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An abortionist, President of Italy?

Who would have thought it? Politics in the nation of the papacy is now so warped they are seriously considering electing their most radical politician (literally, she is a member of the "Italian Radical Party") and amateur abortionist President of the Italian Republic.

How did Emma Bonino act as an abortionist? She proudly spoke about it in an interview to Italian magazine Oggi in 1975:

"With a bicycle pump, a plastic dilator and a vessel inside which the vacuum is made, and in which the contents of the uterus are emptied. I use a jar that used to hold a kilo of jam. Women don't care that I don't use a vessel purchased at a medical store, it's rather a good reason for some laughs."

Ha ha, hilarious! The Oggi article even included a bizarre picture of Bonino supposedly performing an abortion (widely available online, we cannot reproduce it here). She entered politics in the same year when, after founding the Center for Information on Sterilization and Abortion, she was indicted for the crime. She entered Parliament the following year, and was the key player in the liberation of abortion in Italy in 1978,  the nadir of true Catholic influence in Italian politics - unsurprisingly, under Paul VI.

Gazzetta del Sud reports (repeating numerous original Italian sources):

Support swells for Bonino to be Italian president

Rome, April 4 - Support appears to be swelling for former European commissioner Emma Bonino to become Italy's first woman president. Italian President Giorgio Napolitano's seven-year term ends on May 15 and parties are wrangling about a successor after February's inconclusive general election. But Bonino, a leading member of the small Radical party that promotes economic and social liberalism and champions human-rights issues, has won support from figures on both the left and right of Italy's political spectrum. "I'd very much like Emma Bonino to be president, I'd feel protected by a woman like her, even though some of her positions are distant from mine," former equal opportunities minister Mara Carfagna, an MP for ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi's People of Freedom (PdL) party, told Sky television. "It would be a great symbol of change".

In great measure due to the instability of Italian politics, the President of the Republic is not at all a figurehead, but rather a very powerful political figure in that country. In the greatest demographic and moral crisis in its history, an abortionist president in the Quirinal Palace is just what that noble nation does not need. Will the Church speak up? Do not hold your breath...


  1. She sounds semiologically apt for an era wherein paganism and gnosticism increase with the glorification of child sacrifice, sodomy and hedonistic egoism as the overriding symbols.

    I shall not be holding my breath at any time for a papal call to order if she is elected. More photo-opps will be the order of the day most likely.

  2. Italy is being chastised right now, yet they don't acknowledge their sinfulness. My beloved country of birth have become true judas's to the holy church.

  3. Mitunter4:41 PM

    It would be a disaster. I don't think she will be elected. I think Romano Prodi will be our next President. Not the best either, but acceptable under the circumstances.

  4. Every Nation, in one way or another, follows America 'the great'. After Griswold v. Conn., all Nations thought there was a 'right' to contracept. That led to Roe, Roe led to late-term abortions (through its silly penumbra arguments), which spilled-over into places such as Italy.

    The last President hired underage Moroccan hookers; but I'm telling you It's all because of Americanism; the idealization (almost a 'spiritual' worship) of a corrupt, decaying Country.

  5. j hughes dunphy6:29 PM

    It is not at all surprising to see such immoral monsters to rising to the top in the political world today when one sees the very same corruption reaching the upper echelons of ecclesial power also throughout the world. The failure of the Bishop of Rome and his prelates to chastise such moral dwarfs in the last fifty years has brought about the dilemma we face today with folks in the pews voting again and again for these immoral monsters, especially in the West.
    This is the case, clearly because the Bishop of Rome or Pope as he is more familiarly known has been pusillanimous at least, and ambiguous at best when one considers the consiliar popes of the last forty years.
    Without the unequivocal, unambiguous, and absolute teaching
    of such holy popes as Pius IX, Pius X, Pius XI, and Pius XII on sexual matters, on dissent, and holiness; then we will continue to have more and more of the compromise of the
    Church with the world that Bishop Fulton Sheen warned would be the temptation of the Catholic Church in the next 100 years. Consider only the massive dissent worldwide among Catholics and the Clergy on "Humanae Vitae" of Pope Paul VI and its failure to be an authoritative document, taught without exception, universally, by the pope and his bishops and presbyters and theologians throughout the Church and the world. This dissent and moral perversity of political leaders who are pertinacious sinners, when Catholic, has precipitated the apostasy that will precede the parousia.

    Maria,sedes sapientiae,
    ora pro nobis

    J Hughes Dunphy

  6. Not so, Knight. Other lands - my own homeland of England, for example - have sufficient domestic evil not to need to follow America's example. I think we were well ahead of you in both the cases cited.

  7. Often they try to promote Bonino for this or that. The last time was 3 years ago, when she was the leftist candidate for Lazio Governor (Lazio is the region around Rome, which is its capital also). She was barely defeated, but defeated anyway.
    If Pope Benedict would be still in charge, her posibbilities would be much scarce, but now...
    Rosa, Milan

  8. rosa roccaforte7:30 PM

    To Kight of Malta:
    our last Premier (not President) has been accused to hire an underage prostute, but the trial is not over. Furthermore our judicial system is a "three-level" one, so we mist wait the last grade to be sure someone is guilty or not.
    The same press which accuses Berlusconi of his presumed crimes, used to injury the Church and our beloved Benedict. Now they are all in love with Francis. And, of course, with Obama, Pelosi, Biden, ect.etc..

  9. Nauseating!

    Consider: At this very moment, right now as you read this, a tiny infant in the previously warm peace of its mother's womb is struggling to escape the violence of icy forceps.... now frantically trying to escape the screaming suction.... Close your eyes. Hear that snap? Hear that suction? Bones and brains.... Blood flowing.... And beep beep beep goes the medical machinery....

    And now that innocent infant is dead. And now its mangled, bloody, crushed corpse is being thrown into the garbage. And now its mother is celebrating her "liberation" and is being lauded for her "courage" in making such a "personal" and "difficult choice" concerning "her own body." And now the shattered body of her dead baby begins to rot in the biomedical trash bin....

    And now it's all happening again.

    And now again.

    And again....


    Progress? Is somebody kidding?

    By the way, a few terminological corrections are in order.

    1) Abortions (rather: surgical infanticides) aren't had, gotten, or performed. They're inflicted, committed, perpetrated.

    2) Surgical infanticide is inflicted, committed, and perpetrated not upon a fetus, but upon a fetal human.

    3) Like Josef Mengele, those who inflict, commit, perpetrate surgical infanticide are no longer worthy of the name of doctors. Rather, let's call them surgical hitmen or surgical terrorists.

    4) Nor are those who hire surgical hitmen/terrorists to be called victims. They're co-conspirators.

    Putting it all together, we get something like this:

    "Jane and Tom took out a contract on their baby's life by hiring a surgical hitman to commit infanticide."


    "Shaquilla is considering hiring a hitman to perpetrate surgical infanticide."

    In other words, let's refuse any longer to accede to the feigned moral neutrality of this wretched brave new world and its linguistic sterilizers.

    Let us burn this into our brains:

    Wrong choice = tiny corpse.

    Say it again:

    Wrong choice = tiny corpse.

    One more time:

    Wrong choice = tiny corpse.


    And again....

    O horror, horror, horror! Tongue nor heart Cannot conceive nor name thee.*
    Age, thou art shamed.**
    O shame, where is thy blush?***

    -Shakespeare, Macbeth,* Julius Caesar,** Hamlet***

  10. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Dear friends:

    In Spain we have a princess who aborted before married with the principe.
    The next monday will published a book about this question.
    Remember Spanish´s kingdom is a catolich symbol. For it, the married is nulled, because the princess is excomulgated.


  11. The news is sickening.

    We have tried to capture the atrocities of Roe with a couple of illustrations the Sainted Suzanne Bartley drew.

    Please see Roe v. Wade: Villains and Heroes & The Terminal Constitution @

    And there are several articles on the legal illegitimacy of the case found in the table of contents on the site.

  12. abortionists who campaign for human rights, the ultimate oxymoron of the left.

  13. Seriously, people are gasping about this? We overwhelmingly REelected Obama, so what's the big deal for Italy?

  14. j hughes dunphy said, "This dissent and moral perversity of political leaders who are pertinacious sinners, when Catholic, has precipitated the apostasy that will precede the parousia."

    No, let's not blame merely politicians. It can't be said all of this was instigated by them. The average Catholic, Clergy alike, are to blame. Nowadays Catholics are worthless of the name Catholic because their own faithlessness added to this morass of barren Religion. As far as the individual Catholic acting like this, fine, too bad for them, but to see it in the Clergy and especially Rome carrying on like this, it's to be decried, to be mourned, ultimately to be blamed for her lack of true leadership!

  15. Oh for the return of the great monarch who will restore true catholicism to the world and do away with evil for ever.

  16. Patrick Gray5:20 AM

    She sounds semiologically apt for an era wherein paganism and gnosticism increase with the glorification of child sacrifice, sodomy and hedonistic egoism as the overriding symbols.

    Entirely true. Archbishop (Ought to be St. Lefebvre ora pro nobis! Only Catholic tradition can save Europe!

  17. Well she is automatically excommunicated for doing an abortion. The pope will not be able to give her Communion.

  18. Barbara7:27 AM

    I would really be shocked if Emma Bonino became President. The woman is a thoroughly nasty piece of work and does not hide it. A completely godless individual - but then so are most of the political leaders here. Romano Prodi is "an adult" Catholic, not ideal,but certainly better than the wicked witch from the North who hates the (REAL) Church...

    But commentors are right when they say that this sorry state of affairs in Italy is the fault of Catholics both clerics and lay - sitting ducks for compromise - tolerance and afraid to rock the boat. What kind of religion is that? I have no time for it... The modern Church at an institutional level really has created a nu-religion (how did they do it?) - with smatterings of the the "real" thing just to dupe people - but half a religion is no religion at all - now this is epidemic in the mainstream Church - with pockets of the real thing but the "Catholic sense" has definitely diminished in individuals.

    Nonetheless, there are still some brave Catholic souls fighting the good fight - humanly speaking though, I think only an intervention from God can get us out from under this wreck and utter moral decadence...which is now everywhere it would seem..

    I always feel for the young who have been conditioned under this false Catholicism - and God in His mercy knows it's not their fault ...

    Jesus, Son of the living God, have mercy on us!

  19. Mitunter9:33 AM

    @ Matt. Who cares about Obama and America? Italy is a Catholic nation with a long tradition. Italy's capital is the Eternal City it is the City of the Pope. Who could not care about the elections in this country? For me as an Italian, and for everyone who has a little bit of historical understanding, it is a very big deal!

  20. John Fisher, at least she seems to be mostly honest about her views: she would never pretend to be Catholic and try to receive communion...

  21. I apologize for the change of subject.
    Currently, Francis is celebrating Mass at San Giovanni Laterano. He is taking possession of the Roman cathedral as the Bishop of Rome. He abandoned Benedict XVI's golden pastoral staff and returned to the Lello Scorzelli's bent crucifix which is closely associated with Paul VI and John Paul II.

    With every mass he celebrates, Bergoglio makes his preferences and liturgical style more clear.

  22. The thing that saddens me the most is that the name of Emma bonino as possible future president if the republic was mentioned first by the supposedly "catholic" Mario Monti. He has met the Pope many times (pope Benedict) and he has the support of Catholic parties or at least of whatis left of them and his right arm is the founder of san Egidio community. And they said nothing. This is insane.

  23. Mitunter said, "@ Matt. Who cares about Obama and America? Italy is a Catholic nation with a long tradition. Italy's capital is the Eternal City it is the City of the Pope. Who could not care about the elections in this country? For me as an Italian, and for everyone who has a little bit of historical understanding, it is a very big deal!"

    Mitunter, I understand what you're saying and appreciate the sentiment but you've already missed the point. If such a person as that *woman* gets elected, it is then quite obvious the rest of your fellows Italians couldn't care less about Rome and history and... and... and...

  24. Claudius3:20 AM

    I'm pulling for her election.

    The time has come:

    Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.

  25. MItunter10:38 AM

    @ Matt. Well... yes. But we as normal citiziens really don't have much influence on the election of the President, because he gets elected by the Parliament. Yeah, we elect the Senators and vote for Chamber, but during the election campaigns the election of the next President doesn't play any significant role at all. Usually there are not many discussions about the next President until a few weeks before the election.
    I don't think she will be elected. Observers are prediciting more than 60 ballots.


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