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Pope: "keep the line of Benedict XVI against abusers"

From the Bollettino:

The Holy Father received in audience this morning H.E.Abp. Ludwig Müller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. In the audience, during which several dossiers of the competence of the Dicastery were treated, the Holy Father recommended in a particular way that the Congregation, continuing on the line willed by Benedict XVI, act decisively regarding the cases of sexual abuses, first of all by promoting measures for the protection of minors, as well as in offering assistance to those who have suffered abuse, carrying out due proceedings against the guilty, and in the commitment of bishops' conferences to formulate and implement the necessary directives in this area that is so important for the Church's witness and credibility. The Holy Father assured that victims of abuse are present in a particular way in his prayers for those who are suffering.


Matt said...

Well, this is good, but hey, why not Liturgical abusers also? Is that too much to ask?

Wiseguy said...

And doctrinal abusers, too, Matt. But that one will probably hit a little too close to home.

It's gettin' old, real old. said...

Aw heck. Fooled again. I foolishly assumed that he was discussing the liturgical abuses. Those are the abuses that if corrected (condemn the NO and all that it entailed) would auto-fix all the lesser abuses.

I am about finished entertaining hopes that anything good will return to The Church via the Vatican until The Consecration is made. If it doesn't happen with this pope after all the prophecy pointing at either Francis or Benedict, it looks like we may be embarking upon a war of attrition whose end I at my age may not see.

Blindfella said...

What about moving against bishops and cardinal(I'd be happy to offer a few suggestions)who facilitated the abuse by "what they did and what they failed to do"? (N.O. vocab for their benefit)

Kicking Mahony, Brady, and Finn to the curb would be a decent start

LeonG said...

Frankly speaking, if The vatican had been serious about this problem Cardinal Mahony and literally hundreds of abusive presbyters would have passed through the courts, been sentenced by criminal court and defrocked long ago.
It is both a tragedy and a scandal that the church authorities have purposely attempted to block and hinder due legal processes. the evidence speaks for itself if you bother to read it up.
Victims of these abuses have been very shoddily treated.

Isaiah53 said...

It's gettin' old, real old. said
Really - are you suggesting that child molestation is a "lesser abuse" than liturgical abuses. It seems to me THAT position is a serious problem.

Francis in Ma said...

Liturgical abuse, homosexuals in the priesthood, Vatican II worldly modernist and relativist novelties, cowardly liberal bishops, wishy washy encyclicals and sermons by the bishop of Rome and the majority of the conciliar bishops, these are all connected to one another and are the reason the post-conciliar Church is in the terrible shape and position it's been in the last fifty years. Yes, the pre-conciliar Catholic Church had some problems also, but nothing like the breakdown of traditional catechesis, liturgy, dogma and pervert priests and bishops.

Common sense said...

Francis in Ma, yours is a correct analysis.Our humble Holy Father has to replace his platform first and choose the correct one. That would be a positive start.

LeonG said...

For a correct appraisal of the liberal modernist view of how to best manage the dilemma - Cardinal Law and Cardinal Levada are given free papal passes to immunity from prosecution which saves many a face in Rome.

Gregorian Mass said...

No one finds it odd that the Cardinals chose someone who would draw immediate and constant attention to the different liturgical styles that would be bound to confront each other from day 1 ? If Pope Francis can do away with liturgical law, practices and the insistence on continued liturgical stability within days I think he could have sacked a few who most deserve it and gained the respect of all the Faithful while leaving Tradition alone. And gained some new souls.

Lynda said...

An integral part of the refusal to follow due process (natural justice and canon law) in relation to allegations of child sexual attacks is the unjust treatment of many falsely-accused priests, including the notorious and egregious case of Fr Gordon MacRae. God have mercy.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Pope is a saint. His prayers have been answered. The church is impoverished spiritually and materially thanks to the eminences and the excellencies. This is the ridiculous equivelant to calling the public servants Honorable. Signed, Able

Matt said...

Gregorian Mass said, "No one finds it odd that the Cardinals chose someone who would draw immediate and constant attention to the different liturgical styles that would be bound to confront each other from day 1?"

Nope, we don't find it odd at all. We saw that quite clearly and plainly the moment he walked out on the Balcony. Those Cardinals knew what they were doing. Add to that, what's up with ol' Pierro Marini having an audience with the Pope? As a Curial member, well, that's not too out of line but under the circumstances who Pierro is and now whom his boss is, yes, that's a major red flag flying up! Was it a courtesy call? Was it about getting his old job back? Ew! OMG! What if... what if he's going to be appointed to CDW? Hurl! RC, you have got to look into this. You know people. In a cold sweat all of a sudden.

Matt said...

Wiseguy said, "And doctrinal abusers, too, Matt, but that one will probably hit a little too close to home."

Yes, that humility routine goes only so far.

It's gettin' old, real old. said, "I am about finished entertaining hopes that anything good will return to The Church via the Vatican..."

Yes, indeed. It's getting really old! What a contrast in personal terms. When that day Benedict walked out on that Balcony, there was such joy and hope for the future among family and friends. He did give us Summorum Pontificum and to a lesser extent, the Anglican ordinariate not to mention the N. O's. updated Missal (it is what it is, folks). When, however, the present Holy Father walked out (still we pray for him), we all got served warm diet soda.

LeonG said...


No it is not essentially - in matters of finance and sexual perversion the post-conciliar church has an abominable record of trying to obfuscate due legal processes. Bishop Marcinkus is a name that should ring a very loud papal bell there! Levada and Law are also typical cases.

The liberal modernists in Rome just do not understand that their libertarian oriented philosophies have led them into a blind alley where obfuscating justice and cover up should never have been permitted to replace sound sacredotal and liturgical rigour; papal responsibility for ecclesiastical discipline; undiluted defence of the truth and true justice and the prioritisation of victim over culpable party.

Each time we have been assured by The Vatican the matter was being taken in hand we have been treated to another round of scandalous revelations and allegations; a series of firm denials and then finally resultant guilt admissions with what can only described as cynical apologies. These are the facts. Face up to them.

All I can say in defence of the church, if it can be seen as one, is that the hypocrits who run our secular governments are afraid to open the massive can of worms that lies beneath their state run education; child and care of the elderly institutions. I have said before many times, that similar church scandals will be dwarfed many times over by such unhampered inquiries into those hornets nests of abuse if they ever transpire.

Mar said...

To Isaiah53,
Liturgical abuse is a primary issue because it is to do with the worship of God and God comes first. If there is no respect for God and no reverence and piety (which is His due) shown to Him, it comes as no surprise that respect is not shown to fellow human beings, be they children or otherwise.

And you can legislate and punish till you're blue in the face, it will ultimately come to naught because, if the order of respect for God and respect for others is reversed, the reverence which is due to others by reason of their being children of God will be ignored in the face of plausible rationalizations arising from the concupiscence of fallen human nature.

There are plenty of godless human beings who think that child molestation is quite all right. And no, they are not necessarily the dregs of society, but in many cases her respectable members who are intent on furthering their cause step by step in a goal-oriented fashion.

If you were to investigate entities such as The Journal of Paedophilia; the International Academic Paedophile Movement; the Journal of Homosexuality; Libido - a child sex magazine; Lolita - a paedophile publication; a publication called Spartacus; the Centre de Recherches et de l’Information sur l’Enfance et la Sexualité; - to name just a few - you would find that the support for child molestation is alive and kicking and is found in some surprisingly high places such as High-Security Police Head Quarters and in the UN.

The tragedy of the present-day Church is that instead of having a primary focus on the worship of God with the appropriate reverence and piety, many of those in positions of leadership have chosen to dialogue with the world and thence to pursue the way of all flesh. No wonder that sex scandals and other forms of corruption are now rife.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. A good understanding to all that do it: his praise continueth for ever and ever. - Psalms 110:10

LeonG said...

The entire Novus Ordo network is a complex of anthropocentric liberal modernist ideologies which have placed the so-called well-being of man and his pivotal role in the universe over and above the focal point of our Faith. This is to love Our Blessed Lord through obedience to His mandate to preach The Gospel throughout the world without compromising either the message or the messenger.

Liberal modernism represents a protestant tendancy towards individualised religion wherein man considers he has the right to self-determination independent of any authority. The NO trend has consolidated this modern dogma in the form of primacy of conscience.

When Roman Catholics were disciplined and knew their Faith such primacy accorded fully with The Faith itself. However, the post-conciliar church has produced an illiterate flock with but a palimpsest of what was once The Roman Catholic Faith. The consequences for the new order faith is to splinter and fragment. This post-conciliar church resembles increasingly a protestant sect with its liberalised liturgies; hyperactive lay participation and the concomitant death of tradition, discipline and order.

Everywhere we study the modern catholic church we can demonstrate the same trends. Sexual abuse of minors by clerics and bishops together with financial dishonesty and doctrinal compromises can be discovered in the systematic protestantisation of liturgical praxis and rubrical disobedience.

There can never be a restoration of all things in Christ until that destructive minefield is neutralised first.

Supertradmum said...

The entire world adult population is sliding back into a primitive cult of personality, which takes responsibility for personal actions. People do not want to form their own consciences and do not want to read, study, pray. Leaders like Obama and Kim Jung-un and even the new Pope are all looked up to as "messiahs" to get us out of messes we created.

This is dangerous, very dangerous. We are not to remain children in our faith but grow up and call Christ Master, the teachers, as we learn on our way.

Adoration of leaders leads to tyrants proliferating.