Rorate Caeli

Let us pray for Syria

In particular for that most ancient Christian community, caught in the crossfire between powers (including religiously motivated powers) that could not care less about their continued existence.

"Remember in your prayers the Church in Syria, 
which now has God for its shepherd, instead of me."
(Saint Ignatius of Antioch, Epistle to the Romans)


Hayfarmer said...

Thank you for this post, New Catholic. I believe the purpose of intervention in Syria as in Libya and Egypt is to erradicate the seat of ancient Christianity along with all the Christians. This is part of the Final Battle and we Catholics should be storming the gates of Heaven with our prayers and our voices against our governments' participation in annihilating fellow Catholics!

Gratias said...

Our government is supporting the al-Quaeda Wahabbi Muslims. They will eliminate Christian communities founded during the Act of the Apostles. Our president, Barack Hussein Obama, does not understand that Muslims seek to eliminate Christians. Everything seems to be upside down. Poor Syrian people.

Aged parent said...


There are more than Muslims and Americans trying to wipe out Christianity in the Middle East. A glance at the website of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem tells a fuller story.

kradocus said...

"There are more than Muslims and Americans trying to wipe out Christianity in the Middle East."

Certainly but everyone in the world is apparently afraid to say who... And we wonder why there the Lord sends us these calamities.

Alee-Dhulfiqar Essa said...

Real Muslims do not wish for the annihilation of Christians. In Syria, the president (or "republicanly elected dictator" if you prefer), Bashar al-Assad, is trying to work with people of all religions, including and especially Christians, to remove the terrorists from the country. Al-Qeada (the FSA and affiliates) is responsible for all the pain and suffering, not "Muslims".