Rorate Caeli

On the 50th anniversary of Pacem in Terris

[I]t must not be forgotten that the Church has the right and duty not only to safeguard her teaching on faith and morals, but also to exercise her authority over her children by intervening in their external affairs whenever a judgment has to be made concerning the practical application of this teaching.
Pacem in Terris
April 11, 1963


Benedict Carter said...

Yes, well, that teaching didn't last long, did it?

By the way, may I ask a question about John XXIII?

Is his body really incorrupt, or was it embalmed?

Dan Hunter said...

God bless Blessed John XXIII.

JAK said...

Mr. Carter,

I have seen the remains of John XXIII and I think there is a wax mask over his face. I doubt his body is incorrupt.

Uncle Claibourne said...

I don't have a link/reference handy, but I'm pretty sure that, at the time his remains were moved, the Vatican confirmed that he had been embalmed, and was not incorrupt.

Matt said...

Interesting how those words safeguard Her teaching on faith and morals have been conveniently omitted for the past fifty years.

Typical liberals. They pick and choose only what they want to support their view and then invent the rest to fill in the 99% gaps.

LeonG said...

Pope John XXIII's body was embalmed using a new method at the time. It was the man who carried this out who made the admission.

LeonG said...

Pacem in Terris was effectively made obsolete within years of it issuance. Our Blessed Lord's Kingdom is not of this world - He only brings a peace the world cannot understand and the sword of The Gospel. It is a document whose tone befits the pope who wrote it: idealistic and impracticable.