Rorate Caeli

7th General Congregation

The letters of absence of the Indonesian and Scottish Cardinal-Electors were read and accepted by the assembled College of Cardinals. Following the explanation that the new motu proprio of Pope Benedict XVI allows for the anticipation of the date of the conclave if all Cardinal-Electors are present, they decided to hold the vote on the actual date of the beginning of the conclave to the 8th General Congregation this afternoon. Fr. Federico Lombardi said the probable date should be in the early days of the upcoming week, Mon.-Wed.[Source: Holy See Press Office briefing]


Benedict Carter said...

So, we are nearly underway.

Now is the moment when we should turn to silence, fasting and prayer, to recover the sense of just how important this moment is and to appeal to Heaven to have mercy on us; for the spiritual chastisement of the last half century has reduced Christ's Church to rubble and ruin and our sins and the sins of our ancestors are responsible.

I have recently learned that my Italian great-grandfather was a leading member of Aleister Crowley's "Golden Dawn" Satanic sect and in fact provided a hotel in the north of England for its abominable rites.

Not all of us have that in the family (thanks be to God) but those generations that went before us planted the seeds of today's mass Apostasy.

Let us pray that God will forgive them and turn his anger from us by giving us the Pope we need to start the Restoration for the sake not only of our own souls but for that of all humanity.

The previous Holy Father has thrown up his hands and retired from the fray, defeated.

Let us pray for a holy and a strong Pope!

Texana said...

Fending off the gathering clouds of doom, have we become so jaded that we no longer believe that God can defeat His enemies and preserve His True Church? God forgive my doubt that our prayers may be worthy, may be heard, and may be answered. How very much do we need our Holy Father who genuinely loves the Mass of All Ages!

Crouchback said...

Ben I dont know if Pope Benedict did retire defeaed....time wil tell

I prefer to see it as a tactical withdrawal

Surely the message of Fatima will be heeded, surely we draw closer every day

Say one for me....and I'll remember you.

Benedict Carter said...

Cheers Crouchback, you've got it.

Here in Qatar I am stuck: only the Novus Ordo. What a nightmare.

I'd better try to form a "stable group". Don't think the Indian Franciscan Capuchin friars who run the Church here will be at all impressed.

All the more reason to do it.

I looked at the Noticeboard and saw that the Hindi Mass has a rota of laymen and women reading the Gospel.