Rorate Caeli

The Official End of the Reform of the Reform - by example

During the evening Mass at Rome's Casal del Marmo prison for minors, Pope Francis washed the feet of 12 young people of different nationalities and faiths, including at least two Muslims and two women, who are housed at the juvenile detention facility.

1st: We are not invested in what goes on in a Novus Ordo setting. So, really, we are not disappointed by it -- though we are still surprised when it moves farther and farther away from traditional practices. We are just reporting it, as we did before any other venue in English.

2nd: Of course the optional mandatum is something that, while widely symbolic of the link between Christ and His Apostles, is ruled by pure Ecclesiastical Law, not Divine Law, and, regarding it, the Supreme Legislator can do (almost) as he pleases, even remove its presence from a liturgical environment. As long as there are specific standing rules about it (viri, men), however, even the Supreme Authority is bound to humbly obey them, unless he formally changes them beforehand. It really is not that hard to understand this basic matter of legal logic, is it?

3rd: Dear adversaries of this blog (yes, they do exist, and seem to be some of our most faithful readers!), please do not shoot the messenger.

His counsel was that this deed must be reported to thee, and not hidden. And this seemed best; and the lot doomed my hapless self to win this prize. So here I stand -- as unwelcome as unwilling, well I wot; for no man delights in the bearer of bad news. (Antigone)


  1. Bishops traditionally washed the feet of their priests, who are, in some capacity, their servants. The loss of the original sacramental meaning of this action saddens me.

  2. Francis in Ma8:36 PM

    Yes, this modernist garbage (in this case washing the feet of women) has been going on in the Novus Ordo churches for a while now. While that of course is bad it is truly scandalous for the bishop of Rome to publicly wash the feet of pagans and women; inside a prison no less while trying to promote "humility"!! The leftwing and secular "media" is eating this garbage up. Bergoglio is taking the conciliar church deeper into the abyss of worldly relativism, modernism, humanism, syncretism and indifferentism. Which can only help to move along the conciliar church's demise. Yes, it will take a while, but looking at it positively Bergoglio may be helping the church that Vatican II built into oblivion.

  3. Prof. Basto8:36 PM

    No pallium, either?

  4. O. Possum8:37 PM

    Well....this is kind of a downer. :(

  5. The guitar strumming is back. Oh dear God help us.

  6. Wonder why he didn't wait until tomorrow to stick a spear into the side of the Bride of Christ?

    Good grief! Don't tell me he has something worse in mind for Good Friday!

  7. Petrus Radii8:40 PM

    In mediaeval times, the Pope originally did in fact wash the feet of twelve paupers (all male, of course). If memory serves, local bishops who practised the custom would either wash the feet of paupers or of their clergy. The original monastic custom was for the abbot to wash the feet of *all* the community.

    However, the present Pope's behaviour is nothing so much as archaeologism tainted with feminism, and one might wish to argue that his proclaimed "humility" is more likely self-will. Libera nos, Deus!

  8. dph5175@gmail.com8:41 PM

    Dear SSPX you had nearly a decade of Pope Benedict who sought and no doubt fought to have you regularised within the Church. Had you been so regularised, you would no doubt have proved to be a welcome bulwark against the liturgical laisez faire attitude of Pope Francis. It may even be likely that the cardinals, sensitive to your new and very welcome presence would have gone in another direction during the conclave. Your stubbornness and intransigence have bequeathed to the whole Church this papacy and I absolutely seethe to read your bickering about Francis' obvious rejection of the "reform of the reform" in comment boxes on websites such as this. When an essential component of a body holds itself back from the whole, that body has no right to bicker about the defects of the whole that subsequently arise (because of the absence of that body). You did this to yourselves and I think also that you did this to all of us. I had so much hope for your contribution, now I feel that hubris has been your downfall. Where will you end up now?

  9. And yet...8:51 PM

    What about Holy Communion? Was it offered to the mohammedan infidels?

  10. Symbolically, this is no longer the traditional "mandatum" but the post-conciliar "imperatum" of ecumenism, feminism and horizontalism.
    Thus far, we have witnessed a fair degree of humility on display for the general public to behold. Where doth all this lead us?

  11. TradDadof48:55 PM So many non-sequiturs I dont know where to begin.

    Bottom line: what Francis is already doing could just as easily be an argument that what the SSPX did in its "stubborness" was the right move.

  12. LOL @ dph5175

    The SSPX are the only ones in a harbor of safety. Fully Catholic and no one can harm them not even with another false excommunication. They are obviously protected by the Blessed Mother. Only the Society is untainted by all this Novus Ordo nonsense.

    I thank them daily for their fidelity and courage to keep the wolf out of their doorway. Because of them I too have a safe harbor.

  13. Common Sense8:58 PM

    Communication through a an action is quite often louder and clearer than words can describe. Does a flirting spouse have to say a word?

  14. Deo Gratias9:00 PM

    I'll bet the SSPX is breathing a huge sigh of relief right now. I that know I am.

  15. Some years ago I returned to the Church after several years hiatus. A priest "friend" of mine recruited me (a woman) to be part of the foot-washing at the mass of the Lord's Supper. I was uneasy with it but agreed. I have to say that during the liturgy I was horrified by what I had agreed to when, all along, I knew in my heart that this could not possibly be right. During the actual act, the priest and a lay person who was helping him were actually cracking jokes.
    Everything I have seen this new pope do in the past 2 weeks smacks of the same. God help us.

  16. And of course the cameras were right there to capture him kissing girls' feet.

  17. There are reports that one of the two young women is a Muslim. I wonder what her family and the local imam thinks of this: a man, let alone the Pope, touching and kissing her feet.
    I fear for her safety.

  18. dph5175@gmail.com9:14 PM

    Dear TradDadof4

    What??? We'll never now now will we? Either way you would have had more of a punch in the fold than as a protest body out of it. When I thought you were going to become a body within, such as the Ordinariate or Opus Dei I was genuinely excited and would have become a regular attendee of your liturgies. There was real excitement within my circle of friends who were mainly other priests and religious. You watched the ship sail by as the captain threw you ropes and complained that it didn't stop for you. This ship has now sailed and sadly for all of us you will have no input in her final destination. As for'll no doubt see them where they most salve your conscience! In this little spat nobody wins...but your absence has no doubt contributed to a potentially negative outcome.

  19. I just realized... Jesus washed the feet of non-Catholics... oh wait... never mind.

  20. Still feeling the horror of it9:15 PM

    MJ, that very same thing happened to me and I posted about it in another thread. You are not alone in your sad memory. I felt so awful. It was the same feeling (but not nearly as bad) as when I was a teenager and our new priest INSISTED that we take Holy Communion in the hand. That we should "give it a try". It was almost a mandate and so I did it and I looked down at the body of Jesus in my hand and I was absolutely HORRIFIED and never did that again and would have refused even if the priest persisted.

    I feel bad that you had to be subjected to the same horror of foot washing that I experienced. I'm so sorry.

  21. Corax9:18 PM

    The final evidence that we have a captain intent on driving us back onto the rocks.

    Sound General Quarters
    Brace for Impact
    Prepare to repel boarders

    This Raven was not born into either the Church or Tradition but he will defend them till the last breath has left his boy

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  23. Anonymous9:19 PM

    It truly is time for an "Old Latin Rite" ordinariate that would encompass all of the traditionalist groups and orders and would be under and answer to an appointed traditionalist bishop.

    Between the redefinition of Catholic morality, theology and liturgy, the scandals, the continuing resistance of many bishops to allow the traditional Mass, not to mention Pope Francis' redefinition of the papacy, as noted here:

    It is simply time for us to move on.


  24. A pope once suppressed the Jesuits (clement xiv);
    so naturally a jesuit appears to be suppressing the papacy.

  25. To "Still feeling the Horror of It" Thank you for your comments. Next week, after Easter, I am heading up to the closest SSPX Chapel that I can find, about an hours drive away. I have had all that I can take of the novus ordo circus.

  26. As far as I am concerned, this was outright disobedience by Francis of Church law, even though it was done at a Novus Ordo Mass. Francis has set the tone for disobedience and, in doing so, has undermined his own authority.

    As regards the SSPX, the only safety for anyone's soul is within the Church. As it is, they can do nothing to help the Church because they have no standing in canon law. I too believe they should have accepted Pope Benedict's offer. I don't believe the Church would have sunk down as far if they had not left in the first place. When that happened there were few left to battle against the modernism that has led to the election of Francis who appears by his own actions to be rejecting the papacy himself. Once he was just a disobedient Cardinal, now he sets the example for all to be disobedient to him.


    Your complaint is spurious.

    Any genuinely orthodox Roman Catholic Soxiety is much better placed from a position of independence than to be vulnerable to every episcopal ruse in the name of liberal modernism and compromise.
    The Indult Societies are now in a much worse position from this perpsective. Already, hamstrung by their inability to critica;lly appraise the vatican councils of 1962-5, they are ever more exposed to the trends and preferences of the current papacy.
    As Archbishop Lefebvre made it quite clear in his address to the priests at Econe in 1991 it was impossible for "Eternal" Rome and liberal modernist Rome to find common ground. Nothing has changed since then as the recent "dialogue" between The vatican and The SSPX demonstrated. Once you accept the councils without preconditions then you can no longer be a bulwark against the enemies of the church. This has become an impossibility.
    The SSPX is much better where it is for the present. This is why it is where it is.

  28. Common Sense9:36 PM

    Dear dph 5175, try to look from lighthouse standpoint. The SSPX still has a supply of oil for their lanterns, whereas the others were left on the sinking Titanic, like the five foolish virgins in the gospel who ran out of oil.

  29. dph5175... What is all this nonsense about blaming the SSPX for what is now taking place? Would things be any different if the SSPX had some official but marginalized status in the Church? That is lunacy! The Vatican II Revolution is just playing itself out, nothing more. These are the just the last gasps of a religion that is bored with itself. Just pray, and ignore this tomfoolery.

  30. nanetteclaret9:39 PM

    Because the Pope did not change the norms before flouting them, he will have no moral authority to tell anyone else what to do. I don't see how he can "clean up the curia," if indeed that is really what he was selected to do. Who will obey him now? And what good are norms and standards if the one entrusted with them flouts them?

  31. Maybe this is time for me to accept and embrace the reform. I'd like the Latin Mass to stay. But maybe God and I have different opinions, and he is the one who will lead the Church. We'll see.

  32. I smell a rat9:44 PM

    I dunno. I find it pretty suspect that a last minute decision to go to this prison netted four politically correct pair of feet for him to wash. What did they do, tell the warden "Look. We need female prisoners and preferably muslim. If you don't have any, go out and get some." This was too well choreographed to fit a Leftwing, anti-Catholic agenda. I smell an orchestrating rat.

  33. Robbie9:47 PM

    What has caught me off guard these last two weeks is the seeming desire of Francis to cast aside tradition. It started with mozzetta and has continued in almost every way since. Washing the feet of a Muslim in a prison on Holy Thursday is just another example.

    Outsiders might say this is a great thing, but it's not the job of a Pope to realign the religion in his own vision. Tradition is a outward sign of the faith and the message Francis seems to be sending is the faith has been on the wrong path.

    I think we can all agree the Church has been on the wrong path over the last 50 years, but must so many of the papal traditions be thrown overboard in such a short period of time? Will the lack of the mozzetta, red shoes, or not living in the Papal apartments change the Church for the better?

    I hope, with time, Francis comes to realize tradition and the outward signs of the Papacy are a good and worthy thing. But what if he doesn't? What if the vast majority of the Cardinals in the next conclave share his low Church views? Then what?

    Regardless, we should all remain hopeful. In 1978, even after 20 years John XXIII and Paul VI, there were still nearly enough Cardinals to give us Cardinal Siri. Let's hope that Francis reverses course or the future will bring tradition back to the forefront.

  34. Dominic9:48 PM

    At this point, anyone not already attending an SSPX chapel should seriously consider joining. It's only going to go downhill from here. The second great western schism is about to happen soon.

  35. Just as I started to think that Vatican II crazies were on their way out, we got Papa Pancho.

  36. Candor Mountain9:49 PM

    If Pope Francis can manage to get rid of the Vatican Bank and thereby remove the main obstacle to the Church's moral restoration, these "Novus Ordo settings" could be resolved easily.

  37. CatholicBuckeye9:50 PM

    Oh Rorate, stop being so "self-referential." We must realize what could have been, had only Jesus had as much "humility" as this "bishop of rome." Benedict, JPII, Jesus... they all could have learned from this guy's "humility" and "humbleness" at least that's what I'm taking from all this talk in public about "simplicity."

    I could have respected him a lot more had he just gone through the formal process of changing the N.O. rubrics, even though I would have disagreed vehemently against such changes, instead of just giving an unhumble, symbolic middle finger to the Missal as well as his papal predecessors.
    Regardless, I would still submit to you that the "Seals & Croft" music being strummed in the background was just as offensive as yet another papal effort at winning the world's approval and applause.

    Please forgive us, Oh Lord, for we are a sinful and wicked people! We get our just desserts, no doubt, but please extend your mercy to us. How much longer and more can we stand to bare? How much worse must it get?

    No matter how hard I try to give the benefit of the doubt, or assume best intentions, I'm still, in the end, made to feel like a naive fool. This truly has been the most wrecking Lent in my 31 year lifetime!

    Finally, to the SSPXers, instead of crawling on your knees in thanksgiving for a Pope such as Benedict, your unwillingness and hardened hearts were too much for Benedict to bare, and he obviously made a rash mistake in abdicating, and now, SSPX, your even worse off than before Benedict! Nonetheless, Benedict's mistaken abdication thwarted the will of the Holy Spirit, (who had a hand in electing Benedict) and He has sent us Francis as the Church's penance!

  38. Don M9:53 PM


  39. Maybe its just me but I always thought the reform of the reform was to come from the bottom up. We keep thinking short term, and trust me I would love to see all the traditional aspects of the faith return, its the long term game plan we should be focused on, good and bad popes will come the church will remain either way. My two cents build the reform of the reform chapel by chapel, church by church and surely we will get it cathedral by cathedral someday (even if its 100+ years ahead and we never see the restoration, which we can see the seedlings of now)

  40. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Next step: woman/girls as servants in papal masses?

  41. Anonymous9:58 PM


    I am right behind you. Easter Sunday is my LAST in the novus ordo.

    Shame on me for ever leaving the SSPX and thinking that the Church finally was getting its act together.


  42. We are experiencing the same type of revolution as that of the time of the Arian heresy.

    St. Jerome wrote, "the whole world groaned and marvelled to find itself Arian"

    Now we can say, "the whole world groaned and marvelled to find itself Modernist"

    Hopefully someone like St. Athanasius will show up.

  43. Common Sense10:01 PM

    The former H.H. BXVI ordered 'proposal' torwards SSPX was this: now let me tie your hands behind your backs, muzzle your speech, so now you can be ready to fight the modernism!

  44. Yet more scandalous novelty flowing from the Hippie Council, aka the Judas Council, aka the Second Vatican Council.

    When's Assisi IV?

  45. figulus10:05 PM

    Mihi magno misterio videtur hoc in situ qui se pro fidelibus adiuvandis praebet interlocutoribus querendum esse de pedibus mulierum lustrandis! His plurimis annis verbum "vir" in operibus lectionibus precibus publicis indicare tam virum quam feminam semper et docuit et docet (ut fratrum usum semper fratrum sororumque)mater nostra ecclesia. Constat quod qui auctoritatem habeant inter genera discrimen ea fungantur. Sed discrimine non plane dedicto, Christo omnibus passo, necesse est amplecti fideles omnes verbo "vir"

    Et, quaeso, ut quis me certiorem faceret de musulmanorum conturbatione. Quid significare possit Christi nostri et mulieris Samaritani sermo quibus tenetur ille caritatis saluteque actus Petrinus dedecus esse? Quanto dolori eius Matri quae ut omnes Christum, natum suum et cognoscant et vita aeterna fruantur tantum vult haec scripta sub Christi excruciati imagine causa esset!

  46. Lautensack10:08 PM

    Do you really think that there are many priests under 60 who would regard such a liturgy as inspiration for their own parishes?

    If a pope wants to cater for a clientele of ageing hippies (and I fervently hope that other sides of his ministry will be more fruitful), then those who are not ageing hippies will simply look away in amusement or disgust (depending on the temperament).

  47. Finally, to the SSPXers, instead of crawling on your knees in thanksgiving for a Pope such as Benedict, your unwillingness and hardened hearts were too much for Benedict to bare, and he obviously made a rash mistake in abdicating, and now, SSPX, your even worse off than before Benedict! Nonetheless, Benedict's mistaken abdication thwarted the will of the Holy Spirit, (who had a hand in electing Benedict) and He has sent us Francis as the Church's penance!


    What utter nonsense.

    To have accepted Benedict XVI's invitation to return to the Church would have obliged the SSPX to accept the same Vatican II poison that has brought Her to her knees.

    Drowning men often cling onto those who would rescue them, dragging them down to destruction....such would have been the fate of the SSPX as it faced the Bergoglio papacy from a weakened position within the Church.

    Stop blaming the SSPX because they will not accept your contagion.

    The Church is eternal, and the SSPX will return when God wills it.

  48. Piers Martial10:10 PM

    It is worth reading what Father Blake has to say:

  49. Ugh, that music. And poor Msr. Marini was present for it. I have no doubt he informed Pope Francis of the rubrics he was about to break before getting brushed off, as with every other tradition our Holy Father has seemed intent on breaking. He continues to refuse to wear the fisherman's ring most of the time as well, choosing to wear his silver episcopal ring instead.

  50. "...Your stubbornness and intransigence have bequeathed to the whole Church this papacy and I absolutely seethe to read your bickering about Francis' obvious rejection of the "reform of the reform" in comment boxes on websites such as this...."


    Not quite so much as I seethe to read ignorant and ill-informed cant from NO Catholics as they seek to blame the SSPX for a situation that is not of their making.

    To seek to blame the SSPX for the NO cardinals' election of Cardinal Bergoglio is offensive in the extreme.

    How much worse would things be if the SSPX was a emasculated, broken thing, fully within the Church yet gagged and bound by Benedict's insistence on its acceptance of Vatican II?

    Have you petitioned for a Traditional Latin Mass in your diocese, and followed up to make sure that an acceptable, propitiatory TLM is available to your fellow faithful?

    Lobbied your local bishop to support the FSSP?

    Written to Rome to let them know of your concerns about the state of the Church?

    Moved to be closer to an FSSP Mass Centre?

    Regularly attended a TLM and taken traditional Catholic instruction?


    Then don't blame the SSPX for a situation of your own making.

  51. Watcher10:27 PM

    "Hopefully someone like St. Athanasius will show up."

    He already has. His name was Abp. Marcel Lefebvre.

  52. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Someone on the other thread said:
    "If the Pope will not obey the law of the Church – why should anybody else?"

    Precisely. Doesn't anyone realize the message he has just given?

    I wish this was all a bad dream, but it is not. I still can't believe it is all happening.


  53. Prof. Basto10:55 PM

    Important: Prof. Roberto de Mattei on the new Pope:

    One highlight:

    "Il volume El jesuita. Conversaciones con el cardenal Jorge Bergoglio (Vergara, Buenos Aires 2010, a cura di Sergio Rubin e Francesca Ambrogetti), delinea già il volto di un papabile, e merita di essere conosciuto. Meno nota è la reazione indignata che a quel volume ha dedicato uno studioso argentino di orientamento tradizionale, Antonio Caponnetto (La Iglesia traicionada, Editorial Santiago Apostol, Buenos Aires 2010). Né si potrà capire chi è il nuovo Pontefice, senza conoscere il giudizio che di lui dà il padre Juan Carlos Scannone, un gesuita, discepolo di Karl Rahner, che lo ha avuto come allievo e che ascrive l’arcivescovo di Buenos Aires alla “scuola argentina” della teologia della liberazione (la Croix, 18 marzo 2013).

    L’“opzione preferenziale dei poveri” del card. Bergoglio si radica in particolare nell’insegnamento di Lucio Gera e Rafael Tello, gli esponenti di una “teologia del popolo”, caratterizzata dalla sostituzione della prassi della povertà alla ideologia della rivoluzione armata. Carlos Pagni, analizzando, sulla Nación del 21 marzo il “Método Bergoglio para gobernar”, spiega la ragione teologica per cui la “periferia” occupa il posto centrale nel paesaggio ideologico dell’arcivescovo Bergoglio. I poveri per lui non sono una realtà sociologica da aiutare, ma un soggetto teologico da cui apprendere: “Questa attitudine pedagogica ha una radice religiosa: la relazione del popolo con Dio sarebbe più genuina perché manca di contaminazioni materiali”. Anche Maurizio Crippa sul Foglio del 23 marzo (La povertà è un segno teologico, non sociologia) sottolinea questo aspetto, ricordandone le remote ascendenze: “La posta in palio è sempre trasformare la chiesa nel popolo dei poveri in cammino, meglio se autoconvocato: dai Poveri di Lione, detti poi valdesi, a tutte le correnti ortodosse o ereticali che attraversano il Medioevo, gli Umiliati e Fra’ Dolcino, con deviazioni che arrivano fino a Tolstoj, e su su in un percorso di spoliazione e rigenerazione che ritorna identico dalle ‘Cinque piaghe della santa chiesa’ di Antonio Rosmini – la quinta è proprio ‘La servitù dei beni ecclesiastici’ – alle teologie della chiesa povera conciliari”.

    Si tratta di temi che sarebbe utile approfondire. Ma in fondo non è questo il punto. La vita di un uomo, anche di un Papa, non si misura con i gesti del passato, cambia ogni giorno e ogni giorno può essere azzerata da svolte, maturazioni, direzioni di cammino nuove e impreviste.
    Ogni svolta di pontificato, piuttosto che sollecitare quegli interrogativi a cui solo il futuro può rispondere, dovrebbe offrire l’occasione per meditare su ciò che il nuovo eletto rappresenta; di riflettere sul papato come istituzione, più che sul Papa come personaggio. E questo soprattutto in un momento in cui, tra l’11 febbraio e il 13 marzo del 2013, sembra essere stata profondamente ferita la stessa costituzione del papato."

  54. Floreat said "the SSPX will return when God wills it". That suggests that God willed the SSPX to leave in the first place. Utter nonsense. If everybody did what the SSPX did there would be no Church left at all, just a bunch of little groups like SSPX doing things their way. As it is, the Church is kept going by the small remnant of traditional people in the Church who are ensuring that the tradition of the Church is handed down from generation to generation. Anyone who wishes to leave the Church and join SSPX can do so as they have free will. The Church has survived bad Popes before and will do so again.

  55. I wish my Antiochian Orthodox bishop would wash the feet of those for whom Jesus died. He presided at the Divine Liturgy perfectly.

  56. 2 Thessalonians 2:14
    Therefore, brethren, stand fast; and hold the traditions which you have learned, whether by word, or by our epistle.

    If it is true that Il Papa Francesco washed the feet of 2 non-believing women, then his disdain for the Traditions of the Church have reached the level of diabolical. So much for Peter honoring the actions of Our Lord Jesus Christ and his Apostles on this the day which commemorates the institution of the Priesthood and the Mass.


    Lex orandi, lex credendi--the law of prayer is the law of belief. So a man acts liturgically, so he believes in his head. Dear God have mercy on the earth because Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a monster making a mockery of the Petrine Office to the glee of the entire world and most importantly, to the enemies of God's church.

  57. At last a pope with the courage to implement the spirit of vatican 2.

  58. Floreat, guilt is behind most ignorant and unreasonable comments against the SSPX. Think about that and what that guilt implies. When someone foams at the mouth against what is obviously good and holy, such as the Latin Mass and those who defend it, it usually means they have a devil inside them.

  59. Jason C.11:17 PM

    Don't know why everyone thinks this is the end of the world or the undoing of Matthew 16:18--yes it's embarrassing and tackily retro. I wonder if folks' reaction is a generational thing: most people on this 'blog probably have no conception of the years 1978-2005, when crap like this went on all the time. You just didn't have it immediately at your fingertips; it was joked about or wept over in the narthex over donuts or read about in some crusty, photocopied newsletter, weeks or months after the event had happened, or your friends and family who'd left the Church made fun of you for it.

    So don't take it personally and prophecy the eschaton--chances are most of us aren't the most important person in the world. We get good popes, we get bad popes, and we only have a promise of no error-teaching popes. It's not much, but it's everything.

  60. Anonymous: I too once attended the LM overseen by the Inst. of Christ the King, however; at that time I did not understand the difference between them and the SSPX, nor did I understand the term concilliar church. I do now.

  61. You know what, my friends? I actually think his heart is in the right place. He's trying to figure out some way, ANY way, to bring the world back to Our Dear Lord.

    But like every Pope over the last 50 years, with the possible exception of our beloved Pope Emeritus, he keeps missing the point. He overlooks the ONLY way it will ever happen: the daily renewal on our Catholic altars of the Sacrifice of our dear, sweet Jesus. That always has been, and still is, our only hope.

    A blessed and holy Triduum and Easter to you all.

    1. Orate Fratres11:58 PM

      Maybe I am missing something here but can someone direct me to the passage that says all of this is going to be easy least and without any type of trial whatsoever. Yes things have been difficult for the last 50 years with too much change, but it has been a cake walk given our Catholic history. Look at the early persecutions, the martyrs, Irelands history, the holy land. Our beautiful Church which belongs to Jesus Christ is under attack and unfortunately the battle is now inside the Church itself. my own guess, and it is only a guess, is that Pope Francis has either been warned not to go straight into the Papal Apartments or he is afraid to do so. Why afraid? Because the apartments may need to be swept and cleared prior to him entering. I don't know but it does seem plausible.

  62. Today my 15yo asked if we could join SSPX. I retorted that we've got to stay and fight, pray and carry on. Francis (not sure what to call him now, as he continuously avoids calling HIMSELF Pope) is scandalizing the young now. Bizarre!

  63. I am so confused. I want to believe that the Church is going to be restored & survive. I thought Pope Benedict was re-constructing & that the elderly Pope Francis had some means of bringing us back to tradition. He's pro-life at least. why am I so grateful for a few crumbs of goodness from him? Pretty sure going back to the SSPX & giving up on the Mainstream church is the only option. Very sad and afraid. How are we supposed to know what to do??????

  64. But the altar kept the Benedictine arrangement!

  65. Gosh, you quote ANTIGONE... a filthy WOMAN!!!!
    (How pathetic can you get?)
    Look how they love each other!

  66. Patrick11:41 PM

    " said...

    Dear SSPX you had nearly a decade of Pope Benedict who sought and no doubt fought to have you regularised within the Church."

    It seems to me that the SSPX wisely saw the pontificate of Benedict XVI as the anomaly it proved to be and avoided being stuck in this present mess which literally gets worse by the day.

  67. J.G.Ratkaj11:42 PM

    The revolutionary Papacy of Pope Francis is the full implementation of Vatican II and its final triumph. Given the coverage of this franciscan liturgy in the prison the attitude of ven. Pope Paul VI would have been interpreted as "archconservative" by a neutral observer.

  68. Father Leonard Feeney prophectically predicted this in 1950 long before the SSPX arrived. He saw where this ecumenism (called interfaith back then) was leading.

  69. Ora et Labora11:45 PM

    Not too long ago I made a comment on the posting the "The Two Popes"
    here at Rorate Caeli; I was agreeing with Isaacson' who said of Francis Bishop of Rome "There is something very peculiar about the man but I cannot put my finger on it".

    Well I think I have identified what is bothering me about Francis. You see he's NOT doing things in the name of "humility", Francis is being OPENLY DEFIANT to Tradition in the Church .

    FRANCIS IS OPENLY DISMANTLING THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN THE NAME OF "HUMILITY" and the worse part is that he knows what he's doing.


    I admit that the Pope washing the feet of a girl is not upsetting me as much. Our Lord Jesus come to serve, AND women like men, are part of the body of Christ.

    Please allow me to clarify I'm not saying I approve of this new ACT OF HUMILITY from Francis.

    This is a small issue BUT IT CAN, AND IT WILL BECOME A BIGGER PROBLEM for the Church when we ADD ALL THE CHANGES DURING THE FIRST 2 weeks of Francis's Pontificate.

    This is just beginning folks.

    I hope Rorate Caeli will allow my comment and will permit all of us to voice our concerns and criticisms of what is happening in Rome.
    Francis is not going to listen, but peharps we can SOUND THE ALARM to Catholics all over the world or at least to those that want to listen of the GREAT DANGER the Catholic Church is facing during the Papacy of Francis.

    Mary Help of Christians pray for us!!!

    p.s. How I wish at this very moment the SSPX would have come in into the Church when Benedict XVI gave them the opportunity to come in....because we need as many Traditionalists groups within the Church to help educate Catholics during this VERY PUBLIC DEMOLITION OF CATHOLICISM.

  70. Anonymous11:46 PM

    ''At last a pope with the courage to implement the spirit of vatican 2.''
    Since there is no such thing as ''the spirit of vatican 2'', i can only deduce that the present Bishop of Roma is implementing the will of another spirit, the same one which tried to convince our Lord to use his divine powers in a spectacular but human, not divine, way. That spirit lost the battle with Christ, for Christ's human will submitted itself to His divine will. Has the present Bishop of Rome, under the influence of some spirit, begun to do his own will, instead of submitting his will to the Divine Will? The 12 chosen are supposed to represent the 12 apostles. Better to wash the feet of twelve christian beggars - if not of 12 priests - than to wash the feet of infidel mohameddans. When will this philo-islamic madness in the Vatican end? it seems only to be increasing: whereto will it lead the Church? I shudder to think.

  71. Jan, those of the SSPX never left the Church. They are not outside the Church. The SSPX is outside the Church while the likes of Mahony are in it? Impossible.

  72. Common sense11:51 PM

    Jan, traditional minded people follow precisely what they preach: Tradition. Last time I checked, my practise in latter days squares up with Tradition I've known in my youth. Venerable Pius XII followed the same path.Your coment in relation to SSPX sounds more like irrelevent grudge.

  73. Luisa, actually it is Sophocles, but from Antigone (though not a line from her character...).

    Actually, Antigone is perfect as it recalls that there are traditions from our ancestors grounded on things much greater than us, deeper than our sentiments, that are greater, much greater, than any personal whim - among so many other great lessons...

  74. Patrick12:01 AM

    One more thing. It could only be me but I watched the Palm Sunday Mass in St. Peter's square and I found it creepy that when the popemobile first came out among the adoring crowds that Pope Francis just SAT there looking grimly ahead. No acknowledgement of the people, no blessings, no nothing. Ramsesses II would have reacted more warmly. Perhaps His Holiness was vexed at having to wear a cope. Whatever the reason I feel sorry for those secretaries and assistants who must deal with him out of the limelight.

  75. William12:04 AM

    J.G.Ratkaj said …
    "The revolutionary Papacy of Pope Francis is the full implementation of Vatican II and its final triumph." (emphasis added)

    Full, final? On the evidence of the last couple of weeks?

    You ain't seen nuthin' yet.

  76. Aquinas12:24 AM

    Look at me- I'm so humble (and innovative). Parce domine!

  77. Anonymous12:31 AM

    Thank you for Sofocles !
    As for Papal Apartment: they have been all cleaned up during these 2 weeks. Francis has decided to stay at Sancta Marta "to live with other priests and Vatican clerks"
    Rosa, Milan, Italy

  78. Wakey! Wakey! people!12:31 AM


    Thank you.

  79. Hank Igitur12:46 AM

    The NO church will shortly collapse into a complete new order free for all, without rules or direction.

    All bets are now off with Father Frank Bergoglio (surely humility will preclude him from using such titles as Bishop, Cardinal, Pope).

    I am waiting for parrilla masses, Bergoglio on a bicycle, bishop of Rome dressed in hessian, dynamiting of St Peter's (no brick by brick process here), women cardinals, masses in mosques, Rabbis concelebrating, Vatican III, IV, why stop there, etc.

    New Church is being taken to the gates of Hell by its humble leader.

    Someone down below must be stoking the fires of Hell with evil glee.

  80. RC, how very wise and practicle. Your three statements above are straightforward and simple. We should approach just about anything in daily life with these three tenets in mind.

    God bless and prayers for your mother and you at this blessed time of Holy Triduum.


  81. Jack O'Malley1:06 AM

    There is no longer a Patriarch of the West (Benedict XVI). There is only the Bishop of Rome (Francis). He who is Primus inter Pares (Francis again). The adherents of the immemorial Tridentine Mass are merely tolerated (Benedict XVI). The Church is a shambles. (All the post-V2 popes).

    I was educated at a Jesuit university in the 1960's. After that Council. I saw first hand what the jebbies did even before the official evisceration of the Mass under Bugnini and Montini. Tantum Ergo and O Salutaris out. Kumbaya muh Lawd in. And now a Jesuit, speciously emulating St. Francis, sits on the papal throne. Well, the papal armchair, to be precise. He was not crowned but "installed" or "inaugurated". Ominous auguries! He has not even been enthroned in his own Basilica. Nor taken up residence in the papal apartments. He is "humble". He spurns the mozzetta, the stole, the pallium. Humilis! Vae, humilitatis hybris! Did the Publican vaunt his humility like the Pharisee? Ostentatious humility is the mortal sin of pride. Lei ode, Santità? O è Papa Orgoglio, non Bergoglio, Lei?

    And now this shameful perversion of the Mandatum to start the Triduum Sacrum. Washing the feet of women and enemies of the Faith.

    E ritu Missae Solemnis Vespertinae in Cena Domini hanc lecturam ex Evangelio Iohannis lingua antiqua SRE scriptam praebeo:

    ... surgit a cena, et ponit vestimenta sua, et cum accepisset linteum, praecinxit se. Deinde mittit aquam in pelvim, et coepit lavare pedes discipulorum, et extergere linteo, quo erat praecinctus. Venit ergo ad Simonem Petrum. Et dicit ei Petrus: «Domine, tu mihi lavas pedes?» Respondit Iesus, et dixit ei: «Quod ego facio, tu nescis modo, scies autem postea». Dicit ei Petrus: «Non lavabis mihi pedes in aeternum». Respondit ei Iesus: «Si non lavero te, non habebis partem mecum». Dicit ei Simon Petrus: «Domine, non tantum pedes meos, sed et manus et caput».

    Dicit ei Iesus: «Qui lotus est, non indiget nisi ut pedes lavet, sed est mundus totus. Et vos mundi estis, sed non omnes». Sciebat enim quisnam esset qui traderet eum; propterea dixit: Non estis mundi omnes. Postquam ergo lavit pedes eorum, et accepit vestimenta sua, cum recubuisset iterum, dixit eis: «Scitis quid fecerim vobis? Vos vocatis me Magister et Domine, et bene dicitis; sum etenim. Si ergo ego lavi pedes vestros, Dominus et Magister: et vos debetis alter alterius lavare pedes. Exemplum enim dedi vobis, ut, quemadmodum ego feci vobis, ita et vos faciatis».

    (The translation is in any traditional missal.)

    "Do you know what I have done to you?" This is the true rite of the the Mandatum. Christ washed the feet of his priests and ordered them to do the same. Not the feet of paupers or women or Mohammedans. Peter did not know then but knew later. His successor evidently does not know, or else rejects the teaching.

    I'm done in. In fact, I'm just about done.

    Sed quo vadam, Domine? Illuc ex quo lux? Viam ostende tu ac sequar ego.

  82. Cyril1:10 AM

    Hank Igitur,

    It's worse than you think:

  83. Jan: “God willed the SSPX to leave in the first place.”
    I don’t think the SSPX “left”. The modernists in Rome pushed the SSPX out to the sidelines because it was raining on their parade. Don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t do anything that you or the Church has done for centuries before VCII. Accepting the pre-conditions (for “regularization”) set by the pevious pope would have been tantamount, or pretty close to, in my view, an early Christian putting just a tiny pinch of incense in the temple of a false god to gain temporal freedom.
    The new pope loves this world’s admiration and approval. When the world heaps praises on him it means he needs to have a hard look at what he is really accomplishing: saving, or losing souls? I would not be surprised if he couldn’t be bothered. It seems appearances are paramount to him.

  84. Benedicta1:12 AM

    I think that if Pope Francis were truly humble he would not allow the cameras to be there filming him.

  85. A. M. D. G.1:14 AM

    Ted said...
    And of course the cameras were right there to capture him kissing girls' feet.

    And why shouldn't they be there? Cover up the scandal by ignoring the obvious?

    Brick by brick!

  86. Carolus1:15 AM

    Princeps legibus solutus est.

    Very humble.

  87. Ricardo Costa1:31 AM

    Hi everybody,

    Im brazilian catholic and im a Frates in Unum blog reader too.

    Sorry, my english is not so good. I supposed it's for first time i make a comment here..

    On the Pope Francis according text:

    I don't expect great stuff come from this Pope about to tradition catholic church. But i know is possibily by mercy of God that it can happen. From now on, i think better break up some critics comments, instead of to pray him, and doing penance for sinners.

    In Christ,


  88. El Cid1:38 AM

    "We rise as a result of bringing this movement into ordinary life—that we not allow our gaze to be captivated by everyday things, but rather emerge above them, daring to go beyond the horizontal to the vertical movement which brings us to the living God, to the Risen One. In this way, we force the world open anew, so that the gate which He has opened is made visible, so that Heaven shines into the world. And only in this way can the world be inhabitable and human: by becoming more than human, by opening itself to the divine, to the grace of the Risen One."

    --Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, 1990

  89. Matthew1:54 AM

    As goes Rome, so goes the Church...

    I spent some years of my life, during the pontificate of John Paul II, serving as an organist and choir director of a large, suburban parish. My nature of my position also required me to be a part of the parish liturgy committee. While I would often interject teachings on liturgy from church documents (primarily from Vatican II's Sacrosanctum Concilium or from the GIRM), it was a common objection, "that's not how the Pope does it." Of course, they were right. To the members of the liturgy committee, the Papal Masses were the living guidance and true interpretation of the documents. I suppose one cannot entirely blame them for this understanding. For the Pope's liturgies should be the standard by which we model our cathedral liturgies by which we model our parish liturgies.

    The point is, to the average Catholic, it becomes difficult to object to aberrations in the liturgy when the Pope is permitting or even encouraging them. I mean, are we holier than the Pope?

    So "brick by brick", you will now see parishes reverting to the liturgies they had prior to Benedict's papacy. The reform of the reform will now be reformed again. Whether or not these reforms will be thrust upon the 1962 missal remain to be seen. But I wouldn't doubt it.


  90. Blessed Easter to all!2:06 AM

    Welcome back, NC - hope your mother is better - thank you all at Rorate for all you do. Hope everyone remembers not to fret over evil doers. Trust in the Lord, do manfully & let thy heart take courage. (i.e. keep on doing what you're doing)

  91. Anonymous2:34 AM

    I have to apologize. I thought the reaction to the new Pope was "out of hand" at this site, but now I am not so sure. Glory to Jesus Christ!
    Frances N.

  92. The very heart and soul of our Faith, our culture, our civilization, and our world...

    Most merciful and loving Jesus, bless us.

  93. I would not recommend trying to judge whether the SSPX were right or wrong to refuse to sign something last June, when we still haven't seen what they were asked to sign.

  94. a priest3:13 AM

    I am so disillusioned by this pontificate; the direction he is going (completely against Benedict XVI and the hermeneutic of continuity) and the speed with which the Holy Father is going. Everything is so rapid and at his own whim, even where we might disagree with what Paul VI or JP II did they were not making abrupt changes within the first few days. Even Benedict XVI, whom we love and miss, went along with the way things were for about a year or so before he very subtly began making changes and putting things in a distinctive direction.

    I predict that there will even be changes on what we had previously considered 'non negotiables' under this pontificate. Who knows what he is capable of doing; previous statements on matters such as gay marriage and contraception were said when he was towing the line during the previous pontificate.

    I feel like I'm back in the seminary with the same old shallow criticisms of a liberal faculty that if you care about beauty and tradition in the liturgy, you are automatically against the poor or an aloof and uncaring clerical snob. Outrageous!

    I am also sick and tired of this [contradictory] business of Pope Francis being praised and celebrated for his "humility". Letterman had it right a few days ago when in his opening monologue he joked (something along the lines) about how Pope Francis is so humble and will tell you about it.

  95. Donnacha3:30 AM

    After his first appearance on the loggia of St. Peter's, the evening should have closed with "a fat lady singing"... Each event just drives that fact home all the more!

  96. andrew russo4:23 AM

    Am I the ONLY one who sees this? Bergoglio refuses the mozetta, the papal throne, the red shoes, the gold pectoral cross, the papal miter, the apartments, even the title. Maybe he realizes that he is not pope, that Benedict's resignation was forced and thus completely invalid and that the poor man currently incarcerated at Castelgandolfo is still the Vicar of Christ.

  97. Wormwood said...

    "Jan: “God willed the SSPX to leave in the first place.”
    I don’t think the SSPX “left”. The modernists in Rome pushed the SSPX out to the sidelines because it was raining on their parade... Accepting the pre-conditions (for “regularization”) set by the pevious pope would have been tantamount, or pretty close to, in my view, an early Christian putting just a tiny pinch of incense in the temple of a false god to gain temporal freedom.
    The new pope loves this world’s admiration and approval."


    Not the Society
    Or bad Cardinals inclined
    The brand new Pope
    Humble fashioned-designed

    Could have regularized
    With no strings attached
    He held the Keys
    Could have ordered, dispatched --

    But had Pilate's syndrome
    Washed his hands and declined
    Therefore, so-to-speak
    His Holiness resigned.

  98. Prof. Basto5:00 AM

    This whole atmosphere that we are being force to live since March 13 is absolutely not conducive to holiness.

    We are forced to question the Pope's orthodoxy, for he appears heterodox.

    This liturgical Rupture that he is promoting under the guise of simplicity clearly indicates adherence to a liberal model of Church that is not orthodox. Then we read about leanings towards aspects of Liberation Theology. Then we see heretics ovejoyed. And the innovations continue, rapidly evolving within weeks to the level of patent disregard to the (unmodified) law of the Church, in the most solemn days of the liturgical Calendar.

    And then, indeed, a massive abandonment of the exterior signs of the Papal Office (the proper Appartment, the Mozzetta, the shoes, the proper Pectoral Cross). The Pope refused to receive the obedience of all his Cardinals, as prescribed in the newly adapted rite of Installation revised by his Predecessor, opting instead to receive the homage of a handful of cardinals. The Pope fails even to preach homilies from the Cathedra or chair of the principal Celebrant, and to wear the Mitre during the Sermon, as prescribed by Caerimoniale Episcoporum...

    One misses not only the days of Benedict XVI but even the days of John Paul II.

    And then, given the bizzarre act of the Resignation, and ideas such as those of Prof Radaelli, one starts to think about scenarios such as the one described by Mr. Andrew Russo, above.

    Not at all conducive to holiness and tranquility of the soul. A Blessed triduum to you all.

  99. Andrew Russo, not going to lie, your post gave me some thoughts.

  100. Maybe the Buenos Aires press has got it right when they call him El Papa Peronista. Even if he was/is a "Right Peronist" as is said, it still means third way thinking.

  101. Matthew said, "To the members of the liturgy committee, the Papal Masses were the living guidance and true interpretation of the documents."

    It's curious as to how many people tried, or hesitated, to imitate Benedict's example and how many more are going to rush to imitate this Pope. Are they going to maintain what they've developed so far or tear it all down again with Francis? I guess all this modernist-style stuff went into remission with Benedict and now it's come raging back.


  102. CatholicBuckeye said, "Finally, to the SSPXers, instead of crawling on your knees in thanksgiving for a Pope such as Benedict..."

    Really? I don't see Francis crawling on his knees either and should rightfully be before Almighty God. Floreat was right. Ignorant!

  103. Anchorite,

    You are absolutely correct. My 15 boy y/o admires solemnity, not mamsy pamsy idiocracy and silliness in the Church!

    Kids aren't stupid. You think anyone is going to return to the faith by such shenanigans?

  104. Actions speak louder than words. And Pope Francis' actions and words give the same message

  105. O passi graviora, dabit deus his quoque finem.

  106. René Petit7:49 AM

    No Andrew Russo, you are not alone to think what you think. I agree completely with you. It will be evident soon !

  107. René Petit8:20 AM

    Andew russo, I complete : The entire pontificate of pope Benedict and his flight must be seen at the light of what he said during his first homily as pope in april 2005 : " Pray for me, that I may not flee for fear of the wolve !"

  108. If laws don't matter anymore in the Church of Pope Francis, does that mean I can go to the SSPX now on sundays?
    Perhaps I should write him and ask.

  109. Three weeks in...and this?

    The whole situation could be amusing if only the subject matter was less serious, less sacred than that of the Mystical Body of Christ.

    Eight years! Eight short years and so many Catholics, even within the ranks of the Society itself, abandoned the real fight. "The crisis is over," they said. "Your supplied jurisdiction has no more justification. Your marriages are invalid and your confessions null. Make a deal with Rome and all will be well!"

    The state of today's Catholic Church is evident to all those with eyes to see. The sheer magnitude of this crisis dwarfs all those that have come before it.

    As time passes and the gravity of the apostasy worsens, the Society's position will become clearer. Even for the blind.

  110. Lynda9:08 AM

    Why would non-Catholics be at the Mass? They must have been persuaded to "take part" in order that some kind of political statement could be made. Surely only Catholics should be attending the Mass unless they were seeking to convert? I don't understand why Pope Francis would choose to make non-Catholics attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass so that he could have them participate in the Mandatum rite? Can someone explain to me how non-Catholics/non-Christians be part of this sacred rite during Holy Mass? If they are not converting, why would they be in attendance? It seems like it was contrived for political purposes and is in conflict with Tradition and the doctrine of the Church. Can anyone explain how it is in keeping with the doctrine of the Faith?? Please?

  111. Andrew Russo, no, I completely agree with you too. I think there is more to Benedict XVI's resignation and I also think that is why Francis has not taken even the Papal ring or Cross - he has only called himself Bishop of Rome.

  112. Benedict Carter9:13 AM

    Very noticeable that in the other blogs to which I contribute the dissenters, liberal destroyers and armchair strategists who had gone quiet under Benedict are now back in full force and in full flow, obviously feeling that the river is running their way.

    Whether its priestesses, married clergy or whatever, they are back in full clamour.

    Does this man not understand that, in driving a coach and horses through the established law and practice of the Church, as Supreme Legislator he doesn't have a leg to stand on when it comes to stopping others doing things he personally doesn't like?

    (That's the way of governing of a man ruled by emotion, by the way, and i think this is a key to Pope Francis.)

    Of COURSE the SSPX was right not be regularised yet! Those fulminating at the Society for staying away from the house cannot see (I think) that the fires still rage out of any control and the walls are finally about to fall.

    This Conciliarist Church deserves to collapse and collapse utterly. The Spirit of Revolution (which modern Catholics like to claim as the "Holy Spirit") rules.

    How to remain charitable when all one feels is total contempt for the Hierarchy which has given us this Revolution with all its hurt and pain, and nothing but disdain for the modern Catholic who for the most part sounds, talks, thinks and moves just like any other protestant heretic?

  113. AlbertdeTours10:19 AM


    Take it all down, brick by brick....

  114. Matthew11:42 AM

    I don't get the foot-kissing part. That's neither in the Gospels, nor in the rite.

    Am also wondering with Linda why non-Christians were integrated into Holy Thursday, which recalls a gathering of the Lord and his closest disciples. By all means, we should invite non-Christians to convert, but that seems not to have been among the criteria for choosing these pueri selecti.

    A Church was founded long ago on Holy Thursday. Was this a new founding? Of what?

    God bless the poor, but do we have to found a new church to serve them? Why do so precisely in an age when the charitable Church that already exists is being forced to choose between its Faith and its works of mercy? Between Faith and a role in the public square?

    The optics of this are very bad.

  115. capellanus11:43 AM

    The foot-washing ceremony, as inserted into the Mass under Pius XII, has troubled me for some time. This year I decided to omit it from the evening Mass: partly because I saw great pastoral benefit in doing while preaching about the holy Eucharist as the Reality of which the foot-washing ceremony is a figure; and partly because I had an intuition that Pope Francis was going to something along the lines of what he has done. I am glad that I took this course. I am sad and disappointed about what the Pope has done, but not surprised: he has done it before. I pray that God will give the Pope the grace to revere Tradition, which is our inheritance from Christ and the Apostles whose feet he washed.

  116. Patrick Gray11:48 AM

    Benedict - ys, the grinning New Theologians of the Balthasar ilk are springing up again like jack-in-the-boxes!

  117. Did anyone notice this in the homily at the Chrism Mass?

    "From the beauty of all these liturgical things, which is not so much about trappings and fine fabrics than about the glory of our God RESPLENDENT IN HIS PEOPLE alive and strengthened, we turn to a consideration of activity, action."...

    "some priests grow dissatisfied, become sad priests, lose heart and become in some sense collectors of ANTIQUES or novelties..

    Not only was this language a shot at the "High Church" approach to the V2 reforms, but also a hint that we're back to the theology of the Mass laid down in the infamous Article 7 of the 1969 General Instruction — Mass as "assembly of people," rather than sacrifice.

    The Pray-Tell Blog people, naturally, are delighted by all this.

  118. If laws don't matter anymore in the Church of Pope Francis, does that mean I can go to the SSPX now on sundays?
    Perhaps I should write him and ask.

    B, the Holy See has never forbidden the faithful to attend the SSPX, even on Sundays. See this previous statement from the Ecclesia Dei commission (albeit rather out of date in terms of referencing the excommunications):

    Admittedly, it has hardly encouraged people to attend either, but that's another argument.

    Wishing everyone the blessings of the sacred triduum.

  119. has he kept the Benedictine altar arrangement and communion kneeling and on tongue? there two things alone have the power to significantly shift the direction of catholic worship if continued

  120. Bill McEnaney12:41 PM

    Does Francis remind anyone else of what Pius X|| said about the suicide of altering the faith in the liturgy, rejecting the Church's finery, and so forth? I'm trying to take a wait-and-see attitude about the Holy Father. Sadly, I don't like what I see while I wait.

  121. Jo Buck1:01 PM

    Destroy this temple and I will rebuild it after three days (of darkness).


    I sat upon my back porch step
    One dark Good Friday noon
    And saw a robin red-breast rest
    To sing a soft sad tune.

    The melody it brought me tears
    As damp cool winds blew by.
    My soul it felt the stab of spears...
    My sins that made Him die.

    But robin of Good Friday noon
    Your blood-red breast reminds...
    That we must stop...confess our sins
    Now death...she holds no binds.

    And when on dark Good Friday noons
    Red-breasted robin sings,
    Confess your sins at Sacrament
    And sprout red-robin wings.

  123. Anonymous2:07 PM

    The problem is not the washing of a woman's feet per se, in my opinion. Pope Francis isn't advocating for women's ordination, or insinuating there were female apostles. I have no doubt it comes from a good, technically orthodox place.

    What concerns me most: well, two things.

    First, the Church's Supreme Legislator apparently feels that canons are mere go-bys and don't require adherence. As disconcerting as that is, frankly most of the Church's bishops act that way (ex: else Pelosi would regularly be denied Communion).

    I marvel at how MC Guido Marini has been brought low, forced to participate in the deconstruction of most of what he has given his life for.

    In the end, it's the callous disregard for canon law, and the apparent acceptance of Catholics (either gleeful or dejected as the case may be), that is WAY WAY more worrisome.


  124. Watcher2:36 PM

    andrew russo said...

    "Am I the ONLY one who sees this? Bergoglio refuses the mozetta, the papal throne, the red shoes, the gold pectoral cross, the papal miter, the apartments, even the title. Maybe he realizes that he is not pope, that Benedict's resignation was forced and thus completely invalid and that the poor man currently incarcerated at Castelgandolfo is still the Vicar of Christ."

    Andrew, I have been dealing with these very thoughts myself. IS this why the new Pope calls himself Bishop of Rome and not 'Pope'. In fact, in the few times he has evened dared to mention the papacy at all, I do not beleive it was in relation to himself but in general terms.

    He did not use the installation Mass for a new pope. He only had 6 cardinals profess their obedience at the Mass. Almost daily there are more things to add to the list.

    I fear 'something wicked this way comes'.

  125. I agree with Mr. Russo and have been pondering this as well. If His Holiness Benedict XVI was coerced and forced to abdicate, then the abdication would be invalid and we have an antipope but the question I have would be, is Francis being forced to play this part or is he going along?
    This is really shaping up to be a royal disaster, I pray this all will end and soon...

  126. Robbie2:49 PM

    Has Francis turned in the keys to the Vatican yet and begun saying Mass under a bridge in a poor part of Rome yet?

    Obviously, I jest, but who knows what we're in for over the next decade or so. My suspicion is the Catholic faith and Mass will become almost indistinguishable from Protestants faiths over the next decade. Cardinal Hummes said reform of the Mass was on the way.

    I think women as Deacons is on the way too and that will mean women as priests won't be far behind. Cardinal Hummes already told a Brazilian paper Francis would be open to listening about these ideas and celibacy as well.

    It wouldn't surprise me to see a Third Vatican Council convened in seven or eight years once the Pope has been able to appoint a good number of Cardinals. After all, Benedict appointed about half of the 115 voters in his eight years.

  127. Dear FR. Cekada. An astute observation. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

    BTW, I love your study, Work of Human Hands, and your wry and sly asides alone make the price justified.

    Fantastic effort. Kudos.

  128. I humbly disagree with Mr. Andrew Russo which would have been my wishful thinking. He is here to radically modify the institution of papacy as we know it. This is not a man that you want to cross paths. He is very strong minded and does as he pleases. No, Bergoglio knows quite well that he is the Bishop of Rome; and, he will rule with a rod of iron.

  129. andrew russo3:41 PM

    Also of concern are some of the comments Benedict made before his abdication, implying he might still be engaged in a passive ministry, although leaving the active one and that he was only giving up the exercise of power governing the Church. Now were these comments just more Vatican 2 mumbo-jumbo redefining the papacy or Morse code intended to communicate that he is still the Pope?

  130. @Michael:

    These recent liturgical events are disheartening, to be sure. But they change nothing of the current situation in any substantial matter. The root causes of the crisis were just as much present the day before they occurred as they are now, the day following. Scandals and reports of scandals shouldn't really have any bearing on the Society's position or place in the Church. Recall that Archbishop Lefebvre signed the 1988 protocol ("with real satisfaction") when the events of the original Assisi meeting were not a matter of history, but of current events.

    I'm not sure I've met a single traditionalist--Society-supporting or otherwise--who has claimed that the "crisis is over." There are those that claim that the Society's response to the crisis is not justified, or is no longer justified--but, that is an entirely different matter. To claim that those who disagree with the Society's very unprecedented response to a crisis in the Church are somehow blind and complacent in the face of the present crisis is to dogmatize a prudential and practical judgment. Such brash and unjustified dogmatization has never ended well in the history of the Church. Imagine the devastating results that would have occurred had such a hardening taken place during the Western Schism.


  131. Someone has floated the premise that Francis I's elevation was pre-ordained by a coterie of cardinals prior to the actual Conclave.

    The alacrity with which he is imposing 'his way' would tend to support that premise. Prudence, apparently excluded from his dictionary,

  132. Gratias4:56 PM

    Benedict's Reform of the Reform has been reversed. The V2 Reform is now to be advanced in the direction Bugnini meant. What was written does not matter anymore.

    Humble Pope Francis may be using the liberation of the poor to advance a left-wing redistributionist agenda from the Holy See.

    We will have to support the few Latin masses we have now, for we need a remnant to survive all this humility. Argentina has been so long in the grasp of the Peronistas that a 78 year old man living there all his life will have a very distorted worldview. Now this lowest common denominator set of values is being imposed from above.

  133. If Rorate will allow it, I might have a small liturgical antidote for the day. I have posted some old images of the Mass of the Pre-Sanctified as it existed before Pope Pius XII and Pope John XXIII's reforms. Obviously not in use, but it allows some measure of consolation.

  134. Gratias5:04 PM

    Here in Mahony's California Papa Pancho had an immediate effect. Our NO priest, who used to genuflect after consecrating the host and the wine, suddenly started replaced this with a bow, just as Pope Francisco did on Palm Sunday. In our parish women's feet have been washed for years.

  135. "Recall that Archbishop Lefebvre signed the 1988 protocol ("with real satisfaction")"

    Well, sparksj3, I am not sure exactly what point you are trying to make. However, I know a great deal about Archbishop Lefebvre's thinking immediately following the signing of the protocol of 1988, because I asked him about it personally when I met him the following spring. It's very simple. JPII refused to implement the agreement (just as he refused, repeatedly, to enforce his own decrees). The Archbishop was promised a new bishop to consecrate, and then, once his signature had been obtained, his request for a consecration date and the approval of a candidate from the SSPX was repeatedly denied. He submitted eight names to the Holy Father (instead of the usual three) and all eight were rejected. He proposed at least six different consecration dates for the year following the protocol, and they too were rejected. He concluded that he would never be allowed to consecrate a bishop "from Tradition." And he was certainly correct. The events ever since have born out his wisdom.

  136. Rodrigo Guerra5:31 PM

    In regards to Pope Francis washing women’s feet on Holy Thursday, Father Federico Lombardi, spokesman for the Holy See told the Associated Press that in a «great solemn celebration» it would be logical to wash the feet of only men, because it commemorates the last supper of Jesus with his Apostles, however «in a small and unique community, composed also by women», as in the Casal of Marmo juvenile detention center, it would have been «inappropriate» to exclude women, «in the light of the simple aim of communicating a message of love to everyone in a group that did not include refined experts of liturgical regulations». In other words, this exception to the rule was done for pastoral reasons in a very unique situation that merited the inclusion of the two teenage girls. God Bless !

  137. Well then, Rodrigo, I'm glad Francis didn't visit a veterinary hospital.

  138. Thank you for the link to the Mass of the Pre-Sacnctified!

    Please excuse my ignorance - I looked up dalmatic online but I can't find a place that explains the difference between a dalmatic and a tunicle and a chasuble. The best link I can find has photos of them all looking nearly the same. What is the difference?

  139. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Perdonate se scrivo in italiano, dopo aver reagito a questo indegno articolo

    Dopo aver letto dal link.

    Qui, nella conclusione, è incastonata la dichiarazione giustificativa di Padre Lombardi, dopo una tanto sgradevole quanto pretestuosa "menata" nei confronti del mondo tradizionale.

    Fino allo strappo umile di papa Francesco. Per il portavoce vaticano Federico Lombardi, interpellato dall'Associated Press, ha spiegato che se in una “grandiosa celebrazione solenne” sarebbe logico lavare i piedi di soli uomini in commemorazioni dell'Ultima Cena di Gesù con gli apostoli, “in una comunità piccola e unica, composta anche di donne”, come quella di Casal del Marmo, sarebbe stato “inopportuno” escludere le donne “alla luce del semplice obiettivo di comunicare un messaggio di amore a tutti in un gruppo che certo non comprendeva raffinati esperti di regole liturgiche”.

    Si parla di inopportunità in relazione all'obiettivo di comunicare un messaggio d'amore in una piccola comunità.

    Ma in quella piccola comunità il papa c'è andato da solo non ce lo ha mica mandato qualcuno. E il problema non è da "raffinati esperti liturgici", ma è che un papa abbia banalizzato il mandatum divino del Signore ai "suoi" sacerdoti trasferendolo a persone di altre fedi... Che poi qualcosa di analogo (non proprio identico perché almeno era fatto nell'ambito diocesano e parrocchiale e non esteso a non cristiani) sia stata decisa da conferenze episcopali nell'ottica della deriva post-conciliare centrata sull'uomo e non sul Signore per arrivare all'uomo nel modo che Lui solo ci rende possibile, non sminuisce la gravità del gesto di un papa, in sintonia con la peggiore creatività non liturgica ma anti-liturgica.

    Sto cercando di rimanere in prudente equilibrata osservazione, ma ci sono cose che non si possono tacere. Vi prego di leggere al link qui sotto e anche gli ultimi articoli dello stesso blog dei quali vi farò avere, appena posso il testo inglese.

  140. Anonymous6:13 PM

    C'è una tradizione e delle norme liturgiche che il papa può, semmai, cambiare ma legiferando e non facendo "strappi umili".

    E non si tratta di giuridismo, ma di rispetto per il significato profondo e per il valore immenso di gesti che ci sono consegnati dalla Rivelazione Apostolica e che hanno anche un potere trasformante conferito loro dal Signore e non possono essere né oltrepassati né banalizzati, se questo senso profondo lo si conosce e lo si ri-conosce...

  141. Chris Rose6:18 PM

    We have to face facts, Pope Francis is our validly elected Pope, just as Benedict VI validly abdicated. The correct formula was used, Benedict is no longer pope, we need to deal this! While I can of course understand why the past two weeks have given pause to reflect on the validity of Pope Francis getting bogged down with conspiracy theories will get us know where. This is not a Dan Brown novel

    What is clear though is that the truth makes me more fearful than the conspiracy theories!!!

    Pope Francis needs our prayers, the church needs our prayers!!!

    Chris Rose

  142. Anonymous6:18 PM

    C'è una tradizione e delle norme liturgiche che il papa può, semmai, cambiare ma legiferando (eodem sensu eademque sententia) e non facendo "strappi umili".

    E non si tratta di giuridismo, ma di rispetto per il significato profondo e per il valore immenso di gesti che ci sono consegnati dalla Rivelazione Apostolica e che hanno anche un potere trasformante conferito loro dal Signore e non possono essere né oltrepassati né banalizzati, se questo senso profondo lo si conosce e lo si ri-conosce...

  143. Francis in Ma6:24 PM

    The Vatican must have received alot of negative feedback by traditional and orthodox Catholics and praise by the secular, leftwing, masonic and Jewish controlled media about this travesty displayed by Bergoglio during Holy Thursday. The conciliar Vatican spin machine led by Lombardi is doing what they do best, promoting doublespeak! On the one hand this was just an isolated incident because of Bergoglio going to a prison on Holy Thursday, yet on the other hand there's nothing wrong with Bergoglio going to a prison to celebrate Mass on Holy Thursday and wash the feet of women and infidels. Yes, this is conciliar church doublespeak at its finest! Lord help us!

  144. Bao D.6:36 PM

    This is the gloomiest Good Friday. Christ is crucified again by the world with such ferocity. Sin abounds everywhere. World affairs are enough to make one weep. This though pales to the events happening in the Holy See. The devil is working overtime to assail that holy citadel. Who could have imagined the situation we now have ?
    We should be prepared to lose almost everything. The Church may retract back to the catacombs. Christ promised us the Church will never fail but he didn't promise us it would be flourishing. Whatever happens we must accept with thankfulness to God. Better to suffer in this world than the next.
    Nonetheless we are given reason to use along with our prayers to help the Church as best we can. We are facing a stupendous problem. We have 2 men alive who are popes but only one reigning. Thus either Francis is valid pope and Vicar of Christ or he is not. If he is, whether he behaves badly or not, he is our visible head and needs our prayers and obedience insofar as the law of God permits. If he is antipope then he must be resisted at every turn and all Christians must do all they can, by prayer, by force, to remove him and restore Benedict upon the throne. The question is was Benedict's abdication valid? To all external appearances the world certainly views it as valid. The determining factor in the validity is if it was truly made freely? If it was made under duress, whether directly or indirectly, than it was not valid. Can reason give us more clues? Benedict is a holy and sincere man, a Pope who loves his Church and had true humility. Could threats have forced him to abdicate? Not threats against himself physically; he would gladly suffer martyrdom for Christ so no threats against himself would have induced him to abdicate. However the devil and his minions are much more clever and refined these days. What if the threat was against the Church itself- even indirectly and quietly hinted over the last little while. Abdicate or there will be schism, abdicate or every decree you make will be undermined and distorted, abdicate or the scandals will grow and souls will be lost, abdicate and let someone younger and fresh rescue the church, abdicate and all will be well for the Bride of Christ. "You are old and dying, your memory fails, for the good of the Church and salvation of souls, abdicate," says a few sly cardinals and clerics and it builds up from there.
    Second, the timing of the abdication came at the worse time liturgically speaking; before the most solemn time of the year. Would Benedict, who gave all for Christ and his church, willingly do anything, to distract the message away from Christ to himself? No! There was no good reason why he couldn't hold his abdication until after Easter, when things quieted down a bit and that would allow his successor to ease into the role better. He may be frail (this can be deceptive though) but thre was no danger of imminent death (one could argue that would make it more likely to hang onto the throne until death). Even if he was thinking of quitting after visiting Celestine, he waited a long time afterwards so why not wait just a month more? Was there undue influence that compelled him to abdicate as soon as possible?
    I do not know if his abdication was valid or not. I'll be the first to admit this all sounds like ridiculous conspiracy theories but we live in unprecedented times and I can't help feeling something great and terrible is happening in Rome.
    Can we find out? Is there a way anyone here knows that we could help the poor bishop in Castel Gandolfo if he needs our help?
    I'm in Canada, so far away and distant, and can do nothing but pray right now but if someone or group of good Catholics somewhere can help I implore you to do so. I'd assist in anyway possible.
    This is not some movie or fantasy; this is real and occurring right now. One day people will write about this as a pivotal time in the history of the church- perhaps the most critical. The question is how will it end?

  145. Anonymous6:42 PM

    'something wicked this way comes'.
    Oh yes, I happen to disagree with your post (my position on the Crisis is that of Mr. Michael Davies), but 'something wicked' - Conciliarism - has been rotting the Church Militant for forty years.

  146. Katie7:17 PM

    I can't agree with you albertus, the second Vatican does have spirit that is strong and alive. Cardinal Casper has already identified the possibility of women deacons, and I hope that this will come to pass. It may take 50 years or more but it will come. The spirit of the council cannot be reduced to a series of documents. The church is more ecumenical than ever, the mass is in the ordinary language of those participitating and the church is open to the joys and concerns of the world. We live in exiting times.

  147. Prof. Basto7:27 PM

    Today's sermon by the preacher of the Pontifical Household, Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, although it went ok in its intitial parts, was, in its conclusive paragraphs, a call to a massive liberal "reform" of the Church, that should strip Herself of ceremonies, rites, procedures, bureaucracies, institutions, accumulated in the course of the centuries, under the pretext that those accumulations, made in the course of history, were answers to the particular situations and needs of the times, but that they now are detrimental to the edifice of the Church, just like a house that went trough different reforms and additions.

    So, the preacher of the homily in the Papal Good Friday advocates that all those additions, and ceremonies were explicitly mentioned, should be done away with, in order that the original primitive beauty of the ecclesiastical edifice, in its "linear form", may supposedly shine forth.

    In other words: the homily of the Pope's Good Friday liturgy, preached by Fr. Cantalamessa, was a call to more of the Vatican II aggiornamento/primitivism, a call to a further and radical abandonment of traditions in the name of "simplicity" (no longer even qualified as noble).

    According to the preacher's distorted view, that's the only way to respond to the secularization of formerly Christian places, such as Europe. Instead of a return to tradition, in continuity with the Church's past, an undoing of the accumulated ways of the past, in order to restore the supposed primitive, original face of the Church.

  148. Katie

    Lovely slip of the keyboard. I agree: the NO church is on the "exit" for sure.

    "We live in exiting times"

    There is nothing exciting about ecclesiastical deconstruction; liturgical abominations and protestantising pastoralism. The post-conciliar churcch is scattering the church and it has subdivided it through its ecumenical compromises. These do nothing to reform or consolidate, as the chief indicators continue to demonstrate.

  149. TheNewCristero7:57 PM

    The late Malachi Martin said in his book "The Keys of This Blood," that the ultimate temporal (versus spiritual) victory of the inside-the-Vatican Modernists in the years after the death of JPII would be the election of a Pope that would strongly advance the dissolution of the 'Roman' aspect of the Catholic Church. This would be accomplished by the election of a Pope who planned to effectively dissolve the unique power of the Roman Papacy by simply choosing to NOT exercise that authority, whether in the sacraments, Church discipline, disobedience to Church teachings...etc. He saw this as the temporal victory of the Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci's efforts to 'Marxise' the church by co-opting Catholic culture through appropriating its central tenets. For example, 'Corporal Works of Mercy' become the 'Preferential Option for the Poor,' (a Marxist class warfare ideology originally promoted by progressive Jesuits in Central & South America in the 1970s & 80s). He also said that ultimately, Our Lady of Fatima' would intervene to thwart this.

    In this way, you make the worldview of the Church 'immanentist,' versus transcendent. It began with Paul VI saying the Church's new vision was to help build the society of Man.

    But do not fear, for the Modernists have their own Master and Roman Catholics have the promises of Our Lady's victory.

  150. AntiJudasCouncil8:19 PM

    Katie wrote: "We live in exiting times."

    Absolutely right: "exiting" times indeed.

  151. Bookworm8:25 PM

    Fascinating, NewCristero. Sounds like it's time to finally read this Malachi Martin book.

    By the way, his Jesuits book is also mandatory reading, especially now.

  152. Dr. Williams:

    The point I was attempting to make in my response was that I believe that it is extremely dangerous to imply that scandals such as bad Papal Liturgies of themselves justify the Society's canonically irregular status.

    By bringing up the example of the 1988 Protocol, I was merely trying to point out that despite the ecumenical craziness of the 1980s being at peak-levels, Archbishop Lefebvre still sought to resolve the canonical situation of the Society. He did not reverse course on the agreement with Rome because of scandals or modernism or ecumania (rampant though they all were). On the contrary, he worked hardest to resolve his own society's canonical situation when things were at their worst in the Church. The final agreement fell through, as you pointed out, simply because the Archbishop did not personally believe that the terms of the signed agreement would be respected.

    With that in mind, whatever happens or doesn't happen in contemporary Papal liturgies really should have no bearing on whether or not the Society accepts regularization. If Rome and the CDF were to present a reasonable canonical construct based on a solid doctrinal foundation, the Society would have no justification to refuse. That some (not necessarily here) are seeing in these recent sad events vindication of their belief that the SSPX must maintain its canonical isolation or that Bishop Fellay was wrong to pursue and desire regularization shows an alarming and dangerous spirit, quite foreign to the spirit of the Church (and, for that matter, to the spirit in which the SSPX was founded).

  153. Ora et Labora8:36 PM

    sparksj3, I agree!!!

  154. Thank God for The SSPX - where else would faihthful Roman Catholics have gone had it not been for Archbishop Lefebvre's decision to be faithful to what has been handed down to us; propagate the traditional form of the Sacaraments and to place His love for the truth above that of his personal church career.

    May his soul rest in peace.
    My parents and I will always be very thankful for all his sacrifices and those of his faithful priests.

    Harsh criticisms of The Society amount to no more than empty-headed rhetoric often by those who do not understand the real problems with the liberal modernist church and who think they know best, when in fact, they would be better not to display publicly their doctrinaire antipathy to what is genuinely Roman Catholic and authentically traditional. Without this great Fraternal Society many of us would have nowhere to go.

    It would be worthier if said critics focused more on the institution which is actually destroying the church and not the one which works hard day and night to build it up.

  155. tramtrist9:37 PM

    RC picked up by AP:

    1. Anonymous10:24 PM

      And now top story on Drudge Report

  156. capellanus9:43 PM

    On 29 March, 2013 11:56, Father Anthony Cekada said:
    "Did anyone notice this in the homily at the Chrism Mass? [...] in some sense collectors of ANTIQUES or novelties. Not only was this language a shot at the "High Church" approach to the V2 reforms, but also a hint that we're back to the theology of the Mass laid down in the infamous Article 7 of the 1969 General Instruction."
    Yes, I did notice, and I interpreted it the same way.
    Curiously though, it also brings to mind the traditional consecratory preface for bishops: not that I think the homilist had that in mind, sadly ...

  157. Carolyn10:34 PM

    Rodrigo Guerra posted:

    «in a small and unique community, composed also by women», as in the Casal of Marmo juvenile detention center, it would have been «inappropriate» to exclude women, «in the light of the simple aim of communicating a message of love to everyone in a group that did not include refined experts of liturgical regulations».

    Wow, way to spin it, Fr. Lombardi! Shrewd. Clever. Who can argue? Yep, it's good to have a Jesuit for Papal Spokesman.

    1. His "explanation" is embarrassing, and an insult to the intelligence of the listener.

  158. My typo was a bit strange. Exiting indeed!
    I hope everyone stays with the pope and learns from him a new way of being holy. I know what it is like to have a pope you don't agree with. It was hard for me when i listened to Benedict, so i do understand how many people in this blog are feeling. But God is good and as saint once said I cant remember his or her name
    All Shall Be Well.

  159. El Cid10:49 PM

    From Rev. Cantalamessa's homily--read it and weep ...

    “We must do everything possible so that the Church may never look like that complicated and cluttered castle described by Kafka, and the message may come out of it as free and joyous as when the messenger began his run. We know what the impediments are that can restrain the messenger: dividing walls, starting with those that separate the various Christian churches from one another, the excess of bureaucracy, the residue of past ceremonials, laws and disputes, now only debris. 

    “In Revelation, Jesus says that He stands at the door and knocks (Rev 3:20). Sometimes, as noted by our Pope Francis, he does not knock to enter, but knocks from within to go out. To reach out to the "existential suburbs of sin, suffering, injustice, religious ignorance and indifference, and of all forms of misery." As happens with certain old buildings. Over the centuries, to adapt to the needs of the moment, they become filled with partitions, staircases, rooms and closets. The time comes when we realize that all these adjustments no longer meet the current needs, but rather are an obstacle, so we must have the courage to knock them down and return the building to the simplicity and linearity of its origins.”

  160. ubuntu-linux-user10:54 PM

    Please help me understand why washing of feet is bad?

    Ive heard of SSPX but thats about it. Im Roman Catholic but no longer attend service after my church decided to paint over all of its frescos around the alter with buckets of white paint. The church inside looks like a mess hall now.

    Any links you can post to get me up to date would truly be helpful, thanks!

  161. @ Stephen Korsman:

    The tunicle and dalmatic are worn by the subdeacon and deacon throughout most of the year. During penitential seasons and penitential Masses they would wear the chasuble, the vestment of the priest, only folded upward in the front.

    Best way to think of the reasoning is this: the dalmatic/tunicle are descended from the Roman tunic, which in late antiquity/early Christianity had become something of a business suit. The chasuble (or "planeta") was more casual. Many deacons were administrators for the Roman government and thought it in bad taste to dress up during Lent, so they wore their "planeta" instead. The old planeta was ample and large, so they folded it up in front or on the sides to make carrying books and chalcies etc easier. Hope that helps. Thanks for reading.

    There'll be one on Holy Saturday tomorrow.

  162. I also saw this on Rev. Cantalamessa's homily--read it and weep ...

    “We must do everything possible so that the Church may never look like that complicated and cluttered castle described by Kafka, and the message may come out of it as free and joyous as when the messenger began his run. We know what the impediments are that can restrain the messenger: dividing walls, starting with those that separate the various Christian churches from one another, the excess of bureaucracy, the residue of past ceremonials, laws and disputes, now only debris. 

    " As happens with certain old buildings. Over the centuries, to adapt to the needs of the moment, they become filled with partitions, staircases, rooms and closets. The time comes when we realize that all these adjustments no longer meet the current needs, but rather are an obstacle, so we must have the courage to knock them down and return the building to the simplicity and linearity of its origins.”

    It is extremely concerning. Is it possible for Rorate to highlight this which may provoke some response from the Vatican as this current posting has caused Cardinal Lombardi to try to defend Pope Francis' actions.

  163. NoHippie11:40 PM

    Will the novelties and errors of the Hippie Council ever end?

    "Adulterers, know you not that the friendship of this world is the enemy of God? Whosoever therefore will be a friend of this world, becometh an enemy of God."

    -James 4:4

  164. Holy Mother of Mercy, Save Our Faith.
    For more, see

  165. ubuntu-linux-user,

    Please don't give up on Holy Church - the SSPX and other faithful traditional orders may well be in your area with Masses that you can assist at. In times of crisis, we owe our dear Redeemer and Mother Church our love and loyalty.

    For more information on the Society, here is a number of pages on their American web site:

    Please help me understand why washing of feet is bad?

    This, I believe, mainly comes down to its locality (performing the washing away from the public in a prison), those whose feet were washed included girls (when the washing is linked to the priesthood and the institution of the Holy Eucharist) and non-Christians. Effectively the Pope has disregarded the law of the Church - this is setting a poor example. Father Blake has a few words to say on the matter which may explain things further:

  166. Gravitas12:27 AM

    The AP story is all over the news. Someone is finally paying attention!!!

  167. Fiskit!1:11 AM

    Predictably, the AP story contains several instances of error, distortion, and nonsense. Someone needs to fisk it.

  168. It doesn't take a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowin'. This is the Passion of the Church big time. Only She can help us now. Oremus, and hard.

  169. Matamoros1:30 AM

    Dear dph5175,
    the SSPX has done many things but it did not bequeath this papacy to the Church. This Pope was elected by a college of cardinals largely chosen by the previous Pope. Whether in or out of Roman good books, the SSPX cannot do much to reverse what is going on in the Church at large - the awful ignorance that now exists etc.
    What they are able to do is continue to oppose the mistakes associated with Vat II, and if they had accepted the modified dictrinal preamble this would have failed.

    Of course Rome will never accept chapter and verse any SSPX "right" to criticise, nor should they - it's not a traditional principle in itself. Still, if this Pope is single-minded enough to do as he pleases liturgically, he may very well approve the SSPX anyway. I think most of the comments lamenting this pontificate have got him wrong - this is not Paul VI- he is liturgically a true reflection of what goes on in the provinces, in 99% of dioceses and parishes - why are we astounded? Few have ever followed the example of liturgy as conducted at St. Peter's.

    If he can make heads roll in the hierarchy and shore up the faith of Catholics, he will have achieved much more than all the fannon wearing and candlestick fiddling of the last few years. I have no time for the current liturgy of course, but first things first - someone needs to govern this Church.

    This Pope looks suspiciously like somebody who is able to do this. His tastes in liturgy are one thing, but do we really believe that things in parishes will get worse because of this?

  170. I am a secular Carmelite so this year I decided to boycott my parish with its liturgical novelties and go to a Carmelite Mass of the Lords Supper. What a difference; reverent, beautiful (as far as the novus ordo can be) As for the foot washing, only 12 men, no women! A vigil was held until midnight. At 11:30PM the church was still about half full.

  171. slippy20001:41 AM

    Allow me to ask a few simple questions. I invite simple, serious answers. I ask as someone who has been a Roman Catholic for 19 years..... was raised as an evangelical protestant in the Southern U.S. I love my savior, my faith, my church, my pope.

    1. What of salvation? Do you folks believe that salvation is only to be found within the context of pre-V2 Tradition? If so, why?

    2. I acknowledge it was principally liturgy which attracted me to the church. I also acknowledge that Christianity is fighting for its life in the western world. Do you not believe that sharing the gospel, and the danger of failing to do so, trumps any well-meaning squabbles over liturgy?

    3. If you believe Pope Francis is illegitimate, or the antipope, or the antichrist, then aren't we done here? Hasn't the devil won?

    God bless mother church, and God bless Pope Francis. I believe he recognizes what is at stake, and it is way more than liturgy.

  172. Two things.

    Matamoros: You're high.

    MJ: It was still the Novus Ordo, no matter how "reverent."

  173. At that time Jesus went through the grainfields on the Sabbath. And His disciples were hungry, and began to pluck heads of grain and to eat. 2 And when the Pharisees saw it, they said to Him, “Look, Your disciples are doing what is not lawful to do on the Sabbath!”
    3 But He said to them, “Have you not read what David did when he was hungry, he and those who were with him: 4 how he entered the house of God and ate the showbread which was not lawful for him to eat, nor for those who were with him, but only for the priests? 5 Or have you not read in the law that on the Sabbath the priests in the temple profane the Sabbath, and are blameless? 6 Yet I say to you that in this place there is One greater than the temple. 7 But if you had known what this means, ‘I desire mercy and not sacrifice,’[a] you would not have condemned the guiltless. 8 For the Son of Man is Lord even[b] of the Sabbath.”

  174. The innovations/deviations from tradition that Jesus did He did in His authority as Messiah ("that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins"; "the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath", etc) The fact that Christ as Messiag deviated from religious customs that were of themselves only shadows of a fulfillment of which He Himself was ushering in is not a precedent for all of us to therefore think its great to deviate from customs of the Catholic Faith, which is the fullness of Faith and not a faith of types and shadows as in ancient Judaism.

  175. Gratias2:15 AM

    Sad that on Good Friday humble Pope Francisco has taken the attention away from the passion of Christ. He has scored big with the anti-Catholic media.

    One reason many of us are upset is that the Bishop of Rome has the power to take the traditional liturgy away. The way Cardinal Orgoglio humbly suppressed the Extraordinary Form Mass in Buenos Aires was by having one Latin mass that followed the Novus Ordo readings. Once attendance fell, he cancelled it. He can repeat this again with a stroke of the pen.

  176. Francis in Ma2:21 AM

    "1. What of salvation? Do you folks believe that salvation is only to be found within the context of pre-V2 Tradition? If so, why"?


    Salvation can only be found through the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity and through the one true Church that he established, which is the Catholic Church. With Her two-thousand years of clear, concise and de-fide teachings found in Sacred Tradition and Holy Scripture guided by the Holy Ghost. Vatican II modernist novelties have clouded these traditions and dogmas to appease the "world" and false religions.

    2. "I acknowledge it was principally liturgy which attracted me to the church. I also acknowledge that Christianity is fighting for its life in the western world. Do you not believe that sharing the gospel, and the danger of failing to do so, trumps any well-meaning squabbles over liturgy?

    Sharing the Gospel (which many in the conciliar church find outdated or offensive because of the danger of messing up their ecumenism) and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass go together. Having a protestant invented, man centered liturgy (the Novus Ordo) doesn't work, and jeopardizes the souls of the faithful because it puts man as the focal point and not God.

    3. If you believe Pope Francis is illegitimate, or the antipope, or the antichrist, then aren't we done here? Hasn't the devil won?

    I think Bergoglio, based on his words and deeds as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, is a heretic at worst and a modernist at best. The Catholic Church can never be done because Our Lord promised the gates of Hell would not prevail against it. That doesn't mean there wouldn't be apostates, heretics and other bad men running the Church from time to time. There's no doubt that since the hippie council known as Vatican II things are real bad inside and outside the Church, yet there will always be a remnant of Catholics who will preserve the true faith no matter what or where.
    The Devil has already lost, he lost two-thousand years ago this very day (Good Friday) when Our Lord became our Paschal Lamb on Calvary.

  177. Iratus2:27 AM

    Since it seems to be "Liturgical Abusathon" time in Rome, I'm waiting for him to concelebrate a Clown Mass with a Jew, a Muslim, an Anglican & and an atheist - using "cookies", of course. Eucharistic Hymn: "Kumbaya"

    Entrance Rite: consumption of Pepsi and pork pies.

    Instruments: Bongoes, electric guitars, with "liturgical dance" troupes in rainbow-coloured leotards.

    Intention: Adoration of Gaia, Queen of Peace (represented by a prostitute enthroned on the eucharistic table)

    After which, St.Peter's will be turned into a stable (to please the Muslims)-and-garage (to show how "groovy" and "with-it" & "not- too-religious" the Church is).

  178. Iratus2:38 AM

    One day, perhaps far off (but God knows), the Church is going to look back to Abp Lefebvre, and it is going to thank God for him, from the bottom of its heart.

    These events of the last few days have completely justified his stand.

  179. John Sobieski3:37 AM

    The Pope celebrated a guitar Mass! Wow. I now am inspired to predict that we will see Eucharistic Ministers in St. Peter's within six months. Maybe six weeks.

  180. Prof. Basto4:23 AM

    An article by Andrea Tornielli, published in the Vatican Insider website, about Fr. Cantalamessa's homily in the Pope's Passion Liturgy:

    So, the message of the Preacher of the Pontifical Household is already being spread arround. One key passage:

    "Nell'edificio della Chiesa, nel corso dei secoli, «per adattarsi alle esigenze del momento», si sono costruiti tramezzi, scalinate, stanze e stanzette. Ma «arriva il momento quando ci si accorge che tutti questi adattamenti non rispondono più alle esigenze attuali, anzi sono di ostacolo, e allora bisogna avere il coraggio di abbatterli e riportare l’edificio alla semplicità e linearità delle sue origini». Con questa immagine efficace il predicatore della Casa Pontificia, padre Raniero Cantalamessa, ha concluso l'omelia tenuta questo pomeriggio in San Pietro, nel corso della celebrazione della Liturgia della Croce, in presenza di Papa Francesco."

  181. Really?4:51 AM

    Seriously? There are this many of you upset by the pope kissing the feet of a girl? This is radical? This is feminism? It seems to me Jesus would be the first one to kiss the feet of anyone marginalized. He defended female prostitutes as far as I can remember. He lashed out at people like you who were defending the old guard of the scribes and pharisees. Seems to me Pope Francis is doing the Lord's work, while all of you are longing for the middle ages church, which was far from what Jesus had in mind.

  182. Michael J Foy Sr5:18 AM

    It seems to me the Pope is acting in a very Christian way. Showing humility and love. It also seems that some statements here a very anti-Christian; fueled by pride and hate. I will pray for you and I hope you will pray for me, the Pope, each other and the Church.

  183. Matamoros asked, "His tastes in liturgy are one thing, but do we really believe things in parishes will get worse because of this?"

    Yes. Case in point. Last night at Holy Thursday Mass we pulled a first. Our Viri Selecti turned out to be Mulieribi Selecti with just one guy, unless all the rest of them were transvestites.

  184. slippy2000 asked, "1. What of salvation? Do you folks believe that salvation is only to be found within the context of pre-V2 Tradition? If so, why?"

    Dear Slippy:

    No, Salvation itself not found just within the context of pre-Vatican Tradition, but concept of Nulla Salus Extra Ecclesiam (No Salvation Outside The Church) is more fully emphasized by It which includes the Doctirnal and moral emphasis behind it, and also, very importantly, the spiritual. All is lacking in the post-Vatican II construct.

    "2. I acknowledge it was principally liturgy which attracted me to the church. I also acknowledge that Christianity is fighting for its life in the western world. Do you not believe that sharing the gospel, and the danger of failing to do so, trumps any well-meaning squabbles over liturgy?"

    Yes, ultimately this is true. There is no dichotamy between sharing the Gospel and good Liturgy. Liturgy is the truthful epxression of what you believe. One may be good at sharing the Gospel but unless there is a good Mass behind the Gospels, it becomes no more than merely a Protestant effort.

    There is a theological saying in the Church which explains proper context.

    Lex Orandi states the manner of prayer, worship translates into--
    Lex Credendi, how one believes. This gives rise to--
    Lex Vivendi, how one lives.

    How one prays is how one believes and how one believes is how one lives his life.

    If Liturgy is poor then one's beliefs are predicated on poor beliefs and thus one lives according to those poor beliefs. This is why the termed "pre-Vatican II" ways are so fought after, and this is why the liberal/modernists are so intent and so gleeful at trying to suppress Sacred Tradition. In the end this is a yes/no issue. Has one ever met a liberal (or vice-versa) who had silly ideas about theology, Doctrine, etc., but clung to anything Traditional, substantially classical? No, period.

    "3. If you believe Pope Francis is illegitimate, or the anti-pope, or the anti-Christ, then aren't we done here? Hasn't the devil won?"

    Not sure where this illegitimacy idea came about, but I surely don't believe Francis is an anti-Pope. If at all then Paul VI would closer fall into that category because all of this nonsense we're discussing here began with him. He allowed, mandated, this rot.

    Oh, btw, the Devil hasn't won. The Devil may win battles but not the war. Our Blessed Lord's victorious Resurrection has seen to that and His promise Hell shall not prevail against the Church.

    Yes, God bless Holy Mother Church and Pope Francis, but in this I don't believe he recognizes what is at stake. It is way more including the Liturgy.

  185. Thanks Rad Trad for the explanation. Never been to a High Mass, so I've never seen a deacon or subdeacon except on YouTube. Our local parish looks like they use a sheet with a hole in it for a chasuble, white whenever I've been there, with the stole the colour of the season. The deacon wears a suit at best and his wife wears a tracksuit, so it looks like an average layman reading the Gospel and a jogger off the street reading the rest. When the SSPX priest is visiting, I go to the SSPX Mass.

  186. Benedict Carter8:13 AM

    I attended the Good Friday service at the Church in Doha, Qatar in the Arabian Gulf yesterday. The Church was packed with Indian and Filipino expats, and I am glad I went, for Our Blessed Lord's sake, even though it was excruciating from start to finish; almost physical in its utter formlessness and woeful lack of sacrality.

    I left with a sigh of relief that the whole thing was over. Those Novus Ordo Intercessory Prayers are devoid of any content whatever, aren't they? Absolutely meaningless with no discernible appeal to God to bring the various ranks of the unbelievers to Christ and His Church.

    I would like to share with you all the absolutely bizarre new Tabernacle in this amphitheatre of a church. It's so hideous that I almost love it.

    However, I cannot decide whether it's a fridge or a rubbish chute: you Americans will want to be shooting basketballs into it though.

    Here is it:

    Would be glad for any explanation from readers as to what this might have been in its "secular" days.

  187. Antiphona10:44 AM

    Dear BONIFACE,

    I am reminded too, of the anathemas imposed by Nicaea II on anyone who would presume to use Scripture against a venerable tradition of the Church, that is, the veneration of sacred images (okay, more than a mere tradition, to be sure, as it is intimately tied up with the Mystery of the Incarnation, but in this iconoclastic age, is bound to be rejected in the form it historically took as mere discipline, something which is non-essential to the Faith and can always be changed).

    I had always thought that Catholics, indeed all Christians, have no right whatsoever to set Scripture against Tradition and the traditions, and that the sure and correct interpretation of Scripture can be found in our ancient and venerable liturgies, in our holy, sainted Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and in the teaching of the Roman Pontiffs and the Ecumenical Councils across time (in other words, in the so-called "democracy of the dead").

    Yet here I see Scripture passages being thrown left and right against the so-called "modern-day Pharisees", by those who should know better.

    Maybe I misunderstood something. I don't know, but I feel discomfort.

  188. Dear Katie,

    Please do explain in what way you disagreed with Pope Benedict.

  189. Let me give you two points that are upsetting the Eastern Catholics. Which is unusual, since being brought up one, if you said anything wrong about the Pope, that was enough for other Eastern Catholics to consider you a schismatic.

    1. The Pope's election. They are scandalised, because the Cardinals followed political considerations, when specifically trying to choose someone who is non-European. It's not that they care about him being European, but rather it seems to them to be more like politics than the will of God. Also the comments, from the Cardinals in the Conclave. after the election, about taking retribution for the suppression of the Jesuits, was understood to further underscores the political nature, rather than the religious nature, of this papal election.

    2. The Washing of the Feet. This day is seen as symbolising the establishment of the Sacrament of the Eucharist, in the words of the Lord, and when he says do this in memory of Me. It's seen as establishing the role of the priesthood that offers the One Sacrifice of Christ. The physical act of the washing of the feet, is seen as Christ showing the Apostles how to be priests, in a humble way, as servants. So to wash the feet of non-Catholics, is problematic, because non-Catholics can't be giving Holy Orders. To wash the feet of a female, is problematic, because a female can't be giving Holy Orders.

  190. adulescens12:26 PM

    How frequently it is that the fixed idea men have of what they will do, dramatically contradicts what they ought to do.

    Grant that Franciscus had some profound and good intention in mind in washing two women's feet and one pagan's where historically and canonically he ought to have washed twelve men's feet, all Christians [that is Catholics]. But is this what is needed now? A gesture calculated only to please non-Catholics? And which furthermore offended all committed Catholics and when he knew well that it would?

    We need a man to carry on what Benedictus began. Young Catholics from the laity to the priests want this. The Church needs this. And yet we have instead a man insistent in his own imagined mission to the marginalized and indifferent or worse to what is necessary within the Church today. From the heavy-hand to touch the Curia allegedly some day soon to liturgical abuses, empty seminaries, monasteries, convents and churches, deliberate obstruction of the implementation of Summorum Pontificum and ectera.

    They could not have elected a man less in touch with the times.

  191. A Convert12:48 PM

    I do not wish to take anything out of context but I found this to be pertinent to the situation with the present pope - taken from Msgr. Van Noort's, Christ's Church (1958):

    " should not leap to the absurd conclusion that all things are licit to the pope; or that he may turn things topsy-turvy in the Church at mere whim. Possession of power is one thing; a rightful use of power quite another. The supreme pontiff has received his power for the sake of building up the Church, not tearing it down. In exercising his supreme power he is by divine law strictly bound by the laws of justice, equity, and prudence. These laws require that unless necessity or great utility urge the contrary, the pope should, for example respect the legitimate customs obtaining in various places, observe prescribed ecclesiastical laws, etc. These laws, even though they do not possess a binding power for the pope, do nonetheless normally have for him a directive power."

  192. Francis in Ma1:47 PM

    Congrats New Catholic and Rorate Caeli, you've made it into my local New York Times affiliated leftist paper this morning. Bravo! Of course they used the AP article which has some blatant errors, but no surprise there. God is definitely using RC to preach the orthodox and traditional Catholic faith to the world when so many inside and outside the Church are trying to destroy and water it down.

  193. The Wall Street Journal cited Rorate Caeli in a front page article today, Holy Saturday. Congratulations! You have arrived in the big league! (Oh, and incidentally, Happy Easter.)

  194. TradDadof42:28 PM

    An exceptionally dizzying response from the "conservatives":
    "The pope does not need anybody's permission to make exceptions to how ecclesiastical law relates to him," noted conservative columnist Jimmy Akin in the National Catholic Register. But Akin echoed concerns raised by canon lawyer Edward Peters, an adviser to the Vatican's high court, that Francis was setting a "questionable example" by simply ignoring the church's own rules.

    It's clear that Jimmy Akin is going to be busier than a one-armed paper-hanger this papacy. A one-armed apologizing paper-hanger.

  195. Thank you for your comments.

    And a happy Eastertide to all!