Rorate Caeli


St. Peter's Seminary, Cardross (Scotland), private chapel
Built, 1961-1966; Seminary closed, 1980.

We offer this mass for him [Benedict XVI], so that the Lord be with him, confort him, and give him great consolation. ...

The Council was a beautiful work of the Holy Spirit. Think of Pope John: he looked like a good parish priest, and he was obedient to the Holy Spirit, and he did that. But, after 50 years, have we done everything that the Holy Spirit told us in the Council? In the continuity of the growth of the Church that the Council was? No. We celebrate this anniversary, we make a monument, but do not bother. We do not want to change. And there is more: there are calls [voci, also 'voices'] wanting to move back. This is called being stubborn, this is called wanting to tame the Holy Spirit, this is called becoming fools and slow of heart.
Daily mass at Domus Sanctae Marthae - homily
April 16, 2013

[Source: Radio Vaticana, in Italiano]