Rorate Caeli

Celebrate the Red Octave

Guillaume Dufay
Veni Sancte Spiritus

Traditional Catholics should in particular remember those calendar features that the 1968-1969 liturgist brigade tried to eradicate based on an antihistorical and false antiquarianism: Septuagesimatide, Ember Days, the Pentecost Octave... That is, the committeemen kept the octave day itself (the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity), but eliminated the days of the Octave - though the former is much less ancient than the latter. This great and ancient Octave even has its own Ember Days: if you have the chance, celebrate the Holy Ghost by attending weekday Masses during this Octave. And, if you do not have weekday TLMs available near you, there is always the great FSSP apostolate at


Matthew said...

Amen, thank you New Catholic.

I would add that faithful should encourage their priests to actually say the full Ember Day Masses, and not make use of the ridiculous provision of the '62 Missal to cut most all of the extra lections and collects out.

danhesko said...

We all recall the story of Pope Paul vi coming to the sacristy on Whitsom Monday and bewildered that the vestments were green, supposedly crying when he was told the octave was eliminated. What is to keep a priest from offering one of the three votive Masses of the Holy Spirit (in red) in the new missal all this week?

Hayfarmer said...

Dear NC
I cannot tell you how tender sweet are the blessings of assisting at Holy Mass on a daily basis! What started as a Lenten "sacrifice" of getting up hours early and rushing to work under threat of being late has become a source of peace and strength that cannot be described.

Thank you for encouraging us to send our guardian angels if we cannot physically assist, but by all means possible fellow Catholics---GO!

croixmom said...
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Long-Skirts said...


Vestments of red
Altar cloth too
Martyrs who bled
Did this for you.

Gold Tabernacles
Veiled in red's hue
Martyrs in shackles
Hung for this view.

Red mums full bloomed
In water and brass
Martyrs consumed
Burned for this Mass.

Red rays of sun
Rose-streak the nave
Their suf'ring done
Now red we must crave!

jon pressley said...

Thank you for your dedicated service to Almighty God.

Hayfarmer said...

Dear Long-Shirts,
Through tears I thank you for your eloquent verse!

Long-Skirts said...

Hayfarmer said...

"Dear Long-Shirts,
...I thank you"

You're welcome but it's just simple truth about the great gift Our Lord left us with the True Mass and the sufferings of the Saints/Martyrs who loved Holy Mother Church, her Sacraments and her Priesthood too.

Hayfarmer said...

Amen, Long-Skirts!

Anonymous said...

Here is my annual message to my priest friends on Facebook about this very topic and how to solve it--

Quick reminder to priests on Facebook:

As you know, the Extraordinary Form calendar retains the ancient Octave of Pentecost, whereas the Ordinary Form calendar sees a jarring return to Ordinary Time green. The rubrics of the Ordinary Form, however, envision a celebration of the Octave of Pentecost in the following way:

1. At the very end of the proper for Pentecost Sunday in the new missal, it says this: "Where the Monday or Tuesday after Pentecost are days on which the faithful are obliged or accustomed to attend Mass, the Mass of Pentecost Sunday may be repeated, or a Mass of the Holy Spirit may be said."

2. At the beginning of the "Votive Masses" section of the new missal, it says this: "On weekdays in Ordinary Time, even if an optional memorial occurs, a votive Mass may be chosen by the priest-celebrant for the sake of the devotion of the faithful." The ninth set of votive masses given are three separate Masses of the Holy Spirit.

During Pentecost week this year, the foregoing options are available every day of the octave, since there are no feasts occurring higher than an optional memorial.

There is also a correlating rubric here in the General Instructions for the Liturgy of the Hours: "245. For a public cause or out of devotion, except on solemnities, the Sundays of the seasons of Advent, Lent, and Easter, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, the octave of Easter, and 2 November, a votive office may be celebrated, in whole or in part: for example, on the occasion of a pilgrimage, a local feast, or the external solemnity of a saint." Unfortunately, you would have to use the Liturgia Horarum to take advantage of this, as votive offices were never translated into the vernacular.

Matthew said...


What is to keep a priest?

How about the avoidance of sacrilege concomitant with performing the New Order service? That should be sufficient.

Arthur said...

I had a very interesting discussion on this topic with a relative this past Sunday. At the end of the televised Pentecost Sunday Mass with Pope Francis from Rome, the TV announcer said "This ends the Easter season." I told my relative that when I was a child preparing to receive First Holy Communion, we were taught that we should strive to receive the Holy Eucharist every time we attend Mass; however, we MUST receive Holy Communion at least once a year during the Easter season. The Easter season was defined as beginning the first Sunday in Lent and ending on Trinity Sunday. My relative didn't know what I was talking about. He received his religious instruction after Vatican II. Enough said!