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Conclave to begin on Tuesday, March 12

The 8th General Congregation of the College of Cardinals decided today that the Conclave for the election of the Supreme Pontiff will begin on Tuesday, March 12, 2013. The Mass pro eligendo Romano Pontifice will be celebrated in the morning, and the conclave will start in the afternoon. [Holy See Press Office]


poeta said...

Feast of St. Gregory the Great!

Elizabeth said...

@Poeta: I choose to take that as a very good sign.

Elizabeth said...

I don't have a Novus Ordo calendar at home. Can anyone tell me what, if any, feast is on March 12th in the new calendar?

Titus said...


My dual-form calendar from TAN doesn't have an N.O. commemoration for that day. So there's whoever is in the martyrology, but nobody on the universal calendar, I suppose.

michael sankey said...

We can pray that the Holy Ghost guide the conclave but we should not take it for granted that He will.

Anonymous said...

No feast day in the new rite calendar and I wonder were those who chose the day aware of the old rite feast?

Matthew said...

@Elizabeth: March 12 is a ferial day in the OF calendar.

James Kohn said...

Looks like in the ordinary form the St. is St. Fina "Seraphina"

Petrus said...

I wouldn't read too much into the date. This presumably means that by Tuesday 12 March, the Vatican emoployees who do this sort of work will have completed their preparations in the Sistine Chapel, and that the Domus Sanctae Marthae, where the cardinal electors will be staying during the Conclave, will also be ready for its guests.

As we know, the "old" Conclave, where the Cardinal electors were literally locked in until they had elected a new pope, are over. These days, the cardinals are taken by bus (or walk) to and from the Sistine Chapel to vote.

Certain traditional customs like "Extra, omnes", the smoke from the chimney on the roof of the Sistine Chapel, and "Habemus papam" are still observed, but locking the cardinals in isn't one of them anymore !

columbawilliam said...

The 12th of March is traditionally the date on which the Novena of Grace to St Francis Xavier ends.

Dr. Timothy J. Williams said...

It appears that Cardinal Dolan is still tweeting and blogging his head off. And SNAP has endorsed Schönborn.
Asinus asinum sequitur!

Kathleen said...

QUOTE: poeta

Feast of St. Gregory the Great!

How perfect!

Time to start imploring St. Gregory's intercession!

Ioan said...

Petrus said... "I wouldn't read too much into the date."

Not that human chose the date, but God has a way with coincidences.

March 12 is Ss. Gregory the Great and also Simeon the New Theologian. Not a bad day.

Anchorite said...

Suspecting the likely extent of Cardinals' knowledge of tradition and Catholic heritage, I'd say most of them think of March 12 as that "next Tuesday," and nothing more.

Benedict Carter said...


One can imagine a Traditionalist Pope who changes the rules whereby certain Cardinals would be locked OUT of a Conclave rather than being locked in!

Feast Day of Pope St. Gregory the Great. Good stuff!

Thiago said...

It's the feast of Pope Saint Innocent I on march 12th in the Novus Ordo Calendar. Two feasts of Two Popes. May they bless the future Holy Father.

Elizabeth said...

There's a lovely short video of a group of Catholics on their knees praying the Rosary (in Latin), led by a few seminarians or priests in cassocks, in Palazzo San Pietro. On the Remnant Facebook page.

JabbaPapa said...

Also of Pope Urban II, who established the Curia.

Mar said...

Here are some more saints:

Egdunus and seven companions, martyrs;
Mura McFeredach, martyr;
Peter of Nicomedia, martyr;
Bernard of Carinola, bishop;
Peter of Salassola (Benedictine, secretary to St, Gregory the Great)

Some blesseds as well:

Joseph Tshang-Ta-Pong, martyr;
Rusticus of Vallumbrosa, abbot;
Justina Bezzoli (Benedictine);
Dionysius of Ryckel (Carthusian);

O, what a treasure house is the Communion of Saints!

Mar said...

The second of my two posts about saints got in. Reposting the first one.

There are some other saints for March 12 according to the NO calendar:

Maximilian of Theveste, martyr;
Peter, Gorgonius and Dorotheus, martyrs;
Paul Aurelian, bishop;
Alphege of Winchester, bishop;
Bernard of Capua, bishop;
Theophanes the Chronicler, abbot

David Joseph said...

Venerable Pius XII Coronation was 12 th March 1939.

Anonymous said...

Romano said,

Here at Rome, March 12th is the Feast of B. Luigi Orione, a great patron and servant of the Apostolic Throne....

Matt said...

And so it begins! The novena of the SSPX was great timing.

IS the college really ready? In any case, let's get this show on the road. Whomever they choose is whomever they choose. God help us and save us because we're the ones who are going to have to suffer the consequences, not them.

Matt said...

Dr. Timothy J. Williams said, It appears that Cardinal Dolan is still tweeting and blogging his head off; and SNAP has endorsed Schönborn.

So much for Dolan's (Mahony included) obedience to the Dean of the College for every one of them to SHUT UP!

Schönborn, huh? As far as SNAP is concerned, i was convinced they snapped their twig a long time ago.