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LIVE event: In 40 minutes, extraordinary ostension of the Holy Shroud

In 40 minutes, at 1710 (5:10 PM) CET (GMT +1), there will be an extraordinary ostension of the Holy Shroud of Turin, in a live television event. The ostension will be broadcast by Italian state main network RAI 1 (here), and, if the event is not made available online outside Italy, also at French Catholic network KTO (here).

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[Update: apologies, this was one of the most bizarre pseudo-paraliturgical experiments ever seen by us, and the Shroud itself was barely visible... The Annibale Bugnini touch really ruined everything.]


Ad Quem Ibimus? said...

Can't wait!
Thanks for the news, I almost forgot!

wissam said...

Long Libe our dear and beloved Pope Benedict XVI. it seems that we, true catholic, are going to suffer from his renunciation more then expected.

Carmelo Pappalardo said...

I am worried about what our new pope is doing. I love the old ways and trapping of the office. I am also concerned about some of his comments about dialogue with Islam. I fear the holy father believes like some, that if we just understand them there will be peace.

LeonG said...

Ah! the Holy Shroud. Now that has thrown the sceptics into disarray. May they be saved by it.

Stephen M said...

Ieri una telefonata lunga
e intensa con Benedetto XVI - Avvenire

Gravitas said...

Choir on the altar with a guitar and a piano. Groovy!

Prof. Basto said...

I'm watching it and it is at the moment a bizzarre ceremony. There is a piano, and a "Gospel music" singer singing in English, in the style of Protestant churches.

Most undignified, considering the sacrality of the holy shroud.

Uncle Claibourne said...

Stephen M : "A long and intense phone call with Benedict XVI yesterday..."

I will not be so bold as to speculate on what they discussed. But did anyone else notice how deep in thought Francis seemed to be during the Good Friday rites, and the Stations at the Colosseum?

Maybe it's just me, but he appeared to suddenly be a man with many heavy thoughts on his mind.

Gravitas said...

My six year old when he heard the gospel music start: "What is this? Oh brother!"

Matt said...

RAI says it isn't showing the Ostention because of copyright issues. KTO is the only outlet showing it, some Novus Ordo-type schmaltz.

LeonG said...

They said let us contemplate but as usual it is a modernistic display of personalities; musical variety and performances.
The Shroud itself is barely shown amidst this cacophany of noise. I put up with it for 10 minutes and saw The Shroud for about 20 seconds in that time.

Why are they afraid of silence so?

backtothefuture said...

They have a replica of the shroud in the church of santa croce in Gerusalemme, where the true cross and nails are kept. It's something else to see the shroud and the lord's entire body covered in wounds. His face is a contrast with his body. It's at total peace, as if he's sleeping.

Jason said...


Perhaps modernists are afraid of silence! They are in need constant need of entertainment and will create novelties to satisfy themselves.

Matt said...

LeonG is right. This is so evident of liberals. It's not about God at all but about themselves. God is just the handle by which they can further inculcate their BS. Evidently one more Cardinal on this Francis kick, all touchy-needy with every passer-by.

sam said...

Prior to them showing the Shroud, I thought RC made a mistake in the link.

The celebrants and the High Altar seem out of place, next time they should go for a theatre hall, it would be more appropriate for a recital.

Matt said...

Prof. Basto said, ...singing in English, in the style of Protestant churches."

Well, more in line with US Baptist "churches" than simply Protestant.
Still, weird nonetheless. Once again, all about religious performance, not Religion.

John said...

Over 30 years of study I have come to believe in the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin. It has helped to bring me from Protestantism to Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Neither the Shroud nor our Lord can be hurt by today's heart-rending display of lame show tunes, Lutheran hymns and apparently unceasing cacophony and chatter. But what a lost opportunity to demonstrate reverence for the Sacred to those for whom nothing is holy. Benedetto must be heartbroken.

Anonymous said...

It's all in the spirit of this age , all media matters. And it has begun to increase, to accelerate on March 13,2013!
To be h,onest, though, I. think the Shroud cannot be exposed to strong lights, as those used for TV purposes, in order not to damage it.
When it was exposed to public, 3 years ago, it was kept in penumbra and no pictures were allowed.
Rosa, Milan, Italy

Francis in Ma said...

I feel bad that the Holy shroud had to be present at that Vatican II, modernist and protestant sacrilege. Blah!

RogerThat said...


This guy passed away yesterday. He had been received into the Catholic Church last Sunday.

Cure d'eire said...

Is it me or are things getting more surreal every day

Watcher said...

I tuned in to watch and could only put up with it for about 10 minutes.

When I tuned in, there was a black woman singing "There is Power in the Blood". As a convert from the South and I always knew that song to be Southern Baptist. I never heard it in conjunction with anything Catholic before today.

There was an overabundance of people in the Choir, and although all were dressed in black, there was no uniformity in what they were wearing. Some had dresses, some had dress slacks, and others leggings or mini-dresses. No veils were worn. They did not appear to be a choir that normally sings together but one that was pulled together from various places to make a choir for this event.

Following that song, some woman with big, clown like glasses did s reading.

Following that, a couple of men started struming the guitar and eventually a lady started singing what sounded to be a Catholic song.

In between they went to scenes of people walking up to look at the shroud.

I reached my limit of patience by then. It was awful.

Malta said...

Don't be concerned, be concerned (echoing the words of the atheist Samuel Beckett: "...I can't go on, I'll go on.)!

I go to the Sacrifice--Extraordinary form--with a 90 year old priest still in communion with Rome.

How many of them are left? How many priests still view mass as a sacrifice, instead of a honky tonk show-perade presided over by liberal-Jesuit abortion-condoning contraception-conceding show-men who have no idea what mass means, and love to show how 'accepting' they are?

What happened to balls and brawn? My grandfather saw his best-friend shot-down in WWII. I myself have done CPR on a mother in front of her daughter, as an EMT. I don't think metro-sexual Obama is helping our contagion of men turning into wimps in this Country, nor is he helping priests act like men!

Despite his disputes with Michelangelo, at least Pope Julius II had a pair; mounted a horse, took sward, and fought!

We don't need to fight more wars (which have recently been useless), of course, but the Church does need to draw a line in the sand, doctrinally. She is already on a collision course to oblivion, despite the show at the Coliseum.

Maybe we are going back to the catacombs; who knows?

Malta said...

Cure de'ire,

What, there is a resurrecting-rotating Jesus that rises every hour?

What is wrong with that? It was blessed by our now Pope?

Reminds me of Jim Bakker's Heritage USA!

(My favorite picture, btw., if you go to the site above, is of Jim gliding down the waterside in a suit and tie!)

Ora et Labora said...

God bless Pope Benedict XVI.

Pope Benedict I miss you, and I'm praying that you will be protected from the wolves!!!

Wormwood said...

Thanks to all for the comments.
Now I no longer feel sorry I missed it.
I can look at the Shroud in all its clarity in websites respectfully dedicated to it.

authoressaurus said...

Stephen M: it might be noted that apparently it was Francis who called Benedict.

"...dopo la celebrazione della Messa del Crisma di ieri mattina, Papa Francesco ha chiamato Benedetto XVI e "ha fatto una lunga e intensa telefonata con il senso della comunione, dopo il momento della grande celebrazione comunitaria di tutti i sacerdoti". È stata - ha detto - "una telefonata molto, molto bella, intensa e significativa", come ha riferito il segretario, monsignor Alfred Xuereb.

"...after the celebration of the Chrism Mass yesterday morning, papa Francis called Benedict XVI and "had a long and intense phone call with a sense of communion, after the time of the great community celebration of all priests. "It was - he said - "a phone[-call] very, very beautiful, intense and meaningful," as reported by the secretary, Monsignor Alfred Xuereb.

I wonder what that was all about? Worth noting.

Teresa said...

If you still want to watch it, KTO put the whole 90 minute video on YouTube:

Personally, I thought the combination of music was very beautiful and reverently done, and I really enjoyed watching this.