Rorate Caeli

Saint Valentine's Day

Those who attend the traditional Latin Mass and follow the 1962 calendar observe the commemoration of Saint Valentine today.  (To our novus ordo friends, don't forget to buy your wives and girlfriends Saints Cyril and Methodius cards and flowers today.)

Holy Mass is the Thursday after Ash Wednesday, the second of the 40 days in Lent (the 40 day calculation excludes Sundays of course).  A second collect, secret and postcommunion commemorating Saint Valentine, priest and martyr, is said at TLMs.

Saint Valentine, who was martyred around 269 and buried on the Via Flaminia in Rome, had a basilica constructed in his name less than 100 years after his death.  Saint Augustine of Hippo delivered a brief sermon on Saint Valentine (Sermo 44 de Sanctis), focusing not on love or charity, but on patience.


     Triumphalis beati Martyris Valentini dies hodie nobis anniversaria celebritate recurrit; cujus glorificationi sicut congaudet Ecclesia, sic ejus proponit sequenda vestigia.  Si enim compatimur, et conglorificabimur.

     In cujus glorioso agone duo nobis praecipue consideranda sunt: indurata videlicet tortoris saevitia, et Martyris invicta patientia.  Saevitia tortoris, ut eam detestemur; patientia Martyris, ut eam imitemur.

     Audi Psalmistam adversus malitiam increpantem:  Noli aemulare in malignantibus, quoniam tamquam foenum velociter arescent.  Quod autem adversus malignantes patientia exhibenda sit, audi Apostolum suadentem:  Patientia vobis necessaria est, ut reportetis promissiones.


     The day of triumph of the blessed Martyr Valentine returns to us today in its yearly celebration.  As the Church rejoices in his glorification, so it proposes that his footsteps be followed.  For if we suffer together, we shall also be glorified together.

     In his glorious struggle two things must particularly be considered by us, namely, the brutality of his torture and the undefeated patience of the Martyr:  the savageness of his torture, that we may censure it; the patience of the Martyr, that we may imitate it.

     Heed the Psalmist railing against evilness:  "Do not imitate those doing evil, since they quickly dry up like hay."  Heed the Apostle urging that patience must be extended to those doing evil: "Patience is necessary for us, that we may earn the promises [of salvation]."


Jason C. said...

To our novus ordo friends, don't forget to buy your wives and girlfriends Saints Cyril and Methodius cards and flowers today.

I LOL'd. But seriously, do modern people have any more devotion to SS. Cyril and Methodius (most people other than the Czechs wouldn't even know what they're "famous" for) than to St. Valentine? At least there remains something of a cult of the latter; if it's the perverted, consumerist nature of his cult in some countries, well then I can think of about fifteen other feasts that ought to be suppressed.

The mind of the OF calendar-giver remains incomprehensible to me.

No Name said...

Because today is Saint Valentine's Day there is in my home a candle burning in front of an old plaster shrine of two hearts, the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart. Two statues joined on a pedestal with votive candle and tiny holy water font. We had one of these very shrines in my grandparents' home where I grew up. I was barely big enough even on tiptoes to peer over the dresser to look at it but I always loved it so much. Now I have one just like it and a candle burns before it and I can say all day long "Be mine!".

My mother died suddenly on February 14th almost twenty years ago so my candle burns also for her.

Happy Saint Valentine's Day, everyone.


Jason C.
The Feast of Sts. Cyril & Methodius, Apostles to the Slavs, remains an important Feast for Eastern Catholics, especially Ruthenian (Byzantine) Catholics.

No Name,
Blessed repose & eternal memory for your mother.+

Kenneth J. Wolfe said...

The Johnson -- I agree. However the date did not have to be moved for its third feastday spot in 1969. Originally it was 5 July, on the 1962 calendar it is 7 July -- and the schismatics celebrate it in May. How can any parish of Saints Cyril and Methodius possibly plan a festival when the date keeps shifting?

Truth Seeker said...

What do you m ean by "modern people," Jason C?

Ss. Cyril and Methodios are VERY important to Byzantinee Christians, Catholic and Orthodox, though their veneration is more widely spread among the Slavs. And remember that Bl. John Paul named them Patrons of Europe, along with our Holy Father Benedict of Nursia.

And for us, we venerate St. Valentine of Rome as well, If one wanted to celebrate his office, simply use the Common of a Priest-Martyr from the General Menaion.

Holy hieromartyr Valentine of Rome, pray for us.

Holy Fathers Cyril and Methodios, pray for us.

Holy Father Benedict, pray for us.

Micha Elyi said...

Let us put the Saint back into Saint Valentine's Day.

Remind merchants that the day is Saint Valentine's Day. They won't be calling March 17 "Patrick's Day" will they?

And forget the flowers and chocolates. Invite your sweetie to an Extraordinary Form Mass.