Rorate Caeli

Another Traditional Latin Mass in ... Afghanistan!

Last year, we brought you the compelling story of Fr. David Smith, a priest chaplain of the Royal Army, who is also one of the 26 priests of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society. We reported at the time that he was actually saying a Traditional Latin Mass for the Society's enrolled Souls while stationed in Afghanistan -- certainly the only TLM being said at the time in that country.

Now, we bring you the second TLM being said for the Souls in that same country, located in the belly of Islam. 

Father Charles Johnson of the U.S. Navy Chaplain Corps is pictured below saying a TLM that usually attracts around 15 people a Mass. Many of these Masses are for the Souls of the Society. The server is an Army officer whose name we must omit for security reasons.

Let these Masses not only ease or -- God willing -- end the suffering of the Souls of the Society but convert those around them in the region to the true, triune God and Faith. 

Below, please find the seventieth posting of enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society. 

Priests: The Souls still need more of you saying Mass for them! Please email me to offer your services. There's nothing special involved -- all you need to do is offer a weekly or monthly TLM with the intention: "For the Souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society."

How to enroll souls: please email me at and submit as follows: "Name, State, Country." If you want to enroll entire families, simply write in the email: "The Jones family, Ohio, USA". Individual names are preferred. Be greedy -- send in as many as you wish and forward this posting to friends as well. And please try to follow this formatting strictly. 

Please consider forwarding this Society to your family and friends, announcing from the pulpit during Holy Mass or listing in your church bulletin. We need to spread the word and relieve more suffering souls.

Please pray for the enrolled Souls and the 26 holy priests saying Traditional Masses for the Society:

"For all the souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful departed rest in peace. Amen."

Then ...

Almighty and ever living God,
we ask Thy blessing upon the priests
who offer Masses for the Purgatorial Society.
Give them a greater awareness of the grace
that Thou dost pour out through the Sacraments,
and by their devout celebration of the Sacred Mysteries,
increase in them a love for Thee.
Give strength to Thy priests, O Shepherd of the flock;
when they are in doubt, give them the assurance of faith,
and in Thy goodness confirm them as heralds of Thy Truth
to all who seek to follow in Thy path.
We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal Priest,
Who lives and reigns with Thee in the unity with the Holy Ghost,
God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society:

NB: These are only the names from this week. The entire list is tens of thousands of souls long and cannot be reproduced week after week publicly. 

William Thomas Savage, United Kingdom
Samuel Flint, United Kingdom
Robert Murray Hetherington, United Kingdom
Paul & Pat Boskovitch Families, California, USA
Andriy Pinchuk, Omsk, Russia
Lyubov Pinchuk, Omsk, Russia
Yuri Tikhonov, Omsk, Russia
Vinera Sadykova, Omsk, Russia
Albert Sadykov, Omsk, Russia
Egor Sukharev, Omsk, Russia
The Sadykovs family, Russia
The Alimbaevs family, Russia
The Pinchuks family, Ukraine
The Tikhonovs family, Russia
Greta Dieden, Lund, Sweden
Bishop Aloysius Jin Luxian, Shanghai, China
Archbishop Oscar Julio Vian, Guatemala
Bishop Emeritus Arthur J. O'Neill, Rockford, Illinois, USA
Anne Fairclough Mansfield, Washington, D.C.
Oscar Neiheisel, Fl., USA
Mellisa Kunkel Ky., USA
Joseph Hector McPhail, Alberta, Canada
Jan Zens, California, USA
Will Zens, California, USA
Elizabeth Russell, California, USA
Brother Francis, MICM, New Hampshire, USA
Michael Davies, Surrey, England
Hamish Fraser, Saltcoats, Scotland
Patrick McGoohan, California, USA
Finlay Currie, London England
Alec Guiness, Hampshire, England
Paul Scofield, England
Edward Madritsch, Wisconsin, USA
Ione Madritsch, Wisconsin, USA
Sandra Harthun, Wisconsin, USA
Elizabeth Poliak, Wisconsin, USA
August Poliak, Wisconsin, USA
Emily Guenzel, Wisconsin, USA
Father Hector Bolduc, New Hampshire, USA
Father Paul Bertrand, Wisconsin, USA
Mr/Mrs Joseph Staudacher, Wisconsin, USA
Niall MacGinnis, Ireland
Margaret L. Smigielski, Warren, MI
Walenty Worwa, South Rockwood,MI
Julia Worwa, South Rockwood, MI
Wojciech Konwerski, Poland
Jadwiga Konwerska, Poland
Joseph Konwerski, Detroit, MI
Mary Konwerski, Detroit, MI
Stanley Kowalski, Detroit, MI
Tekla Kowalska, Detroit, MI
Franciszek Smigielski, Detroit, MI
Sebestian Smigielski, Rokiciny, Poland
Ignacy Smigielski, Rokiciny, Poland
Anna Smigielski, Rokiciny, Poland
Helen Smigielski, Rokiciny Poland
Anna Smigielski Rybarski, Detroit, MI
Walter Rybarski, Detroit, MI
Andrew J. Konwerski, Detroit, MI
Lillian M. Konwerski, Detroit, MI
Ronald E. Konwerski, Detroit, MI
Peter J. Konwerski, Detroit, MI
Julia A. Patelczyk, Warren, MI
Raymond Patelczyk, Warren, MI
Chester Patelczyk, Detroit, MI
Marie Otto, Detroit, MI
Linda Patelczyk, Detroit, MI
Jean S. Latowski, Warren, MI
Alfred B. Latowski, Warren, MI
Linda Hoffman, Center Line, MI
Robert Latowski, Center Line, MI
Henry Nixsa, Warren, MI
Regina Nixsa, Warren, MI
Conrad Welsing, Center Line, MI
Josephine Welsing, Center Line, MI
Frank Fortumase, Center Line, MI
Loretta Fortumase, Lexington, MI
Edward Fortumase, Center Line, MI
James Martin, Center Line, MI
Fr. Val Rykowski, Sterling Heights, MI
Fr. Francis Skalski, Dearborn Heights, MI
Fr. Richard Stieber, St. Clair Shores, MI
Alphonse J. Masko, Center Line, MI
Robert Miller, Center Line, MI
Richard J. Putansu, Warren, MI
Paul H. Chene, Center Line, MI
Dorothy Konwerski, Warren, MI
Roman Konwerski, Warren, MI
Katherine Konwerski, Clinton Township, MI
Felix Konwerski, Clinton Township, MI
Joseph Konwerski, Detroit, MI
Iva Konwerski, Detroit, MI
Lawrence J. Zamierowski, Detroit, MI
Mildred Zamierowski, St. Clair Shores, MI
Andrew Zamierowski, Detroit, MI
Mark A. Konwerski, Clinton Township, MI
Louis Pieknik, Canton, MI
Shirley Pieknik, Canton, MI
Florian Coles, Sterling Heights, MI
Agnes Coles, Detroit, MI
Alphonse Kowalski, Detroit, MI
Sophie Kowalski, Detroit, MI
Mary Nowakowski, Detroit, MI
Paul L. Ryniak, Algonac, MI
Dr. Alphonse Deresz, Detroit, MI
Sr. Ester Joy Vanderloop OP, Racine, WI
Sr. Ami Joy Vanderloop OP, Racine, WI
Genevieve Spehar, Houghton, MI
Fred Spehar, Houghton, MI
Sophie Andrzejewski, Warren, MI
Mary Ann McDonald, Warren, MI
Barney Pelletier, Warren, MI
Vera Pelletier, Warren, MI
Stanley S. Stempien, Warren, MI
Stephanie I. Stempien, Warren, MI
Henry Orlowski, Madison Heights, MI
Gloriann B. Boutorwick, Warren, MI
Philip Evans Moss, Shelby Township, MI
Virginia Moss, Shelby Township, MI
Robert Moss, Livonia, MI
Philip Moss. Arizona
JoEllen Moss, Arizona
John J. Przeslica, Detroit, MI
Arlene R. Pulice, Warren, MI
Anthony Klik, Warren, MI
Leonard Poltorak, Dearborn, MI
Bernadine E. Richard, Warren, MI
Susan Christine Masko, Center Line, MI
Mitchell Sereda, Warren, MI
Donna J. Pakizer, Warren, MI
Joseph Blevins, Detroit, MI
Most Reverend Walter J. Schoenherr, Detroit, MI
Most Reverend Moses Anderson, Detroit, MI
Edward Warchol, Warren, MI
Ester Warchol, Warren, MI
Donald C. Clark, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
Frank Kanasty, Detroit, MI
Frank E. Konwerski, Sterling Heights, MI
Richard Coles, Sterling Heights, MI
Thomas Coles, Michigan
Norbert Coles, Florida
Fr. Timothy E. Murray, Southfield, MI
Fr. James Murphy, Center Line, MI
Joseph R. Steffl, Adena, OH
Cecilia Czubinski, Detroit, MI
Sophie Czubinski, Detroit, MI
Nell Czubinski, Detroit, MI
Hedwig Kowalski, Detroit, MI
Robert N. Skalski, Algonac, MI
Robert A. Clark, Detroit, MI
Walter A. Pieknik, Dearborn Heights, MI
Julie Pieknik, Dearborn Heights, MI
Richard A. Krygier, Warren, MI
Cecilia B. Connors, Sterling Heights, MI
Robert Botourwick, Warren, MI
Zygmund Shultz, Warren, MI
Jozef Smigielski, Rokiciny, Poland
Jamie Grapp, Florida
Dolores Rybarski, Michigan
Violet Rybarski, Texas
Leo Patrico, Warren, MI
Marlene Baginski, Warren, MI
Cindy Baginski, Warren, MI
Leonard Dettloff, Warren, MI
The Smigielski family lineage, Poland
The Worwa family lineage, USA and Poland
The Konwerski family lineage, USA and Poland
The Michalik family lineage, Poland
The Kowalski family lineage, Poland
The Poltarak family lineage, USA and Poland
The Lesniak family lineage, Poland
The Rybarski family lineage, USA and Poland
The Jaworski family lineage, Poland
The Patelczyk family lineage, USA and Poland
The Latowski family lineage, USA and Poland
The Pieknik family lineage, USA and Poland
The Ryniak family lineage, USA and Poland
Angie Perry, Oregon, USA
Potts Family, Pennsylvania, USA
George Greene, Massachusetts, USA
Joseph Alfano and family, Pennsylvania, USA
James Novosalec, Pennsylvania, USA
Frances Kathryn 'Kay' Cerjak, North Carolina, USA
Fr. Richard Joyal, Manitoba, Canada
Fr. Charles Schoenbaechler, CR, Louisiana, USA
Mary Kraus
Edward S. "Ned" Rapier, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Dennis McCoy
Christian du Rieu de Maynadier, Lyon, France
Thomas and Jane Lawlis, San Antonio, TX
Leander Buechel , Wisconsin , USA
Dorothy Jean Klika , Wisconsin , USA
Emma Shibler, Kansas, USA
Godfrey Perdziola, Pennsylvania, USA
Martin Richard, Massachusetts, USA
Krystle Campbell, Massachusetts, USA
Sean Collier, Massachusetts, USA
Susan Sivertsen, Pennsylvania, USA
Anne P. Nau, Pennsylvania, USA
Phil Arnsby, Upper Canada, Canada
David William Leon, British Columbia, Canada
Dwayne Constantin, British Columbia, Canada
Mario N. Cuomo, Rhode Island, USA
Rita Capotosto, Rhode Island, USA
Dora and Octavio Maisiello, Caserta, Italy
Gertrude & Charles Joyce, Rhode Island, USA
William Hynes, Rhode Island, USA
Kevin Hynes, Rhode Island, USA
Stephen Hynes, Rhode Island, USA
Frank & Evelyn Cuomo, Rhode Island, USA
Imperia Cuomo, Rhode Island, USA
Eric Palazzo, Rhode Island, USA
Thomas & James Hynes, Rhode Island, USA
John Hynes, Kentucky, USA
William Cuomo, Teano, Italy
Father Joseph Hynes, Rhode Island, USA
Virginia Alafriz, Ilocos Sur Philippines
Carmen Cabanas, Vigan City, Philippines
The Sullivan Family, New York, USA
The McCormick Family, New York, USA
Peggy Ponvelle Stroud, Louisiana, USA
Maryalice Clark Nardone, New York, USA
Julia Rita Stroud, Louisiana, USA
Jula Foco Stroud, Louisiana, USA
Thomas C. Stroud Jr., Louisiana, USA
Mary Stroud Derise, Louisiana, USA
Ruthann Stroud Nolan, Louisiana, USA
Marguerite Stroud Bagala, Louisiana, USA
Ruby Stroud Blanchard, Louisiana, USA
Frank Bagala, Louisiana, USA
Donald Nolan, Louisiana, USA
Nolton Derise, Louisiana, USA
Eddie Ponvelle, Louisiana, USA
Marie Ponvelle, Louisiana, USA
A.J. Ponvelle, Louisiana, USA
Enola Ponvelle, Louisiana, USA
Cody Gaudet, Louisiana, USA
Sean Collier, Massachusetts, USA
Morris Bridges, Texas, USA
Perry Calvin, Texas, USA
Jerry Chapman, Texas, USA
Cody Dragoo, Texas, USA
Kenny Harris, Texas, USA
Jimmy Matus, Texas, USA
Joey Pustejovsky, Texas, USA
Cyrus Reed, Texas, USA
Robert Snokhous, Texas, USA
Doug Snokhous, Texas, USA
Buck Uptmor, Texas, USA
Sharon McDade, California, USA
Steven Pausche
John C Pausche
Genevieve A Pausche
Al Pausche
Chuck Pausche
Sandra Harper
Henry Cabble
Margaret cabble
Janet Donahue
Thomas Donahue
Richard Cabble
Henry Haoffman
George Hoffman
Richard cabble
John Pausche Sr
Bertha Pausche
Ann Reilly
Margaret T Lynch
Fr Dan Kennelly
Fr John Madigan
Mother Mary Luke
Fr Pilsner
Fr Salvatore Franco
Catherine Santoro
Edward Murphy
Bryan Herold
Ronald Perotta
Bernie Weiner
John Oakley
Robert Murphy
Fr John Murray
Fr Conroy
Joaseph Zeffer
Gina Corsitto
Alex Grubert
John T Jill
Pablo Martinez
Mary Panek
Keith Wilson
Lingzu Lu, Mass., USA
Mary Burke, Cork, Ireland
Sarah Prendergasat Cork Ireland
George Beverly Shea, North Carolina, USA
The McCormick Family, New York, USA
The Gastellum Family, Arizona, USA
The Firth Family, Indiana, USA
Kelly Ann Parmenter; Cumberland, RI
Maureen Ann Kelly Parmenter; Cumberland R.I.
Ryan George Parmenter, Cumberland, RI
Michael Richard Parmenter; Cumberland,RI
Kimberly Ann Parmenter; Cumberland, RI
Kellie Anne Columbo; Cumberland, RI
Amy Rafka Erdman, Woonsocket, R I
Jessica Muccini; Bellingham, MA
Nichols Giacobbe; Smithfield,RI
ROGER Gebara Jr. Philadelphia, PA
James Jebara Philadelphia PA
Monsignor Sharbel Lischaa, Philadelphia PA
Sr. Rafka Parmenter; Philadelphia PAR
Parmenter Family Cumberland, RI
Pesa Family Croatia
Neven Ivan Pesa Methuen MA
Bishop John Adel Elya, Methuen MA
Maryam Takfoor Philadelphia PA
BRIAN Parmenter Cumberland RI
George Parmenter MA
Douglas Rolton , Sydney N.S.W. Australia .
Krystle Campbell, Mass., USA
Martin Richard, Mass., USA
Sr. Patricia DaCosta, BVM, Iowa, USA
Sr. Mary Clement Smith, OSF, Iowa, USA
Fr. Michael Joseph Rogers, Iowa, USA
William Lemaster, Iowa, USA
Barbara Willke, Ohio, USA
Sean Mullin, British Columbia, Canada
Imelda Lidia Paruzzolo, British Columbia, Canada
Sheila Rosario, British Columbia, Canada
Patricia Clara Ann Schmidt, British Columbia, Canada
Harvey Joseph Zelter, British Columbia, Canada
Fr. Maximos Basha, OSBC, British Columbia, Canada
Clarence John LaFuentes I                                               
David Joseph Peter Frazier                                               
Evelyn LaFuentes                                                              
Edward Joseph LaFuentes                                                
Antoinette Chauppetta-LaFuentes                                    
John Barrow I and Pearl Travis-Barrow                          
John Barrow II and Clarence Barrow                               
Roy and Anna M. Barrow-Nichol                                     
Charles and Raymond LaFuentes
Joseph I and Verna Mary Moniz
George de Calogne
Joseph II, and Paul Moniz
Carol Barrow
Joseph Deloniak and wife
Clare Capora-Seruntine
Joseph Vidal
Antoinette Fisher
Sr. Bernada
Fr. Tarantino
George I, George II
Marlin Brown
Barbara Brown                
Joseph I and Joseph III Muscarello
Bob Perry, Texas, USA
Kathleen G Ammend, Florida, USA
Tyke & Florence Jaskey, PA, USA
Thank You!  God Bless!
Patricia Ann Gillespie, Alberta Canada
Earl Morrison, British Columbia, Canada
Linda & Norman Cherry, Alberta Canada
Pat O’Brien, Alberta Canada
The Martin Family, New York, USA
The Rutherford Family, Colorado, USA
The Knez Family, Colorado, USA
The McCormick Family, New York, USA
The Stewart Family, New York, USA
Calvert Shenk, Michigan, USA
Ned South, Alabama, USA
Bill Polk, Alabama, USA
Bill Steltemeier, Alabama, USA
Sr. Immaculata, Alabama, USA
Ralph Henderson, Colorado, USA
Fr. Romero, Colorado, USA
Fr. Phil Meredith, Colorado, USA
Fr. Mike, Colorado, USA
Mr. Niedringhaus, Nevada, USA
The Rybicki Family, Pennsylvania, USA
Fr. Fitzpatrick, New York, USA
Sr. Celine Marie, Colorado, USA
The Fedinec Family, Colorado, USA
Delphine Garcia, Colorado, USA
The Oldenburg Family, Illinois, USA
Sir Colin Davis, United Kingdom
Kathryn Walters, MI, USA
Lieselotte Kühn, Germany
Martin Kühn, Germany
Thorben Krismanek, Germany
Silvestro Busto, British Columbia, Canada
Bruno Petronio, British Columbia, Canada
Vlado Srdanovic, British Columbia, Canada
Lydia Marie Finnigan, British Columbia, Canada
James Cecil Glass, British Columbia, Canada
Florence Irene MacEachern, British Columbia, Canada
Shirely Aiyien O'Neill, British Columbia, Canada
Eleanor Poitras, British Columbia, Canada
Mary Constance Coate, British Columbia, Canada
Helene-Marie Conway-Brown, British Columbia, Canada
Gordon "Ashley" David Cook, British Columbia, Canada
Giuseppina D'Abruzzo, British Columbia, Canada
Geraldine Deacon, British Columbia, Canada
Angelina De Bei, British Columbia, Canada
Carmella Del Bianco, British Columbia, Canada
Julia Elizabeth Dennis, British Columbia, Canada
Ann Helen Gauthier, British Columbia, Canada
Catherine San-Oi Kwong, British Columbia, Canada
Gerardo Gabriel Lemut, British Columbia, Canada
Ronald Peter Luniw, British Columbia, Canada
Anna Maria Marcuzzi, British Columbia, Canada
Elda Pitacco, British Columbia, Canada
Maritess Balagtas de Jesus, Metro Manila, Philippines
Felipe B. Alfonso, Metro Manila, Philippines
Jonathan Winters, California, USA
Bishop Franco Giulio Brambilla, Novara, Italy
The Colombini family, Italy
Delfino Angelo, Italy
Don Angelo Torello, Italy
Dulce Maria Garcia Rodrigez, FL, USA
Pablo Morales, FL, USA
Genevieve Taratuta Michigan, USA
Edwin Taratuta, Michigan, USA
Stella Pilarski, Michigan, USA
Edward Pilarski, Michigan, USA
Dennis Wilk, Michigan, USA
Henry Wilk, Michigan, USA
Murial Altman, Michigan, USA
Jeffery Wilk, Michigan, USA
Paul Wilk, Michigan, USA
Angeline Wilk, USA
Robert Euclid Gendreau, Miami, Fl, USA
Euclid Joseph Gendreau,Miami, Fl,  USA
Edna M. Gendreau, Miami, Fl, USA
Eleanor E. Gendreau, Miami, Fl, USA.
Herman Gendreau, Chula Vista, CA, USA
Adrienne and Russell Wright Coral Gables, Fl,  USA
Amy Wilson, Coral Gables, Fl, USA
Doris Poirier, Coral Gables, Fl USA
Roy Poirier West Brookfield, Mass, USA
Poirier Family, Springfield Mass, USA
John M. Keasler, Key Biscayne, Fl, USA
Margery C. Keasler, Key Biscayne, Fl, USA
John I. Keasler, Key Biscayne, Fl,  USA
Brennan J. Dekeersgieter, Burlington, Vt USA
Tomasina Angelone, NJ, USA
Dominic and Loretta Angelone, Orange, NJ, USA
James and Estelle Angelone, Sommerville, NJ, USA
Ann Stanziale, Orange, NJ, USA
Josephine Renzulli, Orange, NJ, USA
Josephine and Joseph Struffolino, West Orange, NJ, USA
Dominic and Leon Angelone, Sommerville, NJ, USA
Gabriel and Phyllis Angelone, Ft Myers Beach, Fl, USA
Edward Burch , Coral Gables, Fl,  USA
Annette Phaelen Ferguson, Jensen Beach, Fl, USA
Sarah and Joseph Daugherty, LaBelle, Fl,  USA
Benjamin Tagliarini, Miami, Fl,  USA
William Dyer, Ridgefield, Conn, USA
Laurence Gochioco, Texas, USA
Thomas Tuttle, jr. Wisconsin, USA
Kate Tuttle, Wisconsin, USA
Redmond Tuttle, Wisconsin, USA
Keara Tuttle, Wisonsin, USA
Lane Tuttle, Wisconsin, USA
William Tuttle, Wisconsin USA
Grace tuttle Wisconsin, USA
Thomas tuttle, Wisconsin, USA
Read Tuttle, Wisconsin USA
Maeve Tuttle, Wisconsin USA
Alicia Noonan, Wisconsin, USA
Minervina Bianco Frasson and husband, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Orlando Debiasi, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Mário Baschirotto, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Augusto Dorigon and wife, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Olinda Redivo Hilbert, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Germano Hilbert, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Antonio Redivo, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Alfredo Redivo, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Edvirges Redivo, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Heleno Redivo, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Olivo Redivo 'Bibi' and 1st wife, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Tereza Piovesan Redivo, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Angelo Savio, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Abdias Bastos, Piauí, Brazil
Achiles Debiasi, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Janilton Perin, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Annette Funicello, California, USA
Rose Tredup, WI, USA
Eduvujes vda. De Yucoco, Metro Manila, Philippines
Shelley Erasmus, Gauteng, South Africa
Ivy Stanley, Gauteng , South Africa
Sheila Perry, Western Province,  South Africa
The Howard Family,  Wisconsin, USA
The Kudrna Family,   Wisconsin, USA
The Neumaier Family,  Wisconsin, USA
The Kruchten Family, Wisconsin, USA
The McMullen Family,  Wisconsin, USA
The Polacek Family, Wisconsin, USA
The Knobeck Family, Wisconsin, USA
Mark Youngpeter, Ohio, USA
Fred Ruen, Ohio, USA
Lillian Walsh, Illinois, USA
Don Gieseman, Wisconsin, USA
Fr. Weslein, Michigan, USA
Elmer Michels, Iowa, USA
Kathy Kowalski, Wisconsin, USA
Robert Even, Iowa, USA
Leesa Bettcher, Iowa, USA
Tom Rettenmeier, Iowa, USA
James Wahlert, Iowa, USA
Melita McDonough, Iowa, USA
Robert Dasso, Iowa, USA
Eldon Herrig, Iowa, USA
Betty Pierce, Ohio, USA
The Kraeger family, NY USA
William and Caroline and their children, NY USA
Edward and Mary, NY USA
Joan, NY USA
Joyce, NY USA
The Smith family, NY USA
Frank and Victoria, NY USA
Marge, NY USA
Earl, NY USA
The Syversen family NY, USA
Hjalmar and Elenore , NY USA
Hjalmar, NY USA
Loyde May, NY USA
The Combs family, NY, USA
William and Anthonette, NY USA
William, PA USA
Robert,FL USA
Richard, NY USA
John, NY USA
Jerome, NY USA
Noel, NY USA
Father Michael Jereki, NY USA
Father Hugh Conahgan, NY USA
Father Norman Weslan, WI USA
Czesław Andrzejczak, Kalisz , Poland
Janina Andrzejczak, Kalisz , Poland
Zbigniew Andrzejczak, Kalisz , Poland
Janina Nowacka, Kalisz , Poland
Karol Nowacki, Kalisz , Poland
Sylwester Tomaszewski, Kalisz , Poland
Kazimiera Kupajczyk, Kalisz , Poland
Annette Farnoly, NJ, USA
Frank Pugliese, NJ, USA
Thomas Pugliese, NJ, USA
Louise Pugliese, NJ, USA
Michael Fralinger, NJ, USA
Eleanor Pugliese, NJ, USA
Villaruel's Family, Iloilo City, Philippines
Villaruel's Family, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
The Serozini family São Paulo, Brasil
Benjamin Vallejo, Iloilo, Philippines
Florentina Vallejo, Iloilo, Philippines
Benjamin Vallejo JR, Iloilo, Philippines
Rolando Vallejo, Iloilo, Philippines
Vallejo Family, Iloilo, Philippines
Monton Family, Iloilo, Philippines
Lawrence Auster, New York, USA
William Kennett. Victoria Australia
Ellen Healy Victoria Australia
Timothy Healy Victoria Australia
Albert Eyssens Victoria Australia
James Walsh Victoria Australia
Ellen Walsh Victoria Australia
James Kennett Victoria Australia
Margaret Kennett Victoria Australia
Michael Cooper Victoria Australia
Ronald Stewart Victoria Australia
Jan Stewart Victoria Australia
Henry True, Kansas, United States of America
Gertrude True, Kansas, United States of America
Dale Young, Kansas, United States of America
Leona Hamilton Young, Kansas, United States of America
Duane Francis Young, Kansas, United States of America
Billy Leon Stull, Kansas, United States of America
Nolan Patrick Connors, Missouri, United States of America
Mary Therese Ismert, Missouri, United States of America
The Stull Family, Kansas, United States of America
The Young Family, Kansas, United States of America
The True Family, Kansas, United States of America
Felipe Chaves Neto, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Maryrose Turner North Carolina USA
Katie Lonergan North Carolina  USA
Joe Turner New Mexico USA
Linda Turner New Mexico USA
Steven Lonergan Iowa USA
Maureen Lonergan Iowa USA
Rosemary Turner Nebraska USA
Sambol family Nebraska USA
John Corrigan, MA, USA
Margaret Corrigan, MA, USA
Dennis Shillue, MA, USA
Anna Shillue, MA, USA
Robert Corrigan, MA, USA
Brian Shillue, MA, USA
William Mahoney, FL, USA
Barbara Mahoney, FL, USA
Pauline Hotter, WI, USA
David North, Minnesota, USA
Brenda North, Minnesota, USA
Leroy North, Minnesota, USA
William North, Minnesota, USA
Eunice Anderson, Minnesota, USA
Ted Anderson, Minnesota, USA
MaryAnn Ertz, Minnesota, USA
Clarence Ertz, Minnesota, USA
Jens North, Minnesota, USA
Doris North, Minnesota, USA
Stanley Broin, Minnesota, USA
Ralph Trageser Sr, Minnesota, USA
Collette Trageser, Minnesota, USA
Lowell Trageser, Minnesota, USA
Donald Trageser, Minnesota, USA
Mike Milbrath, Minnesota, USA
Julia Tran Lam, Minnesota, USA
Jean-Paul Bissonnette, Quebec, Canada
Mary Iris Bissonnette, Quebec, Canada
Theresa MacKinnon, Ontario, Canada
George MacKinnon, Ontario, Canada
Helen MacKinnon, Ontario, Canada
Phillip MacKinnon, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Urban MacKinnon, Nova Scotia, Canada
Vy MacKinnon, Nova Scotia, Canada
Nora MacKinnon, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Norbert MacKinnon, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Sr. Rita MacKinnon, Quebec, Canada
Fernand Bissonnette, Quebec, Canada
Gilberte Larocque,  Quebec, Canada
Eugene Larocque, Quebec, Canada
Therese Decarie,  Quebec, Canada
Jules Decarie, Quebec, Canada
Andre Decarie, Quebec, Canada
Constance Decarie, Quebec, Canada
Jacqeline Laurence, Quebec, Canada
Marcel Laurence, Quebec, Canada
Wilfred Bissonnette, Quebec, Canada
Alice Bissonnette, Quebec, Canada
Andre Bissonnette, Quebec, Canada
Remi Monastesse, Quebec, Canada
Sylvain Beauvais, Quebec, Canada
Kenneth Shane, Quebec, Canada
Richard Plantagenet III, Leicestershire, England
Henry  Plantagenet II,  Chinon, France
Eleanor Plantagenet, Chinon, France
Richard Plantagenet I, Chinon, France
Christopher Lee Eddy, Colorado, U.S.A.
Ernie Silva, Colorado, U.S.A.
John Doran, Colorado, U.S.A.
Mary Doran, Colorado, U.S.A.
Gene Linnebur, Colorado, U.S.A.
Lonnie Gaydosh, Colorado, U.S.A.
Jack Mooney, Kansas, U.S.A.
Beth Gerads, Minnesota, U.S.A.
Phillip C. Bradford, Missouri, USA
Mr. Charles Lachman, California, USA
Mrs. Teresa Lachman, California, USA
Mr. Julio Aguilera, California, USA
Mrs. Eva Aguilera, California, USA
Mrs. Dora Olivarez, California, USA
Mrs. Marie Tickey, California, USA
Sr. Leo Francis O'Callahan, CSJ, California, USA
Mr. Christopher Michael Fisher, California, USA
Thomas P. Purcell, New Jersey, USA
Stanley J. Shenko, New Jersey, USA
Ingeborg Shiller, Pennsylvania, USA
Right Reverend Abbot Leonard F. Giardina OSB, Alabama, USA
Anne Sheehan Doughty, Rhode Island, United States.
James E. Sheehan, Connecticut, USA
Archbishop Phillip Hannan, Louisiana, USA
Fr. Joseph Chotin, Louisiana, USA
Deacon Joseph Lazo, Louisiana, USA
Deacon Harry Smith, Louisiana, USA
Joan Carroll Cruz, Louisiana, USA
Maureen Hawes, Rhode Island, USA
Brooke Brennan, Kentucky, USA
Eileen Melling, Essex, England
Margaret Dell, Essex, England
William Dell, Essex, England
Cyril Dell, Essex, England
Natalie Metzger, Rhode Island, USA
Alan F. Metzger, Rhode Island, USA
Leopoldine Diederich, NSW, Germany
Josef Diederich, NSW, Germany
Wilbert L. Hines, Pennsylvania, USA
Robert M. George, New York, USA
Maria Luisa Gallegos,La Barca , Mexico
Petra Medina, La Barca , Mexico
Jose Carmen Ramirez Barba, Degollado, Mexico
Josefa Ramirez Barba, Degollado, Mexico
Alejandro Ramirez, Degollado , Mexico
Domingo Meza, Degollado, Mexico
Maria Valadez, Degollado, Mexico
Aurelio Quiroz Fuentes, Degollado, Mexico
Ramona Quiroz Fuentes, Degollado , Mexico
Atanasio Garcia, Degollado, Mexico
Andres Garcia, Degollado , Mexico
Ana Maria Salazar Ortega, Vista Hermosa, Mexico
Felix Cervantes Jaramillo, Vista Hermosa, Mexico
Cristina Estrada Cervantes, Vista Hermosa, Mexico
Lorenzo Rios Frutos, Morelia, Mexico
Jose Salazar, Vista Hermosa, Mexico
The Cranshaw family, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
The Cranshaw family, Wellington, New Zealand
The Micklethwaite Family, Leeds, England
Wilfred Ridley, South Shields, England
Mary Ridley South Shields, England
James Crudace Reid South Shields, England
Rachel Elizabeth Reid, Lee, England
Ruth and Allan Scott, Birstall, UK
Ruy de Matos Sereno, Lisboa, Portugal
Louis Joseph Bartels, Louisiana, USA
Jim Barrett, Calistoga, CA
Lojze Makse  Trebnje, Slovenia
Maria Jeric  Ontario, Canada
Ivanka Hribar  Radovljica, Slovenia
Joseph Makse  Ontario, Canada
Andrés Rojo, Navamorcuende, Spain
Bernarda Yañez, Navamorcuende, Spain
Agustín Rojo, Navamorcuende, Spain
Luis Corral, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain
Maria Teresa Ester, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain
Sr. Espinar, Mazanares, Spain
Sr. Domingo, Semillas, Spain
Vincent A. Walsh, New York, USA
Natividad Meza , La Barca  , Mexico
Maria de la Luz Ramirez, Guadalajara, Mexico
Jesus Quiroz Fuentes, Guadalajara, Mexico
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Hna. Juana Benigna Quiroz Fuentes, Guadalajara, Mexico
Jesus Quiroz Ayala, Edo de Mexico, Mexico
Luz Nungaray, Guadalajara, Mexico
Isidro Alferez, Guadalajara, Mexico
Daniel Rodriguez, Guadalajara , Mexico
Maria de Jesus Ramirez, Guadalajara, Mexico
Margarita Ocegueda Meza, Guadalajara, Mexico
Jesus Meza Ramirez, Guadalajara, ,Mexico
Rev. Fr. Jose Castellanos, Guadalajara, Mexico
Juan Pablo Hernandez Alferez, Guadalajara , Mexico
Alicia Aguilera, Guadalajara, Mexico
Pedraza Family, Texas USA
The Mitchell Family, Ohio, USA
The Hendley Family, Ohio, USA
Daniel L. Hendley, Ohio, USA
Roma Schiavone, Melbourne, Australia
Paul Schiavone, Melbourne, Australia
 Karen Enerson, California, USA
Sarah Enerson, California, USA
David Enerson, California, USA
Ann Enerson, California, USA
Joseph Edward Enerson, California, USA
Valborg Enerson, California, USA
Susan Stearns, Illinois, USA
George Stearns, Illinois, USA
Rita Jones, California, USA
Charles W. Jones, California, USA
Margaret Lien, California, USA
Al Lien, California, USA
Jack Simmons, Colorado, USA
Harriet Fessinger, California, USA
Thomas Fessinger, California, USA
Robert Fessinger, California, USA
Jens Hanson, Wisconsin, USA
Karl Hanson, Illinois, USA
Thorfin Hanson, Illinois, USA
Harold Hanson, Illinois, USA
Raymond Simmons, California, USA
Marie Simmons, California, USA
Susan Simmons, California, USA
Harry Edward Holmes, Texas, USA
Mrs Lina Macaitiene, Dublin, Ireland
Mr Patrick Joseph Finneran, County Roscommon, Ireland
Mrs Eileen Finneran, County Roscommon, Ireland
Mr Michael Glynn, County Roscommon, Ireland
Mrs Mary Anne Glynn, County Roscommon, Ireland
Mr Enda Brooks, County Roscommon, Ireland
Archbishop François-Wolff Ligondé, D.D., Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Charles H. Mershon, Illinois, USA
John V. Nink, Jr., Florida, USA
Harold Mershon, Illinois, USA
Ruth Mershon, Illinois, USA
Kenneth Smith, Illinois, USA
Alice Smith, Illinois, USA
Chaon family, Illinois, USA
Thomas Madigan, Texas, USA
John V. Nink, Sr., Illinois, USA
Charlotte Nink, Illinois, USA
The Camp family, London, England
The Enright family, Dublin, Ireland


  1. How many people were present during the celebration! The photo only shows one soldier 'maybe pressed into going'!

  2. WOW! this is amazing! Deo Gratias.

    I would like to bring to everyone's attention, that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI returned to the Vatican today. Check it out:

  3. Beautiful.
    I know there are lots of traditionally-minded Catholics in the Armed Forces; it is a particularly fertile place for one to practice the virtues of the Faith...let's pray this continues.

  4. Anonymous7:33 PM

    D. Harold, can you read or did you even attempt to read this?

    15 where there. The one you see is the server in uniform.

    Read first, criticize second.

  5. This is so wonderful to see!

    And to think that there are priests in the US, that desire to offer the TLM but are forbidden from offering the Mass.

    Maybe they should go over to Afghanistan.

  6. That's wonderful! A marine I once knew would have absolutely loved to have a traditional latin mass where he had been stationed. That kind of spiritual support is so important and much needed in the military environment!!!

  7. Anonymous8:58 PM

    A heartfelt thank you to Father Charles Johnson! May God continue to bless your work.

    Let us also remember the souls of the men who recently died in a tragic plane crash at an Afghan air base.

    Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls rest in peace.

  8. In our experience, any serious Novus Ordo Catholic in the Military is pretty easy to convert to Tradition.

  9. Beautiful ...God Bless Our Men and Woman who serve in our armed forces for our freedom and God Bless the 26 Priest who say the Traditional Latin Mass ...I pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory every day !God Bless you for keeping us informed ...I so enjoy coming here to this blog!

  10. May the Lord convert that land that belongs to him.

  11. are any of these priests at bagram air field?

  12. Sorry, I didn't read it properly!
    My mistake.

  13. Thank you, everyone, for the kind comments! In your charity, please pray for these good people in uniform (and our "Third Country Nationals" who attend Mass).

    As far as I know, the traditional Mass is not offered at Bagram air base, unfortunately.

    One note: we're not supposed to show faces or names or give out too much information regarding locations and times for reasons of what they call Op Sec (Operational Security, that is). But I can assure you that there is a good deal of interest in and devotion to Catholic Tradition.

    All the very best to you all, and a special thanks to "Rorate Caeli" for all their excellent work! Ad multos annos,
    In Christo Victore,
    Fr. C. Johnson

  14. Deo Gratias Father Johnson!!!!!!

  15. Readers may be interested to know that Fr David Smith has returned to England and is now stationed at Harrogate in Yorkshire. Besides his military duties, he says two Sunday Latin Masses each month in York, as well as occasional ones in Harrogate.

  16. FR.Van Constant of the Diocese of Houma-Thibodeaux,Louisiana was deployed to Afghanistan with the Louisiana National Guard's Fighting Tigers Battalion for a year.

    He joined the NG to continue his priestly vocation after two Bishops had been unhappy with him. The first actually asking him to find another diocese, because he was too "uncompromising in his theology". He continues as a NG Chaplin and the "priest in charge" of the "Blessed Sacrament Faith Community" in Gibson, La.

    He and another priest on "loan" from the doicese of Scranton PA.say the TLM on Sundays, Tues. - Sat. and serve a convent of cloistered Dominican Nuns in Lockport, LA.

    They have also have established a Sunday TLM in Lacomb, LA, which is across the Lake from New Orleans. Several other priest from the New Orleans Archdiocese assist them with this Sunday TLM.

    They hope to establish an oratory with the mission of service to the faithful with attachment to the liturgy & traditions of the pre Vatican II Roman Catholic Church.

    Catholic Banzai

  17. Please do not forget the Catholic soldiers scattered in FOBs and worse throughout Afghanistan who seldom if ever get to see a Catholic chaplain at all. I know it is a lot of territory to cover, but please be aware of the issue and pray for our guys who aren't at KAF or someplace. My son lost his squad leader March 1st of last year, who was Catholic, and also his team mate in the same green-on-blue attack. My son was praying for St. Michael's help the whole time. He's home, thank God. (Now his twin brother's in Korea.) I really wish he had gotten to go to one of the TLMs when he was over there! He'll enjoy learning about this.

  18. Dear St. Corbinian's Bear:
    That is a good reminder. Please know that part of my duties here is to travel around visiting various FOB's (as many as possible in the AO to which I'm assigned) and offer Mass. Soldiers or Marines who desire to attend the traditional Mass can help me by openly asking for it if I should visit their FOB. I'm always happy to oblige, of course! Thanks again for your prayers for all these service members.--Fr. J.

  19. another true Mass in the heart of the devil.


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