Rorate Caeli

Pope visits the Queen of Vatican State

From L'Osservatore Romano:

The Pope at the Lourdes Grotto
in the Vatican Gardens 

Another Marian stop for Pope Francis: after his visit to the Basilica of St Mary Major the day following his election, in the afternoon of Friday 15 March the Pontiff visited the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, in the Vatican Gardens, to prayer [to] the statue of the Virgin.

Accompanied by the Substitute of the Secretary of State, Archbishop Becciu, and by Mons. Sapienza, Regent of  the Prefecture of the Papal Household, Pope Francis then reentered the Domus Sanctae Marthae, his current residence.


Prof. Basto said...

And the Pope has confirmed the Curia on a provisional basis! From the updated Bulletin of the Holy See Press Office


Il Santo Padre Francesco ha espresso la volontà che i Capi e i Membri dei Dicasteri della Curia Romana, come pure i Segretari, nonché il Presidente della Pontificia Commissione dello Stato della Città del Vaticano, proseguano, provvisoriamente, nei rispettivi incarichi donec aliter provideatur.

Il Santo Padre desidera, infatti, riservarsi un certo tempo per la riflessione, la preghiera e il dialogo, prima di qualunque nomina o conferma definitiva.


So Cardinal Bertone is now Secretary of State again, and Cardinal Muller head of the CDF, etc, etc, but donec aliter provideatur.

Mike said...

He went to the grotto "to prayer for the statue of the Virgin"


Fides quaerens said...

Donec aliter provideatur are the key words. Changes afoot. Will they be the changes that are needed? Time will tell.

And the hits just keep on comin.... said...

At his audience with the members of the media this am, the pope imparted his Apostolic Blessing in silence out of "respect" for the non-Catholics and atheists present:

He imparted his apostolic blessing, however, in silence – out of respect, he said, for the fact that “not everyone present belongs to the Catholic faith and others do not believe.” “I respect the conscience of each one of you”, he said, “knowing that each one of you is a Child of God.May God bless you”.

My source? It's straight from the Vatican, folks:

Also, you will note that Francis has also explained the correct definition of the Trinity :

"Pope Francis then reflected on what he called the “trinity of communication: Truth, Goodness and Beauty”. “We are not called to communicate ourselves, but this trinity…the Church exists to communicate Truth, Goodness and Beauty”."

Whew, that was close. I had thought it was something else entirely!

Uncle Claibourne said...

"Donec aliter provideatur." Didn't Benedict say the same when reconfirming the Curial heads after his election? I tried to do a quick Google search for news articles from the time, but didn't find anything relevant.

It could mean something; it might not. According to reports from "Vatican-watchers" like Tornielli, the election of Francis was brought about at least in part by a strange alliance between Sodano and Bertone. Does this tell us anything about the likelihood of Curial change?

Christopher said...

It is true that Pope Benedict reappointed with this same caveat. But he also moved very gently in all other matters too, so unlike this new Pope of ours who is happy to swat away what he does not like.

My suspicion is that we have entered the worst of all worlds: no serious curial reform, no re assertion of discipline towards the bishops (without wishing offense, we might have made some forms of these criticisms towards Pope Benedict) but also liturgical false humility, minimalism, banality and paucity in teaching (liturgy and teaching were rich with beauty with Pope Benedict, I'm sure that can be agreed).

Jacob said...

I posted this morning at my own blog about the Holy Father confirming the Curia provisionally. I went back through VIS's English archive and found where Benedict confirmed the Curia, but not provisionally, but rather for the rest of their five year terms. Maybe the two are the same in the original Italian?

hebetissimus said...


I reacted as you did, but the English translation at OR seems defective. The Italian at this spot reads, "per raccogliersi in preghiera davanti alla statua della Vergine," that is, "to recollect himself in prayer before the statue of the Virgin."

I hope this helps.

Uncle Claibourne said...

Thanks, Jacob. I wasn't sure. Appreciate you doing the legwork to find out.

Christopher said...

Jacob, Uncle Claibourne: Benedict confirmed the heads of dicasteries etc provisionally on April 21st 2005. (This can also be seen on VIS, though I admit I was working from memory in my earlier post.)

Uncle Claibourne said...

Christopher, thanks!

Tom said...

An early positive Papal sign...

Pope Francis has certainly emphasized devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

An additional positive perhaps...

We have word from Cardinal Pell that Catholics attached to the Traditional Roman Mass need not fear Pope Francis' Pontificate.

It is startling, however, that the Catholic Religion has reached the point at which a Cardinal believes that he is compelled to reassure the Faithful that they need not fear the Bishop of Rome's attitude toward the Church of Rome's ancient and Traditional Mass.

That, in particular, is amazing as Pope Francis grew up the Traditional Roman Mass. One would think that His Holiness would love said Mass.

In contrast to Cardinal Pell's understanding of the first few days of Pope Francis' Pontificate, we have Cardinal Mahony's understanding that Pope Francis has initiated the process to dismantle the "High Church". During the next few weeks and months, I will, Deo volente, await a greater unfolding of Pope Francis' Pontificate before I accept or reject this or that opinion as to His Holiness' Pontifical plan.

That uncludes Cardinal Pell's early take on the current Pontificate. Although his take is at least as compared to Cardinal Mahony's interpretation of the current Pontificate.



cyrillist said...

Two more potential positive signs (or silver linings?):

(1) Pope Francis places emphasis on good works for the poor, specifically his insistence that people not travel to his installation, instead giving the travel money to charity. Might this be an indication that he will may be cutting back on expensive papal globe-trotting himself, including World Youth Day?

(2) He is reported to pray fifteen-decade rosaries daily. Not twenty.

Kathleen said...

As of the last report I saw the writer that made the claim about the 15 decades of the rosary was still trying to find a source for the claim.

I believe it was Ferrera.

We should also keep in mind that there are segments of the N.O. community that are entirely comfortable with a sentimental affection for Our Blessed Mother combined with the worst of Modernism. Notable among them are some Charismatics and some Latins.

Matt said...

Tom said, I will, Deo volente, await a greater unfolding of Pope Francis' Pontificate before I accept or reject this or that opinion as to His Holiness' Pontifical plan... that includes Cardinal Pell's early take on the current Pontificate. Although his take is at hopeful... at least as compared to Cardinal Mahony's interpretation of the current Pontificate."

Yes, so must we all, but at the same time, for me, firstly, seeing what his Masses have been like so far, they are boringly banal. Secondly, as soon as he's out of the gate he's spewing all this social-justice, Church-is-wrong stuff and surrounding himself with paragons of left-wing delusions, what conclusions can one realistically draw?

If the Holy Father really had some high-minded embrace of Doctrine, why then isn't Cardinal Burke in just about every shot or surrounded by other such Churchmen--as well? Why are only the nuts bouncing off the walls happy-clappy this Pope is now on the Throne?

Yes, we must wait and see because, other than pray, this is all we can do.