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Please, Holy See communication officials, make up your minds about the Pope's weekday sermons!

Either the Holy See (the press office? those responsible for archiving the original texts of the Supreme Pontiff? etc) considers the weekday homilies of the current Bishop of Rome unworthy of magisterial qualities - in which case their content should not be made available at all, much less by some chosen excerpts published by Vatican Radio; or they should be accepted in their full quality as words of the Successor of Saint Peter, and their full transcripts should be made available in L'Osservatore Romano and in the Vatican website. We even suggest a new category in the page of Franciscus PP. (in English), "Omelie quotidiane" ("Weekday Homilies"), as a separate category from the more formal "Omelie"(Homilies).

We choose not to believe that the full transcripts are being saved only for for-profit publication by the Libreria Editrice Vaticana (LEV) and authorized publishing houses in other languages!