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Fisichella: The Pope and Charismatic Renewal in Argentina

From Zenit:

On Saturday, Archbishop Rino Fisichella, president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization, celebrated the Eucharist that ended the second day of the Rimini Fair of the 36th National Assembly of Catholic Charismatic Renewal. After the sign of the cross, Archbishop Fisichella gave an unexpected message, which was received with joy by the 15,000 present: an affectionate greeting from Pope Francis.

“Before beginning this celebration, I bring you a greeting. Before I left this morning, I was with Pope Francis, and I told him: “Holy Father, I have to leave soon. I’m going to Rimini where there are thousands upon thousands of faithful of the Charismatic Renewal: men, women and young people.” With a great smile, the Pope said: “Tell them that I love them very much!” Upon leaving the Holy Father, Archbishop Fisichella recounted, the Holy Father added: “Look, tell them that I love them very much because I was responsible for Charismatic Renewal in Argentina, and that’s why I love them very much.”


  1. Didn't we know this even before his election?

  2. He did not say that he was for "the" charismatic renewal, but for a movement/group called "Charismatic Renewal"... i.e., he had responsibility over that particular group.

  3. Cosmos,

    That is what is called a distinction without a difference. He had responsibility for them while they existed and while they propagated their teachings and practices. He is responsible.

  4. Charismatic renewal is a movement that was started by Pentacostals(a Protestat division)started in the 20th century.None of the saints,Popes before the conciliar church/Popes promoted the movement.t is a fact that many of the individuals/so called Pastors/Leaders made Tons of money and enjoy luxories by thier emotional and sensational talks , music,messages,healing services their self Glory.Some who believed at the begining these wolves ,later understood that they were duped.They distanced/saved themselves from the wolves.
    Unfortunately,many Catholics,Bishops, Priests, Nuns, laity fell into their traps and lost the sense of true worship of God in the Holy Sacrifice of Mass, Saraments and many pious means of saving their souls.They did it for their self Glory. Across the world, the Catholic Bishops failed from their duties to correct them and lost thousands of good catholics , under their care to become Protestants and lose their Catholic faith.

    As we read the mssage of the Pope Francis many a Catholics are shocked and Pray to God to enlighten him to be the true Vicar of Christ in these troubled times that he does not encourage this false movemet.
    Mary ,Our Blessed Mother ,save us from the perils of this movement.

    We need to pray moreand more to Our Pope, Our Bishops , Priests and Nuns that they do not fail in their sacred duties.

  5. Despite the howls from many here, the charismatic renewal has brought good things as well as problems. As an example read the work of Ralph Martin. Check of voices like Peter Kreeft and Rhonda Chervin. They may not be theological letter perfect in the estimation of Traditionalists, but they *are* faithful to all the basic doctrines and have served as a counter movement to liberalism and Modernism. I would say that those who dismiss the whole thing as Protestant kookiness are failing to see friends in the faith when they are possibly standing in right in front of them. And faithful, charismatic Catholics I know very often disdain the Marty Haugan-David Hass music as much as anyone else. The stress personal holiness, traditional readings of Scripture, and faithfulness to all of the Church's teachings, even if they don't push the Latin Mass. All of which is too say don't paint with too broad a brush too quickly. Granted we all have our own encounters, but personally I have found The Remnant's pieces on the movement rather paranoid. Just saying...

  6. Cosmos is correct, and this is a slight mistranslation. He was not responsible for it, in the sense of being the man who made it possible or who brought it about, but he was "the person in charge of overseeing" the movement known as "Charismatic renewal" in the country in a more organizational sense. It is a considerable difference.