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Pope Emeritus receives gag order from Cardinal Kasper

From the interview granted by Cardinal Kasper, the oldest elector in the college, to Italian secularist daily La Repubblica, published today (print edition, p. 16):

Your Eminence, what will you say to Benedict XVI when, following the end of the conclave, you go meet him?

"So many things. The first one is a recommendation. I will suggest to him to not let himself be used by anybody. The risk is too great that the government of the Church receive his influence. He made a specific choice, that supposed a step back. He, therefore, ought to be discreet. Avoid mingling with the problems related to the government of the Church. Then I will speak amicably with him of what pleases us both, theology."


  1. he gotta be kiddin' me!

  2. Barbara12:19 PM

    Sorry - this makes me a trite angry. I just have to say it. What a pain in the neck Cardinal Kasper is! And boring.

    This Cardinal should follow his own advice. This Cardinal has done so much damage to the collapse of true Catholic identity with his inter-religious and ecumenical liberal blabberings and shenanigans al la Taizè.

    Such class. He doesn't even know who Pope Benedict is. Not fit to tie his shoe-laces...

  3. Maybe it is Cardinal Kasper who needs a gag order!

  4. Kathleen12:29 PM

    Just breathtaking.

    The hubris.

    From that source.

  5. GQ Rep12:46 PM

    Too bad Pope Benedict XVI didn't wait until the Summer, or next year to abdicate. Then this loser would have been not permitted to participate in the conclave. Cardinal Re would not have been able to either.

    As it is, he's 80 but allowed to participate due to one of JP II's harmful modifications to a previous law regarding Cardinals over 80.

    Too bad....if the old rle ha been maintained, Kasper would have been excluded.

    Apparently, Cardinal Angelo (two-faces) Sodano is putting his energies to get one of his and JPII's cronies, Cardinal Sandri elected. Let's hope he fails.

  6. What he says it true, though. Benedict, qua Benedict, is now dead to the world, as I would imagine he already knows without having to be told. Any public presence by him would not be acceptable as it would work to undermine the next pope.

  7. Yes I think Kaspar is simply getting his own back! I heard him speak at my university and he is a syncretist. Like all Modernists he employs Catholic vocab but his meaning is vague and he says one thing Catholic then contradicts it later in the same sentence. In this way his hearers are able to cherry pick what they agree with and ignore what they don't.

  8. Benedict Carter1:04 PM

    "Cardinal Kaspar" and "theology" isn't an easy combination, is it?

    How the hell does he think he is?

    What is it with these Germans? dissident priests, theologians, Bishops, Cardinals.

    Dump the lot.

  9. Francesco Possenti1:08 PM

    I must say that despite what the other commentators have said I think that Cardinal Kasper seems entirely correct. It would be immense damage to the Church for the Pope Emeritus to be seen in public or to make any public comments or writing. The faithful would, likely, be confused by this especially if the comments conflicted with anything that the currently reigning pope said.

  10. Wake Up England1:12 PM

    "Discreet" indeed! How cheeky. Discreet really is a word Cardinal Kasper should avoid. Not very "Discreet" to go chatting to the Italian secularist press, is it?

  11. How terribly rude.

  12. Gratias1:28 PM

    A small man.

  13. Francesco, do you really, really, think Pope Ratzinger, of all people, needs this kind of advice? And, more, do you think this answer, right before the conclave, is a message really for after the conclave or a way of sending a message to "Ratzingerian" cardinal-electors during the conclave?...

    I will let you sort it out...


  14. "Francesco, do you really, really, think Pope Ratzinger, of all people, needs this kind of advice?"

    Well of course he doesn't. You're both right. It's obvious that + Kaspar is correct, and it's equally obvious that it was crass and arrogant of him to say it.

  15. Well Benedict XVI is very good at catechesis.

  16. NIANTIC2:08 PM

    The man has made a fool of himself multiple times. A prince of a fool.
    I do not think Benedict XVl will waste one second on, or with, this little man who is so full of himself.

  17. Can we put Cardinal Kasper under a gag order?

  18. A Mom2:25 PM

    New Catholic said:
    "do you really...think Pope Ratzinger, of all people, needs this kind of advice? And, more, do you think this answer, right before the conclave, is a message really for after the conclave or a way of sending a message to "Ratzingerian" cardinal-electors during the conclave?"

    These were my exact thoughts as I read it!

  19. The new pope will consult with whomever he pleases, and if that means he wants to have breakfast with His Holiness Benedict XVI, and discuss the affairs of the Church over scrambled eggs and a glass of orange juice, then so be it.

    Cardinals such is this are the exact reason why we need a pope! I am very disappointed in Cardinal Kasper for daring to advise the pope emeritus in such a way. It's extremely disrespectful. His Holiness fully understands the gravity of the situation. He doesn't need to be advised to keep a low profile. Still, if the new pope wants to have a chat with him, he will of course respond candidly. He's already pledged obedience to him.

    I can't help but chuckle a little when I read these guys spout nonsense like this. The man they are really trying to advise is the new pope, whomever he may be, because it will be the new pope who decides if, and how often, he will consult with His Holiness Benedict XVI. It will also be the new pope who will decide what kind of a public profile he will permit of the pope emeritus.

    Don't be surprised if a year from now we start seeing photos of the pope, and pope emeritus, walking together in one of the Vatican gardens, just for "prayer."

  20. Anonymous2:30 PM

    I read this morning about Cardinal George saying that he and the other American cardinals still don't know much about Vatileaks, and they're trying to puzzle it out before making their choice.

    My immediate thought to that was "why not hop in a car and drive down to Castel Gondolfo?" It would clear that up, as well as a great many other things.

    Apparently Cardinal Kasper had the same fea, er, idea.

  21. It is rude, but it is also irrelevant.

  22. Lionel2:34 PM

    Nothing can stop the new Pope from seeking a good spiritual director in Benedict XVI. An ideal situation really. They can do nothing to stop that. I do think, however, that the use of the expression "Gag Order" in the title to this post is a gross exaggeration of the facts herein reported. Benedict himself stated he wanted to be in the retirement of a monastery and it seems he was inspired by Pope Celestine in this regard. So I hardly see such a choice as a Gag Order!

  23. I'm no friend of Card Kasper but it is true what he says regarding the Pope Emeritus and public comments about the governance of the Church (although it has to be said - Benedict does not need to be told this!)

    What really astounds me is his "I'll go and discuss our mutual love - theology with Benedict" comments that follow, as if he was trying to compare or equate himself to the theologian Joseph Ratzinger. I'm sorry but that's hilarious - the vast superiority of Ratzinger's theological insights compared to Kasper's is evident for anyone to see. Rather than "discussing theology" with the Pope Emeritus, perhaps a more accurate term would be..learn theology from Ratzinger...

  24. Kathleen2:52 PM

    For those that perhaps missed it...

    Our Holy Father made it very clear he was going into seclusion after his abdication.

    He did so with true grace and humility.

    Lectures are most certainly not required.

    And certainly not from this source.

  25. layman3:25 PM

    Will laymen be able to visit Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI?

  26. Henry3:43 PM

    There is no need to say these things in the newspapers.

    I hope Cardinal Kasper is also going to use official communication channels to get in touch with the Pope Emeritus.

    Benedictus XVI has made it abundantly clear that a "Council of the Press" is not diserable.

  27. Better that +Kasper restrained his tongue before the Conclave for the good of the Catholic church and himself at large.Will some one reach him a hard copy of these comments.Disgraceful.


  28. Benedict should be able to be used to advise the Pope just the same as any other cardinal, which is what he is now. Cardinal Casper seems to think he will be the 1 elected Pope! I'm sure the new pontiff will use that effect as he sees fit.

  29. Wasn't Cardnial Kasper 80 yesterday?

  30. Does the Pope Emeritus, who has already stated that he isn't going to be involved in the governance of the Church, who stated he will be secluded in a monastery to pray, study, and write, who stated he will not be making public appearances really need a lecture from Cardinal False Ecumenism? His Holiness Benedict XVI is much smarter than to allow himself to be used. Way smarter than Kasper.

  31. Poor Yorek4:57 PM

    Cardinal Kasper is perhaps still hurting after his first beating.

  32. Ora et Labora10:27 PM

    How incredibly rude of Cardinal Kasper, no class!

    I don't think His Holiness needs Kasper to tell him what to do.

    This is getting worse by the minute.

  33. Ivan K10:55 PM

    I hope that Cardinal Kasper is saying this out of frustration, because he fears that his side may be losing in the conclave, and that it can only be due to interference by BXVI. I do believe that the resignation was, in part, due to BXVI's wish to influence the election of the next pope. It took everyone by surprise and robbed the wolves of some precious scheming time. Second, the decent cardinals in the conclave cannot help but feel the presence of the praying BXVI, which might steel their courage to speak up and fight for the right candidate.

  34. Alsaticus11:29 PM

    cardinal Kasper has always been the n°1 theological adversary of Joseph Ratzinger, so I he is enjoying now some revenge.
    He had to tone down his own tongue from 2005 to 2013 and he will have pleasure to see the same for the Pope emeritus.

    That being said, it's obvious that the former pope will have truly to step back : it's the n°1 trouble with having one, two, three, four popes around.

    There is no doubt that Benedict XVI is more reliable on doing that than Walter cardinal Kasper.

  35. This seems a bit stupid. Is Kaspar insinuating the Pope-Emeritus can't let go, has control issues? I'm pretty certain Benedict knows what comes with abdication.

    Sorry, Kaspar's comments didn't sound very kind. IMO.

  36. Is Kasper a Roman Catholic?

    Answer according to "Pascendi..." by Pope St Pius X - No.

  37. I am vaguely reminded of "King Lear." I very much hate the idea of Benedict being spoken down to by this man or anyone else.

    As for Kasper, on the morning Benedict's visit to the UK, the papers were all screaming the headlines that Cardinal Kasper had said landing at Heathrow airport was like arriving in a Third World country. He was then dropped from the tour and then, thanks to the enthusiastic crowds of Catholic Brits, forgotten by the press.


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