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Novenas, on the go -- and a new price for Lent

Update to our original post in May:

The developers of this novena app having special Lenten pricing at only 99 cents to download. Click here to get it in the App Store.

Original post below:

A wonderful new, lost-cost app has been made available to Catholics, enabling them to take their novenas on the go with no need to lug along books or printouts.

In a time of mass communications and very little of it good and holy, we're very happy to pass this wonderful tool along to our readers.

The novena app has a plethora of great novenas, arranged to easily navigate based on need: health, occupations, situations, states of life, etc. You can also say novenas based on who you want to pray to, if not what to pray for. You can search for those by: angels, evangelists, holy people, martyrs and mystics.

And it's more than just the great novenas so many of us turn to -- and rely on -- for various needs throughout life.

When you click on the pictures of the saints, mystics, etc. you want to pray a novena to, or you go to the vertical glossary that is listed alphabetically by intention/need, you see not only the novena to pray but also the history of the novena. 

The only negative about the app, and it's a slight one, is that it uses the Novus Ordo calendar. That being said, the effects are minimal, as it's just a very small mention of the feast day of the saint associated with the novena, and not a criteria of the search functions. For most, the novena you pray doesn't coincide with the actual feast day, but your needs at the moment. If you do it based on the calendar, then you would just look at your traditional calendar for the day, see whose feast day it is, then search by the saint's name.

Click here for the homepage of the app maker and to download the app.