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Jesuit-educated, creating a "thinking" Church

While Sister Gramick's former order and the Vatican have tried to silence her, it appears this church will give her the spotlight she desires. At least they had the good sense not to hold this discussion in a Catholic facility. H/T @rzollAP:


Eric said...

Is that the much and properly maligned font, comic sans? I can't believe anyone would take these two clowns seriously based solely on their font choice. Anyone who uses said font shouldn't be allowed to talk about anything as they have blatantly proven their lack of aesthetic concerning everything. His Excellency shouldn't be allowed to say mass either until he begs forgiveness for his sin of font choice. Anyone who uses comic sans obviously has no clue about what is beautiful and therefore right and holy. The liturgy should never be in such a man's hands.
(If you are a kindergarten teacher and make flyers to advertise bake sale fundraisers for the parents of your students using comic sans you are hereby given a dispensation from aforementioned comments. Or if you're a ringmaster advertising your circus. If you're a parish priest and using comic sans for your website or bulletin... latae sententiae.)

Anonymous said...

While your font judgement is solid, we can't assume His Excellency chose it! I'm sure the group who invited him is who created the awful-looking promotional ad.

Niby filozof said...

why the hell is bishop Tomasz Paprocki even talking to these people as if debate was possible.

poeta said...

They seem to have added an extra comma to the phrase "good short questions, not long speeches that will make us think."

Unknown said...

Has Bishop Olmstead Been made aware of this event? I can hardly believe he will tolerate it.


John Brown said...
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Anonymous said...

Father, with all due respect, and we owe you all respect as you're clearly a solid priest, a couple of points:

First, this post is very short, and it clearly shows these are former Jesuit-schooled students and not the order putting on the talk.

Second, does the Jesuit order really deserve every sensitivity shown towards it?

I know Jesuit priests. Our Purgatorial Society has a Jesuit priest saying TLMs for the Souls. And the ones I speak with would never accuse Rorate of saying anything to intentionally slander the order -- in fact, we bite our tongue constantly. The Jesuits give us enough fodder to fill the blog for a year, and we rarely mention them.

Maybe what we should focus on is why a group of former Jesuit-educated students would even find this interesting? Have their former priest/educators publicly condemned this event? Has the local ordinary?

Your anger should be pointed elsewhere.

Eric said...

You're right, Adfero. He probably didn't choose it. But if he attends then he is complicit. May God have mercy on his immortal soul.

Deacon Greg Kandra said...

Lest we forget:

Paprocki is no raving liberal. He's the bishop who coined the phrase "Fortnight for Freedom" and was one of three bishops assigned to investigate the LCWR. His fidelity is beyond question.

I suspect he is on the program to emphasize Catholic orthodoxy on this issue.

It might be interesting and enlightening to hear these two go at it.

Jack said...

\\You're right, Adfero. He probably didn't choose it. But if he attends then he is complicit. May God have mercy on his immortal soul.\\

Complicit in the font choice? Gramatically this is what you are saying.

Isn't the Good Shepherd supposed to go where the wandering sheep are and bring them back?

As a quasi-professional typographer, I don't like Comic Sans for large blocks of type, either, but I've noticed that things set in one type font can miraculously convert to another on someone else's screen, or elsewhere on the 'net. I'm not saying this is what happened here.

tz said...

Attendance is NOT endorsement. The apostles appeared before the sanhedrin.

Blessed Theresa of Calcutta appeared before one of the most evil, corrupt, hellish earthly institutions - the US Congress.

One would hope the Bishop would use the opportunity to evangelize in charity.

I won't use the words here but there is no shortage of Catholics that would and do use them against people suffering from SSA or have medical conditions rendering them ambiguous with regards to gender.

Our Lord loves the sinner - given he went to the cross - but hates the sin - given what it cost him. We would do well to imitate him.

Too often we prefer to hurl epithets and act in fear, anger, and hatred. And that is the ONLY thing those in the LGBT community see of the church. No mercy, no compassion, rather picking up torches so they can have a foretaste of hellfire.

Love correct error, but does so in charity and mercy, not with violence, pain, or threats thereof.

Anonymous said...

Deacon, entertaining, maybe. But the bishop even participating elevates this woman, and the issue, to a level of credibility neither deserve.

Eric said...

@Jack: Yes, sir. That would be my grammatical intention.

@TZ and Deacon Kandra: You are right. His Excellency seems to be a good friend of the FSSP and totally orthodox. It seems that he is indeed going into the lions' den to do what taming he can (a very charitable endeavor and may St. Daniel protect him). Therefore it seems he would never condone such comic sansery. My most sincere apologies for jumping to judgement. Please forgive me.

Sister Gammick. Oh who are we kidding? I'll just call her J dog. J dog on the other hand seems to be an obstinate comic sansian (it seems a font tailor made for the LCWR). May God have mercy on her and all other comic sansian souls.

Eric said...

Adfero said...
"Deacon, entertaining, maybe. But the bishop even participating elevates this woman, and the issue, to a level of credibility neither deserve."

True dat. We are talking about gay "marriage" here, not SSA. Gay "marriage" is as ridiculous a notion as a flying unicorn and infinitely more insidious. On the other hand, the problem is that people take it seriously which is the serious part. I just don't know if it can be ignored.

Eric said...

Looks like His Excellency roundly wrapped J Dog one on the nose.