Rorate Caeli

"Pope Emeritus", in white

According to details made public today by the Holy See spokesman, Fr. Lombardi, in a press conference:

-Pope Benedict XVI will be referred to as "Pope Emeritus" or "Pontiff Emeritus";
-He will keep the style "His Holiness Benedict XVI";
-He will keep wearing a simple white cassock (as you have seen above in our header for the past few days), with no papal mozzetta;
-The fisherman's ring, and the lead seal, will be broken.

The Pope arrives in Castel Gandolfo on Feb. 28, at 1715 (5:15 PM). At 2000 (8PM, Rome local time), the Swiss Guard will leave Castel Gandolfo, since its services of protection are limited to the person of the Pontiff; the security of the "Pope Emeritus" will be assured by the Vatican Gendarmerie.

(Source: Vatican Information Service)