Rorate Caeli

Penance for the faithful departed!
Time to Prepare ...

Lent begins tomorrow. Are you ready -- truly ready? 

In the past, you could find a traditional Lenten Mission at most parishes. Now, unless you are near a traditional parish, they are either not offered or totally worthless. Fortunately, we are not meant to live in the past, we are meant to live in the now. And, now, we have the Internet.

Our friends at Audio Sancto have a wonderful, traditional, five-part Lenten Mission by the holy and learned Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea. Don't know or trust him? Here's a validator: Saint Pio told his Fr. Relyea's mother when he was young that her prayers had come true, and that he'd become a priest.

While the mission is not short, it does go by very quickly, and is easy to follow and understand. It's clear, concise and bold. It is also chilling and a stark reminder of the consequences of our actions and in-actions. 

As we stand on Lent's doorstep, you would do well to listen to this, to pray on it and to use it to prepare for a long season. Click on each to listen, starting with the Prelude:

Prelude to the Mission
On Death
On Judgement
On Hell
On Heaven

FOR YOUR PENANCE: Send in names of souls who have passed to the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society! It's free, and 17 holy priests will say TLMs for the souls, and countless readers will pray for them. Send in the names exactly like this: "Name, State, Country" to 


Jacob said...

Can you recommend anything like this that is in text form rather than sound? Thank you!

Pvt. Pyle said...

"Lent begins tomorrow. Are you ready -- truly ready?"

Buzz said...

OP recommends the 2007 Mission. Woody recommends the 2009 Mission. I personally prefer the 2008 Mission, and last years 2012 Mission.

Virgo Potens said...

Listen to every minute of Fr. Relyea's mission. If you don't feel incredibly uncomfortable at some point, congratulations: you're already a saint!

I am not Spartacus said...

Wow. I listened to the Prelude and, man of man, this Father is a man. A masculine mission is exactly what is need now more than ever.

This Priest pulls no punches.

Dear N.C. This is just what I was looking for, not some epicene ecumenist telling us to write down our faults and then burning them in a urn stuck in the Sanctuary.

Matt said...

Father Isaac is totally awesome!!! He's inspiring, blunt, and elevating of soul. Catholic Truth all the way, no Vatican II mish-mash and he's strictly Tridentine in his liturgies.

We need more Father Isaacs in the Church.

Ferraiuolo said...

Fr Relyea's sermons are truly the greatest I have ever heard in my entire life. He is like the St Jerome of our times.

Adfero said...

Hidden One, we know what we are doing and have permission. Please, stay hidden.