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Conclave scandal: media-Cardinal collusion.
Brazilian Cardinals in open papal campaign.
Card. Scherer's adviser asks media to publish supportive articles

A Brazilian reader sends us the following astonishing article published yesterday in the largest national daily, Folha de Sao Paulo: the official chosen by the Brazilian Conference of Bishops (the largest Conference of Bishops in the world) to advise the cardinals of that country in the conclave explicitly asked the media to print supportive articles on Cardinal Scherer, Archbishop of Sao Paulo. He is now clearly in open campaign in collusion with the media.

Brazilian team adopts campaign tune to boost Card. Odilo

The Brazilian entourage in the Vatican has adopted a campaign tune in favor of Cardinal Odilo Scherer, Archbishop of Sao Paulo, in the conclave that will choose the next pope.

The President of the CNBB (National Conference of the Bishops of Brazil), Cardinal Raymundo Damasceno Assis, said yesterday that his fellow countryman has "every condition" to ascend to the helm of the church.

Monsignor Antonio Luiz Catelan, who travelled to Rome to advise the cardinals, confirmed the negotiations for Card. Odilo and said that his candidacy gains streghth in the pre-election meetings.

"The name of Card. Odilo increases in more than one continent," he affirmed, following the first meeting of the general congregation of Cardinals. "People are talking amongst themselves."

He celebrated the hype of the foreign press: "The phone does not stop." "One notices that there is a very clear interest in Card. Odilo."

The clergyman said that the candidacy of the Brazilian has become the most talked-about in the high echelons of the church.

Catelan suggested that Brazilian journalists publish positive reports to boost the Cardinal. "You could spread, [when speaking] of Brazilian cardinals, elements that may show him to be a good candidate."

Conclaves do not have declared candidates, and most mentioned ones use to avoid declarations. It is the case of Card. Odilo, who used a side gate to enter the Vatican, away from reporters.

"He does not feel he is a candidate, he continues with the same humility as always," Catelan said.

[Source: Folha de Sao Paulo, March 5, 2013, page A10. Tip: reader.]


  1. "He who enters the conclave as pope, leaves it as a cardinal." - old Vatican saying.

  2. Have we ever seen such behavior before? Truly diabolical behavior on the part of many who view this as just another worldly event. How sorrowful!!

  3. So much for prayerfully asking the Holy Spirit for guidance to elect the right man, the choice of God Himself, as Pope.

    The supernatural is squashed in favor of pure worldly political aims.

    Of course, we have seen this before in the history of the Church. But now we see the same ugliness in public for all to see.

    Are these men of God following in the footsteps of the Apostles and Fathers and Saints of the Church?

    Or are these so called men of God just crash politicians, power hungry heretics?

    We sure are getting punched between the eyes by our prelates these last several decades. Lord when will all this end?

  4. Shouldn't there be a rule that if a cardinal talks to the media he's not allowed to vote???

  5. Credibility among the Cardinalate: there is little.

  6. Don't worry too much everyone. In the past, whole blocs of Cardinals turned up to vote as their King (nearly always a Frenchman, funnily enough) told them to vote.

    The Froggies have always been dodgy.

    As for the Yanks, as a nation they are absolutely incapable of keeping their mouths shut.

    Sorry friends but it's true.

    The young Ukrainian Cardinal - I want him. I reckon we might get a Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart from a Ukrainian.

  7. Well, there's another name we can strike off the list. It's narrowing down !

  8. Brazilian political journalist Gerson Camarotti, who also speaks in several TV programs at the cable news channel GLOBONEWS, has been receiving information from the Cardinal of Aparecida and Episcopal Conference President Raymundo Damasceno Assis for several days now, including about the goings on of the Congregations and private talks among Cardinals.

    Camarotti has also named Cardinal Damasceno Assis' secretary and the brother of Cardinal Odilo Scherer as sources for the information he gets.

    The other day, Cardinal Damasceno Assis provided Camarotti with a list of his favourite foreign Cardinals (see:

    The list was Ravasi, Ouellet, Schönborn and Scola, with Ravasi named as the top favourite among the five Brazilian voters.

    And the Cardinal is now openly campaigning for the election of the Archbishop of São Paulo, Cardinal Scherer.

    All this, of course, is shameful in the extreme.

  9. Thank you for that extensive and informative comment, Prof. Basto. If you wish to send us and translate for us other news items about this grave matter - this shocking collusion of Brazilian Cardinals with the media in order to hype their choices - we will gladly post them.

  10. All, I'm a convert. I wasn't paying attention in 2005. Was it like this? Was there this much open campaigning, leaks, and general lack of prudence and temperance? For older folks, what about '78?

    I'd truly appreciate your assessments/recollections. I'm becoming quite disturbed at all this, it seems like the dams broken and all heck is trying to break loose.

  11. No, it was not like this. As a dear reader has just told us, "this has got to be the worst in modern times: immoral Princes of the Church, political manipulation, outright campaigns for office. All we are lacking is a member of the D'Este Family or a Borgia to make it still more grotesque."


  12. St Robert Bellarmine : Pray for us

  13. Well said, New Catholic at 20:29.

    The cardinals have lost their sense of holiness.

    It's only been a week, but I'm already missing Pope Benedict.

  14. So, let us see - gone as electable are Turkson, Ouellet and Scherer....

  15. Prof Basto:

    Would that be a breach of the rules so as to incur the automatic excommunication the Conclave rules now impose?

    That WOULD be serious indeed.

  16. Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting. May Our Lord punish them accordingly. If I say anything else, it will be foul only !

  17. Niantic you asked:

    Or are these so called men of God just crash politicians, power hungry heretics?

    That is exactly what they are, at least MOST of them, nothing more than a bunch of crash politicians and power hungry heretics.


    I am so disgusted at what is going on during this Sede Vacante is no wonder that for awhile I have been dreading the day of this coming Conclave.

    May the Good Lord have mercy on us because I don't think the Holy Spirit has really much to work with this time around.

    Sancta Maria Auxilium Christianorum, ora pro nobis.

  18. Please pick up a history of the Papacy. We haven't seen quite this much jockeying in our lifetimes or even recent Church history, but the process of electing a Pope has been scandalously conniving, Machiavellian, and political at times. It has been the point of open warfare before. Just look at the interjection into affairs with the election of Pope Saint Pius X.

    Please do not be alarmed. I think this is why the dictum exists: "He who enters a conclave Pope leaves a cardinal." Scherer will greatly undermine himself with these sorts of antics, and I'm fairly certain there are certain "sexual problems" in the Archdiocese of Sao Paulo that will preclude him receiving anywhere near 2/3's of the votes.

  19. Horrible and I hope his name has slid down to the end of the list.

    And, I do not think that names like Yanks and Froggies belong on this blog.

  20. Benedict Carter,

    I don't think the journalist is being given specific information about who said what in the interventions during the General Congregations.

    However, he has provided Camarotti with information about the rise of Peter Erdo, about some Cardinals not liking the fact that Cardinal Scola is associated with Communion and Liberation; he has been providing information to the effect that Scherer is a "clean" name in Rome, that his chances are on the rise, etc, etc.

    And Camarotti always mentions things like "I just spoke by mobile phone with Cardinal Damasceno Assis", or "I spoke with the secretary to the Cardinal of Aparecida", etc.

    Finally, on your question about sanctions. I don't think Cardinals suffer latae sententiae excommunication anymore when they violate the rules of secrecy.

    That penalty is still provided for if Cardinals attempt to introduce a veto, or any form of outside interference in the Conclave, and it is also provided for in the case of simony, etc.

    But, as far as the rules of secrecy are concerned, the present legislation only says that the Cardinals are "gravely bound in conscience" not to disclose anything, and they take two oaths that include promises of secrecy: one at the start of the Congregations, another, more strict, at the start of the Conclave.

    The present legislation (Universi Dominici Gregis as amended), provides penalies of excommunication latae sententiae if other people, such as staffers who take the oath of the personnel that aids in the Conclave (including the Master of Ceremonies, the ceremonieri, the Swiss Guards, etc), violate the secrecy of the Conclave. But the same penalty is (bizarrely, in my opinion), not imposed on the Cardinals taking part in the Conclave.

    If I'm not mistaken, this was not traditionally the case. Violation of the secrecy by Cardinals, too, was punished with latae sententiae excommunication up until the Constitution of Pius XII, republished with a few amendments in a Motu Proprio of John XXIII. And they were even retained in the Apostolic Constitution of Paul VI, that replaced the Pio-Johannine legislation.

    But the introductory paragraphs of John Paul II's Constitution mention a simplification of the penalties, and, while excommunication latae sententiae was retained for several things, such as the introduction of a veto, etc, it was not retained in the case of violations of the secrecy. Initially, the penalty of automatic excommunication was not retained even for staffers, who were to be punished with a just penalty at the discretion of the future Pontiff.

    Benedict XVI with his Apostolic Letter Normas nonnullas reinstated the automatic excommunication for staffers who violate the secrecy, but, strangely, his provisions failed to reinstate that penalty for eventual violations of secrecy by those who have the greater responsability and who are higher in the Hierarchy, the Cardinals.

  21. A few things particularly surprise me so far:

    1.) Even with globalization, nationalism is alive and well, even within the Church. Go Brazil!

    2.) For some Cardinals, it seems this is clearly a media event more than it is a spiritual encounter. Go US!

    3.) There seems to be groups formed within the Cardinals based on an ideology other than strictly His Church, including salvation through His death and resurrection. Lavender anyone?

    So I ask, when is Our Lady and the Holy Spirit going to weigh in for the simple salvation of souls? I trust only through her. . . .

  22. Have we ever seen such behavior before?

    It's disgraceful, but some of the elections of the 10th century were fairly appalling affairs.

    But if the cardinals stay true to form, this sort of thing will only harm Cdl. Scherer's candidacy.

  23. The epitaph of this age, written at its very dawn:

    Age, thou art shamed.*
    O shame, where is thy blush?**

    -Shakespeare, Julius Caesar,* Hamlet**

  24. Such is the poisonous fruit of the abdication.

  25. As many here have pointed out, it's been this bad in the distant, "evil" past, but we haven't seen such politicking and intrigue in our lifetimes.

    It's just another confirmation that we've reverted back to the ways of the distant, evil past. The Church was in dire need of reform in those days, and Good Lord! it certainly is today.

    The unrepentant likes of Mahoney claiming that the Nuncio to the US, and the powers that be in the Vatican itself, *want* him in Rome for the Conclave.

    O'Brien resigning in disgrace (which, unlike Mahoney, actually means there's still hope for the poor man's soul).

    The antics of the Lavender Mafia, which, despite Fr. Lombardi's denails to the contrary, we all sense is true.

    The news media pandering of the American cardinals.

    Kasper giving our Papa Emeritus orders.

    Let those with eyes to see, see; and those with ears; hear.

    Only the blind and deaf can possibly be ignorant of the state of emergency that exists.

    O Lord, save us! We are perishing!

  26. Prof Basto:

    Thanks very much indeed for that detailed yet clear explanation.

    Strange indeed that the Cardinals are not constrained as the staffers are.

  27. 51, § 2°. It will therefore be the responsibility of the College of Cardinals, operating under the authority and responsibility of the Camerlengo, assisted by the Particular

    mentioned in n. 7 of the present Constitution, and with the outside assistance of the Vice Camerlengo and the Substitute





    arrangements for the interior of the Sistine Chapel and adjacent areas to be prepared, so that an orderly election and its privacy will be ensured.

    55, § 3°. Should any infraction whatsoever of this norm occur, those responsible

    know that they will be subject to the penalty of excommunication 'latae sententiae', which is reserved to the Apostolic See. -- NORMAS NONNULLAS

  28. Sandro Magister has published in his www.chiesa site his take on the Scherer candidacy (seen by him as supported by a coalition of Curialists, who want a weak Pope so that they can govern and Progressives, who want a weak Pope because they would like to see the Holy See weakened in favour of power to the local churches), as opposed to the option presented by American Cardinals, seen as candidates who would yeald a "whip against mismanagement" if elected. But the names of the Americans he mentions are Dolan and O'Malley.

    Here is the article by Sandro Magister:

    According to him, Scherer would also be the man of choice for what remains of the followers of Martini, Danneels and Mahony, so that the opposers of a conservative could rally behind him as they supposedly did rally behind Card. Bergoglio in 2005 in an attempt, back then, to block the election of Joseph Ratzinger.

    Thus, with this article by Magister, another torpedo is fired against the abortive Scherer candidacy.

  29. "The news media pandering of the American cardinals."

    I think i was O'Malley, Dolan ,George and DiNardo who did the pandering. Their antics made good Catholic faithful sick...especially O'Malley.

    Burke, Rigali, seem to have been above all their credit.
    Especially Burke has been wise enough not to get involved.

  30. It is not surprising that Rorare is reporting this while all of the news agency are silent on a pretty big story here. Media not readily jumping on the opportunity to discredit a self-promoting Catholic hierarch? Really? Oh, wait, that's Card. Scherer - off limits, he is Brazilian, third-world, non-European - has to be great, right?
    Magister just published a piece that fits well as an addendum to the Scherer story.

  31. "And, I do not think that names like Yanks and Froggies belong on this blog."

    Supertradmom, do not be offended, I sense that Mr. Carter is being quite affectionate and amusing here - truly!

    It's his style - which I personally beating about the bush - straight to the point - Yes!

    As far as this unbeleivable and unabashed promotion of a Cardinal to be elected Pope - here I have to say that it is not even so intelligent. The whole world knows these things within 2 secs! Someone said the people who do this self-promotion must not want to be Pope. Right.

    Quite scary though that so many men of dubious character are heading into conclave to elect our new Pope. But as we all know, the Holy Spirit and Our Lady can cut through all of that baggage of human defects and junk - and so aat this present moment, I am both anxious and very hopeful...

    I have Adoration today - prayers for ALL and EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY assured.

  32. About Cardinal Schreder, there are also 2 French articles to read(below we have one of two in Italian)

    or in italian

  33. The article by Sandro Magister just serves to show the seriousness of the Scherer candidacy, and the threat to the "Benedictine" values that it poses.

    Magister speaks of "bishops, priests, faithful who have never accepted the magisterium of Benedict XVI, his energetic return to the articles of the “Credo,” to the fundamentals of the Christian faith, to the sense of mystery in the liturgy".

    The Scherer operation is said to be orchestrated by powerful Italians "talians Giovanni Battista Re, Giuseppe Bertello, Ferdinando Filoni, "and obviously Tarcisio Bertone". About them, Magister says: "That is, precisely the ones who are orchestrating the Scherer operation. To these four should be added the Argentine member of the curia Leonardo Sandri, who is rumored to be the next secretary of state".

    Amazingly, Bertone, the trusted man of Pope Benedict XVI that we traditionalists always saw with suspicion, is now aligned by Magister with other members of the Curia who just want to elect a weak prelate so that everything can be left as it is. And Sandri as Secretary of State would indeed be just more of the same.

    Magister writes: "As in the conclave of 2005 the votes of the curials and of the supporters of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini converged together upon the Argentine Jorge Bergoglio, in a failed attempt to block the election of Ratzinger, this time as well a similar marriage could take place. Curials and progressives united around the name of Scherer, with the little that remains of the ex-Martinians, from Roger Mahony to Godfried Danneels, both under fire for their lax conduct in the scandal of pedophile priests."

    As for the Canadian Cardinal Ouellet, he is presented as a Ratzingerian, but timid and weak as far as executive decisions are concerned: "he as well of solid Ratzingerian background and rich with talents similar to those of Dolan and O'Malley, but even more uncertain and timid than this latter in executive decisions. In a conclave that is focusing many of its expectations on the reordering of the governance of the Church, the candidacy of Ouellet, although taken into consideration by the cardinal electors, appears to be the weakest among the three North Americans".

  34. The article by Riposte catholique posted above mentions two old guard men of the Curia of John Paul II, Cardinals Sodano and Re, supported in this contingency by none other than Tarcisio Bertone, as Cardinals who promote the Scherer candidacy.

    Thus they can pose as men purifying the Curia, by choosing an outsider, from a South American country without in effect changing anything at all. And surely naïve Cardinals interested in helping elect the first Latin American Pope would help with the operation.

    Scherer is seen as "a man of Cardinal Re". And indeed, a Priest, Scherer worked in the Congregation for Bishops during the Pontificate of John Paul II, from 1994 until 2001, when he was promoted to the Episcopate and returned to Brazil.

    The article also recalls that the Brazilian Episcopal Conference, infested with several Prelates who hold to the revised versions of Liberation Theology, once had Scherer as its Secretary General.

    He is regarded by the article as the most presentable of the papabili of South America, a man who the above mentioned curialists, led by Cardinal Re, have been preparing for a long time, and who is in their devotion, a man capable, much more than Cardinal Bergoglio in 2005, of posing an obstacle to the Ratzingerians in 2013.

    The article in Le Figaro also exposes the unlikely tactical alliance that was formed between such men as Sodano and Bertone.

    As the Riposte catholique article translated by Messa in Latino points out, Cardinal Scherer behaves now as Cardinals Paulo Evaristo Arns and Lorscheider did in the past, appeasing the former marxists turned ecclesiastical liberals of the Brazilian Church, as Cardinal Hummes (who supported the marriage of clergymen right after Benedict XVI appointed Prefect of the Clergy, betraying his boss to please the Brazilian Church), and even Card. Lucas Moreira Neves in his later days, also did.

    The article concludes that Brazil IS Liberation Theology today, with a new look. The "renewal" provoked by the election of Scherer therefore, would merely be that of importing the Brazil of today to Rome.

  35. norancor said...

    Please pick up a history of the Papacy. We haven't seen quite this much jockeying in our lifetimes or even recent Church history, but the process of electing a Pope has been scandalously conniving, Machiavellian, and political at times. It has been the point of open warfare before. Just look at the interjection into affairs with the election of Pope Saint Pius X

    If you refer to Austria's intervention, that was conciliar custom, not law , as James Cardinal Gibbons noted in his diary (which is available for free online).

  36. authoressaurus said...
    "Credibility among the Cardinalate: there is little."

    Yeah, but they're all in full communion, so it's all good...


    scroll down to chapter 13 for the early 20th century conclave and the election of the great and Holy Pope Saint Pius X

  38. Thank goodness for the Internet and blogs that get the real story out...

  39. Knowing this scandal-ridden post-conciliar church for what it is, can this really be so surprising? I find myself completely ready for any and every disgraceful contravention of Roman Catholic norms, values and mores these days. I find it almost reckless to believe implicitly anything coming out of The Vatican today. Any and every statement and act needs to be verified several times and clarified with precision before we accept it.

  40. Slightly off topic but very important: If anyone wrote a bode to the Cardinal Archbishop of Cologne after the woede choice to allow abortifacient in Catholic Hospitals, now might be the time to check your email accounts. I have just got an email from his Secretary outlining the Cardinal's position and the "misunderstanding" hereover. I also have two article's as well outlining the position. If anyone wants the articles , I am more than willing to send them.

    God Bless all.

  41. Thanks, Prof. Basto.

    Far from being another attempt at self-flattery and self-aggrandisement, Mahony's claim that certain elements in the Vatican want him at the Conclave now ring true. They desperately need his vote.

    Absoultely disgusting are the depths to which we've sunk.

  42. Looks like Cardinal Rajinth is now out of the running :-(

  43. What about the idea that Papa Ratzinger has named over sixty of the Cardinals? Doesn't Benedict XVI's foresight provide a hedge against a leftist?

  44. Gus Barbarigo,

    If 115 Cardinals are in the Conclave, 77 Cardinals form the 2/3 majority needed for election.

    Or, to put it another way, you just need 39 Cardinals to block anyone from becoming Pope. If 39 Cardinals agree that they will NEVER vote for a person, that person won't be elected.

    Of the participating Cardinals, 67 were chosen by Benedict XVI and 48 by John Paul II.

    Also, one has to remember that not all Cardinals chosen by Benedict XVI are good Cardinals, conservative Cardinals, much less reliable Cardinals. Pope Benedict XVI promoted progressives to important Sees and posts in the Roman Curia, and created not only reliable Cardinals, but also several liberal Cardinals, such as Cardinal Tagle, a favourite of the liberals, and only recently elevated; Cardinal João Braz de Aviz of Brazil, an ardent supporter of Cardinal Scherer; Cardinal Levada, former CDF Prefect; Cardinal Leonardo Sandri, an associate of Cardinal Sodano, Cardinal Filoni, who is also rumored to be involved in the Scherer candidacy, etc.

    Even Scherer himslef, it is important to remember, was only elevated to the Sacred College in the Pontificate of Benedict XVI. Pope Benedict made the mistake (that he soon regretted), of appointing Brazilian Cardinal Hummes (up until then Archbishop of São Paulo) to the Congregation of the Clergy. Hummes was placed in retirement a few years after that, but by that time Benedict XVI had already promoted Scherer (who was an auxiliary Bishop of São Paulo under Hummes), to the position of Archbishop of that city. And São Paulo being Brazil's largest city, the 7th most populous metropolis in the world, and a traditional cardinalatial See, Scherer was soon created a Cardinal.

    As you can see, the fact that 67 Cardinals are creations of Benedict XVI is not a reliable reason for calm.

    In other words, it may well be that, with the unholy alliance of the bad apples in the Curia and the Progressives, the Anti-Benedictine wing of the Church will muster at least the 39 votes to block a candidate.

    They may not get Cardinal Scherer elected, but they may block a traditionalist or a good conservative Cardinal from getting the 2/3 majority, thus either reaching the limit of ballots that triggers the run-off between two Cardinals (with the 2/3 majority still required for election), creating an impasse, or, what is most likely, forcing the Cardinals to reach a compromise before the run-off is triggered.

    It is said that when the October 1978 Conclave was stuck in impasse between the traditionalist/conservative Siri, with a minority of votes greater than 1/3, and the arch-liberal Benelli with a majority of votes never reaching 2/3, a compromise was orchestrated by Cardinal Konig, and those negotiations led to the election of Cardinal Wojtyla as John Paul II.

    Something similar could well happen this time, with Scherer (or, if because of those articles the Scherer candidacy dies prematurely, another Cardinal chosen by the leaders of the Curial-Progressive alliance, an alliance reportedly led by Cardinals Bertone and Re, and while outside the conclave also led by Sodano), not getting enough votes to secure the Chair of Peter, but getting sufficient votes to block the election of a solidly conservative/Ratzingerian Cardinal.

  45. Some,

    The idea that a Cardinal that appears in the press cannot be elected, or the idea that who enters the conclave a Pope leaves it a Cardinal, are both without foundation.

    There is proof that those adages don't always work. John Paul I was widely regarded as papabili, and was elected Pope.

    Cardinal Montini was an absolute favourite for the Papacy in 1963, thanks to the liberal hype, and he was duly chosen Pope. Indeed, he had been papabili since 1958, when he was not even a Cardinal.

    Cardinal Pacelli was also the top favourite in 1939, and was quickly elected Pope.

  46. I hope a Pope Holy, Conservative and Italian. Only Italy, in the Catholic Church, can exprime a Super-partes candidate. Each other nationality would exprime a Pope expression of particular national interest. Only one American President is enough: I don't want a Barack Obama living in Rome!

  47. To Francesco from Venice:

    May I ask you - how is Card. Bertone accepted by Italian traditionalists and conservatives?

  48. Dear Prof. Basto. I am profiting greatly from your interesting and intriguing historical observations; thank you very much.

  49. Bertone is not so bad. Of course he's not traditionalist, but he is better then what you can think! He has been chosen by Ratzinger and he always helped the Pope in his ministery! However, when I speak of an Italian Conservative Pope, I mean someone like Piacenza, Moraglia (Patriarch of my town) or Bagnasco. They come from the school of Siri! They are really extraordinary! In any case, Church is not ready to an american Pope, so how to a coloured Pope (this is my opinion).

  50. Prof Basto,
    How much of chance do you think the Scherer candidacy has? Do you know who the stronger "Ratzingerian" candidates are? I read that Cardinal Erdo is "rising", but I don't know much about him.

  51. Francesco,

    Yes, but there are 117 Cardinal electors, 3 vacancies to 120 (not to mention Cardinals that should be deposed, like Danneels, Mahony, O'Brien), and your good Patriarch Moraglia of Venice was not created a Cardinal by a Pope who knew he would resign!

    Instead, he gave us Tagle as a last minute Cardinal. And he kept Danneels, Mahony and even O'Brien (who is not coming on his own initiative) as Cardinal electors.

    The Holy Father could have waited just two weeks more to resign, and Kasper would be gone from the number of the electors, but no, he resigned just in time to allow Kasper to vote.

    So, there was really no toughtful preparation of a solid body of electors for this Conclave. Benedict XVI just left the scene as it was.

    And indeed this confusion we are in is nothing but the fruit of the abdication, and a badly planned one. The crisis is immense and it is a really bad time for a conclave given this group of Cardinal electors.

    The scandalous nature of the pre-Conclave atmosphere is not a good indication for the Conclave.

  52. McCall,

    I don't have a clue. I'm not a Cardinal and I'm not party to the pre-Conclave discussions.

    I'm just reading what the press and the blogs publish, I'm trying to include several sources in the few languages I can read, and I'm thinking about this group of Cardinals we got. But that's it. There is nothing more to it.

    If I'm worried about the Scherer candidacy, it's because everybody is talking about it, including respected Vaticanists, and including sources in several languages.

  53. It seems to me that Card. Scherer could be getting support from exactly the wrong Cardinals here (for his purposes).

    If one of most important, issues of the conclave is Curial Reform (which is what they're all saying) then getting support from Cards. Bertone, Sodano etc would seem to be hurtful for Scherer's chances.

    It puts him in the group that doesn't want to reform the Curia right at the moment when Curia reform is most important.


  54. I wouldn't count out Randjith just yet...

  55. Thank you, Prof. Basto, for your erudite analysis!


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