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First papal nominations in English-speaking nations

Both bishops named for the United States (Abp. Jackels, transferred from Wichita to the Metropolitan See of Dubuque; and Msgr. John Folda, named new Bishop of Fargo) come from the admirable factory of priests of Lincoln, Nebraska.

In the Philippines, Bishop Reynaldo Gonda Evangelista was transferred from the See of Boac to Imus.

[Source: Bollettino]


Pius X said...

Mons. Jackels is no friend of Tradition. This is not good.

Ezekiel Mossback said...

such predictable reader commentary. always good for a chuckle. Self-caricature!

Anonymous said...

To Pius X. You obviously are not familiar with the outgoing bishop of Dubuque. Jackles is a MAJOR upgrade.

Edward said...

These are 2 good appointments and there is a rumor circulating that Bishop Olmsted of Phoenix is headed to Rome to head the Congregation for Religious, good for the Church, maybe bad for Phoenix. These appointments in the Midwest may be leftovers from Benedict's tenure.

sekman said...

How about Olmstead to Chicago, that seems more likely, known for cleaning house.

Interesting to see who will go to Wichita. Hopefully another good lincoln priest.

RipK said...

I assume these nominations had been considered and decided under the previous pontificate; and now they are just announced. Francis probably had very little - if anything- to do with them. If you really want to predict what type of men Francis will choose for new bishops, look at Mario Aurelio Poli and his records. Francis personally selected Poli to succeed him as the new archbishop in Buenos Aires.

Lynne said...

We have the same Apostolic Nuncio under Pope Francis as we did under Pope Benedict so we should continue to see good appointments made...

ecs220 said...

We can only see "continue to see good appointments made" if we begin to see good appointments made. One diocesan-approved TLM in Wichita, sharing space with a "Vietnamese Mass Community" and an "English Mass Community". Can't find anything associating Folda with the TLM in any way.

Joseph Mazzara said...

@ ecs220,

Are you saying they have to be associated with the TLM to be a good Bishop?

Athelstane said...

"To Pius X. You obviously are not familiar with the outgoing bishop of Dubuque. Jackles is a MAJOR upgrade."


Context matters.

Reluctant Pessimist said...

Mr. Mazzara asked ecs220 the following question: "Are you saying they have to be associated with the TLM to be a good Bishop?"

I cannot pretend to speak for ecs220, of course, but my own answer to Mr. Mazzara—matters of dubious syntax in his comment apart—is an unqualified yes.

the Savage said...

The possible move of Bishop Olmsted to the Congregation for Religious seems to have been scotched in favour of the head of the Franciscans, Fr. Jose Rodriguez Caballo. This would seem to be more indicative of the kinds of appointments we can expect under Pope Francis. I suppose one good thing is that the Pope has retained the services of Cardinal Ouellet at the Congregation for Bishops and seems to trust his advice. Like Abp. Piero Marini in matters of liturgy, Cardinal Ouellet may be able to nudge things in a somewhat more conservative / traditional direction than would be Papa Bergoglio's wont. But whether any of these relatively conservative voices stay in the Vatican over the next 2-3 years remains to be seen.

the Savage said...

Of course I meant Abp. *Guido* Marini, not Piero!

Hilltop said...

Monsignor Folda. Rector of the minor seminary in the Diocese of Lincoln. Protege of +Fabian Bruskewitz. Must also have the approbation of +Conley of Lincoln, himself a protege of +Bruskewitz.. Home diocese of the FSSP Seminary in Denton. These are all good things. I say pray, wait and see the Bishop's actions with regard to the TLM.

Hank Igitur said...

Guido Marini is Mgr not Arcgbishop

adulescens said...

Lynn makes an excellent point and one that many are often unmindful of.

For all the interviews with bizarre apostate ex-priests and wolves in wolves clothing but still calling themselves sheep - Franciscus does not have the power to do whatever he wants.

The apostolic nuncio in England is quite good as well. It is over. The laity, the young priests, the eligible candidates to the episcopacy in many countries, the younger cardinals, most of the prefects of congregations. No one wants the changes Franciscus is allegedly to be the man to touch off.

And he will not even try. To do that would take [misused] courage and conviction - a liberal by definition has neither. And he cannot. It would be excommunication latae sententiae, auto-deposition ipso facto and we would finally see the college of cardinals and bishops around the world come out in the way they ought to have when the deleterious changes were originally gaining pace.

Washing girls' feet, refusing to wear things, praying with pagans, hugging heretics. These are the kinds of things we have to put up with. But removing all control from Rome, approved sodomy, pseudo-priestesses and ectera - these we do not have to worry about.

He will not. He cannot. Therefore he shall not.


Uncle Claibourne said...

adulescens, I hope you and Lynne are right.

But I can't agree with your thoughts on liberals not having courage and conviction, and being unable to follow through with their plans and programs. Over the last 50 years, those have been the traits of "conservatives," not "liberals."

Paul VI had no scruples whatsoever about imposing his revolution on the Church, and the Ottavianis and Siris were unable, or unwilling, under the rubric of obedience, to do anything to stop him. In less than a generation, the entire face of the global episcopate was remade in the image of Montini.

When and if Francis decides to impose the next logical steps of the Conciliar revolution, I don't expect that the results will be any different than in Paul VI's time. We will be told that the Pope (who no longer calls himself such) has spoken, and that we have no choice but to obey. And many there will be who'll do exactly that.

Fr Seán Coyle said...

May I point out that the Philippines is not an 'English-speaking' country. English is an official language, yes. But it is not the mother-tongue of the vast majority. Unfortunately, English, the main language of the controlling families, has been foisted on all Filipinos in schools as the medium of instruction, and to a large degree, on the people as the language of the liturgy, especially in the larger cities. I have been here since 1971.

The language of the vast majority of the people of the Diocese of Imus, which is a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Manila, is Tagalog. In Cavite City, in the Diocese of Imus, Chavacano, a Spanish-based creole language, is still spoken by some older people.

Fr Sean Coyle, Bacolod City, Philippines

Michael fitzpatrick said...

Thanks Francis for taking Jackels, I just hope we dont get someone worse!

We have a practicing homosexual who was found with a male prostitute in active duty .His punishment? counseling sessions.

We have a priest that had an affair with a married woman as pastor of a church. His punishment? counseling sessions too.

Many of the "Catholic" schools have teachers living together unmarried and it is widely known that the catholic high schools have problems with drug dealing and alcohol

Oh not to mention that seminarians were kicked out because they were too traditional after being preached against the Latin Mass.

There is much more on priest behavior coverage, cathedral devastation etc but I would run out of space. He is a jewel!

We are glad he is leaving

Roamer said...

I've had the opportunity to have a one-on-one discussion with Mons. Jackels back when he was working at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith at the Vatican in the early 2000s, prior to his being elevated to the episcopate.

In asking him some doctrinal questions, he came across as being very traditional, and exhibited a mindset that to some degree seemed to put him at variance with the non-traditional thinking of both Cardinal Ratzinger and Pope John Paul II. If all bishops were to hold the views he expressed to me and could and would openly and boldly act upon them, we could have a true restoration underway.

I have heard that Jackels is not known for his affinity for traditional worship, though that is something that was not discussed.

But worship aside, I believe that Mons. Jackels as pope would hold the promise of a real improvement over any of the most recent 6 popes we've had.

adulescens said...

Uncle Claibourne - pax tecum frater.

I still hold to my original statement. Liberals have no conviction or courage by definition. No conviction because truth, to them, is relative and irrelevant. No courage, because if you have no convictions there is nothing to be courageous for.

Now, with what has happened in the last fifty years. As I see things, the changes did not seem arduous or unpopular when they were begun. They were exciting, novel, what all the new theologians were talking about, what the press approved and publicised and, they imagined, what the people would embrace with all alacrity. It was Spring-time. In a post-World-War world.

It did not take courage. It would have taken courage to have opposed it, to have condemned these novelties, to have repudiated those theologians, to have behaved such that the world and it's loud ever-open mouth the secular press would hate you and to have done what was best for the people and not what, it was imagined, would have pleased them.

Saint Pius X was courageous. The devastation could have begun earlier. Paul VI capitulated. He relaxed his arms and let the tide take him. It was not courageous and it took no conviction.

With "conservatives". The principle fault I see is activism over sanctity. The opposite of what you say you see. I see organisations, publications, events, book-stores, foot-holds in universities. But I see no saints. We are mediocre - at best. Often we are worse. Arrogant and insulting [refer to the New Oxford Review], steeped in self-importance. Severe but without discipline and not according to knowledge. Zealous but not truly for God's honor.

We behave as though we are right and not like we have the Truth. Like we want to win an argument, not immortal souls.

My thoughts.