Rorate Caeli

October 2013: Traditional Pilgrimage to Rome - Pontifical Mass in the Vatican Basilica

The Cœtus Internationalis Summorum Pontificum (CISP) gladly announces that it will end the Year of Faith just as it had begun it: with a pilgrimage Ad Petri Sedem (to the See of Peter).

Following the 2012 pilgrimage’s spiritual success, the people of Summorum Pontificum are once again meeting in Rome to bear witness to the traditional liturgy’s eternal youth at the Apostle’s Tomb. The CISP thus means to contribute to the harmony and building up of the universal Church, while remaining docile to the action of the Holy Ghost.

In order to respond to the encouragement to “seguir adelante” (keep forging ahead) on the part of Cardinal Cañizares Llovera, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, at the end of the November pilgrimage,
the CISP early in 2013 had asked St. Peter’s Basilica’s archpriest, Cardinal Angelo Comastri, for access to the Basilica. This March 14, Cardinal Comastri confirmed the Basilica’s availability on 26 October next at 11am for the solemn celebration, which will be the high point of the pilgrimage.

The Cœtus Internationalis Summorum Pontificum thanks Cardinal Comastri for his hospitality and invite all groups linked to the extraordinary form of the Roman rite already to start preparing themselves for this pilgrimage through prayer and to take an active part in organizing it.


The Cœtus Internationalis Summorum Pontificum, which was established last July, is the organizer of the People of Summorum Pontificum pilgrimage–diocesan priests and priests from ED communities, seminarians, religious, and the faithful attached to the traditional liturgy–in Rome.

This year the steering committee is made up of: Giuseppe Capoccia, managing director; Guillaume Ferluc, secretary-general; Father Claude Barthe, chaplain. Giuseppe Capoccia, Italian senior civil servant, succeeds as councilor to Riccardo Turrini who was named Judged at the Court of Appeals of the Vatican City State on December 31, 2012.

Contact : +39 366 70 46 023 / cisp[at]


Eriugena said...

The Latin's a bit rubbish, but otherwise it sounds like a good idea.

Matt said...

Let's hope we're still able to hold this when October rolls around. From the tone of this Pope, we'll see what anyone is able to do.

Eriugena said, "The Latin's a bit rubbish, but otherwise it sounds like a good idea."

Not sure of the point you're trying to make with that comment of yours.

James said...

It seems from this that Pope Francis has already given his support to the Mass in question.!/2013/03/papa-francisco-apoia-missa-tridentina.html

Don M said...

Kind of quiet under this event.
One might think a long winter is upon us?
We will rejoice in what God Permits/Wills for us.
Blessed Pope Pius IX Ora Pro Nobis.
Sounds like another Great Event, and a most pleasing Worship due to God. The TLM the Most Beautiful Prayer this side of Heaven.

Virgil said...

Dear Anonymous (why he's allowed to be anonymous on Rorate is beyond me):

The "Pro-Western Christianity Reading List" is filled with racial purity nonsense.


Can we delete, at least, the ridiculous link and the plug from the same commenter, considering it has nothing to do with any sane understanding of Catholicism.

Adfero said...

Virgil, it's done. Thanks for pointing it out.

Hughie said...

Matt says: "From the tone of this Pope..."

This Pope? Is there any other?

Any possibility that you may acknowledge that the Holy Spirit, the "Grand Elector", may have a different agenda from you? Like care of the poor rather than care of those wonderful secluded nuns who have nothing better to do than sew ornate clerical and ecclesiastical garments as they pray?

"Feed my sheep!" "Sheep" is not synonymous with seamstress. Or, liturgist!

Robbie said...

This article was just posted to Newsmax. No wonder some of the more liberal voices in the Catholic world are excited by Pope Francis.

Uncle Claibourne said...

James, I hope he did, but the timelines in question leave a little room for doubt. CISP asked permission in "early 2013," and Cardinal Comastri communicated approval on March 14, the first full day of Francis's pontificate. Would this have even been on his radar screen at that point?

Not trying to be a pessimist. :) Just objective.

Patrick said...

It would be ironic if His Holiness attended the mass which would be more than his predecessor did. In the unlikely event he does, I really hope his creeping sense of informal dress hasn't gotten absurd. When he met the Ecumenical Patriarch he even stopped wearing the papal sash for photographs:

Susan said...

The constant prayers of those "wonderful secluded nuns" may have saved more souls and helped more poor than some people could possibly imagine in their closed little minds.

Believe it or not, the Holy Spirit works through nuns, too.

Adfero said...

While I would never, ever pit the prayers of nuns versus the Mass, as nothing is more important than the Mass, and the vestments and everything that accompanies the Mass is critical, oh how I appreciate those nuns!

I pray one of my daughters goes to Carmel!

LeonG said...

The problem is that the poor are always with us. Perhaps, Our Blessed Lord meant that the poor are those without The Faith. Now, if a good seamstress can put together beautiful vestments which enrobeb a good priest who says Holy Mass so reverently this inspires greater numbers to attend it then she has fed the impoverished indeed alongside the good liturgists who propagate inspirational liturgical praxis that is worthy of The Roman Catholic Church.

Give me a good cloistered seamstress any day to an impecunious liturgist.

Common Sense said...

As the pomp and glamour of the high priest were beffiting and commanded by Yahweh in Old testament, so it's only obvious, that this is the case in New testament also, where Pope is the priest of Christ, Who is the perfect and eternal Priest according to the order of Melchizedek.Those, who advocate worship of the Master of universe in a 'simple fashion' are pious perverts and misguided simpletons.The pharisaic 'for the poor mentality' resonates with them well.

backtothefuture said...

God bless those nuns. Some of the great saints of the church were those nuns. Many don't realize what Pope Francis means, when he's talking about the helping the poor. It's not about giving them a hand out. It's about seeing the poor through Christ's eyes, and seeing Christ in the poor, not some utopian social justice mumbo jumbo. I think that pope Francis repects pope Benedict,he won't do anything to summorum.

Thomas said...

Hughie, yes, there are several popes, notably the pope of Alexandria, aka the Coptic patriarch. "Pope" is a title that applies to a number of functions, not just to the pope of Rome (although the pope of Rome is the visible head of the universal Church of course).
Matt may also have say "this pope" to distinguish him from any previous pope.
As a conclusion, Hughie, there are many catholic ways to understand the phrase "this pope".

I.M. said...

I love the Poor, the broken and the weak and my vocation is to be close to them. It is a great privilege to visit Jesus in in His Little Ones, because He is truly present in the Poor!

Does this mean that I look down upon the beautiful nuns who help decorate Christ Priests and His Holy Temples? NO! Never! Having Mass celebrated in a dignified way nourishes my soul, gives me strength to love the Poor.

I am not a saint - I could give so much more - but to say that the love for Liturgy would exclude the love for the Poor is blasphemy to me!

I hope many will be given the opportunity to visit this Holy Mass in the holy city of Rome!

Your brother in Christ,

Sursum Corda said...

The liturgy feeds all the sheep, both rich and poor.

Uncle Claibourne said...

Patrick, not only his sash, but his "skullcap" as well, apparently. (Apologies, the proper term escapes me at the moment.)

Why? Why are the symbols of his office so apparently abhorrent to this man?

If this keeps up, and it appears that it will, what are we to think?

Matt said...

Common Sense said, "As the pomp and glamour of the high priest were befitting and commanded by Yahweh in Old Testament, so it's only obvious, that this is the case in New testament also, where Pope is the priest of Christ, Who is the perfect and eternal Priest according to the order of Melchizedek.Those, who advocate worship of the Master of universe in a 'simple fashion' are pious perverts and misguided simpletons. The pharisaic 'for the poor mentality' resonates with them well."

Interesting, interesting.

David said...


Another piece of evidence that no doubt makes liberals quite happy is the fact that Pope Francis supported civil unions for homosexual couples in Argentina.

This is very troubling...

Gratias said...

Mrs. and I were fortunate to attend on Nov. 3d last year. It was a wonderful experience.

Jason C. said...

David, thanks for staying on topic. That said, the Holy Father just brought civil unions up in a brainstorming meeting among his brother bishops when they were trying to formulate a political response to the issue in Argentina. There are better articles on that subject than the NYT article, by the way.

Would you quote a NYT article about Pope Benedict or some other person you loved but they hate? Or is this a "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" moment for you?

David said...

Jason C.,

I am simply pointing out the article that I read. It was posted on New Advent, which is where I found it. The source matters less than the content in this case. If you have better articles on the subject you wish to share, then please do so. That would be the far more charitable thing to do, instead of making assumptions as to my motives or character.

Uncle Claiborne,

I have the feeling that before long we will see Pope Francis wearing white colored clericals. He did seem to prefer clericals while still an archbishop, since I've rarely if ever seen pictures of him wearing a cassock before his election.

Murilo said...

XVI is the number of the ones that are beheaded by revolutions. They are usually followed by a new system of government led by someone with a new name.

Barbara said...

Hughie, Hughie ,Hughie - you don't get it fo you?

I am troubled. Pope Francis is discarding the exterior signs of his high office.
I don't know why he accepted to be Pope if he cannot wear the clothes that befit his lofty position. He seems to be changing the role of the Pope from day 1 of his election. No - not good - red flags everywhere - it just seems so deliberate, contrived - and false.

You cannot toss aside such exterior signs, just because its your personal taste or does not fit in with your particular ideology - Holy Father - you are the Supreme Pontiff of the WORLD! What you are doing is insulting and unsettling to faithful Catholics.

I will keep praying for Pope Francis - but I cannot yet connect with him. I do not feel safe.

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis is a regular Pope, not a secular Pope. To have a better understanding of the distinction and what it means for the Holy Father's pontification, I recommend JREducation's posts on this thread in CAF on How Pope Francis will affect tradtionalism:

Yours in Christ,


Judith said...

His continuing to strip down the outward signs of his office is troubling and, to me, seems fake. I too read the Newsmax article and his comments make me quite uneasy. Although I am trying to adopt and wait and see attitude, I believe that there is some very dire hidden agenda in all of this. I have decided to make the hour drive to visit an SSPX church.

Paul Haley said...

One of Pope Francis's predecessors as Archbishop of Buenos Aires was Antonio Cardinal Caggiano who was supportive of Archbishop Lefebrve in the mid 70s. May I suggest that we ask in our prayers that Cardinal Caggiano intercede with Our Lord to motivate Pope Francis towards Tradition and the traditional rite of sacraments.

Uncle Claibourne said...


Thanks for the link. I read through the comments, in particular JREducation's posts.

While the distinction between secular and regular is true, I can't agree with some of the conclusions he seems to draw from this.

For example, there have been Franciscan pontiffs in the past. Did they put aside certain aspects of their Papal office, such as the tiara, the mozzetta, the Papal stole, because of the requirements of their "regula"? No.

It was Sixtus V, a Franciscan, who drove the completion of the dome of St. Peter's Basilica, and his name can be seen at the top of the interior of the dome. The more humble aspects of his Franciscan heritage and rule did not prevent him from continuing the work on St. Peter's.

I don't want to sound as though I'm caught up in all the merely external signs of the "grandeur" of the Papacy. But I do think it's important to note that the Franciscan popes adapted themselves to the external symbols of the office.

Of course, Francis is a Jesuit, not a Franciscan, but I would've hoped to see the same adaptation at work. I didn't expect him (or whomever else might have been elected) to bring back the tiara or the sedia gestatoria. Unfortunately, at this point, he seems determined to eliminate the few remaining signs of that authority. I can't believe this is simply because he might feel constrained to do so by his Jesuit "regula." Symbols are important, and by dropping these things he seems to be making the point that he has a different vision of the Papacy itself, and the authority inherent in the office. This is what makes many of us nervous; not because we have an irrational attachment to externals.

Perhaps he will reinforce the authority he holds in other ways. It's probably too early to tell. There is much good to be said in favor of his beautiful, simple sermons and addresses, and his emphasis on social justice. But these things are not in contradiction to a proper decorum and respect for the traditional symbols of his office, and the respect that previous "regulars" who have held the office have shown for them.

thewhitelilyblog said...

Flannery O'Connor has a short story called "Revelation" in which the main character is a woman who might be said to typify the Church's constant attitude toward the poor, up until the Council. The character, Ruby Turpin, does not worship the poor. She calls them 'trash' and worse, at times. She calls them out when they engage in bs or flattery. She makes the outrageous statement about poor white trash in particular: 'Help them must, but help them you can't,' and everyone who has ever worked with the poor knows the truth of it. At the same time the character is telling it like it is, she is in fact continually helping the poor, through alms and good deeds and what we might call 'relationship,' that is, she goes to them in a time of her own need, and tells them the truth on herself that is embarrassing and puts her in a bad light. Who does not recognize that as genuine humility? And she even takes political positions favorable to them, all the while talking trash on them. What we call trash, post Nuremburg.

I use that character as a touchstone for being genuine, not fake, in one's required help for the poor. Beware an alsgiver with a fast forked tongue. The poor are sinners, too, after all. They are in their situations, sometimes, because of past sins. They must not be made out to be heroes--because it hurts them!!! Well, insofar as it might tend to keep them from repentance! They need the truth and they need it tartly delivered, sometimes. MOST of the time. I come from a long line of pwt. The Church has always shown such a balance, in my opinion. Pope Francis--the jury is out; it's in on leftism in general, though. They do nothing for the poor except flatter them, to use them. Nothing! Nothing!

By the way, do not read "Revelation" thinking that Flannery O'Connor was supporting Mother Church in the remarkable character of Ruby Turpin. You will see that by the end of the story Flannery destroyed Ruby's way of life--just as Flannery's idol Teilhard de Chardin tried to do to the real Church. And he may yet, except for a tatter. I have a post on it, on my blog. Or as RC likes, at my house.

roger said...

Honestly, some of the reaction on this blog to Pope Francis' election has been nothing short of nauseating.

Some people here really need to take a hard look at themselves. And this is from a friend of the TLM (and a sinner as well).

Barbara said...

Dear Roger,
After reading your comment - I remembered I had this in my computer:

On Bishop’s authority - Dietrich von Hildebrand – in the chapter of The Devastated Vineyard titled “The Lethargy of the Guardians”:

"The drivel of the heretics, both priests and laymen, is tolerated; the bishops tacitly acquiesce to the poisoning of the faithful. But they want to silence the faithful believers who take up the cause of orthodoxy, the very people who should by all rights be the joy of the bishops’ hearts, their consolation, a source of strength for overcoming their own lethargy. Instead, these people are regarded as disturbers of the peace. And should it happen that they get carried away in their zeal and express themselves in a tactless or exagger¬ated manner, they are even suspended. This clearly shows the cowardice which is hidden behind the bishops’ failure to use their authority. For they have nothing to fear from the orthodox; the orthodox do not control the mass media or the press; they are not the representatives of public opinion. And because of their submission to ecclesiastical authority, the fighters for orthodoxy will never be as aggressive as the so-called progressives.

If they are reprimanded or disciplined, their bishops run no risk of being attacked by the liberal press and being defamed as reactionary.
This failure of the bishops to make use of their God-given authority is perhaps, in practical consequences, the worst confusion in the Church today. For this failure not only does not arrest spiritual diseases, heresies, and the blatant as well as the insidious (and this is much worse) devastation of the vineyard of the Lord; it even gives free rein to these evils. The failure to use holy authority to protect the holy Faith leads necessarily to the disintegration of the Church."

Maybe this will help understand the concerns and attitudes here. I beleive that most people on this blog are sincere and truly want to love the Holy Father - and in their own way they already do - they are just not blind, deaf and dumb - yet!

Would you have us hushed up?