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Encouraging! A sign of more to come?

A positive sign possibly signaling other actions concerning Fatima?

Pontificate of Pope Francis to be consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima

As an answer to the request of the Pope to the Patriarch of Lisbon, Cardinal José Policarpo, asking that he consecrate the Pope’s Pontificate to Our Lady of Fatima, the Bishops of Portugal have just decided that this consecration be made next May 13. 

The consecration will be included in the program of the International Pilgrimage of May 12/13 and will be made on the 13th at a time to be announced later. 

May’s International Anniversary Pilgrimage, on the 96th anniversary of the first apparition of Our Lady to seers Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta, will be presided over by Mons. Orani Tempesta, Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro. 

Let us remind you that, during the opening speech of the 181st Plenary Assembly of the Bishops Conference of Portugal, Cardinal Policarpo said that he could very well fulfill the request all alone, “in silent prayer”, but that “it would be nice if the entire Bishops Conference joined him in fulfilling the Pope’s request”.


  1. God bless our Marian pope!

  2. OutsideObserver5:30 PM

    Pope Paul VI and John Paul II too were very devoted to the Blessed Virgin and the latter was devoted to Our Lady of Fatima in particular. This did not prevent them from doing what they did with regards to liturgy and the discipline of the Church.

    God bless our Pope but we should not begin expecting too much just because of this gesture.

  3. I will pray that the Holy Father consecrate's Russia per Our Lady's request.

  4. Ferraiuolo6:59 PM

    This can only be good.

  5. Anonymous7:13 PM

    This is very good news. I also want to point out another hopeful sign: Pope Francis' appointment of Archbishop Jose Rodriguez Cabrallo, OFM, to the Curia where he will oversee the congregation of religious orders. This is hopeful because Our lady of Good Success said that a prelate will convince the vicar of Christ to restore the Conceptionists to the charge of the friars minor once again. Also Rodriguez cracked down on a disobedient Medjugore priest which is a very good thing,


  6. It's encouraging, yes, and I hope it leads to the consecration of Russia by name to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as she requested. I find it disheartening, though, that the holy father is also planning to commemmorate the Protestant Revolt--a 5th centenary thereof--in 2017, as though it were something to celebrate. There's a great article on this at CFN.

  7. lets not forget Fr. Kramer citing stigmatist Ruffini that it would be the present pope who would consecrate Russia as requested.

  8. The Forgotten Request7:32 PM

    After Our Lady showed the children a glimpse of Hell....

    "You have seen hell where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace..." Our Lady of the Rosary at Fatima, Portugal on July 13, 1917.

    Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary consists of praying the Rosary daily, wearing the Brown Scapular, performing our daily duties well, attending Mass on the first Saturday of every month for five consecutive months, going to confession, offering Holy Communion in reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and meditating on the Mysteries of the Rosary for fifteen minutes.

    Instead of complying with this simple, Catholic request to save souls, the Popes have embarked on a course that has substituted man in the place of God, ditched Marian devotions in general and pretty much guarantee that things will end in a catastrophic chastisement like the Three Days of Darkness.

  9. Barbara8:19 PM

    Well I agree this is really encouraging.

    May The Immaculate One, The Queen of Heaven protect and enlighten Pope Francis and all of us by destroying all heresies and false ecumenism! ( paraphrasing the great St. Maximimilan Kolbe!)

    Yes, whenever Our Lady is around there, She bring light...

  10. "...have just decided that this consecration be made next May 13."

    Does 'next May' mean May 13 2013 or May 13 2014?

  11. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Liam, it's next month.

  12. Sarah L said...

    "It's encouraging, yes, and I hope it leads to the consecration of Russia by name to the Immaculate Heart of Mary"

    ...keep praying for our Pope.


    We battle for Mass
    Daily it’s said
    We battle for schools
    Where God is not dead.

    We battle for books
    Published and read
    We battle for peace
    Retreats are priest led.

    We battle to shield
    Motherhoods’ plight
    To let her nurse child
    At home day and night.

    We battle for men
    Who quietly fight
    Support them in prayer
    To lead us to right.

    We battle for truth
    Professed in the Creed
    Say “NO” to the wolves
    Who twist it indeed.

    We battle for grace
    We drink it like mead
    It quenches our thirst
    Refreshed so to heed…

    All that is said
    By wolves wearing rings
    Corrupting the facts
    With traditional slings.

    But triumph is coming
    Heart Immaculate brings
    ‘Cause the war isn’t over…
    Till FATIMA sings!!

  13. Lynda8:44 PM

    Great news. Praise God!

  14. Judith8:56 PM

    Maybe, instead of having the ministry of the Supreme Head of the RC Church and the Vicor of Christ on earth consecrated by a Bishop, it would actually mean something if said Pontiff obeyed the commands of our Lady at Fatima. He could start by revealing the contents of the Third Secret, as Our Lady commanded. Then he could consecrate Russia with all of the Bishops of the world, as Our Lady commanded.

    It really is upside down world when you can get worked up about a Bishop consecrating a Pope.

  15. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Judith -- patience.

    Let us rejoice over things that are good, and not so much rejoice when they're not.

    But when we can never see the good in anything, we have a problem.

  16. It's encouraging.

  17. According to a supplemental calendar that I have with the book Preparation for Total Consecration according to St Louis de Montfort, yesterday-April 10th- was the starting day for the 33 day preparation ending with Total Consecration on the 34th day, May 13th the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima.
    "St Louis de Montefort tells us that" those who desire to take up this special devotion[ Consecration to Jesus thru Mary] should spend at least twelve days in emptying themselves of the spirit of the world, which is opposed to the spirit of Jesus. They should spend three weeks imbuing themselves with the spirit of Jesus through the Most Blessed Virgin."
    I thought it Providential last night when I finally got out the book and found the dates and started the prayers along with my wife with that ending date. I think now after reading this news that others might join us in offering our consecration for the intentions of the Holy Father in this regard, the efficacy of this coming consecration and the petition that he makes the consecration requested by Our Lady of Fatima soon.

  18. If his papacy is dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima, we can suppose that he'll want to celebrate the centenary of her apparitions in Fatima. I'm hoping that the first centenary of Fatima completely eclipses (if it doesn't prevent altogether) any homage made to the Protestant Revolt for the 5th centenary of the same. How sickening that our holy father would CELEBRATE the work of Satan. May God's mercy prevent something so hateful as a "commemmoration" that essentially spits on the Truth to make friends with falsehood.
    Think of it: the pope celebrating a work of Satan on the same year he waxes eloquent about the Message of Fatima--the work of the Mother of God! Didn't Our Lady appear to St. Juan Diego in Guadalupe in the same year?

  19. Oops. I meant to say "Didn't Our Lady appear to St. Juan Diego in Guadalupe the same year as the Protestant revolt (1517)?" Or was it a bit after?

  20. Obedience1:30 AM

    When did Our Lady of Fatima ask the Pope to do that?

  21. Anonymous2:36 AM

    Obedience: you can never honor Our Lady enough. She shouldn't have to ask.

  22. Anonymous2:53 AM

    Judith, it's his pontificate that's being consecrated, not him the person. Let's stop looking for the negative when we actually get something positive.

  23. Gratias4:02 AM

    It is probably my ignorance, but I thought Cardinal Policarpo was a piece of work opposed to the true Mass.

  24. Byzcat4:30 AM

    Don't despair! If our Holy Father is devoted to Our Lady AND consecrates his Papacy to Our Lady of Fatima, this portends great things. If Our Lady is given her way, the seemingly impossible may occur -- including the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart, the re-institution of devotion to her Immaculate heart and the communion of reparation on the 5 First Saturdays, and the resurgence of devotion to the Rosary throughout the Church. We need a miracle of grace, and this could be it. Continue to pray and hope.

  25. More and more recently, Pope Francis brings to mind St. John Bosco's vision of the two pillars.

    This Pope has undoubtedly deep and long standing commitments, both to Our Lady and to the Eucharist.

    If he succeeds in anchoring the barque of Peter to these twin pillars, then we can hope for brighter days for the Church and our faith.

    Oremus, fratres.

  26. This is very good news! Pope Francis is really doing a great job as our Pope and I hope that he will be continually blessed. May God bless us all. :)

  27. The evidence continues to pour in that Russia has been consecrated and its spiritual revival is nothing short of astonishing. Putin - a devout orthodox - is determined to create a society with the Church as the arbiter of morality.

    This board would be doing hand stands if American leadership was reshaping society in a way that puts God in the first place in people lives.

  28. cyril2:10 PM

    Putin is "devoutly" Orthodox as Joe Biden is "devoutly" Roman Catholic.

  29. @ cyril
    I think anybody paying attention to events in Russia would conclude that comparing Putin to Biden only demonstrates your lack of the facts about Russia, the Russian Orthodox Church, Putin

  30. @ Stephen Ryan

    My Russian friend in Moscow gives me a very different picture of Putin.

    I am not sure by what calculus you have come to a conclusion that Putin is proof that Russia is converted to Catholicism!

    AMong other signs ... Russia is the world's kiddie porn capital, abortion capital (more abortions than the US by far), prostitution and sex slave capital. All meaningful political opposition has been murdered ... most media have been suffocated if they speak against him. Even in the affair of P*$$* riot, the local Orthodox Christians are quite convinced nothing would have come of it if that blasphemous band had desecrated the Cathedral WITHOUT mentioning PUTIN by name in their song! On the geopolitical front, Russia continues to have 5000-6000 nuclear warheads pointed at the continental US and Western Europe.

    I think there are a few seeds of potential strength in Russia - they are one of the only superpowers continuing to suppress the giving over of society to the lavendar mafia.

    My point here is that you are sorely misguided if you believe Russia is "converted" to anything remotely Christian, even Orthodox Christian. Her people continue to suffer greatly under despotic regimes.

    Our Lady and Our Lord's command to the Pope to consecrate Russia in union with all the bishops of the World to the Immaculate Heart of Mary still stands. it is the only hope that the world may experience the dream of the ages, "The Age of Mary".

    The Pope asking confreres to consecrate his papacy to that same Heart is truly a grace of hope. I have been feeling very low about his papacy until now. Yes, it is not necessarily a reason to celebrate wildly, but it is a great hope - on this I must agree with Adfero. It is a hopeful sign.

    Our Lady promised that one day the Holy Father (one of them) would fulfill the consecration and an age of peace would dawn upon the Church and the World. With the world hanging on the precipice, what a ray of sunshine we have just seen from Pope Francis.

    May Our Lady be praised!

  31. Benedict Carter3:03 PM

    "The evidence continues to pour in that Russia has been consecrated and its spiritual revival is nothing short of astonishing" says Stephen Ryan.

    Ever been to Russia, Mr Ryan? I have. I lived there for thirteen years.

    70% of Russian citizens are now baptised. 1% on average attend weekly Mass.

    The country is riven by AIDs, drug use, sexual immorality on an epic scale, criminal activity of all kinds, abortion, and we haven't said a word about the government yet.

    Such comments as yours annoy me very, very much. "Idiotic" is the very least I can say.

    As one Catholic priest in Moscow said to me some time ago, "The devil has lived here for a very long time and is not ready to move yet".

    Those opposed to Fatima trot out lines like yours all the time. But it's evidence of a deep and woeful ignorance. Or a willful attempt to deceive which would be wholly in line with the Ratzinger-Bertone-Sodano deception over the Third Secret, which has been clearly shown to be nothing but a pack of lies designed to protect Vatican II.

    About Russia I do know what I'm talking about.

    "Russia will be converted" said Our Lady. There is precious little or no evidence for this at all.

  32. I would like to humbly suggest a different reading of what my frined Stephen Ryan said than has been expressed to date: I think it might well be said that while there are sever problems in Russia, the relationship between the Russian orthodox Church and the state is in a potentially better place than, say, the relationship between the Catholic Church and the US government is in this country. See this article from the Washington Times, for example:

    While the writer concentrates on the politics, of course, the reality of the ROC being able to influence state policy and culture directly is still evident there, and this seems to be precisely what is missing in the US and Europe, for the most part.

    I would also bring up again the point that the pronouncements of the Moscow Patriarchate on human rights and the like seem to be far more in line with traditional Catholic thought than what we hear from Rome these days. Go to the document on the Bases for Social Thought of the Russian Orthodox Church for more detail, and then link from there over to further human rights pronouncements from ++KIRILL and +HILARION, to see what I mean. In particular, it seems to my untrained eye that, while conceding a basic human dignity, the Russians believe that such dignity is mostly derived from the practice of virtue by the individual.

  33. @Woody

    That may indeed be, and perhaps, at least in its infrastructure the apparatus of cooperation between ROC and Putin may offer some hope, but in fact patriarch Kirill(aka Mr Gundiaev) has lost much of his moral authority and is extremely unpopular after several recent scandals around him.

    Shortly before the events with P*$$y Riot, he was photographed wearing a Swiss watch worth of several tens of thousands of dollars, which (the watch) later miraculously disappeared from the photo published on the Moscow Patriarchy official web site.

    This resulted in a public outcry on the Internet, and the Patriarchate was forced to apologize and to return the original photo back. Shortly after that, there was a scandal with Mr.Gundiaev's apartment in a prestigious Stalin era building facing the Kremlin across the river (a residential "government building" where members of Stalin's government were once residing). It turned out that Mr.Gundiaev had been suing his neighbour, a former minister of health, for 20 million roubles ($600,000) for damages resulting from dust from renovation of the apartment located under Mr.Gundiaev's apartment. It also turned out that although the apartment is owned by Mr.Gundiaev personally, it is occupied by a woman referred to as a "second cousin" with an unclear relation to Patriarch of Moscow, but nevertheless filing a court claim on his behalf. And, despite the general public amusement in regard to how the 20 million dust damage was calculated, the court quickly supported Mr.Gundiaev's claim in full and ordered the defendant to pay that exact amount. That was all happening at the same time when the P*$$y Riot performance was staged. Note that the Patriarch is at the same time the dean of the Cathedral where it was done.

    Next, the P---- Riot trial was happening at the exact same time with the wide-scale opposition meetings preceding and following "President" Putin's inauguration, when Putin apparently ordered to tighten the screws as much as possible. He was seriously afraid of endless massive protests and introduced the package of draconian laws which were adopted by the parliament (where the ruling party has majority due to rigged elections) in a very urgent emergency manner. Among other things, those laws make all meetings and demonstrations illegal unless authorized by authorities in advance, with administrative penalties amounting up to $50,000 per individual and long-term jail terms. This is part of the reason secular media in Russia confered hero status on the Riot blasphemers.

    As you can see, the cooperation between the Kremlin and the Patriarchate while certainly aboding to more desirable state-Church relations, may sadly be underscored by a common interest in curtailing certain ex-KGB goings on in places of power.

    Bottom line ... Only the Holy Mother of God can save that sweet land, and may the Pope soon fulfill Her command so She can actually do so.

  34. In a News item on a few weeks ago there was a report about New Churches being built and a further 6oo being refurbished and being brought back into use !

    I was surprised and delighted to think that when the time comes there will be plenty of churches for the people in Russia.

  35. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Why should the pope asks somebody else to consecrate his own Pontificate?

    Lollipops don’t nourish but only entertain and give toothaches later. So too, nothing good will arise from Rome’s pretentious and mock obedience to the Mother of Christ. Be warned, heaven sees insolence and rebellion even if they are dressed in white! There shall be a day of reckoning.

    You do not consecrate an archdiocese if what’s being demanded is the Consecration of a Nation. Neither is a vague and generic consecration acceptable when the object of the demand is specific.

    Until now, Rome is still flirting with the devil, in utter denial of the great catastrophe already at the doorsteps.

    Sweet Heart of Mary be our salvation!


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