not possible anymore that the Church consider the woman as a second-class being.

Woman, a second-class being in the Church


Long-Skirts said...

Hans Kung said:

"Then there is the problem of woman and sex. It is necessary to reflect on the themes of sexuality"


Fr. Hans Kung –
In your suit and tie-silk
Thank heavens you’re old
Soon to die with your ilk.

For I’m Catholic Mother
Nursing legions breast milk
In the cradles of Latin
Where their souls you’ll not bilk!

Rick DeLano said...

Kung is always a terrific straight man, but I must hand it to RC.............

This image and its caption are pretty much golden :-)

Hank Igitur said...

Priceless juxtaposition, no words necessary with such a picture.

Benedict Carter said...

This old heretical buffoon is still alive, then?

Funny how during BXVI's Pontificate this idiot got two hours Audience while Bishop Fellay, a Catholic, got 45 minutes.

John Fisher said...

Kung should live his own life and then die. Unfortunately the heresiarch has not retried. Nor has he lived life marrying, being a father,getting a real job. Men like Kung are of no use to themselves or others.

beng said...


Dang, NewCatholic. That picture and that comment in response to the heretic statement is so appropriate and hilarious!

Giovanni A. Cattaneo said...

There is got to be something mentally wrong with this guy.

NBW said...

As much as Kung is heretical, we should be praying for his soul and for him to realize his gigantic errors, that is what our faith calls us to do.

Gratias said...

Küng said he admired the abdication of Benedict XVI as a gesture of great courage. This leads me to suspect that it was not a good idea, unfortunately.

Manfred said...

In 1870, during the Franco-Prussian War, Bernadette Soubirous, the seer at Lourdes in 1858, was approached by visitors to the community of Sisters which she had joined. They asked her if she feared the Prussians. She replied: All I fear are bad Catholics. BTW, her incorrupt body may be viewed today at her convent in Nevers, France.

I am not Spartacus said...

Maybe, like Martin Luther, he has his eye on an attractive Nun and he wants to ditch his vows.

Pauli said...

Loved this post, lol. My protestant brother is always taking jabs at the "matriarchal societies" spawned by Mary-worshipping papists. It would be news to him that that the Church treats women as second class beings, or whatever.

Manfred... nice comment on St. Bernadette.

Brian said...

Unfortunately, such views are held by a large percentage of "Catholics." What percent of Catholics, for example, follow the teaching of Humanae Vitae? When was the last time that you heard a sermon mention that use of contraception is a mortal sin?

Athelstane said...

I'm reliably informed by some liberals that Humanae Vitae caused all the disasters we've seen in the post-conciliar Church.

Never mind that vocations,, dispensation requests, and resort to the sacraments had already begun jumping off the cliff by 1965. Three years before Humanae Vitae.

Clearly there were those, beyond Jacobin theologians at Tubingen, who were disappointed and disaffected by Paul VI's one heroic moment. But the rot had already set in. And remaking yourself into a mirror of the Episcopal Church is not a solution for vibrant growth.

Jay said...

Benedict Carter said:"
Funny how during BXVI's Pontificate this idiot got two hours Audience while Bishop Fellay, a Catholic, got 45 minutes"

Reading this the passage from Mark 2:17 came to my mind: - They that are well have no need of a physician, but they that are sick.

Maybe that is why heretic Kung had much longer meeting with the Pope Benedict 16?

LeonG said...

Excuse me but Hans...who?

Does anyone actually pay any attention to what he says these days?

Poor Yorek said...

The only obsession Hans Kung has is with Hans Kung.

Bob F. said...

It has become a hobby of mine to acquire copies of his works and use them as kindling at bonfires. I am normally able to find copies at old convents and priories that are in the process of shutting down.

Its amazing that the man could write such voluminous drivel!

His work is striking for its utter banality and is a complete bore to read.

I find Ratzinger's works to be quite the opposite. For theology, I find his books riveting.

dcs said...

When was the last time that you heard a sermon mention that use of contraception is a mortal sin?

Why do you think it would be a good idea to give such a sermon in front of a mixed congregation of men, women, and children? I often wonder if people who recommend such sermons have any children of their own.

Brian said...


I have many children and I consider it my responsibility to provide them with clear formation regarding sexual morality. There are certainly ways to provide a clear, firm, and discrete sermon regarding Humanae Vitae.

Although I am tempted to retort with a similar insult toward you, I will refrain.

gtaylor said...

Our Scottish bishops, at least, have never taught the truth on Our Lords instruction on fidelity in marriage in over 30 years and why contraception us evil.
Duh! it is because the clergy of that generation do not believe. It really is not difficult to understand.
God send us men of faith.

OnEaglesWings said...

Bob F...

It's easy to write voluminous drivel.

Now something really worthy from a fresh perspective, it takes contemplation, prayer and inspiration by the Holy Spirit.

OnEaglesWings said...

Benedict Carter said...

"Funny how during BXVI's Pontificate this idiot got two hours Audience while Bishop Fellay, a Catholic, got 45 minutes."

Could one assume that he had a lot more to explain?

Matt said...

It really becomes clear when one thinks about it that sex is one way or another at the core of liberalism. IS there a liberal whom one has met who didn't support, defend perverted sexuality, abortion, etc., and still upheld modesty, TWO-parent (male & female) families, and all such values held which could be held as common decency across the board?

Sex is also part of their "pro-woman" routine, that their way of "elevating" women is actually demeaning them.

It's amazing to this day, this Hans character is still in the news, a topic of conversation. He should just plain be ignored, but it would interesting to see what he does from the lack of attention.

poetcomic1 said...

In the 'bad old days' when Protestant American women were daring if they became stenographers or worked for a newspaper, Catholic religious women were running international religious orders and immense charities.... in addition to those who were 'just' mothers.