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Paris-Chartres Pilgrimage 2013

One of the best ways to follow the events of the Pentecost Pilgrimages (particularly the Paris-Chartres "Notre-Dame de Chrétienté" pilgrimage) in France this weekend is the NDChrétienté official Twitter account, already filled with links to photo albums and videos.

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Robbie said...

I was curious if someone could explain to me if there is any significance between altar boys who wear red as opposed to those who wear black?

I watched the Grand Mass offered by the SSPX in Paris on YouTube and the younger altar boys wore red while the older ones wore black.

Daniel Arseno said...

I would also be interested in Robbie's black/red question. They tell me the reason why they dress one of my boys in red and the other boys in black is because he has not received first communion, but I don't really see the point.

Robbie said...

I posed my question to Father Zuhsdorf and he answered that it's just aesthetics. One site I read suggested the red cassock came from the English Catholic Churches because red was an expensive color to make and was often a gift from royalty.

I prefer black cassocks, but I think the red ones provide a nice contrast, especially during Advent. But since we have NO, we get altar boys/girls who wear all white more often than not.

Tridentina DG said...

Greeting for all who participated in this year pilgrimage (like me). I've just come back some minutes ago to my home.

G said...

Likewise, greetings, have just returned from an amazing and challenging Chartres pilgrimage.
Chef de chapitre Juventutem UK.

Anonymous said...

I got back today from the SSPX pilgrimage from Chartres to Paris. Very good! Many graces gained, I hope. Hopefully the rain washed away some purgatory time!

God bless.