Rorate Caeli

And so it begins...

The 75th Conclave for the election of the 266th Supreme Pontiff.

May God help His Holy Church.


sam said...

May the Holy Spirit guide them well, our prayers are with them!

Alvin said...

Veni Creator Spiritus!

Uncle Claibourne said...

Dr. Moynihan wrote today about a conversation with an unnamed Cardinal on a street-corner in Rome. Very sobering; almost frightening:

“Your eminence,” I said, “I’ve forgotten. Are you already above age 80, or not?

“I am not yet 80,” he told me.

“So you will be voting tomorrow.”

He nodded, and a look passed over his eyes which seemed filled with shadows and concerns. I was surprised at his intensity. I was surprised by the whole conversation.

He squeezed my hand. “Is there anything else I can do?” I asked.

“Pray for us,” he said. “Pray for us.”

He turned as if he needed to go.

“I have to go.”

He took a step away from me, then turned again.

“It is a dangerous time. Pray for us.”

I think we should do as he asked.

Barbara said...

Come Holy Ghost Creator come,
From Thy bright heavenly throne,
Come take possession of their hearts and make them all thine own!

Dr. Timothy J. Williams said...

Only prayers now... prayers, and more prayers...

Tom Belfatto said...

Let us pray the Rosary and beseech the intervention of Our Most Holy Mother as "Domina Ecclesia!"

Anonymous said...

Prayers. To the Mother of God, to the Holy Saints.

Prof. Basto said...

Mary Most Holy, help us! Pray for us to God!

Kathleen said...

In Thy clemency, O Lord, show Thine unspeakable mercy to us: that Thou mayest both loose us from all our sins, and deliver us from the punishments which we deserve for them.

O God, who by sin art offended, and by penance pacified, mercifully regard the prayers of Thy people making supplication to Thee, and turn away the scourges of Thine anger, which we deserve for our sins.

Almighty, everlasting God, have mercy upon Thy servants.

(Extract, Litany of the Saints)

Ora et Labora said...

May Our Good Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us!!!

Mary Help of Christians pray for us!!!

Holy Angels and Saints pray for us!!!