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Holy Week: Jesus betrayed and sold

Jesus betrayed and sold
(from Saint Bonaventure's Lignum Vitae)

Antonio Castillo Lastrucci
El beso de Judas
Hermandad del Prendimiento, Málaga

For anyone who wishes to meditate upon the Passion of Jesus, the first thing that comes under his gaze is the perfidy of the traitor. He was so full of poisonous deceit as to betray his Master and Lord; so inflamed with the fires of concupiscence that he exchanged the greatness of God for silver and the most precious Blood of Christ for coins; he was so full of ingratitude that he persecuted unto death the One who had made him the domestic administrator (that is, the treasurer) and raised him to the exalted heights of an Apostle; he was so cruel that not even the familiarity of the supper, nor the humility of the washing (of feet), nor the sweetness of colloquy dissuaded him from his perfidious machinations!

O what excessive love of the Lord towards His hardened disciple and of the pious Master towards his most wicked servant! Clearly, it would have been better “if he had not been born!” (Mt. 26:24).

But even if the impiety of the traitor is not fully laid bare, we are infinitely more struck by the exceeding meekness of the Lamb of God. A meekness that has been given as a model to mortals. The weak human heart, betrayed by a friendship, could never be capable of saying. “For if my enemy had reviled me, I would verily have borne with it,” (Ps 54:13). 

Yet here we have a man of unique confidences, one who seemed to be of one heart with the Lord, His counselor and intimate friend, one who had partaken of Christ’s bread, one, who, at the holy supper, ate sweet delights with Him – this man planned a strike of iniquity against Him. And nonetheless…the meekest Lamb, did not hesitate to give Himself prey to his wicked lips, which in the hour of betrayal, would kiss Him. And He expressed this to Judas so as to deny him nothing, so as to give him every possibility to soften the pertinacity of his evil heart.

[From De Vita Contemplativa, The Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate,Italy. Translated and adapted by Contributor Francesca Romana]


LeonG said...

There is a parallel between what has transpired since 1965 in the church and Our Blessed Lord's betrayal by Judas. We see a church whose chief indicators are in vertiginous decline and whose beliefs have shifted their paradigmatic emphasis in comparison with the pre-conciliar model. Roman Catholic principles have been sold to openness with the world and almost every secular compromise in one nuanced manner or another.

LizEst said...

...and when we receive the Eucharist we have eternal life, not only in the life to come but eternal life right here and now. And, sadly we mess it up with our sins. We are the betrayers. And, yet He continues to give Himself to us. There is no greater Love than this. Have mercy Lord, have mercy.

John Paul The Third said...

Check this out, someone here want to crept subversively a new 'doctrine' of Catholic Church: Liberation Theology.

[restoration of the theology of liberation]

So much for a person or a people that actually selling The Lord Jesus Christ with a 'kiss'. Care for the poor by saying that a money should not be wasted on costly perfume so that it could be given to the poor.

Well,well,well, everything is already been set up and were done in the name of a so called 'humility'. Sorry to post this during Holy Week. However,this post of yours reminded me myself that some day, an extremely and heavily politicized 'Catholic' teachings, will surely caused the lost of many innocence life in the near future. Why we did not see this coming? It is right in front of us what will probably happen, even though they have inserted "not to turn" and "not part of". We have enough 'magic show' shown to us this several days with a seemed-like-humility,and here, we are arguing with each other about what is Humility while they have something in store for us; meanwhile we are unconscious about it.

Please keep our argument aside first;for what should be a real Humility is, please.Liberation Theology is only one of the beginning.

Before a new Revolution really started,please arm ourselves with prayers and fully alert with a true actions.

Otherwise,we will only could blame ourselves when that would happened.Hopefully that my hypothesis here is wrong.I hope so.Have a Blessed Holy Week.

John Paul The Third

Michael said...

"How could the Holy Spirit remain in the Vatican with these modern day money changers?"

He can because He said He would... Till the end of time.

We are all sinners..we wave our Palms and cry Hossana.. and then cry "Crucify Him" when we sin..

and yet, as LizEst says, "He continues to give Himself to us."

Judge Douglass Bartley said...

To the betrayal of Christ, there is a ongoing secular parallel which has presented itself now for many years—the U.S. Supreme Court as a traitor to the Constitution—as I have written in my three volume work: The Kiss on of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed—A Coroner’s Inquest & Report.

With the gay “marriage” cases being argued today and tomorrow, it seems entirely possible that the court will adopt that aberration as the law of the land. Some years ago, they upheld the decriminalization of sodomy.

I shall be writing about the case in more detail in the coming days. In the meantime, I have posted “The Impossibility of Homosexual Marriage” which gives some insights into the legal and moral bankruptcy of the notion of it. No one can, not even our grand high archons on the court, rightly change the meaning of marriage.