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The malice of Vaticanists...

Never has the malice of Vaticanists appeared more clearly than in the past few weeks and days. The shallowness of their articles is evident to all, as well as the ridiculous use of their spaces in the press (especially in the mainstream Italian media) not to report, but obviously to amplify the wishes and desires of certain politically-minded clerics who are their friends, and to make it seem like they actually know the position and mind of most or all 115 Cardinal-Electors - most of whom have indeed kept the severe reserve and silence required by law and by common sense.

So the result of the conclave will either be a surprising choice that will electrify the faithful, those Catholics who actually go to Mass every Sunday, and practice the works of mercy, and pass on the faith to their children at home, and those Priests who toil every day to bring the Sacraments to the faithful and lead them to eternal salvation; a choice which will once again call into question the sanity and mostly the honesty of these religion correspondents. Or it will be exactly as they are predicting now, "frontrunners" Cardinal A or Cardinal B. In the first case, it is the already negligible credibility of the press that is called into question; in the second, it is the image of the Church that is once again tarnished as if it were a merely human institution beholden to worldly and political interests surreptitiously manipulated by the media.

Who will "win" the conclave, paraphrasing the words of Benedict XVI in his February 14 address regarding the Council: the Church of God, or the Church of the Media? The real Church or the virtual Church? May all Holy Popes, from Saint Peter to Saint Pius X, intercede for the Church of Rome they loved till death.