Rorate Caeli

Has anything changed -- or will change soon -- for the better?

Translated and adapted by Rorate's Italian Correspondent, Francesca Romana:

Some Thoughts from Don Divo Barsotti on Church Problems of the Magisterium

26th January 1989

For decades the Church has been talking about peace and can no longer assure it: hell is no longer mentioned and humanity is drowning without a gurgle. Sin is not mentioned and error is not denounced.

What has the Magisterium been reduced to?  The Church has never spoken as much as She has in the past years, but never have Her words been so bereft of power.

“In My Name they will cast out demons…”.  How is it possible to cast them out if there is no longer the belief in their presence?  And the demons have overrun the earth.

Television, drugs, abortion, falsehood, but most of all - the refusal of God: darkness has descended upon the earth. Theologians dispute the Pope. Perhaps the crisis will not be overcome until, in true humility, the bishops  want to recognize the presumption that has inspired and guided them these past decades, most of all, during the Council itself, and afterwards.

They, it is certain, remain the “doctores fidei”, but it is exactly this that is their sin: they did not want to define the truth, they did not want to condemn error and they expected “to renew” the Church, almost as if “their” Council could be the new foundation of everything.

From the volume: “Fissi gli occhi nel sole” (Fix your eyes on the sun) Ed. Messaggero, Padova. (Source: L’Eco dell’Eremo Santuario Beata Vergine del Soccorso, Minucciano (Lu) no.62, December 2012)