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Pope Francis: Unborn are "uno di noi" ...

From the Vatican, original translation via Rorate's Italian contributor, Francesca Romana:

I greet all the participants on “The March for Life” which took place this morning in Rome and invite everyone to maintain keen attention on this theme of such importance with respect to human life from the moment of conception. With regard to this, I would mention also the gathering of signatures that today took place in many Italian parishes with  the aim of sustaining the European initiative “Uno di noi” (One of Us) to guarantee juridical protection of the embryo, safeguarding every human being from the first instant of existence. A special moment for those who hold in their hearts the defense of the sacredness of human life will be “Giornata dell’Evangelium Vitae” (Day of E.V.) which will take place here in the Vatican, in  the context  of The Year of Faith, on the 15th and 16th of June of this year.

With affection I greet all the parish groups.

Regina Caeli
May 12, 2013


LeonG said...

This is a movement close to my heart. We need to see popes do more of this and much less of the ecumenical nonsense.

Alan Aversa said...

LeonG: As Pope Benedict said, those fallen away from the Catholic Church will be drawn to her by the Catholic pro-life witness. I know a Frotestant who said of my Catholic, very actively pro-life friend that he is very ecumenical. True ecumenism means being truly Catholic without compromise, and part of Catholicism is to be 100% pro-life. As St. Thomas Aquinas wrote in his hymn Lauda Sion: "Mors est malis, vita bonis." ☺

Vox Cantoris said...

He actually joined the March.

He confounds us more and more!

God bless our Pope Francis!

Barbara said...

Vox Cantoris,

The Pope walks about or goes around in the jeep saluting everyone after the Regina Caeli or Angelus ...he didn't go out of his way for the March for Like...this is an embellisment of the facts.

I agree with everyone, you cannot be Catholic if you are not entirely Pro-life - Holy Mother Church is the last bastion world-wide that defends innocent human life at all phases of existence...
Long live Holy Mother Church!

Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Barbara,

I know Hilary White personally and she was clear in her article and that can be clearly seen from the picture at LifeseitNews that he was on the Via della Conciliazione!

This is not what is done usually and it is clearly outside of St. Peter's Square.

He has set an example to the bishops of Canada when only a handful showed up last week at the March for Life in Ottawa.

Thank you!

Barbara said...

Dear Vox Cantoris,

Ms White has her facts wrong. The photo was simply of Pope Francis going round in his jeep saluting everyone and the Marchers were just part of the photo "take" background. I think it may be nice but wishful thinking on the part of Ms White...

Jordanes551 said...

If Hilary White has her facts wrong, then so does Msgr. Ignacio Barreiro, head of the Rome office of Human Life International, who is Hilary White's source.

Yes, Pope Francis does go out and greet everyone after an Angelus or Regina Caeli, but it is absurd to suggest that he didn't know what was happening in Rome that day, or that he didn't know that almost everyone on the Via della Conciliazione was a March for Life participant. This is why he specifically greeted the Marchers in his Regina Caeli remarks and gave a talk on the right to life. If there is any embellishment, it is only a slight embellishment.

Carolina said...

The news site "" specifically states that Pope Francis went outside of St. Peter's square "into Italian territory" to greet "pro-life pilgrims". A number of the photos clearly show that his is a good way out into the Via della Conciliazione.

Anil Wang said...

Barbara said "The Pope walks about or goes around in the jeep saluting everyone after the Regina Caeli"

Of course. It's not as if the Pope is merely a bishop or "first among equals" *tongue-firmly-in-cheek*.

"Ms White has her facts wrong."

Based on what evidence?

"The photo was simply of Pope Francis going round in his jeep saluting everyone and the Marchers were just part of the photo 'take' background."

Quite a "co-incidence", driving around in a random location, giving a random pro-life speech and "accidentally" wandering into the Marchers for a few moments.

I wish more cardinals, bishops and priests had such "accidents".

Seriously, I don't know how long he was in the march and I frankly don't care. If you go by his past homilies and actions, he was at minimum trying to make a point that "the shepherd should smell like his sheep". If the bishops around the world don't get out and support (even if it's just moral support) the faithful pro-life Catholics and instead stay comfortable at their comfortable NGOs (a.k.a. bureaucratic diocesan offices) giving media interviews and attending "Al Smith diners", they are a disgrace and will have to answer for it on judgment day.

Jeremiah Methuselah said...

Msgr. Barreiro, an outstanding priest, is a most meticulous and precise person, it is unthinkable that he would suggest something to be true which is not so.

And Barbara, how about laying off this pope for a bit ? It was a magnificent and inspiring act by Papa Bergoglio and clearly shows the way to many so-called Catholics, including that well-known UK “Catholic theologian” who gets herself banned every now and again for supporting abortion and all the other usual suspects.

Barbara said...

Dear Jordanes,

I am suggesting no such thing.

Well, I don’t think it is absurd at all to state what I did, seeing that I live in Italy and that there was no mention of Pope Francis “joining” or “leading” the Marchers in any TV news report or other sources of ecclesial information. Of course he greeted and encouraged the Marchers - only to be expected – there were about 40,000 of them. And of course they were delighted when he drove along the Via Conciliazione to see them .
And I don’t know what you are going on about Jeremiah Methuselah – I simply contested the way information is filtered and language used ambiguously and pumped up to fit one’s own agenda – even if in this case it is a good one – nay - a great one!. Even if I am wrong, is there a law against that?

There is not a trace of Lifesite ‘s version over here.

Or the news has been manipulated over here or …?